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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2020 12:15am-12:30am CET

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senator with your opening arguments on tuesday. up next news africa with christine window i'm told me a lot of people are now back at the top of the hour clutching. every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their home. the consequences into some stress in our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises from. forgetting we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people but i think that a i mean a handful of people feel for their cars and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of course to stay behind it's
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a. battle my husband went to peru because of the crisis that i wondered if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger on one of them. cut displaced this week do the job. as. this is d.w.p. is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the ivorian schoolboy ended up dead on a french quarter right away beyond but 10 to me i need to buy a diet in the undercarriage off a plane destined for paris will not be shocked his friends say he always talks about wanting to travel the world. he talked a lot about the eiffel tower. he said he wanted to see it someday. and the gunfire has been silenced in so. that was
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a great. it's good to have you. thought he could have away from. ended in tragedy. say they didn't know to do it. his friends and family remember him as a happy smiley child. dreamed of becoming a scientist one day last week the 14 year old was found dead in the undercarriage of a plane in paris. i'm
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trying to come to terms with this reality this news is breaking my heart it's torturing me. what happened so long by telling me has left everyone here in shock they had no idea what he was planning. to do so use always smiling he was happy he was comfortable here at home with his parents and his friends i don't understand how you became a stowaway who can end up in the landing gear of an airplane what was missing what was he missing he had everything here just getting which is. it's thought laura by telling me got into the airport in abidjan by climbing over this wall he then hid in bush's until it was time for the plane to take off with little oxygen in temperatures way below freezing he the suffocated or died from the cold the ivorian government says it will improve security at the airport before
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long but tell me and his friends that is now too late. by the like to talk a lot about other countries germany spain france he talked a lot about the eiffel tower. he said he wanted to see it some day. admiral by telling me school similar sense of numbness for the staff here it's as if they've lost their own son. when he did some wonderful i say he was my child i feel completely lost because the shock is so brutal brutal. to school held a memorial service for laura by telling me and with it a warning for his classmates. happiness is not always somewhere else happiness can also be found here. trying to make some good of what so many was an unthinkable
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and avoidable tragedy. such as how was not harmed by tenderly able to get onto the plane and supervise to help us answer this we've invited j.v. in bray he's an aviation security operations expert in london welcome to day devaney news africa julian is it really possible that this boy just walked onto the runway climbed onto a plane without anybody noticing this it's very very disturbing because i'm just so you see t.v. and they have actually discovered the c.c.t.v. and they have pictures of the poor little shop 14 years old like clinging on to the on the carriage before the plane took off. the point is that it's no use having c.c.t.v. if nobody is monitoring it and also because he shouldn't be on the anywhere near the apron it's all. so how often does defense like this happen we see it is
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a clear breach in security making these airports vulnerable to incidences like this how often do we actually see it happen. it does happen quite often but you have to remember there are hundreds of thousands of flights every day and it's all 24 hours a day and all around the world the tragedy is that only one in 6 days actually survives simply because they either freeze to death or they crushed by the on the carriage mechanism some people tried stow away in the nose knows well and of course there's just about enough space for a person but the point is this is that we'll comes out you will be squashed or you'll simply freeze to death all right that's julian bray aviation expert in london thank you.
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president of heart in law still reeling from the un for a fault from within its security forces that shut down parts of the sudanese capital on tuesday and left at least 2 people dead the head of the country's transitional council saying life has returned to normal but some locals believe that normal should mean a greater sense of security. and sound that would send anyone scurrying for cover a sound that has led to heightened fear and worry about sudan's volatile transitional government the country is in a 3 year transition to civilian rule. the gunfire on tuesday came in the midst of a mutiny by some members of sudan's much feared intelligence agency 9 months after the country's long time dictator omar al bashir was ousted during mass protests the agency was set up during bush years 30 year reign about to have dozens if you.
