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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2020 11:00am-11:31am CET

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thank you process for you just sometimes you dart on the structure of your return on w. this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey gets drawn further into syria civil war president everyone says the turkish military has quote neutralized dozens of syrian government troops in retaliation for a deadly attack on turkish forces meanwhile thousands of civilians are being forced to flee. also coming up a new hospital built in just 10 days opens to cope with patients inspected with the
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corona virus in china but on the 1st day back after the extended lunar new year china's stock market plummets and a man shot dead in a terror incident in london was under police surveillance when he attacked but he was still able to stab and wound innocent passers by in the street. i'm sunni so misconducts good to have you with us turkey's president. says the turkish military has quote neutralized dozens of syrian government troops in retaliation for an attack on turkish forces in syria now it comes after a syrian attack killed 4 turkish soldiers and it led province a syrian war monitor says at least 13 syrian troops were killed by turkey's retaliatory attacks turkey has had military observation post. in rebel held since
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$27000.00 and they were set up under an agreement with russia and iran. while president ever to want describe the start syrian attack on turkish forces as vile and he said syria's ally russia had been told it would not stand to be prevented from responding to syrian assaults. the operation is underway at the moment his. around 40 points are now the constant targets about operation. if. according to initial indicators. the 35 syrians on the other side you were neutral was conscious that of the however the operation is not yet over and. for more on the story we can speak to our correspondent in istanbul dorian jones hi dorian what more can you tell us about this clash between turkish and
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syrian forces well that's right this major retaliation by turkish forces followed the killing of 4 turkish soldiers and the injuring of several of those it is an ongoing operation around 40 targets are being targeted by according to president heavy artillery and f. 16 fighter jets and it's an operation that is still continuing this confrontation has been growing fear in the region following this ongoing offensive by syria cian forces in it live which is the last bastion stronghold of the rebel forces around 3000000 people are believed to be trapped there and that is ongoing fence if it's been going in spite of warnings by the fear of a confrontation between 2 neighboring countries over the syrian civil war is now a growing concern especially as this operation does appear to be still ongoing during we also heard president aired on warning russia to essentially stand aside
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here what is the rest risk of escalation. well it does appear at the moment i'm trying to be kind to contain this now moscow is a key backer of damascus its jets have been supporting this ongoing offensive in italy but the same time it does have good relations with moscow has said is to neither the president's claims of using turkish jets in this offensive it says syrian air space is still under the control of russian forces on top of that it blamed on chris saying that these soldiers were killed because they didn't fail to notify syrian forces of their movement that is denied by ankara and i think that also crucially most who hasn't condemned this operation so far and i think behind the scenes of trying to contain it we understand both sides do admit the turkish armed russian generals and military are having talks what those talks are it's unclear of moscow realizes that they need to be. a confrontation between turkey and syrian forces. have been cooperating in that corporation follow the downing of
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a russian jet by turkish jets in 2015 both sides realize they need to work together to contain this syrian civil war but as the end game does appear to be approaching and in syria that balancing out for moscow is proving increasingly difficult. reporting from. good to talk to. well it live province is home to some 3000000 people many of them displaced from other parts of syria in earlier waves of violence the united nations estimates that around 390000 syrians have been forced to flee from the province over the last 2 months. hundreds reached the turkish border wall in just a day families fleeing the bombs falling on southern italy and aleppo many say their goal is. it's an act of desperation because the border is closed.
