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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 2:00am-2:15am CET

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this is the news live from berlin china's deadliest day yet in the corona virus outbreak beijing says a surge in deaths and infections is due to new reporting methods the white house criticizes china's response pointing to a lack of transparency. germany 75 years since the wartime bombing of tristen president frank fell to shine on us the 10s of thousands did it once germans today to stand up against far right extremists. plus have extreme vacations
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gone to fuck one of the 2 german men who 1st crossed antarctica on foot 3 decades ago sounds the alarm about mass tourism on the frozen can't. imagine how to book into the program there's been an alarming surge in infections and deaths from the corona virus which scientists are now calling the code did 19 the number of cases from around the world shot up 260000 of the 250 deaths were recorded in one day in the chinese province where the outbreak began the u.s. government has criticised by jinks response sign has been a lack of transparency. the new normal in will harm people taking extra precautions to avoid contagion from the coronavirus chinese media shows images of a massive response medical supplies being rushed to patients military medics on the
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move despite the spike in diagnosed cases officials are emphasizing a different number. from the 7th of february on every day we've seen a big increase in the number of patients killed and discharged today for example the number of cases is already over 5000 if such a trend can be maintained we see this as a very positive signal. european health ministers better in brussels on thursday to discuss the crisis. so far in europe and that with a new opinion detection and containment works we are able to to stop the infectious chains. but we have to admit that today it could get worse before it becomes better a. good age or the fear level is higher vietnam has quarantined a town of 10000 people in indonesia there's been
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a rush of panic buying of face masks. this cruise ship has been quarantined in the japanese port of yokohama more than 200 cases diagnosed on board so far the biggest cluster outside china passengers are passing the time as best they can. you know eat when you are wandering in the city you know try to keep clean and organized as much as we can. do or. yeah it's a step into it. there's still among the lucky ones as the world waits to see how much worse the outbreak gets. well dr sonnen clark is a silly the microbiologist from the university of reading in england dr welcome the death toll is rising but the chinese authorities say the number of people being cured and discharged from hospital is increasing how lethal is the virus.
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well it's lethal obviously but compared to things like saws of mirrors that we've seen in the past and possibly also it pretty standard influenza that we get every yeah it's probably not that popular genic or it's less lethal certainly. he mentions influenza tell us about the differences between this virus and the flu is that we do get every winter well a completely different viruses you're comparing apples and oranges. this is an issue we get every year it starts off in the southern hemisphere and that means to the north so we know what's coming we can track it we can produce vaccines against it most days most vaccines you were even then we can get between 350-0000 deaths globally pay it every year from through it so i think when we think about coronavirus and i don't want to diminish or. make
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light of coronavirus will kind of be 98 this current current of arsenic taken out but i think we need to view it in context of. all sort of especially tract infections that go on. even with that important context that you speak of is europe well enough prepared if the virus spreads here. well european governments across the board have treaty. control mechanisms and are able to fight back against kind of that mix or epidemics environment factions and they really often do that because of flu they know that one yet maybe soon maybe not so soon there will be a big flu outbreak and they need to be able to control and respond to that and that's why they have these programs in place. dr what can individuals do to protect themselves against catching the cut that 19 virus. hand washing.
