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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2020 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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point 0.10 gets us into saturday. with. this is due to be news live from berlin hate crime and hung up a far right extremist fatally shooting 10 people in germany the gunman opened fire at 2 bars in a town near frankfurt the perpetrator killing his victims execution style prosecutors are treating it as an act of domestic terrorism chance on the american calling it a sad day for germany. to the together with people across the whole of germany i'm
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sure the deep pain fell today by the people of ha now over the brutal attacks of so many of our fellow citizens. only lock thank you so much for your company everyone well we begin this broadcast with a community in germany reeling from the deaths of 10 people in a terror attack a suspected far right extremist with a gun walked into 2 shisha bars in the town of hanno near frankfurt he targeted people of color and shot them execution style the suspect was a 43 year old german who national police have now identified as toby s. are he said to have later killed himself and his mother in their apartment. the morning after. residents woke up to speculation that far right extremists a motivated attacks in the neighborhood the severity of the incident is being felt
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fabi on the city strong condemnation from the german chancellor. racism is a poison hate is a poison and this points and exists in our society and is responsible for far too many crimes. at 10 o'clock last night local time the shooter opened fire in a shisha killing 4 people before driving to a 2nd venue where he shot dead 5 people. the bot owner's son describes what happened. so it was like a massacre. around page there was blood everywhere people on the ground. like my kids and i were in good spirits. i live 100 meters from here and when i went up stairs i had 567 shots that's what i saw and had to go higher and i was at st john's a service of on the one hand you feel
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a bit powerless and on the other hand i don't want to call it fear but it's something like that that you have to be afraid to go out to go to a bar but. also a good. many of the victims are believed to be of turkish kurdish descent prosecutors say the gunman had his then a 5 big march if. the attack is being treated as an act of terror following the discovery of a confession letter and a you tube video of the suspect which he uploaded a few days ago in which he expressed his extremist ideology. the suspect along with his 72 year old mother were later found dead in his home. police are searching the property and seizing items of interest as part of their investigation. overlords and duff and so we looked out of the window and saw
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a lot of police officers. around 25 to 30 with 20 big cars. and dogs and they were running around. since. the attack comes amid growing concerns about far right violence in germany investigations are ongoing. a tragic day here in germany at the crime scene and one where is due to be correspondent keep britain with me here in the studio to provide analysis and background is that you have used chief political editor make a lot. of our viewers i want to take you 1st to where kid is or you are at the crime scene what reaction has this he cried prompted. there really has been very action of shock here 1st and foremost in her now you can already see however that some locals have been coming out today especially of the
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last couple of hours as people took their lunch breaks coming to lay down some flowers and candles to remember the victims who were who lost their lives yesterday even as you can see right behind me here is the shisha where the 1st in this double shooting took place and earlier on today the german interior minister. also visited the site and laid these flowers here just behind me but there really is a sense of shock here but also frustration from many members of the community as well frustration that they don't feel protected and also of course many people here today coming from germany's turkish community many of them born germans themself but yet still feeling like outsiders and kid if i can you tell us a little bit more about these the 2 the occasions where the a tragic shootings took place who would frequent them how many people do we know
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were at the time at these bars. well there were a lot of people out in bars around town or last night many of them watching the football and that was the case right here on the street across from from the she should be where the 1st shooting took place another owner of a pup was telling me earlier today and how he heard the gunshots himself as he was watching the football last night with around 20 people in his bar and quickly told them to move away from the windows as quickly as possible and he later then found one of the victims on the pavement here behind me but we are in what we you might describe as downtown hanau but it's a very quiet very nondescript very small german town around 25 kilometers east of the major city of frank but of course now this name hanau will be linked to this
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terrorist attack a very very long time to come. you just said this isn't really a nondescript small town on the outskirts of or a little bit further from france that right not that far away what is i mean didn't have ever any such radical activism taking place in the. town. certainly not we spoke earlier today to a representative from the kurdish community in the state that we're in at the moment as well and taste before of some threats in the past but not that he forever felt that the kurdish community community had ever really being threatened with serious violence to the extent of which we saw last night which of course resulted in the deaths of at least 9 people. stick around i want to bring in now our colleague. this incidents part of
