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this is it really was life from berlin a call to action the head of the e.u. commissioners of underlined tells global leaders gathered at the world economic forum that the window just fine to climate change is closing she says europe should be leading the charge in creating a carbon neutral future or end up worse for you also coming up. the question is whether the senate will be complicit in the president's crimes for covering them up the battle lines are drawn in washington before 18 votes in the trump impeachment trial to the public and set the tone for the proceedings they will allow no new
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witnesses at least for now. plus as world leaders gather in jerusalem to mark 75 years since the liberation of auschwitz we look at what is driving anti semitism in one of the world's leading centers of jewish life in your city it is that the orthodox jewish community there and the anger of boils over in greece is over crowded migrant camps thousands of protesters are demanding that the government shut down the makeshift camps on the wheat greek islands for refugees are facing squalor and desperation. is a pleasure to have you along everyone well it is day 2 of this year's world economic forum that's under way now in davos with some political and business leaders for.
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around the globe are gathered for the 4 day meeting its core theme this year is sustainability european commission president or as of underly and has delivered a special address laying out the e.u.'s environmental priorities are also touching on concerns over falling economic growth in the bloc while the forum comes as on growing inequality in climate change fuel global skepticism over traditional capitalism the european green deal is our new growth strategy the novelty and the difference. to our fossil fuel. based model is that we will fall still growth that is not extracting resources but that gives back to the planet more than it takes away from it. and europe has the 1st mover advantage. that was the e.u.
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commission president let's take you now to davos to our gate as from the business who is covering this year's a-w. yes you're the president there ers of underlying is pushing in her words for the european union as to become the 1st mover when it comes to a new green economy how has her pitch been received. well despite the criticisms that we heard when this plan was 1st presented if you will saying that it was not vicious enough or that it wasn't even feasible the fact is of course that the weight of the european union and the leadership that it can take on this issue is definitely well received here in davos perhaps one of the most important aspects of her speech and of what she mentioned is the fact that 44 investors one of the biggest groups of investors in europe actually approached the european union to ask the e.u. to sign climate neutrality into law this is important because it would force companies investors banks and to different enterprises to be climate neutral and to
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be more responsible this is important because despite all the good intentions and all the speeches that you'll hear here make no mistake no one is going to put money into any initiative unless they think at least investors that this money is going to at least be parked safely or multiplying so if the european union somehow makes a bold movement towards achieving that and is an example for other big economies and blocks that could be a positive sign the signs that are being hoped for here in davos here and as you are reporting we've been seeing that bilateral meeting between the lion and president trump because yesterday of course it was trying day in davos before he left he gave an impromptu conference and he drew a rather. unflattering comparison let's put it that way between europe and china when it came to trade let's take a listen and i'd like to get your take the united states has been losing 150000000000 and more for many years 150000000000 more i mean really more than that
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with the european union they have trade barriers where you can trade they have tariffs all over the place they make it impossible they are frankly more difficult to do business with than china. wow. or to begin so that bilateral meeting with an ally didn't go as expected i presume. well you know if leaders in the european union have learned something in these years under the presidency of donald trump then it is to be cautious and to just wait and see what happens even though his statements might sound really badly for them at 1st they have learned to wait and to actually see what happens when they sit down and the negotiating table and if china is more easy to negotiate with the european union with that might be because the european union is a bloc it's a group of countries and that is how european leaders react to these statements as
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well when they sit down to negotiate. and it will represent the interests of many countries not just one and therefore it is quite normal that we won't see any bold statements or announcements when it comes to just i buy a lateral meeting between donald trump and was it off underline she was in one to merkel's government she knows how to handle these statements and will probably only see action by the e.u. and reaction once it is consent to it by all the countries that are part of the bloc having i guess reporting for you from davos thank you and to present a dollar or returning to washington now with his impeachment trial and full swing in the u.s. senate well later today democrats on the prosecution team are expected to begin oral arguments laying out their case against the u.s. president. is charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress stemming from
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his controversial dealings with ukraine after a bitter debate on monday senators adopted a framework to govern the trial that could remove him from office the republican majority has approved rules that for now at least will prevent witnesses from being called and limit the trial to just 6 days. so ordered. that senate is adjourned. the day ended in the early hours of the morning there not with details finalized on how to proceed but not before senators voted on each proposed amendment to the impeachment procedure with control of the senate republican lawmakers were able to establish the trial rules on their terms rejecting democrats' demands for more witnesses republican senate leader mitch mcconnell suggested that many of the votes on the democrats' proposals could be avoided by i would ask the democratic leader and for the certain some alerted all these
