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different culture between here and there challenging for everything. legal. financial is the same thing it was worth it for me to come to germany. shop and i got my license to work as a swimming instructor i'm sure now our 2 children nothing to it's just random stuff just as. what's your story take part sheriff in for migrant stuff. i. see. we are living during the most extraordinary time history.
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transportable before the electric cars. made it that much. of the model and mobility show. do we really need all these vehicles. to off the car. some people are dreaming of a life with less traffic we want to have a city where we don't just see cars and popping up everywhere. so what might the city traffic of the future look like. just imagine the drive the ability the specs to clean and for free i but where should we go if we still think driving cars is a lot of fun i. cover all different vehicle groups. and could you master the safety systems on a ward winning hybrid x e ford. or the activity of the systems they are made. be
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on the safe side of cars and mobility right now on ram. climate change and emissions limits have left their mark on driving for fun. sports cars may pump up the adrenaline but they also pump out pollutants like there's no tomorrow in germany sales are down to around $50000.00 a year. yet s.u.v.s have topped the 1000000 mark in germany even though they're also seen as gas guzzlers and climate killers they are the fastest growing segment for the global car district. sports cars are all about pace passion and the sheer uncompromising thrill of driving nobody but. god the ford mustang is the world's best selling sports who pay the quintessential
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pony car since its launch $964.00. the porsche 911 is another icon of modern motoring and has sold over a 1000000 units since it 1st hit the roads half a century ago. the 1st porsche was built in 1970 it had just 35 horsepower but thanks to weighing only 585 kilos it could reach 135 kilometers an hour. company. said that the last car ever to be built would be a sports car. the sports car was not merely a mode of transportation it stirred the imagination. and you complain that. this ultimate marriage of design and engineering promised a way of life. exclusivity independence the ideal get away from the daily grind. soon enough sports cars went from being only vehicles to stars of
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both the big and small screen. and on game consuls 2. in the virtual world these cars deliver plenty of action. some new models now even get launched in video games. and if that what's your appetite how about one of the. sexiest thing or. the b.m.w. for 40 i grant to pay on my go to the lexus l c 500. of course to really put cars like these through their paces you need a race track. or at least a test track like the one in lead to. our clients who attend our training courses cover all different vehicle groups motor by passenger cars i pads and trucks we cater to both private individuals and
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commercial clients with. a quick look under the hood before we get going the stinger has a twin turbo v. 6 engine that cranks out 269 kilowatts. is a subsidiary of south korean car giant hyundai. and the stinger is out to muscle in on the european sports car market. is german design boss pages make sure it had what it takes. out on the test track nicaea shows the benefits of its all wheel drive. it tops out at 270 kilometers per hour despite way needed almost to touch. in germany the stinger sells for a base price of around $56000.00 euro. its mix of. performances are the nickname
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but. there's nothing poor about the l c $500.00 which uses lex's styling in class inside and out. lexus is the luxury brand of japanese carmaker toilette were eager to show that they were among the front runners not only among hybrid cars. are matched by the way it hugs the road. it's developers who are granted triple the usual time to toil and tinker away at the new model. the results is life in the fast lane a trip that will have your heart pounding and your pulse racing. $351.00 kilowatts catapult this mean machine to
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a top speed of 280 kilometers an hour. and awesome feel at the wheel but a price tag of $100000.00 euros and this baby burns a whopping 12 leaders a gas per 100 kilometers. b.m.w. meanwhile harking back to the seventy's when the 3.0 c.s.l. dominated the european touring car circuit. and now the 440 i grant who pays channelling that history. unlike its predecessors on the racetrack it's not meant to tear up the record books but it comes with its fair share of luxury extras. and $62000.00 euros it's far cheaper than its lexus rival. its output is a relatively unimpressive $240.00 kilowatts but you hardly notice. that when you
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take to the curves here it roar. perfectly contribute to spend coupled with the legendary straight 6 inch. and as you're thrust back into your seat after shifting down a gear you get that real sports car feeling. these are cars that unleashed powerful emotions for some they're objects of desire embodying that ultimate freedom of movement. for others they're unwelcome relics of an environmentally unfriendly past. but environmental responsibility and sports cars can also go hand in hand a new porsche tai khan is powered by 560 kilowatts and its all electric sports car you can drive with a clean conscience. to
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. have a. best seller a real crowd pleaser. you can also choose a contrast in the roof to make your car really stand out. or to be precise because it. is the 1st. train for this car according to. 100.
