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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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be our guest. managed by from. this is you know redos line from berlin extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures china resists to curb the spread of a deadly virus cities in lockdown more than 40000000 quarantined airports around the world on alert quit the country is struggling to keep the corona virus from spreading throughout china and beyond also coming up at odds in
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a sample all german chancellor angela merkel only to turkish president richard eyre to watch the 2 leaders expressed very different views on how to bring about peace in libya and syria. are large thank you so much for your company everyone well we start our broadcast and china that country is taking on precedented measures to contain the spread of a deadly new coronavirus imposing quarantines on more than 40000000 people closing major tourist attractions and counseling public events while the drastic response comes as hundreds of millions of people are on the move for the start of the lunar new year holiday all the spite their efforts authorities say the virus has not been stopped more than 800 cases have now been confirmed some of. them far beyond
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china's borders. the coronavirus is on the move. despite an unprecedented lockdown and will hunt and surrounds china hasn't managed to keep the virus contained. the autonomy's chinese region of macau confirmed that 2nd case on friday and is investigating whether they could be more. it's the same story and hong kong these images are hospital patients suffering from pneumonia being taken to an infectious disease center. even at a press briefing protective masks everywhere are isolation round the occupancy is. more than 70 percent so it's a very high occupancy and they are trying to mobilize more to over this from a few days. more cases have also been confirmed in singapore thailand
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south korea and japan. a hospital in tokyo carried out a drill to train staff in dealing with an infectious disease. in vietnam a chinese father and son tested positive for the disease making them the 1st confirmed cases in the country. every day it seems the deadly virus is traveling further. doctors in scotland said they were testing a number of suspected cases and a man was briefly hospitalized in london. 2 people literally like house says kate corbett what. seo is here and seriously. from the u.k. to india to australia countries around the globe are on edge and monitoring closely where the virus will pop up next. while chinese authorities putting draconian measures in place to try and contain this mysterious new virus but are
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they getting it under control or in beijing tries to find out. the health crisis concerning the corona virus has become more severe the number of infections have gone up and also the number of deaths has also gone up we know that in where the virus originated from the situation is dire the hospitals are overcrowded they even had to reject some patients and couldn't treat them anymore also some supermarkets are empty we know that the food inflation is quite high there nowadays the authorities are building because spittle to treat all the coronavirus cases and that hospital has 1000 beds and it should be in operation as early as next week. however if you read the official party newspaper the people's daily they didn't even mention the coronavirus on the front page and also the evening news is more concerned about the new year's festivities rather than the virus but this chinese
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new year will not be a normal one here in beijing the situation is calm but all the public events for tomorrow have been canceled and also all the truest attractions are closed because there will be dangers of people gathered and the virus could spread more easily. for i question their reporting from beijing for you want to bring up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world. german police say 6 people have been killed in a shooting in the south western town of times it well 2 others were seriously injured in the incident the suspect has been arrested and is reportedly related to all the victims who mexican authorities have detained 800 people from central america who entered the country illegally from guatemala while they were had intended to reach the border with the united states i'm sick i was under pressure from u.s. president donald trump to contain mass movements of migrants. swarms of locusts are eating their way across large parts of east africa in the worst
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outbreak some of the region has seen in the past 70 years while the u.n. has called for a to avert the major threat to food supplies experts blame the invasion on extreme weather swings locusts who produce rapidly and could increase their numbers by 500 times in just 5 months time. tens of thousands of iraqis gathered to work condemn us military presence in central baghdad the demonstration was organized by a shiite cleric and politician thought that assad and iranian ruling since forces just hours later 2 protesters were killed and 25 injured in separate anti government protests in the city. john jones on america was in a stumble earlier today for talks with her counterpart turkish president richard tayyip erdogan while the 2 leaders spoke about the situation in libya where erdogan said
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he had sent a military team to help the un back to government affairs. go last week or sit an international summit on the libyan civil war where the main message was. to appeal to and to outside interference while they also discussed the syrian war and the situation of people who fled the ongoing fighting there in it live province in the country's north. but you know we talked about the humanitarian situation in the area and i'll see how we can best support turkey when it comes to people in syria who live in tents having fled conflict whether we can provide funding to improve the humanitarian situation it has to be said that techie faces a massive problem and i believe every person every child every family that we can get into proper shelter is a positive step. that was the chancellor speaking just