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amendments. whether he would be willing to enter into a consent agreement to stock. this book but the democratic response came quick and defiant. the bottom line is very simple as has been clear to every senator and the country we believe witnesses and documents are extremely important and a compelling case has been made for them we will have votes on all of those. the day is so heated debate the white house counsel for the president claimed donald trump is innocent house managers on the other hand argued trump should be removed from office polls have consistently shown americans to be stockley divided down parties and lines on whether trump should be forced to leave the white house rob watches a republican strategist believes that this trial may be damaging to the democrats. people don't like when
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a process is up and that if you're democratically elected and if you've won they don't like to think that they're going to be invalidated that's why impeachments are so damaging to the party that does it because it up ends the will of the people of $100.00 senators have now decided what's to come both sides have 3 days each to make their case. dozens of has a state are gathering in jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary tomorrow of the liberation of the also the death camp but they'll also be talking about a resurgence of anti semitism jewish people and institutions have been attacked around the world including in new york city which is a thriving center of jewish life and culture but the rise of anti semitic incidents began worrying the jewish community there wus press and hard to file this report. the. this is a tense time for the city g.'s of crown heights
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a neighborhood in. brooklyn. new community has become the target of an increased number of attacks in recent months. now there's more police on the streets protecting synagogues in other jewish institutions. and his friends his students at local jewish religious school. anti semitism is always been an issue in this ethnically diverse neighborhood but the recent string of attacks has hit uncomfortably close to home. attacks where someone someone threw a chair at someone else some were screaming kill jews there's different attacks that have a song that pointed a gun out so in that put i have friends i got punched fred a little center of crown heights where everyone walks. they say they're not afraid
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but the attacks have made them more weary they want to walk their selves especially at night. just yet thing obviously because of the increase of the fear in the community because of the recent attacks. on the family that headed that apartment had a feeling that you know you have to be more careful often want to gotz jews become targets of anti semitic hate crimes because they're doing this is plainly visible. and he colin is a rabbi in the community he knows being recognizable is a risk but he says hiding is not an option never be afraid never be afraid to show who we are never afraid to to remain and or run away never to the idea what kind of running away somewhere else this is this is our community and we're going to take whatever it takes to stay here and be strong but not to be afraid or to hide or to fear but it's not only the orthodox community that's feeling uneasy they all feldman is jewish too and as with many of new york's jews you can't really tell
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from his looks born in israel he's been in the u.s. since the age of 3 young lives in manhattan hugh to me says the mood in the community has changed since the attacks. people are talking about getting armed and carrying guns mace weapons and learning self-defense worry wasn't even a subject for. roughly one in 8 new york city residents is jews for centuries has been a refuge to jesus from the world and this city is home to the biggest jewish community outside of israel that's why rising anti-semitism here is particularly unsettling jewish advocacy groups are saying the phenomenon is as surprising as it is complex because the sources of these recent at the semitic attacks here in the united states are multiple that they're not all coming from white supremacists or white nationalists they're also coming from street attacks in new york. by young
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african-americans they're coming from black hebrews what seems to be constant is a sense that there's a copycat phenomenon now it's become sort of more involved that to go after jews or identifiable on the streets. back in town hates and his friends say they won't back down the chance that you hate this stronger in the he cheated there it tempers. when i have to speak with some of the other stories making news around the world. harvey weinstein has attended the opening statements in his trial before a new york court in this trial the ones powerful hollywood producer is facing 2 charges of rape and sexual assault on steam faces further charges of similar crimes in los angeles if this is up to life in prison if convicted. let us new cabinet has held its 1st meeting the formation of a new government and
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a month long power vacuum a new prime minister has said the country was facing a possible catastrophe if it fails to tackle the twin challenges of an ongoing protest movement and knows. diving economy. terry jones best known as a member of the british comedy team monte python has died his family says the 77 year old have fought long but always good humor rattle yesterday rare form of dementia as well as being an actor jones was also a successful writer and director. it washington you're still to come. to the it were telling a repairable damage caused by the australian bush fires millions of animals including kangaroos have been killed or injured the devastation has inspired in young boy thousands of kilometers away to find a way out. but 1st