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which almost almost sounds too good to be true. the plug in hybrid combines a $184.00 scour 3 cylinder gasoline engine with a 60 challenge electric motor and front wheel drive hybrid drive trains always add weight to a car thanks to the 2 engines and the battery and at 1900 kilos the x e 40 is no exception. if christ has but you can feel the weight now the exit 40 has never been a review of speeding all the stuff you definitely penfield the punishment stop exhilarating but with around 7.3 seconds from 0 to 100 the. combination when you when you're racing. but speed was never the point of this
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fall though what do you say mean for this fuel economy. the hybrid system the diff length driving modes names hybrids and power in pure you'll get all electric driving meaning the car is on he was in be electric engine it's good post moved up to 125 k.m.'s h. and the rain off did you know which is quite nice when you'll both be driving the city. when the batteries i mean teeny your friend plug it in then charge it up or you miss the important combustion engine to give the battery some additional juice in the hybrid the system tries to combine both engines in the most effective way it's probably the most you would drive the most in when you're outside the 30 year old we're going to do with most of the time and then there's the performance vault where both engines are running in parallel all the time to give you the maximum performance for where. never you feel the need for. the science the 3
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driving modes the x e 40 offers a whole range of safety systems. has always been at the forefront of driver safety . engineer kneels bullen invented the 3 point seat belts for the car maker back in 1959 the german patent office named the belts one of the 8 inventions that most benefited humankind during 100 years ending in 1905. with head side a neat airbags evolve x e 40 scored top marks in the euro n.c.a.a. p. crash test. emergency brake assist and active lane keeping assist come standard. class cross traffic alert warns you of vehicles approaching from the side and braking support automatically applies the brakes in order to avoid a collision. but there's one problem i've got with all these safety systems and that's not the systems themselves they work pretty much flawlessly it's
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the way you control them because the way or the activate the systems you have to do is follow through the and for payment stream they are menus on top of menus that open up even more menus and i don't know maybe it's just personal preference and after a week or so of driving the car you will eventually master the system but personally i don't really like. ok so the user interface of the infotainment system might need an overhaul but what about fuel consumption. sleeping in the countryside probably isn't the best territory to achieve when sometimes that are close to be 2.5 lucas or 100 kilometers. i'm not saying it was impossible to achieve those numbers by driving here well. they most of the
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time in the hybrid vault we ended up with something close to. 100 kilometers so what's the verdict at a hefty starting price of $49000.00 euros the x e 40 with its new plug in hybrid engine has both the advantages and disadvantages he might expect on longer trips this heavy s.u.v. tends to guzzle the gas but for running errands around town or commuting to work the sleek looking volvo will get you there economically and safely. and. our cities are failing us. does affect us all is this all future generations can look forward to oh i have a city where i don't need to worry about the machines and parking what do we do to improve the way we move in our cities but it's very smartly join us on
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a journey where architects engineers and activists face up to the challenges of our future urban mobility. traffic chaos some of the toughest stuff. worldwide every day. there are some 47000000 cars on germany's roads enough for 2 of the 3 adults to be driving at the same time. that's the highest level ever in berlin alone 87000 new cars were registered in 2019 despite growing traffic problems. like lots of public transport with ok bicycle. and we see all the cars next to the universe the building where people like the students basically have free public transport and they come by car and i think that's not good. all over the world.
