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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2020 10:15am-11:01am CET

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the courts and so on of the legal system will hit back with all the hardness all the means at its disposal against such attacks and against such perpetrators and similar sorts of reactions have been coming from politicians from various other political parties from the social democrats who are also part of a coalition government here in germany from the freedom across that's business friendly liberal party so i think you can say that all major political parties are condemning the right wing terrorist nature of this attack and saying that the german state and the german democracy will defend itself against such acts thanks very much i will have plenty more analysis and will be live again throughout the day in on our on the story as details come in and let's see if you brief now on some of the other stories making the news today. to passengers who contract at their corona virus while on board a quarantine cruise ship in japan have died both were in their e.t.s.
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passengers who tested negative for the virus started to leave the diamond princess on wednesday after a 2 week warned. thousands of women have rallied in argentina's capital buenos aires calling for a new bill to legalize abortion the protests comes 2 years after similar legislation was defeated in the senate this pressure from the catholic church. mexican authorities have arrested 2 people over the killing of a 7 year old girl in a case that's sparked outrage across the country one of the suspects is a woman who was reportedly seen walking with a girl outside her school the day she disappeared. let's get you up to date now with our business news chris colfer has more on that. brian our top story is concerning argentina the international monetary fund says the country's debt is not sustainable that conclusion comes at the end of
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a week long visit from an i.m.f. team thousands took to the streets in protest when the delegation arrived a $44000000000.00 bailout loan issued by the organization 2 years ago is deeply unpopular in argentina new left wing government wants to renegotiate upwards of $100000000000.00 in foreign debt as it struggles under the triple burden of recession high inflation and the 2018 market crash. british businesses have been told to get used to the idea of a world without cheap labor the u.k. government has announced its post brags that immigration plans and under a new points based system low skilled workers from around the world will not be allowed in. when british prime minister boris johnson looks out to sea one thing he envisions is a harder border for migrants wanting to work in the u.k. . home secretary pretty patel describes the scheme as
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a radical shake up. basically really defines our immigration policy so the brightest in the best people with skills need to come to the u.k. and we will no longer have the roots for cheap low skilled labor has dominated immigration on our labor market for fossil long in this country. the new proposal would establish a points system with marks handed down based an english language proficiency skills qualifications current salaries and professions. only applicants with enough points would be granted a coveted u.k. work permit however many u.k. industries such as health care rely on overseas workers to do the heavy lifting and warned they could face labor shortages should the proposal be adopted it says if they think that the level of your salary determine how valuable you know well really is and what skills you have but we know that there are people in the red. patients like social class who are skilled and fighting and then you 15 make
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a keep these people are out johnson's new immigration scheme still needs parliamentary approval but with a wide conservative majority approval is all but guaranteed. here in germany economists and business lobby groups are calling for a quicker go ahead for large industrial projects planning and approval takes quote frighteningly long the head of the association of german chambers of industry and commerce says this is e-car maker tesla's plans for a large factory outside of berlin have been temporarily halted and my mental growth said protested against clear cutting of the cite a german court is now handling the case. when he came to germany last november to pick up the golden steering wheel award for the tesla model 3. he came armed with a bombshell for his audience we've decided to put it as the gigafactory europe in the berlin area the presenter wasn't the only one gasping with shock.