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a large crowds of people are protesting on 3 greek islands to demand the immediate removal of thousands of asylum seekers while the island's less boss some of us and she also staged street demonstrations and a general strike shutting down public services some camps those 3 islands house more than 10 times the number of people they were built for government plans to build the bigger facilities there have been met with protests among local officials and residents to obvious max is zander was at that demonstration for us on the island of. these people here behind me tell me they want their island back and they are mad at the government and government that has vowed to tackle the refugee crisis through their partitions and transfers but so for none of these measures have taken effect and people are telling me they feel abandoned so europe is failing. the norms are failing and the. civil
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and other legal and human and social procedures in this country are being raped totally because we're not facing only human italian immigrants from syria or go we're not facing humanitarian immigrants from elsewhere we're faced with a massive aggressive and unethical immigration from all over the world they're going to be sitting in brussels and playing stumble what the the immigrants want and what we want is the same thing they want to leave and we want them to leave that's all we're asking. i think that's fair and that's and that's justice and that's the right thing they don't want to stay here ask them they know they want to leave so that i get there thelma and i we're here because we don't want this daily life that has been destroyed by migrants not by refugees i'm talking about the migrants who are committing crimes personally i'm not bothered by refugees or migrants i'm bothered by cattle who come to our country wanting to cause problems
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is the number of i use ruby much. just a comma c.m.e. given that the court reporter just a bit a q q we are here to resist a 2nd hot spot on the island. we are praying for the issue to be so as soon as possible. with the most focused on some views from greece for you there now the death toll in the outbreak of a new coronavirus in china has jumped to 17 with more than 500 confirmed cases there is a growing fear now that the disease could spread and the virus is on the move hong kong and macau have confirmed infections other regions have also reported a handful of cases thailand taiwan south korea and japan and also the u.s. where the world health organization is needing in geneva to decide whether to declare a global public health emergency health authorities have traced the virus now to a seafood market in will one well they're still trying to figure out the exact
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source and how it is adapting but they have confirmed now human to human transmission. cloned look the evidence shows that the disease is currently transmitted through the responder tree tract and there is the possibility of a viral mutation. one of all right joining me now for more on this story is dr mohammad moneer just a doctor so good of you joining us from lancaster one of china's top health officials that we just heard there and now us that the virus could mutate now as a member of general public hearing mutate that sounds really scary this is mean that it will make it more contagious. well metro the fact is that a virus is always mutate they have a tendency to change their shape tendency to evolve so that's not new the important thing is that about that that change about that mutation would have any impact on to the disease outcome would disability would be increased so if you look onto the history of these viruses like source and marse which are relative to these
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coronaviruses there are highly probability that these what it is if they mutate they will be more stable they will be more fitter and be able to stand in the population for a longer palling. now doctor the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting as we speak it is rare for the w.h.o. to declare a global health emergency it has not done that as of yet but when it does do that what does it actually mean. so the placement of the. blue actually has only place the emergency 5 times in the last 20 years and all those have been on wireless is so in the current situation although the virus is emerging in all dimensions from learn to overseas and the human to human transmission is there there are relatively less john says that there would be an emergency in place but that all depends on what the strain will come up and how do if we should decide today often there are relatively less chances that emergency
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would be put in place that actually when you're of course this is the flu season so how can we tell whether we have contract at this a very contagious disease what are the symptoms of the virus and how can it be treated. so the virus itself calls it pneumonia like symptoms there would be a problem with breathing there would be a new moon there would be fever so whenever these kind of situations comes in the risk literally no treatment or vaccine available at this moment the only possibility is the personal hygiene sting of a from on cooked food or direct contact with the animals and sort of containing yourself for longer travels or in contact with other healthy people so that's the only thing that can be done at an individual level at this moment. dr mohamad joining us from the lancastrian university sir thank you so much. to be are un officials now have called for
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a full investigation into allegations that saudi arabia's crown prince was behind the hacking of amazon chief jeff bezos this phone follows reports that a whatsapp message from the personal account of muhammad and some on was implicated in the data breach it had previously been claimed that the hack was linked to the murder of washington post writer jamal khashoggi and the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018 and my colleague alex force writing is here where to begin this is it reads like a film script so some really serious allegations involving 2 of the world's richest men and the head of a state as well phone hacking even murder. yeah i mean where are you this is that let's start from the beginning and start with jeff bezos now we know that he. doesn't which is the huge retailer is worth a lot of money now back in february last year he claimed that the u.s. tabloid the national enquirer. he accused him of extortion and blackmail because it