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russian warplanes bombed us we had nothing to ate we just want out a few away from this misery through turkey to europe. less than 50 kilometers away bitter fighting in northeastern aleppo islamist militias attack syrian government troops they strike back hard with russian support in the air and on the ground. the offensive by pro-government forces is moving forward against determined resistance in the south of syria's last rebel held bastion government forces made significant advances to strategically important town of murat newman is under government control again. but at what price according to the u.n. since mid december nearly 400000 people have fled toward the turkish border including 200000 children. are now living i left home with my children 3 girls and my boy here he was in the hospital after bombs hit us we hope the turkish
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president will help us and let us keep going to europe. turkey has reinforced its military presence in and lead and says it will continue to retaliate against attacks on its forces. are let's get a round up now of some of the other stories making news around the world at least 20 people have died in a stampede. tanzania during a service at an evangelical church the crowd rushed towards the pastor who instructed them to touch holy oil that he poured on the ground at least 16 other people were injured in the crash. authorities in the italian city of milan have temporarily banned cars from the city center in an effort to curb pollution smaug is a frequent problem in the city but not all residents are happy about the car ban some got behind the wheel nonetheless risking heavy fines. and a state of emergency has been lifted in new south wales but bushfires continue to
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burn in other parts of australia at least 60 fires threaten property and land including a blaze in the blue mountains that has been burning for several weeks on sunday dozens of homes were destroyed as fires raged out of control south of campground. in china concerns over the coronavirus have sent stocks into freefall share prices plunged by about 8 percent on the 1st day of trading ask for the lunar new year holiday china now says more than 360 people have died from the virus that more than 700000 have been infected a huge hospital built in record time to treat patients is opening in the city of well where the outbreak began experts are still trying to understand the virus but a patient in thailand has provided hope that a cocktail of drugs could be used to treat severe cases of the infection. this patient's health took an unexpected turn for the better the 70 year old chinese woman came down with the corona virus which has already claimed hundreds of lives
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but the virus vanished from her body after doctors in thailand administered an unusual cure. you know this is the standard treatment that we've used with patients it's to make sure of and th i.v. drugs and a few drugs which china used to cure patients the mixture of both treatment shows a vast improvement 48 hours after applying the treatment and the result turns negative. even. further tests will determine whether this cocktail will put an end to the corona virus epidemic china is struggling to contain the disease the army has flown almost 800 medical staff and 60 tons of supplies to woo han the city at the epicenter of the outbreak. after receiving the order we immediately began to make arrangements for the mission carefully so. action crews and coming out with 4 different flight plans considering the high risk of
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infection we also took measures to protect ourselves and provide a safe cabin space. more than 300 people have died from the virus in china almost 15000 infections have been registered across the country. and who have in the surrounding her bay province hospitals are being built in record time to absorb the strain on the health sector. outside today the government is desperate to slow the viruses spread in the city event every household is limited to one shopping trip by person every 2 days. public transport is disinfected but next week millions of chinese will return to work after an extended to new year holiday to put such measures to the test. while germany's health minister says the country's health care system is prepared for the coronavirus in spawn says if the virus spreads the health care system would focus all of its resources on containing the disease 124
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germans were evacuated from behind to frankfurt on saturday 2 people on board confirmed to be infected with the virus are in quarantine and the military base at the total number of cases in germany is 10. and one of the people who was evacuated was a german student who was living in china he is now in quarantine at that air base in southwestern germany yannick vice joins us hyaena good to see you 1st of all let us know how you're feeling well. being very well that's good to hear we understand that you're in quarantine there at this military base tell us what life has been like there. well of course we are here isolated we have seen rooms so there isn't always have a baby outbreak if we leave our own room we have to wear masks also dogs to go outside to have some fresh air all the time we have to wear mosques there is
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a doctor of this medical treatment of all time your fost so there's no problem we have ever been treated and have authorities kept you informed on what is going on as well. well of course we have phone calls we have to prepare if there and we have no further information is here right now. of course it was a very short time for the people here to prepare everything and so i think it needs a few more days till that kind of routine is in sight all the works here donna tell us a little bit more about the evacuation itself because as we said you were one of around 100 people who were flown out of china and you weren't aware at the time the 2 people on that plane when you were being evacuated they were infected is that right . i think it is right here it is only from the news because when we are in the air force and the airplane there were some medical stuff
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around us everybody in the clinic were hostile all the time the medical personnel but also all of the. person very very quickly. so the risk to get infected there was very very small close also after the flight that we were right here in frankfurt we were that's attached to the 1st responder area where the 1st check is made is checked and i think there was the sample there are concerns that these 2 people and the virus the death you go here to the military facility and yeah. no year of course their 1st day everybody was very tired of all the long flight it was very very stressful and now we're here and i think we're all going to everyone seems to be in good spirits or saying yeah nick that is good to hear i understand that before you were
