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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2020 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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grew at its lowest pace in almost 3 decades last year we can exports and sluggish consumer demand weighed on the world's 2nd biggest economy so when growth to 6 point one percent well that was within the government's largest zone or targets or rather it was lower than economists had forecast the chinese government aims to accentuate the positive is it announced the country's worst g.d.p. growth since 1990. easily turned up in 2019 the economy grew by 6 point one percent on the previous year that meets the projected target of 6 to 6.5 percent. but those latest figures are in an wanted sign that beijing has failed to improve conditions the way it would have light. china's expansion has been slowing for much of the last decade edging ever closer to the 6 percent mark some analysts say needs to stay above that point to continue generating jobs the latest figure takes it
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uncomfortably close. the government has already tried various measures aimed at slowing the slowdown including bond sales to fund new infrastructure and tax cuts ministers insist they have a plan for what to do next. omeo enjoy a year we must stabilize employment finance trade when not foreign and domestic investment and expectations. the phase one trade deal signed with the u.s. this week will go some way towards bringing about the stability china craves middle need something more substantial from phase 2 if it's to have anything to smile about. let's go after all the bad our financial correspondent in frankfurt because both european and asian markets looking quite happy today. that's right they pared some of the gains the asians but here in europe it just continued upwards and the markets are gaining quite clearly and i get the sense that there's also
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a lot more drive a lot more interest and what the people are buying you can see that on the one hand with the dax going almost within striking distance of a new all time high i don't know if the it's just the news from china i mean the december news was gratifying that there was growth picking up in the late part of the year despite all the uncertainty earlier i think that's part of it but also wall street yesterday was still driving markets today especially the news on banks there now 6 percent growth is a big number we all know that. it's even bigger when you compare it to european growth but what about china and the rest of the world is is it good or bad. well on the one hand it's bad we heard what it means for job growth the dips below many people think that's really bad for jobs that the market the job market will suffer
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there i think it's a good number though and when you look at the environment that this growth was achieved and there was a lift at the end of the year and it's a good number and think of it to the chinese economy has been growing for years and it's growing on top of things that were built before it has roads infrastructure it's a maturing economy i think 6 point one percent in light of that development is a pretty good number. he said it will be bought in frankfurt thank you. chinese president xi jinping is in me and ma to finalize and $1200000000.00 euro infrastructure deal it's out of the global build a road initiative is the only includes projects like the deep sea port that would give china better access to the indian ocean plans also include a high speed rail link from the port to an industrial zone of the country's shed border bilateral trade between me and modern china was worth about 15000000000 euros us. now to some of the other business stories making news china's birth rate
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dropped to its lowest since 949 china relaxed its one child policy and 2016 but they haven't been more pregnancies an aging society and shrinking workforce could pressure on a slowing economy. japan's environment minister is the 1st cabinet member to take the turn of the leaf announcing his son's birth shinjiro koizumi said he wants to set a good example for working fathers also faced with an aging population and low birthrate japan recently began promoting paternity. google's parent company alphabet is the 4th company to be valued at a trillion dollars from stock traded at a rate of 1.45 dollars a share yesterday it joins amazon apple and microsoft in the trillion dollar club. a microsoft chief executive such as i della promises to remove all the carbon his company has admitted since its founding in 1975 for the environment it aims to achieve the goal by 2050 by becoming carbon negative in the next decade.
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well hunger and malnutrition as some of the greatest challenges facing the people of this planet the population continues to surge climate change is impacting agriculture crop failures low yields declining incomes for farmers and their families at the global forum for food and agriculture in berlin over 2000 experts from politics industry science and civil society trying to tackle those problems the united nations says 800000000 people don't have enough to eat that's roughly one in every $900.00 most prevalent in developing economies in asia and africa and the world bank says $65.00 countries including egypt saudi arabia south sudan north korea and singapore do not have enough arable land to produce the food they need which is where international trade comes it so what can international trade play in addressing world hunger. it works in the field of food security you are here for
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that agricultural forum we mentioned on the sidelines of international green week and you said millions of small holders and work as a going hungry anyone involved in agricultural trade should protect the human right to food but what do you mean by that. the reality is that many of these farmers and small holder farmers in developing country are producing also for international markets like cocoa like palm oil like sugar cane and these farmers have the same times are going hungry for several weeks a month a year so i agree carter tray must take more regard on the situation of a very close and from us in the value chain and address this issue it's ironic that food produces a going hungry and sad the europe is a fault with some of its trade practices you know it's a really incredible that is still not able to overcome the situation up to now we didn't have the tools to address that because we said we don't know how to address the food insecurity situation of from us it's more an issue of government. but
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nowadays you're looking at the whole chain of companies and. to address sustainability and that's why. if it together the risk w.w. if the center of the little man size developed the food security. to check how food insecure and berkus and plantations and smallholder farmers who produce for international markets so it's making it easier for consumers to work out. how the world works and how to make the world a better place but you've also come up with a new tool to enhance production on tell us more about that so the idea is to use that produces can. perform in regard to set a reason in regards to plantation habits in regard to evoking contracts and to make sure that far from us and burkas adequate incomes have set a reason. to have access to food to be able to buy their food off and there is
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enough food on the spot but farmers and brokers do not have enough income just to buy it so we want to overcome this area of access to food. it also takes the right framework you tell me the governments need to provide in both developing and developed nations how does that framework after look it's not only the question of international crime you have to address also local governments to invest more in infrastructure as in schools in health and sanitation issues that we have a surrounding area where trade and benefit to the local farmers and of course. any last words you'd like to say. is this is an important week and a lot of people are here in berlin and policies are being drawn up. up to now sustainability is. voluntary issue the should. to make it more binding and have better regulation to address the issues of food security it is a human right it is not voluntary it's
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a human rights organisation we had the opportunity to address it let's do it now thank you very much for coming in. oberlin is international green week is one of the world's biggest agricultural trade fairs and has been held here in the german capital for nearly a century this is partly country is croatia which is known for great food and wine at a special kind of cheese that's only made on a remote island. around a 100 of packer island sheep belong to the saloon a family but farming isn't the only source of income. like many other families this moonies also work in tourism in the summer. that's because printing she is labor intensive often arduous work. remotely due to my economic of money doing this the problem is the young people don't want to do it anymore. around. the park she is
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a unique breed which only lives on this croatian island. the animals can get by on very little and they have to food is often scarce here. this dairy was built with help from the european union which croatia has been a member of since 2013. this family business uses the sheep's milk to make a croatian delicacy a kilogram of this cheese costs up to 70 year olds like many other croatian food producers the company focuses on nice domestic products that are increasingly being exported because of the. show that we are trying to reach western european countries drug online business owners of the 100 you're working on. prevention agriculture is diverse because of the many different types of climates across the country mandarins and oranges grow in the right for delta and the
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harvested joining the winter months the yields this season has been poor because there's been too much rain. the majority of the plantations belong to the state which is a source of much grievance for the farmers because the government to stopping them from becoming landowners that has investment the small structures often lack the capital and expertise to compete on an international scale. very nice doing business with.
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. place . this is deja vu news live from berlin iran's supreme leader lashes out against the united states in a rare sermon at friday prayers ayatollah ali khamenei dismissed president trump as a clown who wants to push a poisoned dagger into a long struggle also coming up germany's diplomatic efforts in libya yield a potential breakthrough rebel commander hollyhock star says he will attend a berlin conference this weekend and has committed himself in principle to a ceasefire. from the flames to floods.


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