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if hunger want to know. this week. this is day to be your news live from berlin russia government resigns president vladimir putin will form a new cabinet after his prime minister steps down to some analysts say it is another power move by coup attempt as he seeks to secure his political future we'll get the details from moscow also coming up who will challenge donald trump for the u.s. presidency in november the top 6 candidates in the democratic primary face off in
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their final debate before the iowa caucuses foreign policy global trade and health care were among the top issues. will it erupt or won't it we need the people saying that volcano in the philippines they fear they'll return to scenes of complete devastation. and storming the shop today marks 30 years since citizens of former east germany forced their way to the headquarters of the secret police of preventing the destruction of millions of files in the final months of the communist dictatorship. i'm serious oh my god it's good to have you with us russian prime minister dmitri medvedev and his government has resigned to make way for constitutional reforms the president vladimir putin proposed today the program had reportedly asked medvedev sky. and to continue working until he appoints
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a new government the prime minister's resignation came after putin's annual state of the nation address he used the speech to put forward a series of constitutional changes that would shift power from the presidency to parliament observers say these proposals are part of putin's efforts to shape a new role for himself when his presidential term ends in 2024 and that this is what president putin said about the resignation. of the. i want to thank you for everything you've done in this phase of our cooperation i want to express my gratitude about the results of your work even though we didn't accomplish everything we wanted to. i hope we will succeed soon. until a new government has been formed i ask you to continue to fulfill your duties but your views let's go right to moscow for the latest our correspondent emily sure
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when is standing by for us there hi emily the seems to have come as a surprise to a lot of observers that tell us more about what has happened here. well media has come out with the surprise announcement he announced his resignation kind of sitting alongside bloody near putin and he said that he wanted to give putin space to carry out the changes that he proposed today in his state of the union address of the nation address and he said that. the proposed changes that putin announced today change the balance of power in the country now some experts say that putin mean that may have been kind of disagreeing with the changes that putin and nouns to today after all those sweeping changes gives much more power to the duma and to the upper house of parliament as well and the duma in the future will be kind of appointing the prime minister and the government which
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previously the president did so it may be that. was kind of showing his disagreement with with those changes specifically regarding his role a lot of speculation about what all of this means why do you think we're seeing this move. well this is of course part of a huge kind of shake up that putin and nouns today as i mentioned he strengthened the. parliament the upper and the lower house he also of strengthened the regions the governors in the regions across russia and all this i think sumi can be seen as kind of putin preparing the ground for the transition of the transition after he finishes this next presidential term which is happening in 2024 since putin basically came to power in this term in 28000 experts have been discussion
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discussing what's going to happen he will be 71 years old in 2024 and people say that he can't serve as president anymore for a 3rd term according to the constitution so it may be that he's kind of trying to carve out a new role for himself in russia's political system experts have already been talking about what that role could be perhaps he may even go into the parliament him himself as the speaker thing and really what about the role of prime minister do we know who might replacement bit. we don't know at the moment and has asked him if and his government to continue in a kind of transition period while they figure that out and need to be diff also is supposed to take on a role in the security council in here in russia and putin said that he would be in charge pacifically of security and defense so we'll have to wait and see. to find out who could replace it if in the role of prime minister our correspondent
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reporting from moscow thank you so much. let's get a round up now some of the other stories making news around the world police in italy say they have broken up a large mafia operation that had been describing the european union almost 100 people were arrested in early morning raids in sicily italian media say the group of stolen 10000000 euros intended for farmers sudan says it has put down a rebellion by former security agents linked to ousted ruler omar al bashir at least 5 people were killed in fighting late on tuesday in the capital hard to him and the security agents have reportedly rejected a government restructuring plan. and police in the australian city of melbourne are breathing a bit more easily after heavy rains and storms swept over much of the state of victoria much of the region had been shrouded in haze from weeks of wildfires
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the race to decide who will challenge donald trump for the u.s. presidency this year is heating up former vice president joe biden and senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren were among the top 6 candidates who took part in a t.v. debate on tuesday night it was the last debate before the democratic primary season starts in iowa in 3 weeks and polls are suggesting that the race will be tight. last chance for 6 remaining candidates to make their case before the democratic primaries begin and the candidates used their chance to attack president trump on his foreign policy decisions and right now what i fear very much is we have a president who is lying again and could drag us into a war that is even worse than the war in iraq trump offered his own counter-programming at a rally in milwaukee in battleground state wisconsin he defended his decision to kill soleimani. solomin he was responsible for murdering and wounded
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thousands of americans it was actively planning new attacks but we stopped them cold. and frankly they already started the attack as you saw in baghdad or the very large embassy in baghdad that was already started. a moment to remember was a standoff between bernie sanders and elizabeth warren warren accused sanders to have said a woman could not be elected president of the united states look at the man on the stage collectively they have lost 10 elections the only people on this stage who have won every single election that they've been in are the women but bernie sanders rejected the allegation the real winner did not emerge good news for joe biden who avoided a blunder this time and that can consolidate his position as the front runner of the democratic party. now the u.s.
