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we would have died of hunger on one of them. this week. i am. this is the dalai news lawyer from bali be impeachment trial out of the us president donald trump debts on the way and mitt claims of a comparable us president faces removal from office over his dealings with ukraine but democrats say the rules laid out by republican senators make a fair trial impossible for live to washington as his trial began and with his
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presidency on the line donald childfree to the annual meeting of the world economic forum in switzerland where he criticized climate change activists but the most favorite all those activists say to turn back says leaders like chant all failing to avert a climate catastrophe. i lebanon's new prime minister announces the formation of a new cabinet in his country so will the new government be able to satisfy demonstrate his demanding radical change. i'm going home free glad you could join me we start of the united states where history is being made donald trump is now the 3rd president u.s. history to face removal from office by trial the u.s. senate is the setting for an impeachment trial where trump faces charges of abuse of power. and obstruction of congress congressional democrats say trump conditioned
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critical military funding for ukraine on the country's help in hurting a potential political opponent in the 2020 alexion and then try to cover it up with republicans and trump's needle teams say that the president's actions were appropriate and legal no impeachable the senate spent hours debasing rules for the trial whether it be an order to and the leaders of the 2 political parties in the chamber republican majority leader mitch mcconnell and democratic minority to chuck schumer presented their cases for and against the resolution that sets the rules for the trial now mcconnell calls it fair and based on the bill clinton impeachment trial that was in 1909 schumer says it is anything but here's some of what they had to say finally some fairness on every point 'd are straightforward resolution will bring the clarity and fairness that everyone
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deserves this will go down this resolution as one of the darker moments in the senate history perhaps one of the even the darkest senator graham to pick up and carry on the house and adequate investigation which set a new precedent that could incentivize record and hasting impeachment from future house majority leader mcconnell claim that the house has run had run the most rushed least arrow and most unfair impeachment inquiry in modern history the truth is leader mcconnell is plotting the most rushed least arrow and most unfair impeachment trial in modern history well shocking every twist and turn on capitol hill today is our correspondent on of assad it all of the main battle today has been over format the ground rules so walk us through it who wants what and why.
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that's right helen and the underlying problem here is that there are not many rules on how such an impeachment trial is supposed to be shaped let's not forget this is only the 3rd time that an impeachment trial is taking place in american history so there's also not a lot of experience on how to move forward and the democrats are alleging as the republican party here to exploit their position here in senate it's the position the opportunity basically of the republican party here because they hold the majority and senate to shape those rules the allegation is that they're just trying to rush through these proceedings through the trial and then another very important point is the question of witnesses and evidence that the republican party wants to vote on at the end of the trial the democrats want obviously to gold in the beginning before they start to dig into the arguments that both sides have 24 hours time for to do so stretched over
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a timeframe of 3 days and the democrats are alleging the republicans here to shape those who have shaping those rules only for the benefit of president trump well the president speaking about him he is in davos in switzerland now on your meeting of the wild economic forum but have we heard from him. well he delivered a speech in davos today and this is for him this was essentially the opportunity to shine basically to speak at the world economic forum about the great economic data of the united states of course it's interesting that he decided to travel there today it's for him also a good opportunity to direct the attention basically on the american economy the question is to which extent this will work since the focus here on the news agenda will certainly be on the impeachment trial in the coming days and weeks and all of a meanwhile i mean what do americans make of the impeachment trial i mean.
