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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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if you fancy starting your married life on the high you should know organizers are hoping for more participants next year. you're watching the news live from berlin coming up business news with kate ferguson and don't forget all the latest news and information available around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com i'm called last minute thanks roger. is the world becoming less western does it mean for the world if the west leaves the stage to others the key question of this year's munich security conference and join us for our coverage limits assured in conference 2020 today on d w. i well as you see when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fit. i even got white hair is that.
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the german language. this keeps me and could help us to maybe to in trouble let's say you want to do their story. it's worth fighting for a little information for margaret. no longer flying high u.s. factory output falls of plane maker boeing struggles to recover from the fall out of the 737 months crisis will go to wall street to find out just how big an impact the company's woes could have on the u.s. economy. turns 15 we'll show you how the company that began with a video of a visit to the 0 is vault into one of the biggest and most lucrative phosphors in the world. is this the future of architecture the city of dubai has set
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another guinness world record this time for the largest as 1st 3 d. printed building. this business i'm craig ferguson welcome u.s. manufacturing output is down driven largely by problems our plane maker boeing figures from january show as 0 point one percent fall in stock to production after a slight gain in december boeing halted production of its 737 mox jets at the end of last year following 2 deadly crashes the model remains granted worldwide without the drop in the production of planes and parts u.s. factory i would have grown 0.3 percent last month. now for more let's go to these financial correspondent gets caught on wall street. these are pretty disappointing numbers run us through just how important boeing is for the u.s. economy. boeing clearly is one of the biggest
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industrial corporations in the united states it's the biggest exporter actually out of the united states and it's also a major employer in the united states and if you look at industrial production overall it was already the force of the past 5 months that we saw a decline and term on top of food we heard from united. and so one of the customers from boeing that they're not planning to have the 7378 planes in their fleet before early september so actually it might take a few more months before those planes are allowed back in the sky and nancy meanwhile we're also seeing a decline in u.s. consumer spending what's behind that drop. well what we especially saw was a huge decline in the sales of closing actually the lowest of figures in about
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10 years and that might have to do it was pretty mild winter weather here in the united states on the other side we did see because of the mild weather in the building area but we also got some more numbers from the consumer sector consumer sentiment in february so we got early figures for those reached the highest level in almost 15 years old the u.s. consumer overall seems to be ok interestingly enough this week we've got new numbers household debts and that actually has reached a new all time high in the 4th quarter so besides all the debt overall u.s. consumers still seem to spend money and that's the reason why wall street overall is holding up pretty well at this point ok so still spending just not on the hats and scott on wall st thanks a lot. facebook boss mark zuckerberg is expected to tell delegates at this
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weekend's munich security conference that he's ready to pay more tax in excerpts of a speech he's due to deliver on saturday he says he understands the frustration about high tech companies are taxed in europe he'll also say that he welcomes efforts to come up with a global framework for taxing companies like facebook and google. now once upon a time 3 former pay pal employees came together with the idea of creating a space where people could share clips online that was 15 years ago and today a you tube has over 1500000000 monthly users and generated $15000000000.00 in ad revenue last year this is the story of how the platform evolved from a hub for hobby videographers to the veritable moneymaking machine it is today. here are.
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you cheap very 1st video could scarcely have been simpler during his trip to the zoo co-founder joe of it kareem had no idea what his primitive creation would become just a year later he and his friends chad hurley and steve chen would be striking the deal of a lifetime. thanks but never less than $1650000000.00 since being bought by the world's most visited web site you tube itself has become the world's 2nd most visited web site. and it's not just john chardin steve who it's made rich it's created a whole new brand of celebrity the most successful you tube has such as hyperactive sweet beauty trying to make in excess of $10000000.00 a year. over the past 15 years you tube has become
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more than just somewhere to share videos branching out into music and subscription services and in over 70 languages now you tube is country using $15000000000.00 a year in ad revenue to the owners google alphabet if you told the founders that that would be the case back in the early days they might well have nothing to do. us carmaker for it is hoping to sell about $100000.00 of its new all electric mustang ma in models in the u.k. this year the company is preparing for the european launch of the vehicle in the coming months stuart riley who heads up ford europe says the model is the beginning of the end for the company's long history of producing petrol and diesel vehicles. the head of the international monetary fund crystal enough gave a has told d.w.
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that china's efforts to reopen factories over the next few weeks will be an important indicator of the impact the coronavirus has had on a global value chain her comments come ahead of an announcement that officials from the world health organization would be touching down in china this weekend to address the response to the virus which has infected tens of thousands of people around the world and wreaked havoc on the global economy. in china the economy is reeling from the devastating effects of the coronavirus. it's become a major talking point at the munich security conference. there we caught up with i.m.f. chief crystal georgiev and she said that the top 2020 is looming for china how it is going to affect local diabetes it's seen we have to believe that the next couple of weeks the very form of these because they put those coach in these states the only goes to see these stocks just. that's right. china's
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president xi jinping renewed his call for the ruling communist party to step up its response to the outbreak nearly 400 people have died from the virus georgiev appraise china's efforts to support the economy such as pouring $150000000000.00 into liquidity cutting interest rates and introducing stimulus in the regions worst affected lancy disappear like. this our needs china to use the fiscal space for one of the most. kids will be absolutely certain that no because one of the. news that sells these from the board is things like. this it is. still is. this these fires. china is resilient but the virus would probably
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lead to a downward revision in the growth forecast says george. and us china now makes up a 5th of the world economy the rest of the world needs to stay alert to. coronavirus may mean much of china's economy is standing still but chinese traders of broad are still doing their best to promote the country's products around the world even in places you might not expect chinese wineries are hoping to beat the french at their own game by exhibiting at the paris wine expo they were among more than 2000 exhibitors at this week's event china isn't new to the wine business it's been using grapes to make alcohol for 2 millenia. now when it comes to architecture to buy is known for pulling out all the stops the cities are ready home to the world's tallest tower and it's i got to go through a frame that divides the historical district from the skyscraper dominated area on the other side now it's celebrating another architectural feast the world's largest
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ever 3 d. printed structure. this machine can work day and night building walls layer by layer. in the middle a rotating which spits out the quick trying plaster. and voila 2 floors making up $641.00 square metres of indoor space it's bigger than any of the 3 d. printed building and will be used for governmental office space plus it's a prototype for future building projects. dubai wants to 3 d. print a quarter of all its new building projects in the coming years that slashes construction costs in half after all there are barely any builders involved and snip less than 270000 dollars to build and ready to move in after just 17 days.
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3 d. printed fielding's lot on earth is next and that's it for me and the business team here in berlin you can get more on our web. that's a dot com the slash business where on social media to do top of the line on facebook or twitter for me it's goodbye and take.
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to the point. it's clear position the international perspective. is not known for disruptive politics but regional election has the political earthquake that is shaking the christian democratic party to its foundations will be a destroyed legacy find out on to the point. to the point to much damage 60 minutes long.
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could go because i see a variety of sort of. pressure on. you know what i've only said that our current going on with the game funding. point 0.0 currency it gets us into say i said. this in state every day is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the world's leading players in security policy are meeting in germany africa is this a healthy region is high up on the agenda the growing conflict there is seen as a threat to global security. and the birth defects and serious illnesses that people in south sudan say of course by the country's dirty oil industry. added meat to the kenyan sculpted to any scrap metal.


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