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china trade dispute could be taking a big step towards being results later today when the 2 sides signed what they're calling ses one of a trade agreement as part of that deal beijing says it will buy more from the u.s. including energy and agricultural products and both sides are holding off on imposing further terrifying each other but many other hot button issues remain unresolved. china's leo who is in washington to sign a cease fire in a trade war that has slowed global growth i.m.f. managing director chris telling a georgia reminded the trades are this was only a truce not a permanent peace deal leaves in place tire of some 360000000000 dollars worth of chinese goods it doesn't address technology transfers china's huge subsidies for state owned firms and cyber attacks. these terrorists will stay in place until there's a phase 2 if the president gets a phase 2 quickly of consider releasing terror says part of phase 2 if not there
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won't be any terror late so there's nothing to do with the election or anything else there's no secret agreements. what this modest deal does is prevent escalation the u.s. is agreed to stop labeling china as a currency manipulator beijing will buy $200000000000.00 worth of u.s. farm products manufactured goods and services asian markets were lower on reports the trumpet ministration was preparing to further tighten controls on technology exports to china sua way i think it will be a fight she will fight to fight a fight between china and the united states and so both sides. continue to try to be with us directly you got a manager. no solution could be expected any time soon on the strategic rivalry between the world's 2 biggest economies u.s. presidential elections are coming up in november and the chinese side feels it has enough domestic strength to avoid major compromises. you're watching d.w.
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news still to come on our show. the fight to save the stars the violence we hear from one of the activists who stormed the headquarters of communist east germany's fear it was secret police 30 years ago today. but 1st in the philippines tens of thousands of people are still sleeping the erupting top of all k. no just take a look at these pictures here and many villages are still covered in a layer of ass authorities are warning that a massive eruption could happen at any time now the volcano is about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila in the middle of a lake it started spewing ash on sunday rescue teams have been working around the clock to get people to safety on a santos joint one of the missions. clouds of ash covered this road in baton goes region but still the rescuers press on.
