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this is thinkable the news live from berlin frustration boils over in the streets of lebanon's capital. fireworks water cannons and tear gas as police clash with demonstrators trying to storm polman but the delight in forming a new government as demonstrations the latest in what's being called a week of fright also coming up. harry and megan drop their boiled titles and the public money that comes with the queen says she supports they wish for more
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independence but what will the move mean for the future of britain's royal family. and the bundesliga is back with a bang after the winter break all eyes were on top men's new signing from norway could the boy want to produce some magic in his dortmund the good all the action. i'm anthony how thanks for joining us clashes between anti-government protesters and police have erupted in lebanon's capital by birth leaving more than 150 people injured a growing financial crisis and the government's failure to build a new cabinet of spot renewed anger after more than 3 months of protests. discontent has lit the fuse in beirut protest as health works in the latest of a series of demonstrations against government incompetence and corruption now the
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army has been called in to restore calm after police struggle to take control despite deploying tear gas and water cannons but protests aren't the only thing forcing the authorities to act a deepening economic crisis is also putting pressure on politicians to form a new government protests began in october last year but have revived in recent days as indecision over establishing a new government continues the last government stepped down following pressure from the demonstrations in october but has remained in a caretaker capacity interior minister his son tweeted a condemnation of recent events saying that if the demonstrators attacked members of the security forces or people's property they were totally unacceptable well all political sides of venture he approved a new premier in december former education minister. they are now disagreeing over suggested ministers the latest street protests indicate that there is no time to
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lose in finding a solution let's get some more now joining me is the correspondent battle i read the from a beirut bureau but so we're just seeing footage of the clashes earlier what's the situation right now in beirut. the situation right now the. adult the security forces that they control all over downtown work it's not a stick or place and all these clashes took place these clashes all these protest day today's protest the protesters getting their names we won't pay the price this the name that they give it and they give it so. that they will not or they refuse to pay the price of the issue of the politicians to form a new government and their failure to be full on the economy especially the county level and now is $1.00 of the one of its worst economic crises since its independence in 1043 and this led to. economy and financial
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as well. you mentioned the economic crisis it seems most of the latest rounds of protests across the last week have centered on banks and prescriptions to some pot how difficult are these restrictions making life for the average citizen. now the lebanese people they are allowed to throw only $100.00 or $200.00 u.s. dollars pounds lost of value $2.00 i don't 3545 to 50 percent of its value to us dollars and all the goods are raised. their prices increased i don't certify their cent we have i don't more than 60000 unemployed right now or they lost their jobs during this crisis all these these ankit and by the late this week they protested they give in the name all the rage all the stage all these and you may need you will be economy and financial crisis and the failure of politicians in
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government and make. the choice for the economy. these protests have been going on now for 3 months it seems frustration has reached a new level is there an end in sight. not it seems not at all. people that issues are not able to for you government should the demands of the protesters some. be also candidates to ministerial positions. all these and get just part of this and before the protests this session is that they believe that most of these candidates they belong to the same old pollution parties which they do if you asking for reforms for ministers experts and technocrats. they are asking as what all the political parties stay away from this government and get it and gave it the chance. to make it if one package it mainly on the economy wise and financially. doesn't that in beirut thank you so much.
