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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2020 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a growing humanitarian and political crisis at turkey's border with the european union. was the the. this was the scene at one border crossing earlier this morning where greek police are blocking thousands of migrants from entering the e.u. and thousands more are on the way after turkey said that they were free to go we have a report from your correspondent at the border also coming up. u.s. president trump imposes new restrictions to stop the new coronaviruses health
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officials announced america's 1st death from illness doctors in the state of washington don't know how the man became infected. unlike a local welcome to the program pressure is building on turkey's western border as thousands of migrants and refugees seek to enter the european union this was the scene this morning at one border crossing between turkey and greece the u.n. says at least 13000 people are stuck along the border and a tweet turkey's interior minister claimed more than 76000 people had left the country for the european union but greece and bold garia have not reported such large numbers. our correspondent julie a hot on the. he's covering the story on the ground and filed this report from the
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turkish border. and the sign at the greek borders says well come on but that's just not the case it's the 2nd day of people heading here hundreds now wait to be allowed across the city that was the lookout for a chaotic makeshift camp has sprung up open to the elements people try to stay warm lighting fires and dense smoke drifts through the air sometimes it's tear gas fired by the greek police. this is one of the major crossing points between taki and e.u. member greece it's been heavily guarded in the past few years but as soon as turkish authorities announced they would no longer stop refugees from trying to cross into europe hundreds of people started arriving here and they easily passed this border fence on the turkish side at the same time greek border police beefed
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up security and the border of their remains closed so this is the situation now hundreds of people many with children and just a few belongings stuck in the no man's land between the 2 countries. feared us and his family set a little further away 5 years ago he fled from the syrian city of homs to turkey it's here where he met his wife and it's here where their daughter was born now they're on the road again with us just a little. bit of that we had on the news that the borders to europe are being i've been in the. head of immediately by taxi from is mansour here. is we have done share of them have. actually opened the border. their biggest. they paid $400.00 for the trip that's around 60 euros a lot of money for this family. at least they brought some supplies water bread
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she says. many have nothing at all the desperation is most visible when a few local volunteers arrive to distribute food that it should not be thought of there isn't enough for everyone involved in a coffee cup and it's down the care management is vital the whole world must see this if you ask me this is a shame for the entire planet these people have been left to stay outside in the cold and. most of those waiting here came with the firm belief that the border was indeed open and that the tax the europeans opposed had moved in their favor of the realisation that this is not true makes it all the more bitter i don't see as we'll and he used to talk a little purposes they should not use refugees like this isn't a layman. who helps a beautiful young lady now we know that this is all
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a game you know it was you know it was a result we just want someone to tell us what will happen. knowing what's in store this is what everybody here once feared us who even he'll watches the news from syria. and the many others who now say they want to stay until the border is opened. even though they sense that is unlikely to happen. the corona virus has claimed its 1st victim in the united states a clinically ill man in his fifty's doctors don't know how he became infected australia and thailand also announced their 1st fatalities from the spreading epidemic. in washington state fears of a new outbreak at a cat home in a seattle suburb it's not far from the hospital where the u.s. recorded its 1st coronavirus fatality president donald trump said more cases were
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likely but there was no reason for americans to panic but we're doing really well very very professionally our country is. prepared for any circumstance we hope it's not going to be a major circumstance it will be a smaller circumstance but whatever the circumstances. we are prepared. officials announced heightened warnings against travel to affected regions including iran italy and south korea where cases are rising fast as that country's military was brought in to help with the disinfection in the southern city of daegu or thirties advised south koreans to stay at home over the weekend many churches have scaled back services moving sermons online. in italy europe's worst affected country frustration is growing in northern towns under lockdown travel in and out is limited and schools and businesses remain closed
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give us back our freedom residents here demanded that town has been locked down for more than a week. in the 1st few days there was perhaps a little more tension in the town because people were understandably a little scared but now the news has faded and people are getting increasingly frustrated now the fear of what will happen next year has overtaken the fear of the virus. even in the nearby city of milan not under lockdown residents are worried about the economic impacts of the coronavirus usually packed with tourists this weekend the city was relatively disaster hit italians are hoping the outbreak will be cut quickly so they can get back to business as usual. for more we welcome mohammed moneer he's a viral infection and vaccine expert at lancaster university in the u.k.