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evacuated you were studying in rwanda what was life like there before the outbreak began well who is a very big city that has a population about 11000000 people and it was full of life you have streets there you have malls everything was full of people and suddenly after the oprah ache or. her team messages it was this despair empty there were no people back at the streets. it was very strange but there was no panic this is very important everybody was very silent and could call but there was definitely no panic ok yannick vice a student to speaking to us there thank you so much for joining us here on. and we'll have more about chinese market reactions to the coronavirus business right after this show. now british prime minister boris johnson says that he'll
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push for changes in dealing with terrorist offenders after a stabbing incident left 2 people injured in london the attacker had recently been released from prison early and had been serving time for a terrorist related conviction police shot him dead during the attack the 20 year old had been under police surveillance since his release. police in london shoot until a man wearing a fake bomb vest after he goes on a stabbing spree injuring 2 people well there is a police investigation taking place right now this. history history in relation to counterterrorism offenses the attack a 20 year old man was on early release from jail. the suspect had been recently released from prison where he had been serving a sentence for islam is related to terrorism offenses the attack itself and the assailants profile all too familiar for london is it's the 2nd terrorist related
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stabbing spree in london in 3 months attacks committed by men who had already been convicted on terrorism related charges but this time the attack wasn't in the city center but in the suburbs. it's crazy she says crazy and stupid i mean i'm going to find myself and i'm a teacher and i see that kind of thing happening here one of my children here grandchildren here she is happening and people on doorstep it's a sad place to but i think it's pretty strange that people things seem to repeat themselves and happen this often i think people would be sensitizing to issues like this which i think is a big concern that seems pretty similar to what happened at london bridge the short while ago or so it's pretty scary that it happens in your own backyard the u.k. government off to the incident announced new sweeping measures in how it deals with terrorism offenders antiterrorism experts however also emphasized that lone wolf low tech attacks like this are always going to be difficult to stop any 70 now
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today kicks off the race for u.s. democrats vying to become the party's next presidential candidate the iowa caucuses are the 1st of a series of contests between a dozen presidential hopefuls so let's take a look at the candidates who are leading in the polls right now where former vice president joe biden senator bernie sanders senator elizabeth warren and peter put a judge who was formerly the mayor of south bend indiana that did it correspondent alexander phenomena traveled to i was capital des moines and she sent us this reports. for rose thompson this is the most exciting time to be in iowa when her state is once again in the national spotlight as a volunteer for the democratic party she likes to joke that politics is so sport and religion with all your love with mike you did it it's all about i did no wrong i'm figuring out to talk to her. and i want.
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this time it's senator amy klobuchar one who's thompson support as a moderate candidate from the midwest. my guess is ruth and i'm a volunteer for the amy closure it came to me just calling to remind you that tomorrow night it's caucus night here in iowa and thousands of volunteers like ruth thompson now campaigning for candidates in iowa until the last minute well what's more important then our democracy and shaping our country for the next few years i mean the cynical part of me says because we got out of here but bit what's more important than investing in your country. that's what scott has spent has been doing for hours now canvassing and then neighborhood for any club. even though she's not considered a frontrunner in iowa we were able to work with republicans and i used to be a republican. i'm. sure. health care
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climate change america's standing in the world issues that matter here scott thompson says he hopes for a democratic nominee who can bring together the party and the divided country you see a mayor and if we republican and i know the importance of working with people you may not agree with. but you need their support i mean your support for it and so you trade off you you make concessions where you have to i mean while at the party's headquarters in des moines bruce thompson needs to sort out some details she has to caucus chair and her precinct and in charge of organizing believe that it's like a neighborhood commuting she says where people get together and out in the open try to win over and their friends to support their candidate the thing that makes the caucus unique is that you are really looking your neighbor n.e.i. and saying you know i'm supporting my candidate because her values are the same as mine and they are and if if your neighbor is not really sure or they're not solid
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with their candidate you can say well you know you are you think that climate change is is important so let's let me tell you what i mean thinks about climate change is a super bowl watch party and the grill restaurant in. scotts thompson has come to have a cold beer and to meet his candidate one more time before the caucus amy club appearance is brief but she strikes an optimistic tone we want to have record turnout you. really want to do you mean leaving you know them back. and if she doesn't win here scott thompson says it's a long run with more primaries to follow however winning iowa can mean big momentum for a companion and that's why it's so exciting at this time of the year to be an iowa . political campaign strategist is with us here in our studio highly as you worked on both obama campaigns just as
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a nature doesn't talk you know iowa well and you just got back from there understand what kind of buzz was there around which candidate i mean tremendous energy and i was a child all across the state so all the candidates with the exception of bernie sanders but the energy in iowa i mean there are volunteers ever people knocking on doors you can. turn on the t.v. without at least 10 t.v. spots coming on for all the different campaigns online advertising direct mail i mean it's all over the place i will say that at all the events one of the things that stood aren't bernie sanders was still in washington last week to be on the senate floor hearing and debating about impeachment right 4000 people gathered outside of the morning without the candidate even being there so that's just sort of shows to you the type of energy and the type of excitement that's in there he carries a lot of sway that's for sure but what about elizabeth warren this is someone a lot of people are talking about what was the energy like around her so she flew in late after the vote in washington on friday night and didn't did