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a few very worrying cases of attacks on visible minorities and those who are deemed to be pro immigrant what is going on in germany yeah that's what everybody is asking and that's also there's a sense of disbelief also amongst politicians here and we heard from angela merkel talking about the poison in society and there of course she also reference to those cases you're alluding to the mother of all to look at that was a pro migration politician who was murdered basically on his own lawn by a right wing extremist but also last october we saw an attack in the eastern town of holland where young man was trying to enter a synagogue and these people were just saved by a wooden door but he then killed innocent bystanders and said so clearly that is that is a change these are these incidents that are warning a great number of people and we heard from the interior minister. today who said that politicians now have to think long and hard where their responsibility lies
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and what they can do as interior minister of course also having a view on the events of that coming up over the next couple of days because it is kind of all season here and many tens of thousands of people will be out on the streets and right now this is a nation. it's a nation in shock but i also wonder i mean the political discourse in this country has course and a little bit part of part of the. newcomers have changed the way that one describes people talks about certain people especially visible minorities is this a spillover from that. that's a question that i wouldn't be able to and one but one thing is clear the far right if tea party and to german parliament that changed the tone of political debate into me significantly 2015 when almost a 1000000 migrants came to germany and that was a turning point in also how view migration into germany that was the big welcome
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but then there was also the kind of sobering debate of what implications this has on germany the far right if tea party was born out of this making a difference for in who can actually has it in their view right to be german the question of what color skin you have is now being debated in kind of more mainstream conservative circles and again and this is something that is why a lot of people and the most outspoken politician i've heard so far is the leader of the michael c. do you party and it could come combo who openly accused the far right if tea party of police preparing the political ground upon which substitute acts like we've now seen then also happen we're not pointing to a single group is just where you're highlighting the trend that has made it acceptable to talk in a certain way about visible minorities in this country i wonder mikhail and i'm certain pretty honest but are are these acts now becoming
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a national crisis. define national crisis to me this is a shock to the very fabric of german society 5 of the victims also have turkish citizen ship but many turks who came here over the last decades have double citizenship this really is catching a minority. community you said a nondescript town and that's how terrorism walks people feel this could happen next door and that is something that is now sparking a whole new political debate here and many asked to west society is going and we've already seen dozens of communities of a calling people to come to the streets in this so solidarity this evening so they don't want to leave this as symbolic for what is going on and many right now of course lots of questions are being raised as well in terms of how the state is providing security for visible minorities in this country for now thank you so very
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much greatly appreciated mikhail and our germany's interior minister as. alluded to mr hoar say hoffa has been to the crime scene that he said interior ministers from germany 16 states would meet to discuss ways to improve security in response to the activities of the extreme right to take a listen what he said just moments ago. coleman ladies and gentlemen we've come here to pay our respects. panzer express our condolences to the families of the victims in the face of this upon the magine of all crime. ordered flags for all public buildings in germany to be flown at half mast today. after this act of violence. we want to demonstrate here in the city of how now.
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our concern and condolences to the public and the entire german state of hassen. that is why we have come here. we have learned about what happened in detail. we must remember that this is an ongoing investigation. however it appears to be the case that there was a racist motive behind this act. racism is poison. poison that causes confusion in the mind and allows evil to step forward. before. there was see into their interior minister horst say hoffer speaking from. ok want to bring in now yon some peer he security analyst and counterterrorism advisor and he joins us also from frankfurt not very far from where the hate crimes have taken place sir i
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understand that you might have some information about the letter and the video of the alleged perpetrator. well the but the important part of the letter as well as the video is not the the ramblings about really outrageous. conspiracy theories but rather the alignment with the much broader conspiracy theory which is the idea of great the great replacements which is an idea that spawn in the seventy's and great again even more traction with it was more developed in more detail in 2011 in france and this is the theory that advocates that there is a conspiracy at work to replace western populations with migrant populations and since 2015 a lot of the proponents of these and supporters of this theory i feel vindicated through i get america's policy back then and it's prompted
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a lot of the fart rights. extremists and terrorists to act upon those ideas and what we saw in the manifesto as well as the video published by yesterday's attack or is that very much thoughts in this frame of mind is yes well the this is in line again with the the great replacement theory is that in the end in order to avoid being replaced. the local populations need to rise up need to take arms and defend their own countries defend their nations did the notion of nation is very important defender of the civilization and that's such very much as we see in religious extremism and terrorism the idea of an upcoming war the idea of a race war religious war between righteous and none righteous is very much work here and as such it's a has prompted a lot of militias and far right activists an extremist to trains with weapons to try to accumulate weapons set up militias in order to defend their country