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yeah basic basic hygiene better keep your hands clean. and things like that but you know if people do get it the vast majority of the population will only have relatively minor suits of a relatively minor problem. came to a cold war or maybe like those slips it will cause problems in the majority of people dr sancha from the university of reading thank you for your time now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s. senate has voted to give congress veto power so that any military action against iran the resolution was adopted despite the republicans holding a majority in the senate republican senators supported the measure president donald trump is likely to veto the legislation. european commission president the lion has acknowledged mistakes in how external consultants were hired when she was
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german defense minister but she also defended the ongoing use of consultants from the line was testifying before a german parliamentary committee investigating accusations of nepotism and inefficiency. british prime minister bars johnson has fired multiple ministers in a major cabinet reshuffle and in a surprise move finance minister job it resigned rather than fire his aides and install new ones chosen by johnson replacing job it is regime suna a treasury to a pretty widely seen as a johnson loyalist. well germany has been marking the 75th anniversary of the allied bombing of dresden one of world war 2 most controversial campaigns as the conflict needed the british and american planes dropped 5 bombs on the city for 3 days killing tens of thousands the bombing left dresden in ruins and was also
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hugely divisive for some the attack was a necessary step in defeating nazi germany for others it was a senseless tragedy. under the church of our lady the symbol of the tryst and bombings they formed a human chain chairman president frank vowed to steinmeyer joined in this show of unity the message to the thousands of people gathered in the city's main square never forget. when we join hands with our neighbors then we confess. we want to take responsibility together for peace among people at home and throughout the world. over a period of 3 days british and u.s. planes dropped nearly 4000 tons of explosives on interest in the attacks killed some 25000 people and totally wiped out the city's historic center what happened in dressed and has been seized on by the far right to portray germany as
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a victim as an earlier ceremony steinmeyer said crime shouldn't be compared there's a very hard. to say clearly today anyone who still cults the dead of dresden against the dead of auschwitz anyone who tries to downplay german wrongs anyone who tries to falsify historical facts we must stand up to them as democrats and contradict them loudly. out she'd be just question management thanks john meyer went on to warn of threats against democracy. the far right alternative for germany is the 3rd biggest party in germany's parliament. we are also experiencing in our country how anti semitism and racism are beginning to poison public life again how states governed by the rule of law and democratic institutions are being
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scorned. if elected members of parliament to mocked and ridiculed in the parliament from which they sit this is an attempt to destroy democracy from within. for switchers to. kristen's physical scars have long since healed the psychological ones are taking some more longer. it was a difficult 8 and definitely a politically charged day today here in jason when the city commemorated the 75th anniversary of the bombing off and the serious official events culminated in a human chain that formed throughout the whole city center where thousands of people gathered in the streets even though it was raining and it was very cold to demonstrate to stand up for tolerance for democracy for humanity they were joined
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by german president. and a lot of the people i talked to who were part of that human shade came with a whole families with their grandchildren their daughters this siblings and their friends to demonstrate to really commemorate the accident victims on the one hand but also to commemorate or to remember germany's role in the 2nd world war and the serious off official events after it was over later tonight there was a gathering by the far right a deep sea. that was met with counter protests because the far right party in the past has been known to downplay nazi germany's role in the toasties. well despite recording i record high temperature just a couple of weeks ago antarctica and its vast far as an expanse is still attracted venturous 30 years ago 2 germans were the 1st across the continent on foot it took
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them $100.00 days today trekking across the ice is less a test of stamina than a question of money. the and arctic with a different place when run hold mess 9 are good folks set out to make history in temperatures of minus 35 degrees the 2 adventurers sometimes used kites and skis to cross the south pole marching through the icy expanse freezing cold feet were just one of the problems they faced. in those days the antarctic was truly hard to reach but things have changed a lot today there are top right is that a lot of business there. if you mean. arrival at one of the world's most remote tourist destinations air travel now extends to the antarctic and planes ferry passengers to airstrips carved into the ice. distances that took messner and
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folks several weeks on foot now take only a few hours by air. private jets and luxury camps tourism here does not come cheap a week's holiday costs over $80000.00 euros per person day trips including champagne picnics are also on offer. this is neat i don't like it when the antarctic is just seen as a form of entertainment. just to say they've been there. isn't the to should appreciate this unique consonant with its magnificent nature. these emperor penguins are tourist magnets more and more people visit their breeding grounds in the eternal winter. though travel to the white continent is comparatively cheap for
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a few $1000.00 tourists can admire the animal kingdom as they travel to the poll. about $52000.00 tourists visited the antarctic last year these numbers are predicted to rise. stuff and. there has to be a cap on the number of people visiting the antarctic mass tourism cannot be allowed there must. just when messner and folks entered the record books by crossing the antarctic 30 years ago they travelled for 3 months without seeing another so. the football now you're going klinsmann has been removed from the board of health to berlin days after he stunned the bundesliga by abruptly resigning as coach for my germany and us trying out had said he wanted to remain on the board i have to say i have invested since the club can no longer work with clinton.
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up next here on the w.i. documentary the sound of freedom looking back at the history of protest songs in the meantime don't forget the website is there for all the latest news at d w dot com for now i'm at the house thanks watching. that. live.


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