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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 5:30pm-5:45pm CET

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as for. these 4. 1202250th anniversary year. this is. coming up india's global ambitions. and how this intend on achieving them. for the 1st time. is given a formal islamic rule. and an office serving up that looks like food but does nothing.
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while. it's good to have you with us look don't interest me the protests over the citizenship law in india could all know by this outbreak just some of the recent events to make headlines around the world but how do they impact the global security bottom line and what clues to do provide to the direction some countries take questions such as these are set to be discussed at one of the world's most well known and security conferences the munich security conference which gets underway today on this program we look at india its domestic debates and how that impacts on the world stage i spoke to some president of the observer foundation or an think tank headquartered in delhi. this is not on thanks so much for making the time now today india is marking the one year anniversary of the
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attack on soldiers in kashmir that prompted retaliatory indiana strikes in pakistan and something that raised tensions on either side of the border how would you describe the current state of india pakistan relations. the airstrikes haven't necessarily change the. long view of the relationship they have introduced a new tactical dynamic i think pakistan today is far more cognizant of the fact that symmetry options that it had blatantly been exercising over the past few decades are perhaps going to have a cost attached to it the indian response tells pakistan their terrorist action has a conventional response as a possibility amongst various other options that india has 3 introduces a new tactical uncertainty for pakistan whether they're cold or something the time when 10 but i do believe that it was an important moment in introducing
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a new normal between the 2 but then after that you have the special autonomy of course made at the poles are drawn and that further previous tension there was a downgrading of our diplomatic ties was that necessary has that contributed to ties. you know history will be a good judge of that action i believe something needed to be done in kashmir and you could not have allowed it to continue down the same part as it had in the past 7 decades at some government had to create a new format for the ajman to getting. the people with the india this government decided this was the best way to do it i think you have critiques and you have supporters but let me put it this way they've got some of the elements right they are struggling with some other elements and isn't the struggle generally for larger policy it appears that the government is generally focusing on the military option on the. they can't really be i think it's generally agreed in indian circles of the country to be
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a military option to that so what is this government's strategy. and i think the political and muscular option has already been exercised you have put together a constitutional and physical presence that integrates the state to india now it's time for the development and economic tools to be deployed and for them to be successful and efficient you are not going to have political success until you have an economic social cultural integration so i think that is the work in progress and that is where the government has to be far more creative and innovative that is something that is going to test this government like it has each other government in the past would you say that this is also contributing to a general and to pakistan sentiment that is potentially working in the current government's favor in terms of a domestic agenda. and sentiment is perhaps both underplayed and overstated i think really the nature of our book as 2
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countries in 147 have introduced a certain demands to this particular relationship and those most affected continue to see each other through those times. i suspect that this government's popularity will be based more on its economic policies in the days ahead these on what it does in terms of providing development and political stability and reviving the indian economy i think they are going to be judged on entirely different metrics of. performance outcomes then foreign policy or what they do with pakistan all right let's look at the british security conference where one of the themes this time around is the concept of west lessness a slow decline if you like of the western led order that has been in place of the end of the 2nd world war now if that decline xcel evades would you say in asia india comes in to fill that gap or is it china. i don't think india is in on india is dependent india's significance in the future is dependent on the the decay
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of the west on the rise of china i think india is one 6th of humanity will play a significant role in any which ways now. to just spin your question a little bit further i would argue that this is a good moment you know we are going to a silly season across the world. having debates on 2 didn't change on the vanity on multilateralism on populism and this is a secular debate happening everywhere i think this is the time for new powers to stay clean towards leadership in fact unabashedly let me put forward a new book that she and i have written should dr shashi tharoor and i put forward as its title the new world disorder and the indian imperative and we argue that based on our knowledge of the liberal traditions are largely market based economics the brutal and argumentative democracy it is perhaps time for new actors like india to add their have to believe