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couplings are these philosophy says put it that way. they're extremely prevalent and that's what's a very often underestimated is that we lot of security analysts and even those working for governments very often will use outdated templates for to idolise that the risk related to them. and underestimating the power of the july is ation that one attacker can be inspired by events in new zealand or in chile or and in spain and that this network of people online strength and each other and spread the ideas and this is where it's really dangerous is that these ideas are far of well spread they gain traction every time something happens and this is where we see the real potency of these ideas is that it is shared online and it's very easy to share as well. let's talk about this particular perpetrator what do you think went into
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preparing this type of attack do you think he received help or was this a lone wolf action. well the if history is saying things are go by is that although the perpetrators themselves will add hacked acted on their own we saw it in hull and we saw it in christchurch in el paso in quebec city a few years ago however they have online support we know in the case of christ church that the attacker received some money from austria for example and so although it looks on paper at 1st looking at the 1st images of the attack that the modus operandi it does look like a single perpetrator so a lone wolf however again the digital community provides a lot of strong support for this would it be logistical financial does they get that this is why. one of the priorities of the investigation is to determine how deep the rabbit hole goes what type of wedding. what in what type of wedding was
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this attacker caught in and this is the biggest issue. what is so worrying about of course what percent what happens is that this comes just after this country conducted raids against potential far right militia just last week. indeed and that's again the fact that he was unknown through authorities and we talk a lot about the so-called affair the so the people already on the on a wanted list on dangerous list and that is a major issue because they are there already known but what we don't know are the ones that seem appear normal in their everyday life keep to themselves but nonetheless have a very active online life a social life and put into this context with all that's going on the poor eyes ation of societies over the last few years it does work that some will organize themselves as militias where others more discreet thinner social relationships
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classically speaking will act on their own and this is where even if there were a raid last week sometimes it's an incitement actually incentive for those lone actors to act because they feel they're somehow under pressure even if it's not directly related to them all right a young some p.r. security expert and a counterterrorism advisor says thank you for wing it. thank you and for international viewers just joining us a suspected far right terrorist has shot dead 10 people near frankfurt here in germany the suspect opened fire at 2 bars in the town of qana he is reported to have later killed himself and his mother in their apartments 9 of the people he shot dead were people of color a suspect a 43 year old german national left a letter admitting to the killings he also posted a video on you tube expressing racist and other extremist views but all prosecutors
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are treating the attacks as acts of domestic terrorism. all right so let's get you more now i am joined by constantine korea he's a spokesman on domestic domestic affairs our domestic politics for the free democratic party serve ery good to have you here with us on this very sad day what i wanted to ask you is do you feel that what has happened and how now this hate crime is it symptomatic of a larger societal problem. yes that is we do have to consider that this is not the 1st terrorist attack that germany sees from a right wing terrorist there has been a number of attacks in the last month in the last years just a few months ago a representative of a local government and hesson the same state is in was killed because he expressed pro refugee points of view and we do not have to underestimate the effect that
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such attacks have on muslim communities on and we're going to communities in germany these people do not feel safe anymore and it's the responsibility of the political and of the state authorities to ensure that we get this in order so where is the government failing because you know if this keeps happening nobody's going to feel safe where is the government feeling what should it change well 1st of all we have to see that in the last months there's already been a lot of measures taken in order to strengthen authorities and all that to strengthen agencies that work against radicalization and that work against. terrorism and try to prevent terrorism so in a free society there will never be on a percent security this is a very important thing that we have to consider as a free democracy however we still can see that our security community does not
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have the entire picture of how ready kelley's ation happens in germany so we have to consider what happens in the internet we have to see what the links are to international role models such as the christ georgia tech and use the land and i think that especially when it comes to scientific input when it comes to digital capacities of our security agencies this still has to be strengthened where is the intolerance coming from. well the intolerance is partly coming from the fact that the issue of migration and integration hasn't been on the table for a very long time in germany there was a public denial that germany is a country of immigrants and many issues have not been subject to public discussions on. since 2015 since the migration crisis that europe has witnessed extreme right wing parties like the i feel so when it's dark and in state parliament are
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using this uncertainty in order to promote their own agenda so it is partly the fault of all political parties who haven't been talking enough about the issue of migration and integration but it's also a very important responsibility of the far right parties we can now see in the german political landscape sued you feel that this calls for a federal response i just want to point out of course these were german citizens yes these are german citizens absolutely their parents their grandparents might have come to. germany as immigrants but if you talk to people and if you listen to how this attack is perceived by the population we are still talking about this attack being a sign of intolerance towards foreigners whereas these people were foreigners they have been living here paying taxes raising their children for years and for generations and as long as we don't consider and seen people who's that ancestors