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let the you all follow the events of the day if you had which we feel very sorry about this it was only meant to cut off the nation's transitions to building a solid democracy. you know the city is. a solid democracy and most of all a safe and peaceful life is what people on the street want you to mock at the thought. people were terrified from all of this. and recalling upon the armed forces to relocate their bases. to be outside of the capital perimeter. i get a kind of the attack was a real scare. a lot that i thought that one of the somebody up there was a lobbyist. woman there has been intense security. but
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i thought of you know how you add to that the sound of gunshots that could be heard in the city of khartoum. 100 that up. they left people in real fear of a possible risk to our capital. the i'll sum up. as khartoum returns to a sense of normalcy there is word that the head of the intelligence agency resigned in the wake of what the government now calls a coup attempt. my next guest today is. he is a political analyst and has researched sudan for amnesty international welcome to news africa. exactly are these people. the people who rebelled are part of a branch of the intelligence services cold the person's core and they're a group of 13000 very armed. men who are really the big losers of the recent change because their unit has been dissolved recently by the new
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authorities right. with what we've been told they say that this is about the severance packages that they were off it off that they you know it was disbanded disbanded is is that kitty the case is this just about the pension packages that they were offered or is there more to this well i think there is probably you broader a considerations of a frustration by these people who as i said of the who the losers of the new the new system the some of the leaders of the military and security operators of accuse these and then of plotting to. putting a coup but the facts on the ground i think suggests that it was more of a haphazard expression of anger and frustration most of the fighting to place around the bases as opposed to iran strategic sites which we would expect if these people actually intended to seize power and i think it's important to be skeptical
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of some of these claims that there is a broader conspiracy in this particular case because the leaders of the military and security apparatus who made these claims actually have an interest in positioning himself as some kinds of protector protectors of the revolution even though they actually guid repress revisionary last year when they sent forces to disband revision reseating and killed a proximity 130 people. i mean so. certainly there is there is the issue of pension they could also be the power but if this were a policy do these people this group do they have the power to destabilise. well i think with this shows is that there is the fault lines within the military security apparatus have a huge potential to destabilize sudan even further i think the biggest challenge at the moment for the government will be to to disband these men and then return to
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civilian life without triggering more mutinies so we have 30000 people as i mentioned but this is only the beginning it way because if you want sudan to democratize the civilians will have to establish control over the rest of the military and security apparatus including the army and the paramilitary repeat support forces which today sits at the top of the state in every benefited from the change in regime and so far we're not seeing much from the prime minister that suggests that he's willing to confront the interest of these very powerful men in arms. the last and then very briefly i suppose if you can what do you think will be the fallout from this this incident we know that for example that the chief intelligence office office in the country has resigned when it and they. well i think in the short term the military and the paramilitary force has a come out reinforced of this episode because they can use it as an opportunity for
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protagonist to assure themself as protectors of the revolution i think in the more medium term the followed will be seen in how they are thirty's to manage the reform of the intelligence service because it was we did the center of this year's military and security apparatus he has a huge show infrastructure of train men but also interesting also because of the economy and it's possible that the industry and the paramilitary forces will wrestle for power over this piles of these intelligence agencies. thank you thank you. identify now from africa you can catch one of the stories on our website facebook page just to remind you of how the sudanese people themselves thought about the change behavior now with pictures of those 3 names of the way to 3 taking its time that it was a project album i'll be stamped on outside. the
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point of strong opinions clear decisions of international perspectives on. the middle east is once again being taken to the brink of wall and back and all the talk is of trump against iran iran against trolls but what about vladimir putin warmonger old peacemaker to find out join me and mike. so to the point. to the point i was going to 60 minutes on the c.w. . i'm david
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and this is climate change. happiness increase books. this is the book for your. smarter birth free to go there you go on you tube. the devil is in the detail a day off in the united states and china finds a one of their trade deal the european union says it may violate world trade organization rules and we'll bring you the latest. also coming up irony or chivalry alan they've all ted has to invest billions to indian business has a very kind many accuse his company.


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