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world. protesters on both sides of libya's conflict have taken to the straight ahead of the peace talks but then on sunday opponents of the internationally recognized government have also blockaded several key oil production facilities frightening country's main source of income. democrats in the u.s. congress have officially taken their impeachment case to the senate in advance of the trial of president donald trump that documents say the republican president abused his power and must be removed trumps impeachment trial begins choose to end his legal team offered a fiery response saying the process is unconstitutional. thousands have gathered in events around the u.s. to support quality and women's rights the 4th annual women's much in los angeles was one of hundreds across the country on saturday the very 1st words on donald
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trump's inauguration day in january of 2017. mexican security forces have closed the border crossing with what amala preventing a caravan of migrants from entering the country authorities believe there are about $3000.00 migrants in the group most from honduras and el salvador caravan is attempting to reach the united states. prince harry and his wife megan are no longer working members of britain's royal family according to a statement from buckingham palace the couple announced their wish for a more independent life earlier this month now they've reached an agreement with the palace i will be dropping their royal titles and will no longer receive taxpayer money it's also pledged to pay back nearly $3000000.00 euros which was used to refurbish the home. i'm now joined by dave dudley reporter
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until he has been following the story very closely for us. so prince making the harry working members of the royal family does that actually mean well it means that they will no longer represent the queen in public you have to remember the the day to day responsibilities of members of the royal family is really representing the queen in some of these public style p.r. events which we see them visiting or see them taking place or taking part in throughout the world basically representing the queen engaging in outreach and public diplomacy style of events now we know that as you said they are no longer going to be refusing their full titles in public and we also know that they're going to be cut off from some of the public funding that they have benefited from in the past as you said they're also going to be pain back several millions have been used to refurbish a home that they currently live. now this announcement may have come as kind of a surprise that people haven't really been following the story very very closely but it actually has been a long time coming up prince harry has always had kind of
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a tense relationship with other members of the royal family when it comes to some of the responsibilities that of him placed on him as a member of the house of windsor and that's a relationship that's only become more tense since his marriage to megan i mean she initially was said to have really embraced her role as a member of the world family but because of the intense political pressure on her and some of the restrictions have been placed on also the media attention that relationship has really kind of soured in recent years especially since the birth their son which is part of the reason that this announcement really isn't that surprising for people that follow him so what are their plans now if they don't members of the royal family just quickly what will they be doing well they still are members of the royal family i mean of course i mean this is their family right the basically just stepping out of the limelight a little bit so far we know that they're planning on splitting their time between canada and the united kingdom and really they say they want to kind of focus on their family becoming a little bit more independent now that means both in a financial sense and also in terms of what they do in their day to day lives as i said you know the cut off from some that public financing but their family is still
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phenomenally wealthy i mean they may be turning over a new leaf but they're not really starting from square one you know they're no longer active members of the royal family but there is still incredibly popular celebrities now making is said to most likely be returned to some of the advocacy work that she's done before you know she's been a great proponent of women's rights around the world leading up to her marriage to prince harry and will when it comes to him it really remains to be seen it's you know chance for him to kind of discover who you want to be as a person outside of the shadow of his family at the moment love them or anything in between the world will be watching aaron tilton thank you thank you. well 1st fire now floods in australia heavy storms have hit the east coast and while the rains have helped put out some of the devastating bushfires they've also caused flash flooding for residents and rescue teams the wet weather is a mixed blessing the rains finally fell spelling relief for
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people. as well as wildlife. crime still. the rain is welcome it's putting out bushfires and helping improve conditions for the firefighters trying to get a handle on the many fires still burning but there's also been flooding. here who've been rescued from the fires now have to be saved from the floods. we saw. some 100 year threshold. just a few locations which saw. it's it's not very widespread after australia's most devastating fire season on record due to manmade climate change launch air is left with little vegetation and hard drive ground it's the
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perfect conditions for flooding storms hit the country's east coast and dumped 2 months of rainfall overnight in some parts the government has received huge criticism over its handling of the fires and now they've got another serious environmental risk to mitigate. in the bundesliga dortmund's winter signing and holland had a debut to remember scoring a hat trick in seaside. 53. holden got his all of these goals in the 2nd tough to coming on as a substitute the 1st was i lethal finished old and was still trying 32 at this stage but the norwegian helped turn this game around scoring the 2nd goal to make it $43.00 to the visitors when they completed his hat trick and the scoring with 10 minutes to go he's already paying back some of his 20 year
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a transfer fee. but it's advice light bonus like a match league leaders abi leipzig played host to promote his side when you don't believe in and even though own your own have proven so hard to beat this season lot pallid possibilities 3 want to retain their standing as the league's top docs. like 6 boy wonder coach juliet not goldman led his team into the 2nd half of the season sitting on top of the bundesliga but it was the upstarts from berlin who drew 1st blood as bhutto opening the scoring in just the 10th minute much to the delight of the legions of visiting fans sebastian anderson outfoxing a defender and putting through on goal. i. came out swinging in the 2nd tower though and it took old reliable team over not just 6 minutes to equal i this time to fail to clear a long ball instead feeding it to van. and 6 minutes later leipsic
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took the lead myself savita hitting the target to light up the home crowd of my the austrian there to clean up after some pinball and power it past keeper rough of it. then in the waning minutes venice struck again to back his brace and become the just leaguers top scorer i've job it's a turn provider this time and vanna controlled the ball and banged it in to seal the leipzig when. 31 the final score and now goes mun can be glad he's got his number 11 to rely on. watching a lot more he's at the top of the allen sports life is next with world class sled dog racing in the arctic in the meantime of course all the latest headlines are available 247 on our website at state dot com now i'm at the house thanks watch.
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