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a short while ago in turkey want to talk now to our chief political correspondent at mill in that crate who has also been following talks that were underway in istanbul melinda. the chancellor there touching on the refugee deal between the e.u. and turkey that has been a source friction in the last couple of years so what jumped out at you. indeed spearheaded by germany the e.u. agreed with turkey in 2016 that turkey would attempt to stop syrian refugees from transiting turkey in an effort to reach greece and thereby to enter the e.u. and agreed in return that that it would pay turkey 6000000000 euros for that now turkey has long been complaining that it has not received the payments that were promised although it has upheld its and of the deal and in fact refugee flows did fall drastically after that agreement was signed now the president added one is
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warning and he did so at the press conference that as many as 400000 people in refuge in syria are once again on the road trying to flee the conflict area in live heading for the turkish border and as we heard there from the chancellor she was very sympathetic to his request that the e.u. do more for these people they are living in tents they are their needs are being met by turkey and turkey itself has taken in 3600000 syrian refugees on its own territory as well so in fact what we heard from the chancellor was in specific reference to these refugees hard who are now being housed in tents within syria but being taken care of by turkey but clearly there was some real sympathy there for the claims that have been made by turkey that they simply need more help from
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europe so it is that in all of branches that the chancellor extended to president because obviously bilateral relations have been somewhat strained. they have been strained indeed but the fact is that these 2 countries need each other and they do have one common interest both are very concerned about rising instability both in the middle east and in north africa witness the president or to one making the trip to berlin for the libya conference last sunday now germany needs turkey because it has become a very important player in the region in these very unstable countries both syria and libya and therefore also an important player in terms of stemming refugee flows so that's the german side and very interest driven clearly despite the fact that berlin often isn't satisfied with turkey stance on human rights protection of minorities and so on on the turkish side turkey absolutely needs germany and the
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e.u. for trade for investment in regard to to nato relations it's been making friendly with russia but russia is simply not a real substitute for the e.u. now germany is going to become the e.u. council president of the 2nd half of 2020 and germany is going to be very important for turkey in that position so no wonder that at this particular press conference things were looking a lot more relaxed and friendly than they have in recent months when the crane our chief political correspondent reporting thank you. now as we reported earlier china has imposed travel restrictions on several cities part of the effort to stop the spread of a deadly flu like virus and it could have come at a worse time the country is heading into a week long holiday for a lunar new year normally the world's biggest annual migration when people travel
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to their hometowns to celebrate the event with their family while this year people are ushering in the year of the rat coincidentally a creature often associated with a spreading disease but as our next report shows a bad rap for rats largely undeserved. disease spreading in. cute furry pets. marty lineback has been living with rats for nearly 30 years. every single one of them has a different personality and i can actually predict their behavior so to have an animal that's that kind of smart unique playful inquisitive different cheerful clean. so a rat is just like us in 2007 hollywood made one of the clever rodents a star when it sent me the rat into the kitchen as a cook me a matter of time before i discovered. that maybe that wasn't such
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a great idea. that's been spread more than a 100 different infectious diseases that are attracted to god page and food waste. this boy was bitten when rats overran the pakistani city of 4 years ago. a course of rabies shots saved his life but it wasn't an isolated incident. the city government finally sent an exterminator as he left poisoned food out for the rats. but why use poison when rats supposedly love music back in the middle ages the pied piper of hamelin is said to have learned a whole hoard of rats i have of his german city what's clearly established is that rats have a fantastic sense of smell they can even sniff out tuberculosis bacteria which could lead to a quick diagnosis for patients thanks to their sensitive sniff is rats even
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deployed to detect explosives like here in the formerly war torn cambodia. and what kind of thanks to they get they get eaten the rodents are considered a delicacy in cambodia a sweet and sour rat. so it's welcome news to some that the often misunderstood critter is now being honored and celebrated for chinese new year. according to chinese astrology this is the year of the metal rat the metal rat the metal everyman the qualities of the metal element all about sharpness clarity and doing the right thing and rat whisperer marty lineback is convinced that peaceful coexistence between rats and humans is the right thing. are nowhere to be renewed still to come. as china battles the coronavirus and home airports and its
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key trading partners scramble to prevent its arrival in africa that's coming up in business africa with my job. on little rock n roll enough that you can get the latest news and information around the clock by heading to our web site that's dot com for now thank you for spreading this part of you to us. showing up today don't miss our highlights w. program. w. dark campari large. germany with. any time any place. the news.


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