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is published intimate text messages and details between him and his girlfriend now his head of security carried out an investigation and said that the leak that the country that was behind the leak was soundly arabia ok so it's one thing if the allegations are certain areas behind this but for the corona prince to be implicated as well that's a whole nother story and i mean the question is why would saudi arabia be implicated in this anyway and what we have to remember about jeff bezos is he doesn't only own amazon but also the washington post and he had a writer who was a saudi dissident jamal khashoggi who worked for him he was found murdered in the consulate the saudi consulate in istanbul back in 2018 just a few months after this alleged attack now jihad criticized saudi arabia had criticized the crown prince and although saudi arabia the authorities have said that this was just
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a rogue operation that went wrong there are still many questions to answer about that so many people believing that the hand of base of his phone was linked to that murder and what is being alleged about the crown prince's involvement in the hack so it's all down to this particular encrypted what's message that was sent from the personal account of the crown prince to base also now the 2 men had been in conversation over what's up before this malicious video file was sent which contained it's alleged the type of spyware now within our was huge amounts of data began to leave bezos his phone now we don't know what happened to that data or how it was used but that is. what is being alleged so far are so is malware basically and ok now how has riyadh reacted how is saudi arabia reacted to these alamo they've tried to dismiss the allegations and the u.s. embassy embassies at the sound embassy in the u.s. has tweeted recent media reports that suggest the kingdom is
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a high end hacking of jeff bezos his phone. call for an investigation on these claims so that we can have all the facts out why u.n. experts have now reacted and said yes we do need to be an investigation we want that to be one carried out by the u.s. and they have cited this that the saudi princes possible involvement with that tax so it is has become very serious a much bigger obviously than saudi arabia had ever wanted this to be exported thank you so much in recent weeks australia has been battling some of the worst bush fires in living memory 100000 square kilometers of land have been scorched and scientists say part of the country's landscape has been permanently damaged and also its biodiversity images of the devastation have moved people around the world including a young boy in poland who wants to help. the australian bush fires have been
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devastating to wildlife an exact figure is all but impossible to come by but the estimated telly is 1000000000 animals killed among them australia's beloved kangaroos no one knows just how many have died or got lost but many of the little ones are on their own without their mother's pouch to keep them warm their lives are at risk. this situation has moved to a group of fallen tears seamstresses half a world away to take action. here in quetta in southern poland these women are sewing 50 pouches for orphan kangaroo infants known as joey's. i thought about the genocide of my son was deeply touched by a photo of us they had been trying to flee from the burning bush but they couldn't escape they were trapped by a wool by the highway and they were burned to line for. the malays. the idea
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is that a volunteer in australia can wear the power and take care of the joey the group hopes to deliver 50 pouches to australia by the end of the week a simple and modest gesture they say but one that shows how people can help each other no matter where you are in the world for it keynes because 8 year old son and tony who inspired the project has more ambitious plans today because. if everyone in the world so one such pouch then probably all can go roos would be safe to come with a not a tall order but given the scale of the fires big ideas may be exactly what's needed. a lot of are making a big difference here washingtonians coming up next andy for his asia. the trash show from europe has forced a girl in the nisha to take up the matter with germany's leader on the america.
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it's a change that story a whole lot more coming up and you don't meet new news asia with us renner g m they are rock and roll and on behalf of all this here thank you for spending it's harder to do something at the top of the hour.
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conspire. the people making us. go africa sometimes it might. join them as they set out to save the environment. from one another and work together for a better future. many thanks to you all for tuning in.
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on t.w. . every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their home nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced. the consequences of disastrous we're documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world you know a. good thing when i didn't go to university to kill people that i am going to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone i mean many and if i don't they'll kill me. cheap things for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad. scares me the most about their status seem to rise is that someday we won't even see the roots. but what will become of those who stay behind and say my husband went to peru because of the crisis. if he hadn't gone there we would
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have died of hunger. that sentiment on account of. just this week. this is the doctor's news a shop coming up a vital outbreak in the middle of travel chaos to try and i contend with an infectious corona virus as millions criss crossed the border to travel for the one i do in europe. contingency plans to get an update from the chinese craft those plus. your plastic trash is making us sick that's what an indonesian dog brought to judgment johnson. truck and pick through the problem.


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