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tell us this was big news not least for the citizens of grew in height at the sleepy brandenburg village where tesla plans to build its huge factory that could make up to 500000 to electric cars a year many locals were delighted by the prospect of such a large company and potentially big jobs coming to their doorstep others much less so and initial enthusiasm turned to discord as protests about tesla's arrival grew louder locals complained that wildlife would be affected and that the plant would affect water conservation and supply in the area. but what has stopped tesla literally in its tracks is the trees tesla is tearing a forest to build its factory but at the weekend a state court ruled it stop all work at the site until further notice acting on a complaint by the brandenburg green league a local environmental group. earlier today d w spoke to a local resident who urged officials to make sure everything is done correctly
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before more trees are cut down. my noble chest and d.n.a. and you my message to officials would be please wait for the permits and the finalize plans before you allow more treats to be felt for us because we can't just put them back out viable i'm a come on feed on many german politicians business groups and most can self are heavily critical of this decision to say that this commercial pinewood plantation should not be a battleground the protesters disagree. u.s. lawmakers have moved to remove aerospace industry tax breaks that have saved boeing up to $200000000.00 annually the move is an attempt to ease a trade dispute with the european union. croft subsidies it's more bad news for boeing which has been beset by issues over 707 next earlier this week it said it had found unwanted debris in the fuel tanks of some of the planes which have been
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grounded following 2 fatal crashes the plane maker say as it still hopes the jet can return to service this summer. meanwhile boeing's european rival airbus says it plans to cut almost 2 and a half 1000 jobs from its defense and space division before the end of next year the unit employs a total of $34000.00 people around the world the cuts are a result of slowing to the for the space unit and delays to key defense projects last week airbus announced a 1200000000 euro 5 from its a 400 m. military transport a project contributed to a 1000000000 euro loss overall for last year. well for more let's cross over to the frankfurt stock exchange and correspondent conrad bosun a comrade good and bad news there for us which is more relevant here. well of course the job cuts are not good news for you but they have been in the making
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for quite a while already or they have been talked about for quite a while so what's definitely the more important piece of news today is the potential ending to those subsidies for boeing even if us probably you would have preferred you know an official fine for the united states in this w t o process because of those subsidies that the u.s. paid to boeing this is now or this would have established you know that not only the europeans did something wrong by paying subsidies to add us but still even if this will not be an official thing and an official fine for the us what's important is that this competitive edge that the americans have in the market will soon be over and that's what's important for us really we're not boeing on the other hand continues to be in deep trouble any silver lining there on the horizon for the plane maker. though i have to say the situation that boeing is in continues to
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get worse and not only for boeing itself also for many of its suppliers one of them be a east systems from great britain is you know is heavily involved. in technology for this 737 max but today it also talked about that we talked about about the development of another boeing plane the 777 max things are going according to plan b. a systems says but of course if you talk to experts they say that all of those relationships between boeing and its supplies at the moment are really under pressure because of the problems that boeing has been frankfurt thank you. and it's to colombia now the country is creating a special fund to subsidize coffee farmers the stabilization fund is the country's latest bid to help struggling farmers as coffee prices have fallen to their lowest
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levels and more than a decade and many growers are operating at a loss. to many coffee growers in colombia us struggling because of heavy rains and dismal international prices some even given up and left the business the farmers have been calling for help for many years now the government has set aside almost $60000000.00 euros the subsidies will kick in when the international price of coffee falls below production costs. in my opinion this is a historic there for coffee you know it's the 1st time that we have a stabilization fund with the necessary financial resources but at. the colombian association of coffee growers hopes its members will not need these subsidies very often and a recent international coffee forum colombia proposed that coffee producing nations join forces to impose supply limits and prices just like the opec oil cartel talks
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are ongoing colombia is the world's 3rd largest producer of coffee it needs brazil and vietnam 2 biggest producers to participate to accomplish this goal. a secular tech sector now the european union is already taking an aggressive approach towards the likes of google and facebook with its anti-trust investigations and tech tax plans but now the e.u. says it wants to beat the american web majors at their own game by competing with them on artificial intelligence. at brussels for university the european commission's president meets artificial intelligence headset view enhanced by a computer tomography image belonging to a real patient. we need clarity about data and especially in health research data is a bottleneck the european commission is supportive it's out to catch up in the race