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determined to drive those trapped in this boat can make a danger zone to safety. we're doing rescue operations to evacuate people to higher ground we've rescued a couple of people already this morning we're moving to another town to rescue more . detail though kaino has been billowing smoke into ash since it's a russian on sunday it lies in the middle of a lake just over 60 kilometers south of the philippine capital manila. although these filipinos don't live on the volcanic island they are still in danger of ashfall and the likelihood of more russians are making evacuations here mandatory. others like claire and her sisters are choosing to get out while they
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can log on and be saved me we decided to evacuate today because we have that things may get worse with the cocaine or the safest thing to do is to leave. some areas are too difficult to reach by truck so these rescuers use motorbikes to collect the locals it doesn't matter how they find them they simply know they have to get people out of this region as quickly as possible. 30 years ago today people in east germany stormed the headquarters of the country's secret police known as the stasi just weeks after the fall of the berlin wall they feared that officials would destroy the millions of files that they kept on most citizens of the communist regime german president. visited the former stasi headquarters in berlin to market that anniversary and he praised the public access to the stasi files as a deeply democratic act that allowed people to look inside
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a dictatorship the president vowed to do his part to keep the archives open to the public. and simon young from d.w. politics has more on this story for us he's with us here in studio hi simon the stasi you know this one the biggest secret police forces in the world tell us what impact they had on east german society i think the story was a sort of state within a state and in 1901 when these germany fell there were about 300000 people working for it one way or another it operated its own network of prisons and it had sweeping powers to deal with enemies of the state as opponents of the regime could be termed and of course they carried out enormous amounts of surveillance including pressuring people to spoil their own friends and family so all of that i think is left a legacy of pain but one useful consequence of course of the habit of document
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seeing everything they did is that there's an awful lot of evidence for people to go through even now well as we said it was 30 years ago today that activist stormed the stasi headquarters to prevent that evidence from being destroyed and one of those activists who was there a talk to do let's take a look their way into east germany stars the headquarters it's still the resting place of thousands of files on citizens who were spied on. itself is all yes i said so you know what we want this peaceful disarmament of our actual takeover of the whole thing will happen a lot faster there's no placebo. was open the gate the storming of norman and street was a key moment after the buildings and other cities had already been occupied in the proceeding months several 1000 people now poured into the berlin headquarters.
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was the stasi workers tried to destroy files up until the very last minute but the activists were able to rescue most of those files. but the fight to save the files was far from one that took a hunger strike extreme effort on our part to convince west german elites politicians and those who wanted to keep a lid on this for various reasons. after all nobody knew exactly how sensitive the information that east germany state security had collected was in the end the files were made accessible to the public full temp lien applied to see his own. it was certainly a unique experience i was part of the 1st group that got to see their files in 1930 . 9 u.s. an opposition figure it was highly unlikely that a very comprehensive file
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a whited me it was very thora but there was also one from the 1st half of the 1970s that was classified as a perpetrator file. for 2 years templin himself was an unofficial stasi informant he ultimately quit and got involved with civil rights groups later he was arrested and kicked out of east germany. after the fall of the berlin wall he returned and took part in the negotiations to dissolve the study but he still struggling to cope with what happened to this day. a lot of people say yeah well it was so long ago why bother. if we think about the nazi era and i'm not saying that the same just comparing that to it took decades to process the monstrous things that happened back then. you have. the stasi files will be transferred to the national archives from 2021 as long as they
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remain easily accessible to ordinary people templin has no problem with that. yes i mean we heard that activists there say a lot of people wonder this is already 30 years ago but yet it still seems like such an emotional issue doesn't it it is not think it's a focus for a lot of people even last year 2956000 people applied to read the stones evolves and since 990 when this archive was set up the there have been more than 3000000 millions of such applications will they be from journalists and researches who want to find out more detail about people who are still people in public life in industry and so on in germany now who have a star as the connection who may have worked for the stasi in the past but often it's just private individuals who want to know who said what about them and that just shows you how corrosive all this still is what about how germany has gone about coming to terms with this particular chapter of its past and opening these
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files to the public is that seen as an example of how other countries can come to terms with their own experience of what a police state i think it is an example i think a lot of the former eastern bloc countries in europe have done the same now they've set up very similar archives that are accessible and a well managed and they've often cited the german example but it's not only former communist regimes you know military dictatorships in latin america who are dealing with their legacy of injustice have also done the same in africa or in asia to the u.n. tribunals looking into the conflicts in rwanda or next yugoslavia even south africa post apartheid they've all been sharing information experience know how with the german authorities the conferences are held because all of this is part of that process of truth and reconciliation it's important here it's important in many