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so the latest poll suggests that a majority of the americans are actually in favor of including evidence and witnesses and that might have been part of the reason why senate majority leader mitch mcconnell decided to wade in and to alter the rules slightly he has also faced criticism from within his own party as some individual republican senators voiced criticism over the rules but the overall impression is that the majority of the americans are still staying behind party lines when it comes soon preachment all right did every correspondent on of the salat there for us in washington d.c. thanks a lot of well as no make has debated the rules for the trial that could spell the end of his presidency and donald trump was nowhere to be found in the u.s. as you just heard across the atlantic in the swiss alps chum opened the annual meeting all the while the economic forum now he spoke about the economic successes
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of his america 1st policy report card trouble offered largely ignored tackling climate change an issue that is taking center stage in davos now returning to the summit for a 2nd yes we dish climate campaign akai to turn back said that lead is like chung has failed to protect her generation from climate chaos leaving behind the heat of impeachment trials few could blame donald trump for seeking out some additional alpine. the us president was in divorce to address the global elite but in this election year his message was meant for households across the u.s. . america's thriving america's flourishing in yes america is winning again like never before wooden just days after reaching a breakthrough is china trump see east this teach to bang the drum for his america forced approach and it these agreements represent a new model of trade for the 21st century agreements that are
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a fair reciprocal and their priority as the needs of workers and families but as well as baseness this year's conference was supposed to deal with the growing play mic crisis with activists light gretta to unbarred some into rebuke the powerful you say children shouldn't worry ysaye just leave this to us we will fix this we promise we won't let you down don't be so pessimistic and then nothing but while davos chuen didn't one man was enormity for lectures this is not a time for pessimism this is a time for optimism fear and doubt is not a good thought process because this is a time for tremendous hope and joy an optimism in action but to embrace the
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possibilities of tomorrow we must reject the perennial prophets of doom all it was an image that left an impression. you an honest answer is live it odd i thought it's because it's just mainly all about us i feel little. i think that leaders have to take our not only about themselves but also about other nations because we have the same collective planets he does some good for us riz worthless but you couldn't think beyond that much more real not by a strong propped up the job of lauding his economic record he left a flurry of questions in his week not least more cost to the world he will leave behind. for a 2nd look now some of the other stories making news around the world at this hour but at least 36 civilians have been killed in bikini fast so in what authorities are quoting a terrorist attack the government says that minnesotans forced their way into a market that is north east of the capital ouagadougou on monday and attacked
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people before burning the structures to the ground and the west african countries suffering an upsurge in islamist funds. desoto police have summoned prime minister thomas to ban a full questioning over election names to the murder of his the strange why if he was gunned down outside her home 2 days before her husband's integration of 27 team the couple were getting divorced at the time. russian it lead as strikes have killed at least 80 people in a village in northwest syria a major government offensive is targeting the area to clear out rebels rescue is a sadist sent tens of thousands of people fleeing towards the border with turkey. a new cabinet has been announced in lebanon ending a months long power vacuum new prime minister has and the ad said he would take steps to stabilize the economy and meet demonstrators demands
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a 3 month protest movement has been demanding radical change in the country. and correspondent basle entity is in beirut he joins me now basil welcome the prime minister is calling this cabinet a kind of rescue team what challenges has it got to tackle. he made it clear that in his speech after the formation of his government from people is a question of us that the main challenges main obstacles that his cabinet was priest of the economy and financial crisis even the new i know find this minister i got you wasn't he said in several meetings several interviews it was some local t.v. channels that the main target of his ministry now is focusing on the financial and economic crisis. to talk about foreign. aid as one he said that you come in a must to restore the confidence of the culture was in state of collapse according
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to the. finance this was we know that the financial yari do go ahead. oh i'm saying that it's obvious that the financial economy crisis are the main challenges of the protesters of course that mean that the calling for a complete overhaul of government so how do you think they're going to view this new cabinet even if in the. rest of the protesters as you speech he said that movements he told that movement the revolution but at this moment while you are talking that is a confrontation and chaos in downtown beirut in the parliament between some protestors and the i guess after the scooter forces the protesters are throwing stones a mullet of. other project rides on one day the other. people are at
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the bar the water cannon it's obvious that the protesters are not quite happy for mission government some at least these protesters because in small companies in between the number who just great no don't on beirut and some of the major cities and some other approaches that are blocked some measure of lebanon. and in comparison with the other days it seemed a few were protesters no here were protesters but nevertheless you just described some scenes including militant cocktails for example which begs the question i mean how stable can we expect this cabinet to be. it depends on the ministerial statement according to my sources that the mystery or ministerial statement was focused on financial and economic issues is this government is even going to be able to over come and take this country a few scrapes and then the protesters and the money major cities of the 7 will give
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that give it the thrust of this moment it depends on the achievements that these governments going to going to make. correspondent bason at e d they invade reporting on lebanon's new government and continuing protests thank you so much thank you. well our mind in our top stories that we're following for you u.s. lawmakers are debating the rules for president trump's impeachment trial democrats have accused republicans of trying to prevent evidence against trump in the form of witnesses and documents trump is only the 3rd president to face removal from office by trial. well meanwhile the u.s. president has hailed the strength of his country's economy at the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos in switzerland environmental activists say to turn back has also made a speech and she told attendees there that no political ideology or economic structure has been able to tackle the climate change and much of this.
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