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against the us internet giants millions of europeans have handed them their personal data but europe aims to benefit from the next wave of battle for industries that are stopped now and you uk will be remain but a. european industry is sitting on a wealth of data that could be shared in a continent wide mega cloud more data a better artificial intelligence just a smart machines take ever more decisions about we humans comes all the way from nice to have to life or death so it is important to try to understand what is the kind of risk that we want to deal with on monday facebook's mark zuckerberg was in brussels. but he found little solace the. brinkley it's not us that need to adapt to disgust for it is it that forms that need good up to up sounds like a key
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a call to arms in reality it's official intelligence is anything books again. and it's back to brian now in our top story a deadly shooting in the west of germany. you're back for our breaking news right now a suspected far right terrorist has shot dead at least 10 people near frankfurt here in germany the suspect opening fire at 2 bars in the town of hanau he said to have later killed himself and his 72 year old mother their bodies were found in an apartment in the town the suspect has been identified as a 43 year old german national he left a letter admitting to carrying out the killings and also posted a video on you tube expressing raises then other extremist views federal prosecutors have now taken charge of this investigation they're treating the killings as acts of terrorism. by the regional interior minister for the
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state of house and has condemned the attacks here's what he had to say. the initial evaluation of the alleged perpetrators internet page points to a xena phobic motive. i strongly condemn this act it is an attack on our free and peaceful society as far as we know the suspect was neither known to the state intelligence office as a xena phobe. nor did he have a police record. ok we're working this story very closely for you bring in details as they come in what we know is that there were 2 locations both in the town of had now the death toll at 10 in addition to 10 those 10 dead we have the suspect as well and the individual's mother reported to be 72 years old joining me in the studio for some analysis is hans front there's
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a lot breaking on the story right now we have confirmation for example that it was an extreme right wing suspect with a far right motive hans yes indeed we do this was confirmed by the interior minister of the federal state of hessen which is where han all is situated the person directly responsible for the investigations there he confirmed that it's an extreme right wing a background they have also been some analyses published in the meanwhile by security experts terrorism as experts who have analyzed both the video that was posted on you tube a couple of days ago and the statement that this man appears to have had on his personal website which the statement the written statement was in german apparently very well written german without any typos old mistakes and ground 0 or something like that he seems to be a fairly well educated person the video was in english so it was directed at an
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international audience in fact it seems to have been directed at americans in the video appeal to americans to take up the fight against some sort of. how shall i say some sort of conspiracy theory about who is controlling america who's controlling germany and that sort of did we know anything other than anything else about the suspect news 43 years old was he from how no he was from how low on his personal website he said that he was born then $977.00. he finished his schooling then he did some of the tree service that he studied he appears to have been somebody involved in banking sort of financial business and what emerges from the videos and from other evidence is that he is what generally is known as an incentive involuntary sell a white male who has not had a relationship with a woman for many many years have been examples of such people getting involved in
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very right wing conspiracy theories seeing making allegations against women that are kind of blocking their career blocking their lives and so on he appears to have been involved in that sort of scene as well which is something that is very easily to contact via the internet so what we're seeing with this level of proficiency with firearms is certainly a level of training that would be necessary do we know anything about the weapons or the perpetrators training with weapons because he appears to have had legal access to weapons he had a license to hold fire he appears to have had a license as a hunter to go hunting which means that he is possibly also. was able to get rifles to shoot with and he appears to be in somebody who. shot regularly who was involved in some sort of association or a did regular shooting training so in that sense he was fairly well familiar with
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with weapons was i don't know let's find out now what's happening on the ground in hanoi we're going to go live to our correspondent there are pod associates joining us on the ground in. let's bring him up if we could art what's happening where you are. a continued police investigation and going in and out of the area here and the other area about 2 kilometers away where the 2nd shooting took place by the same for perpetrator allegedly and so forensic tests there are what we are assuming perhaps gotten cartridges gun shells rather on the sidewalk there are. little items of identification part of the forensic tests here and. has to be confirmed that there gun a gun shells but there are definite items of interest for the police that you can
