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officials including u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o and french president emmanuel mack on germany says the aim of its diplomatic push is to prevent libya from becoming a 2nd syria thanks so much for joining us you're watching d.w. nears i'll have more news at the top of the hour up next is a reporter represented including introducing the black mommas your group doing great things for the rhinos of south africa appreciate your joining us. and. bringing forth the more that they become
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a footballer for by winning my life inside the waves off the story in my pick truce a little bit off just moments of good bye. sebastiano salgado has a distinctive unique way of seeing the world you know all its beauty and brutality . his work has been exhibited internationally collected in numerous books and he has also been the subject of an acclaimed documentary film. at the 2019 frankfurt book fair the brazilian bar taco for was awarded the peace prize of the german book
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trade. center encounter with a legendary photojournalist sebastiaan sort of god go. i had the fortitude to see so many things about support the solvency that made my life that it reached it if i was the sceptical i would say that. in 2019 the photograph is scary museum in stockholm hosted the exhibition gold curated by star goggles wife lady. it features the iconic photographs as our gado token this year about not a gold mine in brazil in 1906 over 30 years ago. black and white they have a timeless almost biblical quality. gripped by gold fever more than $50000.00 young men toiled in the mine 70 metres below ground usually caked in mud. they're working and living conditions at
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what was then the world's largest open gold deposits were appalling. the men were suspicious of outsiders but saw gotto gained their trust. i spent 5 days and they may even have to speak i sleep with that i eat with the it it became then that means i would definitely wanted to leave it with this guy in that allowed me to do cedars off because. there was a lot of drinking and violence at the mine. police were often called to the scene. the policeman was just at the head present the tip for the state if you are. the walker you hold and economy off the rifle but the point is smith has
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a gun in the other hand we have to finger clip had to push out the it walk here it will not happen. this is a pit but sometimes they fire at something big kid. born in 1944 the youngest of 8 children and the only son so got a grew up on his parents' cattle farm in south preserve in the middle of the rain forest. as a teenager he left and went to school in the city of ventura. there he met then fell in love with navy yard. they married and moved to san paulo where they became active in left wing politics opposing the repressive military dictatorship that had come to power in a coup in 1964. their friends disappeared some were tortured
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some were murdered. in 1969 the couple fled to paris salgado began working for international aid projects but then one day they came home with a camera and his life changed. the 1st the polder see that they too can hold my life long 1971 of the 1st time my wife told that come what i do made the pictures of architecture because why students in architecture and dismal and. i took the 1st picture in my life i looked through i do find out all fucked up but from this moment to everything truslow my life and i started to discuss with my wife i had a proposition to gold the washington will walk in the world above it that. for months we discuss i would be economy so i become a football to them all that said the football for wins and we went back to place
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that my life of football for end. of that i had to wait for the day the. began with sports and wedding photos portraits. he got a family to support. his son giuliano who is today a filmmaker was born in 1974. rodrigue 0 was born in 1979. so i got to realize that for tucker he was his vocation while on assignment in africa as an economist he was also then that his enduring fascination with the continent was born. in africa is a continent very close to mine a continent. you see. when you look at the map offered and in map of brazil is it they can buy 21 to the out that just
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a 150 meter nias a boat ride just one place africa. latin america on top tick up and plus between. the end of 17th century and the beginning of the 19th. meanings of offer he goes to brussels in a moment who had more black population brazil than indian or. white the portuguese of people in brazil and that the influence all fall for the us supplied to be that means when they go walk enough of a home in for me awfully god is doing the most sophisticated of the whole continent we have before to defend into anything we have for us 5 us human being east peace talk call sophisticated sophistication coaches language and aspects of the
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human aspect of racist in the us fun as it feasible point to a few weeks after the case of me is found by law but. in the course of his career is how god always traveled all over africa and completed some 40 proton grippy series there. in the mid 1980 s. he accompanied the aid organization doctors without borders to the drought stricken so i have a region where famine and military conflict had turned thousands of people into refugees. he spent over a year in mali ethiopia chad and sudan documenting their suffering and their dignity. the experience ultimately inspired one of saigon it was most seminal projects exodus. a searing account of exiles migrants and refugees.