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traffic pollution is choking use of the air we need to brief. people around the world are demanding change. now after more than 100 years is the cars dominance of our ever more crowded cities finally coming to an end. of vitamin this occupied the scurrilous and nobody has freedom to live in the city in a way and the future of the city is the future of our morbidity in a new way. the global design studio graft is developing visions of our future urban mobility. its founders last cricket bag and thomas villa mind are specialists in urban planning and sustainable architecture they expect future generations to have far more choice in how they move around their cities will be the child all of us. will probably walk quite. some distance because
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the neighborhoods will be without too much traffic jump on a shared car maybe that leads then to a connection that probably will take their child into the air and landed right on working place. flying taxis could be a spectacular urban upgrade but probably not for the masses the biggest changes will affect cars especially our own private ones of which there are more than $1000000000.00 worldwide. there will be no baldry anymore between public transportation and individual traffic of the separation of both cities that we see true there. but what could take the place of private cars in the nation's free highly flexible public transport system. our early. when mobility could depend on vehicles like the move or the tech
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underpinning the mover comes from a german company. it's meant to demonstrate how one platform can fulfill many needs . for us to move or could be used for the transport of people as well as. modifications for the transport of goods during daylight traffic the transport of people and during the transport of goods. in germany car sit unused for 23 hours a day on average each wasting about 12 square meters in parking space. that's as big as the typical german child's bedroom. in the u.s. cities like houston are struggling to overcome decades of urban planning that has given more space to cars than anything else. the we have reduced the dimensions of the vehicle of course we achieve that by moving the drive units into the wheels themselves placing the technical components as far into the corners as possible to
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make more interior space years a ball. and that frees up space on the road so. shrinking vehicle footprints are just one part of shufflers mobility vision. this award winning prototype can carry 4 people to their destination cleanly autonomous li and flexibly in. the city were aggressively change as we share. it is public or private leaving the possibility for the city to come back to the people who need less parking spots. we basically need the cars or the planes or the drones whatever it is too long so we need new spaces. change transportation. in the near future digital now. working will drive our mobility. shufflers idea for people
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using autonomous vehicles from the fleet working 247. these multi-functional emissions free vehicles to transport people and goods or provide services by sharing the vehicles people could free up huge areas of space previously dedicated to parking but are we really ready to have robots driving everywhere. and again schools are good it is the one major hurdle is legal vehicles like that are not really covered by the current legislation we'll have to make many adjustments to legal frameworks and the lack of legal security surrounding autonomous vehicles is putting the brakes on development that's going to go it's done too little confusing but can we really afford to lose any more time. to generations of young people who will inherit our cities are already looking for quick and direct ways of improving our urban lives now we're going to do 2 things firstly politically challenge all
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politicians like we want to have a city where we want to live in where we don't just see cars and parking lots everywhere but where we can go everywhere and i'm not afraid that a collar hit us secondly we can do it ourself we can take the bicycle to work to university to school with them by. the metro for the on the ground and we can take . the german city of al spork is trying to get cars out of the city by offering free public transport in the central zone. since january 2020 people can also take out a mobility subscription that gives them unlimited access to the city's fleet of bikes and cars the package costs around 3 years 50 per day. it's one change among many that are needed. we need an overall traffic management as well as the infrastructure as a. payment system
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a ticket system and things like this because of course future mobility has to be affordable it might pay for itself with and it's like the internet does these days . just imagine that's driving all mobility is actually clean and full free why because it's the search place where you can work with driving as you know it's automatic you don't have to take care of that it's shared with other people it's connected so basically the people that run at the tysons in these to places while you're working they pay for the right so i think a city where we don't have cars. has much more space for our troops. has space for all the people and i think a city with all costs can have a lot more opportunities than one of the with calls. a city without cars for many people that's hard to imagine. but things are beginning to move in that direction the question is what do we want to do with the space when the cars have gone.
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we just are strong traffic. and then you see these could be i'm a texan driving a car for the last 27 years. i have not been easy i've been driving very high i have 4 children 3 boys and one girl past my waist and it was better. tell me about this are something right now about it want to go back for the long run. you got to move me from trying to go to our blog good bye rough. rough ride.
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post. what do you. mean. by frequency. around 44 hours even 30 ministries and. wanting to people. who know what. love is no. i don't think. even if you use. one of. them i went. along. with it but i'm not sure. if you finished with. one computer for. and. i mean one way is to make us move and then i've got.
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a place to write in the taxi. it looks. that's all for now tune in next week for another edition of q. and. a.
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it's winter in cologne but it isn't going to sit around at all anyone planning a sightseeing tour should pace themselves very well. you have to be in a party mood to make the most of the city's iraq's. going to lose then the chances. are sure to have fox. checking. the box and 30 minutes on d w. somewhere else has become less safe. new arms race is looming
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me to use to ensure international stability economically alliances crumbling seiko security folks in germany's reputation is also tarnished how can national interests be aligned to the supra national strength. of the line since the new threat. is the world becoming less western what does it mean for the world if the west leaves the stage to others key question at this year's munich security conference is the world's most important informal meeting on international security policy for joining us for our coverage the munich security conference 21 today on data.
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they were forced into a nameless mass. their bodies near tools. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. it describes how the greeks for power and for profit plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence. the slave system created the greatest planned accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment to. this is the journey back into the history of slavery. i think will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routs starts march 9th on d w. this
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is the w. news live from for the cost words from germany's president for the world's superpower frank fall to steinmeyer accuses the us russia and china of stoking club mistrust and putting narrow national interests over international cooperation also coming up the u.n. warns of a humanitarian crisis as the fighting in northern syria intensifies it looks at families torn up caught by the conflict. going to die and the plane is up on the on the it's very close we hear from one sea.


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