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see that they've chalked off and are looking at of course they're in there they go into the the 2 bars where some of the people were killed and if unfortunately here also there were 2 people shot on the street and i believe there were some who were shot on the street the other location also so more information coming in investigation is ongoing and as we've heard that this alleged assailant has had quite. a reputation for liking guns and for his right wing tendencies so a lot of things to look at ok are we going to be playing live video from the scene as we talk you have the opportunity to talk to an eye witness what descriptions did he give you of what what happened at the scene. here here is shooting he owns a little sports bar there's a lot of sports bars here and that's the interesting thing because last night was a champions league game and life was playing and the day assumed everybody who owns
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a bar round here is that they have these live broadcasts coming in and that they do have a lot of people and so that perpetrator may have thought about that and thought i could get a lot of people this way in any case he had 21 people in his bar hears shots right away loud bangs and he says to himself ok this is this is a gun he runs out and he notices that there's a person on the sidewalk not moving. but breathing he could tell that from get run over a little bit then he runs back and then he notices the car taking off and he's assuming that that could well have been the perpetrators of the assailants car and who had then apparently gone to the other area to continue his shooting spree and now he's gone now this bar owner has gone back that bar by the way is about 50 meters away from the other bar here that where the 1st shooting took place he goes back into his bar tells all his guest 21 guests to get away from the windows get back deep
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into the room and he already decided that you know he'll be shortly closing up here . within 5 to 6 minutes he told me the police came he thought that took a long time is a bit critical of that but anyway he said it took about 5 to 6 minutes police officer parks his car basically right where his little. sports bar is it's it's specializes in showing just league games soccer games and it's also a darts club and the police officer runs across the little street here and sees a body already that body that the that the club owner had seen and is already shocked and then there's another body near where the perpetrators car was and so now he's putting. ok we were lost the connection there we'll get back to art as soon as we can. what about the political reaction so far the chancellor's apparently called all for agenda that was planned for today and is remaining here in berlin yes the chancellor has counseled the plotlines and is following
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developments very very closely the same is true full of the german interior minister hosts a whole. they have not both of them responded yet to the political background to this attack last night but the government spokesman expressed his condolences to the victims and their families and. you know wish them all the best and that's just been the 1st reaction from pretty much all politicians but in recent times in sort of the last all are 2 since the motive became clear for this attack the most prominent politician as has reacted so far has been the head of the christian social union not just the conservative party in bavaria which is very closely allied to conservatives and he has said that the german state the german judicial system german democracy will use all its faults
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all that it has at its disposal to fight back against such attacks against such terrorism ok it's not just the head of the soon very we're also hearing from the state premier of has that's where had i was located the german said it has a he's been expressing his condolences to the families of the victims let's listen to that. today's the day of mourning a day of horror so please understand that we are all also in a very personal level trying to come to terms with what has happened. in summary i would like to say that the thoughts of all the people of the state of has with the victims and hano and with their relatives and maybe this empathy comfort to them at this most difficult time. a difficult time not only for the state of hesse up but but also for all of germany we're going to pick up with hans then we'll be going back to han hans could you give us some statistics about far right violence
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in germany how bad is it it's certainly something that has become of a lot more concern in recent months in germany for a long time critics are saying have have been saying that the german authorities security authorities the secret service and so on have been concentrating their energies on attacks from islamists maybe from fall leftwing sources but in fact what has increased most drastically in germany in recent months and years have been incidents that have been connected to an extreme right wing perpetrated was the most recent example was the attack on a synagogue in holland in january where 2 people were killed people that were just on the street outside that synagogue the attack at that stage was not able to get into the synagogue and the extent of this attack today the severity of this attack
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today with the 10 dead plus the 11th the perpetrator that is similar to. the shooting that happened in munich in 2016 we're also a young man with right wing persuasions started shooting on the streets and kidding about 10 people ok we're back in now with our see what is the situation where you are what have people been saying have you been asking anyone had an opportunity to say this is a right wing attack and get some responses to that where you are. yes for example when i came in i talked to the taxi driver who lives here he's of armenian descent and i said well what's the situation could there be right wing motives here and he says well you know it's a high immigrant population here 1st of all people from turkey then from the former yugoslavia and then a lot of people recently from syria afghanistan and ethiopia and he's not