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have come to germany as a full part of german society these people will not feel safe and this is a responsibility for the entire drama political landscape to say there is a clear stance against migraine extremism also in the political landscape what would be an appropriate federal response. an appropriate response is already underway as the federal minister of the interior knowledge that there will be a meeting tonight of the 16 state ministers of the interior in germany security is a state responsibility so all the 17 ministers of the interior 16 from the states and one federal minister are united tonight in order to discuss what could be appropriate measures i think they should also discuss if the measures that have been taken in the last months are enough if the definition that we are using in our security community in order to find out if someone is dangerous or not is still appropriate germany has been targeting islamic extremism in the last decades
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to a very high degree and that was a good thing to do but i think we need to take some of the things we learned about islamic extremism and apply it also when it comes to right wing extremism we have to be a bit more concrete when it comes to the different streams already kelley's ation and extremism that exists in germany and it has to happen fast because if you talk to people that are going to a mosque if you're talking to people who visit sites where people of color are going for example they are not feeling safe anymore in germany and this is totally unacceptable that german citizens no matter their belief. are not feeling safe constantine of the free democratic party sir thank you for spending time with us thank you. campaigning has ended in iran ahead of a parliamentary election on friday it will be the 1st such poll says the u.s.
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withdrew from the international nuclear deal and really imposed sanctions on the country while many iranians have endured severe economic hardship as a result opposition figures are calling for a boycott of the elections saying it doesn't give people a real choice u.w.s. theresa tropper reports from tehran. business is slow and life has become more difficult even here in the hall than to run in an old district with many wealthy presidents a few people here think much will change after friday's election. that people want lots of different changes but nothing ever happens in the system as conceived ground and start caring about the people. only by doing various will be able to survive for another 40 years to fix your model washing you look just sort of the you come up here to pictures you can even an egg plant now cost 10000 to man voting
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really make a difference. i don't expect anything nothing from the parliament and nothing from the president if they really represented the people they would have long since done something but all they do is talk names and. skepticism is a problem for the reformist candidates close to president rouhani their promise of increased prosperity by working with the west is one they haven't been able to keep many have been disqualified by the guardian council from even running and those who have know that. the mood in the opposing campaign office couldn't be more different hardliners like say at mohamed hussein he feels their time has come and they want to win back parliament in the country venditti yeah. it's time to end the cooperation with the west to stop trusting western countries. people are turning towards candidates who support the values obviously revolution here towards
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hardworking people who believe a region must share resistance you saw me ask you call it matters. a resistance to the west the islamic republic sounding noticed seems to be enjoying a comeback at the moment but analysts say that recent tensions with the u.s. iran's archenemy 6 play up. when you have so much pressure from abroad people tend to be more conservative so you have what happened to a major general officially it was announced that he was assassinated sapir which tend to feel that this is a major security issue for iran and right now we have to be tough to keep the integrity of the country. let's go to apathy is strong even in the traditionally conservative stronghold of iran. i would i'd rather cut off my arms and legs than go out and turn no real elections here in iran just appointments the guardian
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council in other words come anigh makes all the decisions these candidates are stooge. is it won't achieve anything. the heartland as may well emerge victorious in this election with low voter participation could also be interpreted as a vote of no confidence. that report by teresa tropper from tehran 2 elderly passengers from a cruise ship in japan have died after being infected with the coronavirus while 13 more cases have been concerned on their ship the diamond princess bringing the total to 634 the japanese government is facing mounting criticism for its appearance failure to contain the virus after keeping the passengers of the ship in quarantine for 2 weeks while it seems that that effort to stop the spread of the coals in 1000 virus has failed. cruise ships have long been described as floating petri dishes on board the diamond princess the monica is a grim reality. over 600 people quarantined on the luxury liner annoying to have
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contracted the new coronavirus. now 2 elderly passengers have died the man and woman were japanese citizens in their eyes she says. passengers on wednesday began leaving the ship after a 2 week quarantine period it appears to have done little to stop the disease from spreading others recuperative here i was so afraid every time they made announcements about infections there was so many of them around i wondered if we'd be next remarkable but. when the ship arrived in yokohama only 10 passengers tested positive for the virus. following the 14 day koren team period several countries have begun evacuating the citizens from the ship with others set to fall or search on thursday.


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