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the photographer journey the world of documenting the desperate forced mass movement of people around the globe. women in afghanistan. migration to cities in india. and this man from former yugoslavia. as an exile from his own country so i gotto identifies with their plight. what does your biography mean for your photography. is it important that you come from brazil as if you have experience as a refugee live in fall way from home i was an octave east of politics left east a young bad octavius to i made the many grades on a stop. is to get him a cut of a social science and that when they came all the rest of. it they get the become
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a photographer oh gees what's inside to be obese is my head at that age and i mean could my photography be. is not that them an activist that they must social football for that i am a. for the record is nothing this is because i love photography because i forgot their after what they told that that was important politically. so see a live human in that what i love what i i. i so for me. my photography is my way of life is much more than they think that the head of my track is my language you and i they'll go to all the see or the story that i need to prove for. time and time again as he travels through places devastated by crisis and war so i gotto comes across children often they're looking for
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a new home often they're looking for their parents always they're the ones who suffer most they're the subject of another series children. 1904 was another turning point for us i got home in rwanda he witnessed the aftermath of the genocide it was carnage millions of displaced people bodies heaped by the side of the road the stark evidence of what humans are capable of doing to another made him sick psychologically his equate. so i got to return to his parents' abandoned farm in the brazilian rain forest to his horror little remained of the lush landscape it left behind. the trees a remembered were almost completely gone. his wife an alien a proposed to be healed the land and replant the forest the couple founded the
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instituto terra and with the help of experts and local workers they replanted nearly 3000000 trees over the next 15 years. the restored forests include 290 different species while over 170 bird species are returned along with pumas and leopards. the land made a miraculous recovery. and so did sa gado. but the rain forest is burning almost 500000 hectares were destroyed in august
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29th seen many deliberately ignited to clear the forest for farming and cattle ranching. what happens in the most on is that is special in the last 50 s. we destroy a lot of homicide we destroy about the 19 per cent of the amazon and you can lester . that means the model that you had before brazil for all the war that is upright that target model of economy is despite the thought of the model that destroyed a muslim but now after that the vista before i have to follow and pursue
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them across the dialectic is not the dictum that dictate to india but his position in direction of promise on earth is to destroy the trace warping of space for agriculture to open a space for the production of so you're being a soft meat to offer these figures that if we honestly don't need more because it was enough saw your photo days. i believe that we must all together i'm just glad that the president's and 1st shape presidents back by all the planet we must create a movement to stop destruction we must state stop the movement to protect the zener tribes in the mosul area we have. about 169 in 2 people in brazilian i'm
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a son in brazilian as one is an important book is about 65 percent of all i'm a zone it is in brazil all these emergency we have to be protector we have about 183 groups of interim and so on and there were never contact never they are ours from 2000 years before 5000 years before they are in the dungeon to lose their forest to lose their way of life to be destroyed and discovered to be this is really a major disaster. god knows spend several months of the year in brazil. but they have no intention of returning for good. we spent 11 years. away from brasil because it was not possible go
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back. up the ship was that it had a lot of friends up to a church that brought us us in 8 in brazil and he's staying for us in begin of the aches picked up the ship finish was supposed to go back into small to have our kids in for us or have one child with the dos doll syndrome and if race jokes were for headache up to kids in france are so good so well but bad that in brazil not that we take a decision to stay because our son and we love the frappes is a culture that to receive us so well we are also french and after that we started to split our life between brazil and france in or out of that it had been. suppressed yasar gado returned to brazil to recover and to help the nature he grew up with recover. and also to document the vital importance of the natural
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environment ultimately this is what led him to what might be his most ambitious project ever his epic series genesis. project took sebastiano so got over to pristine corners of the world visiting indigenous tribes whose way of life is still traditional. capturing human communities. landscapes. and wildlife in his signature exclude. monochrome imagery.