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clear if people shackles are up about that that that the area there that the town here the city here has become very immigrant populated he thinks that people get along basically but he also told me at the same time there's a crime problem there's a drug problem not to do necessarily with any particular group but it exists and it's also a blue color color area he says wages are kind of low definitely lower than what you'd get in frankfurt for example a lot of people have 2 jobs just to make ends meet there's tension in that respect money is a factor for many many people here and maybe some people don't take it the right way and who knows what went through the mind of this man who went on this shooting spree and eventually killed himself to his mother's as the as they're reporting so . right wing motive cannot be ruled out here at all as we've heard that it's been confirmed by the government that that is indeed the case it just shocks the people
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here because they thought ok it's not perfect here places but a mass shooting here just because you're from some perhaps you're from somewhere else it's very disturbing for them ok we've heard of people in shock as well what is the mood we we've noted that there's this moment of true solemnity a very sober and somber mood in the house and the legislature today a moment of silence is that being reflected where you are. yes yes and you can't see it from here but i'm facing crowds of people on the street corner talking to each other in low tones low voices what did you see what do you think you're shaking their heads sad some reporters are going to over to people they talk about you know ok it's not it's not perfect place but for something like this to happen they never ever expected anything like this. but you can't control the mind of someone who is as has got this mindset that he's got to here she's got to get rid
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of people there's what defense you have against that but that's why they're shocked that this would happen here in a town that is surrounded by a lot of. very nice scenery and ok people work hard here it has its moments but they never they never assumed something like this would ever ever happen here and and it has our pug thanks for now for that from now what have been some of the other reactions week we've had some from the muslim community as well for example. well frankly i haven't seen anything from muslim organizations i've seen some reactions from the turkish states from turkish represents it is alleged that some of the victims that were killed were of. origin. obviously in the crisis most of that was behind this attack was condemned severely by. the
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morgan as ations by turkish representatives there has been a formal statement from the jewish organizations in germany who see this attack as an attack on the german democracy on a 1st free society in germany and that's the side to defend itself against such attacks thanks for on this will have much more analysis and more from on now as well as details continue to come in on this tragic shooting in that city let's move on to some other news right now 2 passengers. contracted the corona virus while on board a quarantine cruise ship in japan have died both were in their eighty's passengers who tested negative for the virus started to leave the diamond princess wednesday after a 2 week quarantine. thousands of women have rallied in argentina's capital buenos aires calling for a new bill to legalize abortion protests comes 2 years after similar legislation
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was defeated in the senate amidst pressure from the catholic church. mexican authorities have arrested 2 people over the killing of a 7 year old girl in a case that sparked outrage across the country one of the suspects is a woman who was reportedly seen walking with the girl outside her school the day she disappeared. in the u.s. president trump has named his country's ambassador to germany richard grinnell to be the acting director of national security and intelligence bureau is a staunch supporter of trump's policies as new position puts him in charge of the nation's 17 spying agencies but critics say has no intelligence gathering experience as acting director he would not have to be confirmed by the senate let's get more on this now with washington correspondent all over solid good morning you all over what's behind the president's move to name now as the acting director of
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these powerful spy agencies. or run that's a key position in the white house and you really can consider this move to be something like a reward for richard grinnell's duty in berlin as the ambassador to germany of the united states you know critics have seen him a something like president trump's agha tater in berlin but he certainly also was a very polarizing figure if he was isolated in berlin as well you know diplomatically as well as the german government but then at the same time president trump praised him over and over again for his job and particularly because of how he interpreted his position there was a better he wasn't really acting like a diplomat he essentially tried to tell the german the german government there what to do criticizing threatening at times whenever essentially the german policy was
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not in president trumps interests and so we even had some critical voices here today from democratic lawmakers who said that's elevating trumps lapdogs one lawmaker said and that shows that the republicans care more about loyalty than national security obviously tackling the fact that richard grenell has no experience in intelligence spots on the other hand for trump he's a loyalist and someone he can really count on will be back with all over in a bit to talk about a major debate the us democratic party held its 9th president roll debate last night with the top 6 candidates facing off as they vie for the nomination to take on president trump in this year's election. the former mayor of new york city billionaire michael bloomberg appearing in his 1st debate after rising sharply in the polls the event came just days before voters in the state of nevada go to the polls in the 3rd contest of the democratic party's primary season.