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countries right simon young from good of you politics thank you for your analysis. now opposition parties in the west african country of guinea are calling for open ended protests against president off a con day's bid to seek a 3rd term and office guinea's constitution only permits 2 terms they would have to step down at the end of this year but he is hoping to hold a referendum that would allow him to change the constitution the latest protests have already turned deadly 2 demonstrators were killed on monday. on going open ended protests in dozens of cities right across the country after hundreds of thousands turned out for mass demonstrations in october last year the opposition has now adopted a different tactic a complete shutdown of public life. unfortunately today i didn't get a single client so i don't know how the family is going to live today. will be the opposition says good man's in towns across the country followed that call. in
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a statement to d.w. africa the f n d c said this has resulted in a total paralysis of the main roads the closure of shops and businesses it plans to continue the protests until president condé confirms he's not seeking a 3rd. of the beauty of democracy is alternation we're not against. we're against any system that fails to make democracy work much of a democracy to young demonstrators were killed on monday prompting attacks on the local office of congress party the government has warned that it will crack down hard on any disorder. now to some more stories from around the world china has rejected a report by human rights watch condemning the treatment of $1000000.00 muslims held in so-called political reification camps the country's foreign ministry says the document is biased and distorts the facts they report also denounces beijing's use
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of mass surveillance and the silencing of critics. lebanon's capital beirut has been cleaning up after a night of protests in which almost 70 people were injured demonstrators cause heavy damage to banks which many blame for driving the country into its worst economic crisis in decades protesters are staging what they call the week of wrath to demand and demand an end to a months long political vacuum. and dozens of people in the u.s. are being treated for a minor skin and lung problems after a passenger plane dump fuel over several schools and the airliner was making an emergency return to los angeles airport after experiencing mechanical issues the federal aviation authority is investigating. now we're just 2 weeks into 2020 and your new year's resolutions are they still fresh if one of them is state healthy or the end that based nutritionist and trend researcher honey is one to watch every year she cuts through the noise and publishes her forward
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looking food report so in types of climate crisis here's a taste of what's to come. plate of heavy food many of us regularly he didn't offer to. but according to austrian food trend researcher honey what's not those days are over. the way we eat is changing it's getting healthier and portions are smaller. like here at home in vienna the specialty is poking a y. in national dish it's usually made with raw marinated fish but can also include tofu or chicken topped with fresh vegetables and spicy dressings. by come in an order at the counter maybe like the look of the bright orange mango or you feel like some crunchy green cucumber lox salmon is always popular salmon and avocado are the best sellers. many customers order takeout
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these days many people can't afford to take a long lunch break but eat at their desks. right now work determines when we eat what we eat when we can fit it in when it suits us when work allows that. it's what honey looks like calls the snack afic cation trend. ringback another trend is eating art designer to his a bag of feels there's a strong visual element to enjoying food so she's created a series of dinnerware that effectively sets the stage for every meal. foreman we associate darken angular shapes with a bitter all salty taste and around light forms with the sweet.
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so low sugar desert can actually taste sweeter depending on the dish we serve it in . smoke has more fragrance if we watch it being prepared. it's not about putting on a show but even consciously savoring more but eating less. now stars from the world of tennis have played a charity match to raise money to help fight the australian bushfires players including ross i'm a doll and serena williams took part in the fundraiser in melbourne head of the australian open organizers of the rally for relief said they expect the event to bring in around $2000000.00 heroes the global tennis community has already raised millions including several pledges to donate funds for every aids hit in australia . this is your news these are our top stories russian prime minister dmitri medvedev has resigned to make way for constitutional
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reforms proposed by president vladimir putin earlier today britain's proposals would shift power from the presidency to parliament which could have implications for putin's role after his term in office and. the democrats' top presidential candidates have faced off in a final t.v. debate before the start of the primary season polls suggest a tight race between former vice president joe biden vermont senator bernie sanders and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. german president to shine meyer has led commemorations to mark 30 years since people in east germany stormed the headquarters of the country secret police or praised those who helped preserve evidence of the activities. in the philippines tens of thousands of people have fled the erupting kanal emergency teams have been deployed to ensure evacuation from high risk areas authorities say there could be more dangerous
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eruptions to come this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at t w news or visit our website. coming up next our show made in germany on the question our brains good for business stay tuned for that.
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