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will be a football of the 1st finger one must be of above no other person can be a foot off you must have a place for the big players of the photograph to be there. walk with the light walk all the planets with the composition photography is a step over that quite dictates that will run out and he wants to have a base and you must have. the place to be. so shuffled off the people pee wee people that there is stars but that. an enormous amount of preparation goes into his trips he spends months researching and planning his roots. these days he takes an assistant with him. his son giuliano is also accompanied him filming his father at work. together they visited rangle
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island in siberia his arctic ocean course it must use a gun to photograph the walrus breeding ground. it's bitterly cold here the wall reserved to be approached cautiously been there might be polar bears on the prowl. but some goto is undeterred by danger. watching the photographer work it's clear how much thought goes into his pictures. the perfection of his compositions doesn't happen by chance.
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incidents with german film director been vendors conducted extensive interviews. gado. the juxtaposed their conversations with julian o's 4 digits are got those photographs to make the biographical documentary the salt of the earth. released in 2014 it garnered a number of awards and helped bring the work of sebastiaan saga over to a wider public. i was especially fascinated by how much he knows about the places he goes to. he amasses himself and his subjects. he's not a tourist not a visitor to this he doesn't just show up and start taking pictures. he
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spends weeks and months there getting to know the people with his hands with this approach he sort of and his right to tell their stories and on the slate of the. wind in that sense both of you know wherever he goes god treats his subjects with utmost respect. nature people their traditions and culture but here in papua new guinea where he photographed indigenous tribes those traditions are endangered. the of. the semester also yarrow has explored the depths of what mankind can do. but he remains an optimist hopeful that the world can change for the better if you never lose your rebellions you see i do not lose. i don't lose
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that also might energy and. no no no is see the human animal. is a political animal we are all going to teach an. old course and we decide that we are the most important for all summa nice to fix so he died at the end community and he is we are whole in that he sees my foot over the head at. what's happening that is my life it was in a set the boy a good this up the same thing again. you take a photo in a fraction of a 2nd zagano is sad but you need time to arrive there. time commitment experience and internet curiosity.
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some critics have said that he aesthetics size is suffering but his pictures are too beautiful. so i gotto says he simply chronicles what he sees. firefighters battling an inferno in kuwait's oil fields. men blinded by gold fever. risking their lives. if it were at a. a photographer. from sweden from germany from france. i had another view of the planet there was a view looking from here to solve the planet for the 2 but i born in brazil when i
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showed you pictures like this one. is not to provoke. a conflict in the course sets off no one is on the show on the side of my side of the war. in a career that spanned 50 years as a best jaso gotto has found beauty and barbarity and shown us a world in which much has been lost but where much can still be saved a message to future generations. but he sees what he does as a dying craft for having won. the big myth is it isn't a standing about football but if what we are to doing with the cell phone is not photography. is a new language of communication the person made to use to communicate said that one not the end knows the design is not the fault in fault then take
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a huge amount off because. delay to dan to someone is one they cherish telephoned they lose this because photography is another photography is the man already you see one your father or mother take a picture off you wonder what a babe in a went to the bone of the city to develop if you made the does most of them to speak to is your life that photograph that the brain to that the beaches tell the stories that is really the main body of a society difficult to freeze is the meaning of the society is a very recent way of communication photography has how many years a little bit more than a and that the in photography most probably would disappear is not the shame it is like you do is that the history of. his passion and commitment are unparalleled. for his most recent project he spent years in the amazon working on a series of images up to be published in 2021. talking to the bus
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joes all got on. and contemplating his extraordinary images it seems impossible that photography will never disappear. he is indeed compiling our memories. close.
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to. being. a father go to college. keep learning merged reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture our fact is that a fake i.d.'s shift deliver us. from a dimension reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk to devise a some clear shift. respond d.w. . care a t.v. show you change an entire country. and saddam and no one talk about start ups until mushroom a turn up. come budding entrepreneurs are bringing scenes to the desert making some series out of the planet's. projects like these could help the country's economy slowed down t.v. shows for startups. 30 minutes on w. i'm scared that the my work that's hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you
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familiar with this. with the smugglers with violence and. what's your story. 'd with numbers and women especially in victims of violence in terms of take part and send us your story you are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. actually written it just shows the flood threat of shows how much. the reason for the law. comes. up cars. passed. credit card the way to get when you're going.
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really slow blotto of mobility. every. this is. a major international conference underway aimed at reaching.


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