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bloomberg came under sharp attack from his rivals in that debate. here's how he defended his bid for the nomination and i'm a celeb who didn't inherit his money but made his money and i'm spending money to get rid of donald trump the worst president we have ever had and if i can get tacked on it will be a great contribution to america and to my ok michael bloomberg bird there throwing down the gauntlet how did you do in his 1st presidential debate he's quite an unusual candidate and that money he spent in his ads some $300000000.00 more than all the other candidates is all his own money so he doesn't except that he do nations in he's not planning to accept donations in the future so the democratic national committee had to change the rules for him to be allowed to the debate tonight and he will certainly have tactful of that and criticized by all the other
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contenders essentials that were arguing that bloomberg is trying to buy the election he was criticized there for his wealth for on release tax returns also for how his company treated women and it was his 1st debate and you could really tell that he was lacking experience on the on the on the debate stage but on the other hand his ads seem to work and he's currently the 3rd strongest candidate right after bernie sanders and joe biden ok bernie sanders joe biden what were some of the take for you from the debate in light of these other candidates the 5 other challengers. right well it was a very fiery debate more fiery than recent debates perhaps and that is also because it's just a few days until the nevada caucus and super tuesday is around the corner and that's certainly what our share of the moment because some of the most populous us
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states will vote on the democratic candidate an interesting bernie sanders who is currently the leader in polls was not necessarily the person most tacked year on the stage everyone else was rather focusing on bloomberg and in addition the candidates took on each other like amy kohl bush are against people who to judge elizabeth warren had a strong performance but the real winner perhaps your today was bernie sanders who was really able to sell his progressive ideas and nobody was really hindering him ok all over thanks much for that from washington here in berlin 3 men have been sentenced to jail terms for stealing a gold coin worth some 4000000 euros from a famous museum in the capital they stole the coin from the city's botha museum in 2017 a 4th suspect was released from custody it was a heist fit for hollywood on a dark and foggy night 3 masked thieves climbed from an elevated we only line
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through the window of the buddha museum they smashed a showcase with an axe and hold off the world's biggest gold coin via the same train tracks and using 1st a wheelbarrow then a car 100 kilograms of pure gold worth almost 4000000 euros. the slings very few of the. gold is long gone. we'll never see it again. it was quite an impressive feat. using the railway line to access the window . and drop the coin back down. then dropping it down to ground level and picking it up with a car. form. it was all very well planned. to do when ralph going been heard about the robbery he immediately suspected lebanese clans got on himself is from lebanon and he knows the millions
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in his book he talked about the clans greed and received threats for that he says these criminal networks are typically involved in robberies illegal real estate deals the drug trade and the illegal trade in gold these are. fascinated by gold and jewelry and they have a lot of influence within the gold and jewelry trade and so on. that's what these were the 1st businesses they blackmailed and brought under control back in the early 1990 s. . so they already have an infrastructure for taking gold over the country albeit in little pieces. to sell their stolen gold the themes can rely on a trusted route which can bomb believes run through eastern europe this illness for . food. these smuggling networks
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mainly run through eastern european countries. countries where there is a lot of corruption and very little checking. the coin the gold probably went along this route. the dimensions of the school. and these and do go before the accused have never broken their silence got done since this is also typical for clan members state prosecutors saying they have no doubt that they are guilty but the gold coin has disappeared without a trace. also in the news today at least 85 people have been rescued from a fire the building in me on mars commercial hot young. patrol story building in
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the chinatown area contains apartments and stores safety standards are low in the city's downtown area after years of neglect. turkish president richard tired of one has threatened to launch a military operation in syria's adlib region he says an operation is only a matter of time unless syrian forces pull back behind turkish military positions russia has warned turkey not to attack syrian troops. portugal's parliament is holding a debate on whether to legalize euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide. catholic church conservative groups and portugal's medical association oppose the proposed a similar bill to allow use in asia recently cleared its 1st parliamentary hurdle in neighboring spain. prince harry and his wife megan are to carry out their final duties as active royals in late february and march that according