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a rally in des moines at around $1030.00 and the place was just packed she came out there gave a speech for about 1520 minutes and in the end listening to all those candidates they all made one prime argument of course is that what they're for and what they stand for but most importantly they all make the argument that their best equipped to be donald trump in the fall so this is what most people i talk to also care about like who is best equipped and who is capable of beating donald trump democrats and i were they're scared they just don't want to see donald trump anymore so that's what they're looking for. what is it going to take what is going to take for democrats to put together strategy to be donald trump and who is the best candidate for that at this point so i'm not going to sit here and say this is the best equipped candidate and i think is obviously that that whoever comes out of this process whether it's bernie sanders or was it with warren on the more progressive lane sort of talking about a political revolution or whether you go with joe biden people to judge sure more
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on the moderate lane you know they will need to figure out how they can tie in the argument of moving forward and actually changing things for the better compared to all the weaknesses that donald trump has exposed the last couple years so of course trump is going to make an argument that the economy is growing that unemployment is down i think what democrats will need to do they need to tear into his support and actually make an argument to all those people who voted for trump in 2016 that in fact donald trump has been working for them he's worked for the corporations remember the tax cuts i think that is one of the arguments that i've seen throughout this week that people say well chump is not really working for you he stood out and started out his campaign saying i'm here for the average american when in fact he has been working for the big corporates that's one of the arguments that i've heard democrats made and i think that's something that voters have been responding to and the right political campaign strategist you'll see us on the line with us here in studio thanks for your nonsense if you. but let's switch gears to
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sports now in bundestag a football fiberglass have so far been the season's over achievers but they lost on sunday to a strong cologne side who are now comfortably 6 points clear of the relegation spots. despite being on the receiving end of a 51 thrashing last weekend cologne fans have had plenty to cheer about recently with their side finally getting into gear on the hosts were 1st to draw blood less than half an hour was played once libeled failed to clear this corner leaving defenders a bust on board now to tap in his 4th goal of the campaign the summer signing contributing on both ends of the pitch. i off to the break feibel once again failed to clear their lines leaving strike a john called the bouts of double the lead by people like santa swallow powered the ball into space and court the work he did on. the lax defending continued kingsley ac buoys mazie run was left virtually unchallenged in the 91st minute
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resulting in a 1st bundesliga goal for the right back i'm just one minutes later he smiled at it another to see the food mill and results come loans biggest obituary since 2011. it's their 5th when in 6 games now while opponents fi borg have cooled off considerably managing just one in the same period. and the kansas city chiefs pulled off a late surge to win the super bowl for the 1st time in half a century the fans home in kansas city went crazy when their team made a dramatic comeback in the 4th quarter overcoming a 10 point deficit to beat the sentences of 49 ers 31 to 20 and a quarterback patrick holmes was named the things most valuable player becoming the youngest player ever to get that honor he is just 24. this is news and these are our top stories turkey has launched retaliatory attacks
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on syrian government targets in rebel held it live province it comes after 4 turkish troops were killed by syrian shelling on monday turkish president said dozens of syrian troops had been quote neutralized. chinese stocks have plummeted amid the worsening corona virus outbreak it's the 1st day of trading all in the extended lunar new year holiday the virus has killed more than 360 people and sickened some 17000 more. british police have been searching 2 homes in london as part of an investigation into sunday's knife attack police shot dead a man after he ended 3 people on a busy street in london the suspect was under police surveillance after the release from prison. u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls are making their final push for votes ahead of monday's iowa caucuses democratic voters in the state will be the 1st to decide who
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should replace republican donald trump in november's presidential election 11 candidates are currently competing for the nomination. this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at news or visit our website dot com. a lot more op how are the coronaviruses affecting chinese markets and the economy coming up in business news with a guard elsewhere that's in just a few minutes thank you. collected
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by children in india. on mass my cosmetics company. my god is a more material goods mine is in a highly risky conditions. combining business with conscious it's a balancing act for the manufacturing industry. 3000.
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and 60 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which is that we think sneaked into the german culture of looking at the stereotype clad in here think the siege of the country that i now know the time. needed to be taken a scrum a day out to eat it's all about. bob i might show join me to meet the gentleman from you. post. this for me. is for you. is for have.
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been this for. this for. beethoven is for. is for good. beethoven 202250th anniversary year long do you. share prices plums across asia as the whole region is in the ground coronavirus fear is the shanghai composite index nosedives 1000009 percent is $420000000000.00 . in the stock market alone. also on the show is taking.


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