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a lot of which may not remain that liberal if india was not to be a part of that and it certainly is not going to be western. as the asian century progresses now that western element will have to be. replaced by certain new eastern liberal ideas and india is best placed and best to do that so i don't think it's west lessness but it's going to be west and east that will have to come up with a template that is far more applicable to the asian century than one that was obsessed with the planting and that planted seeds but one final question you talked about liberal although how the brumbies india currently i mean is india wearing its only a badge of honor as being a liberal democracy with pride the way it used to earlier or has it changed a bit. well to me india is betting it's a badge of being a democracy quite an ugly i think every indian debate is there for the world to hear and participate in we are using the. it boxes to express our opinions on key questions the indian route to have evolution and not revolutions seems to be still
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holding of course that is polarization of course that is discontent of course there are those who are dejected but nettie to be very clear i think last week you saw when the incumbent in new delhi was able to retain its seat. central government the ruling party had made a determine b. to upstage you you have also seen the ruling party lose 2 previous elections and you are going to see them do well in other elections i think indian democracy is using the ballot and it's won't it giteau mean its political project and therefore india should continue to be this fine exception in that particular part of the world where ballots over bullets have always determine its political course summerside are present all thank you so much. a long standing to who was broken and bought another from a former sex worker was laid to rest in the formal islamic set of money it was
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a 1st for the muslim resorts of mission even though it's one of the few countries where the sex trade is legal. this is done a deal at the world's biggest brothel around $1200.00 women work in these tightly packed quarters prostitution is legal in bangladesh but still a sin for devout muslims until now islamic leaders have refused a spiritual burial for anyone in the sex trade. since my childhood i've seen bodies of sex workers being thrown into the river. we never had funerals here if we tried the villagers would often chases away we're going to. have about all that changed this month when the 1st official funeral was held for one of the women here a coalition of sex workers managed to persuade the local police to push for a proper funeral. and to put that out of the. law i go to the local council
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and around 250 people gathered for the funeral. but the mom refused to come. you know. he said he didn't want to lead prayers for a sex worker. so i went to him and asked him why. when someone has died. who are we to judge their sins or good deeds. that's up to the almighty but when we tell going to have them. the funeral breaks or to boo for sex workers long stigmatized and shunned by mainstream muslim society. models here i am of that we are finally received our rights as humans were citizens of this country and part of society we finally received our long awaited freedom after all these years we've only been exposed to oppression nothing else than. a small step towards dignity in death for everyone in bangladesh.
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we've decided to make it freaky friday have you ever heard of the term creepy cute yes well think about it and one artist in singapore. does so by putting a dark twist on familiar foods what you see behind me is just an appetizer. you'd think it's canned food but look closer and you'll change your mind tiny baby hearts tiny baby parts clay creations that are anything but cute. i think it has always been about that combination of things that people find soft traditionally typically cute but then having a twist to it. calls herself an accidental sculptor. she has no studio and big sur pieces in the family event.
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she's gained quite a following on instagram. some with strong emotional reactions to her work. there was a girl that wrote saying that of my actually helped because she recently went through an abortion issue is going through a very difficult time. and in japan where creepy cute is trending in pop culture fans flocked to limbs recent tokyo exhibition called modern panic the training we don't need. and this work is free from stereotypes. they're good to go it gives us a new perspective. which is different from what we see usually. i thought this work conveys the message that you can express something freely. for art fans sick of the saccharin and sweet limb offers up
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a serving of the confronting and grotesque. craft over the weekend that's it for now head over to our web site. is sure to do this for right after the other stories from the region we're back. i know nothing at the germans because sometimes i am placed on nothing with them and i think deep into their general culture. you don't seem to think that it's grammar they owe you because it's all about who they know i'm right so join me for me to get funky cup host. cocoa to the girl next you tube channel. coach goodbye no
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stewards. with exclusive. photos must see concerning 4 times culture change or a. place to be curious mimes. do it yourself networkers. so subscribers don't miss out. on. the german economy leapt into 2020 new figures show 0 growth in the 4th quarter and raise questions of when europe's largest economy can get its momentum back. also coming up you tube turns 15 look at how a website designed to share personal videos is now printing money for google and changing the media landscape. and we'll look at whether germany could free the way for migrants to join the labor market much in need of workers. this is your deja
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vue business report i'm stephen beardsley in berlin it's good to have you with us. the german economy in 1000 with a whimper posting 0 growth in the 4th quarter and that's according to new statistics from the federal statistics office the growth was already subdued in the 1st quarter with g.d.p. expanding 5 tenths of a percent with compared to the prior 3 months but then the german economy contracted by 0.2 percent trade conflicts and brags that weighed on germany's traditionally export reliant economy and the 3rd of the 3rd quarter rather so i slight recovery boosting hopes but the latest data reaffirmed those earlier fears that europe's largest economy is out of sync now for more on this let's go to our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea to lanie. chelsea's disappoint.


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