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to british media the decision to step down means they will no longer have an office at buckingham palace as of april the 1st. we have some sports news now and manchester city coach pep guardiola has insisted he will not leave the club that despite a 2 year champions league ban he was speaking for the 1st time since the punishment was handed down by last week. said he was found guilty of breaking spending rules and misleading us of investigators but while ago said he had full faith in the club and would win an appeal against the ban. cultured in that at the end it would deserve a player or would he have gone on the peach next season playing europe. cultured in the club 100 percent said before said right now and i'm pretty sure we're going to
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define our position so when someone believes he's right he has to fight until the end. no matter what. champions league play continued wednesday and it was a night of upsets italian debutantes of a lot of sank the spanish side valencia for one meanwhile the bonus league club rb leipzig stunned last year's finalists and their 1st ever knockout appearance. at the red bulls press from the very start but it took a foul on conrad lima in the 2nd half before they could take the lead t.-mo vanna rose to the occasion converting from the spot in the 58th minute leipzig did manage to defend their lead despite a late onslaught. the berlin film festival the belly knowledge gets under way in just a few hours this year there's been some changes behind the scenes it was also the 70th anniversary of the festival. cristina kirchner explains what's different this
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year and she also takes a look at some of the films competing for the coveted golden bear. waiting in the same long lines for film festival fans that's something they're all too used to still this year spell in all it will be unlike any other. as the festival celebrates its 70000 euros 3 it's also under new management carlos out to your aunt mary address and back have taken over and they've already started to leave their mark on the belly knowledge that the 2 new directors have brought some changes to the festival. including a slimmed down lineup and up brand new film category. why because cinema is bigger it becomes bigger and bigger is more pervez it is everywhere 3 maker they stretch the sense of the form so i think that. one single screen. very good one like the one of the 1000000000 dollar is not enough to tell this diversity
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800 films are competing for the golden bear the festival's biggest prize many of them deal with provoking subjects. francis bellini alexanderplatz bible one called bonnie is a remake by stone the 929 novel by alfred. in the new version francis a refugee attempts to start a new life in the german capital that's where they're going to africa south was he has to reconcile himself with reality as the stream of a clear way forward unravels it will be called into work history. was sally potus from the roads not taken doesn't make life much easier for shut out father leo leo ok javier bardem starts with elle fanning and santa york. times. daughter molly is worried about her father who's hallucinations and
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wandering mind have taken up toll on their relationship. thank you was. and another subject has overshadowed this year's spending on the nazis a german reporter just uncovered a scandal on home turf the film festival inferential 1st director. was a leading light in hitler's cinema industry festival organizers want independent researchers to find out the historic facts this year the worlds biggest festival for cinema go us has plenty of surprises something friends can count on is cinema royalty and the flash of cameras on the red carpet as the berlin wall is celebrating its 70th anniversary a lot has started to move shining a light on the past of the festival is as important as figuring out its future development the new management is addressing these challenges a new departure for the balance and every respect. this is deja vu news live from
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berlin let's get you up to date now on our breaking news story a suspected far right terrorists shot dead at least 10 people near frankfurt here in germany the suspect opening fire at 2 who could bars in the town of handout he said to have later killed himself and his 72 year old mother their bodies were found at an apartment in the town the suspect has been identified as a 43 year old german national he did leave a letter admitting to carrying out the killings and also posted a video on you tube expressing races and the stream is views. federal prosecutors are treating the killings as acts of terrorism. the regional interior minister for the state of has has condemned these attacks here's what he had to say. just for the initial evaluation of the alleged perpetrators internet page points to his.


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