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mr munir we're seeing the virus continue to spread further in many countries give us a little perspective which is largely expected and is the worst yet to come. based on all as scientific calculations and production it is pretty clear that the widest is not each 2 weeks of peak and this is. we are now seeing communities as a pair to between any known history or contacts that is very uncertain and also because the disease has reached tootin economies in many developing countries where there is a leaky and a weaker health care system so based on all of these clues it is highly likely that overall impact of the spiders on public. will be logged more in coming weeks or there are new insights on how the virus is transmitted and why is it spreading so quickly. well this is why this has a few peculiar collector
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a stake in the 1st one is merely the productive rate it has a very high productivity rate which means a whole many people can be infected from one sick person so with a cold 19 infected person it has a capacity to in fact at least 20 people in the vicinity which is 3 times more of that and seasonal flu for example not only data but this why does appear to be less lethal so therefore it has more tendency to spread between people who are between the communities so based on these all or all. nature of this this why does it appear that it is spreading very lavishly and it would surprised at a broader scale if the control millions were not be put in place in all those countries whenever the public has it with a new health crisis they want to know how do we fix this what about the prospects of a vaccine how close are we to actually getting an effective that scene that can be used safely by the public. until we don't have vaccine or try to.
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track down this why this will always remain hanging on to the humanity because of the kind it's surprising because of overall perspective it is posing onto the globe . making a vaccine is really a long long process just to put it into the perspective for example they erupted into 14 and the 1st vaccine that came into the market was in late 2019 after 5 years off the old rate by that time he was not on the scene so we are trying our best to make the vaccine available mainly because of the information that was available from a political and what its source back in brutal going to tweet so. you know what i would say about it in 8 months to one year we will have a very good vaccine that would become available for the public but until that the only option we left it is the containment and the controlled me is to be adopted mohamed we're near really appreciate your time thanks so much. a look
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now at some of the other stories making headlines today former u.s. vice president joe biden has won a strong victory in the south carolina democratic primary election thanks in part to support from black voters his win comes at a crucial moment just days before several states vote on super tuesday. afghanistan's government says it's not committed to releasing prisoners as agreed in a deal between the u.s. and the taliban the agreement signed in doha yesterday aims to allow u.s. troops to pull out of the country and to settle facilitate talks between the taliban and the us supported government in kabul. opinion surveys in israel show prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his left of center challenger benny guns running neck and neck ahead of monday's parliamentary election it will be the 3rd election in less than a year 2 polls in 2018 gave neither side enough seats to form
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a government tanya kramer sent us this report from israel. young student activists campaigning for the right wing likud party on the university campus in jerusalem they want to see benjamin or bibi netanyahu form the next coalition government and the ongoing political stalemate. yes tore sharply what in your there's a sense that the election is about yes unknown to bibi i would like to see the election dealing more with ideological content and political messages but politics is politics and carry over today according to their party pick out the elections a rerun of benyamin netanyahu versus benny guns and the polls of predicting almost the same outcome as the previous 2 ballots last year there's also some election fatigue in the air and the last few days before the election the threat of the corona virus has made more headlines in the israeli media than the upcoming vote.
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the main issue is that we are going without a government for a year now the country is dysfunctioning the knesset the israeli parliament is out of order nothing works and obviously people wants to put dispirited behind them and move forward to have a government that will can work for the israeli people to remain prime minister netanyahu needs to win back the so-called magician of israeli politics has made one election pledge after another yannick sation of parts of the west bank based on trump's middle east plan and new settlement housing all to cater to this hardline nationalist voter base. his opponent benny gantz has made netanyahu has indictments and upcoming trial over corruption charges and election issue but also his center left bloc is unlikely to net as a clear the no. bad enough minutes there is no real winner here we just need bibi
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to leave and say thank you very much i was a great prime minister i finished my job he can reach an agreement that you cannot be judged on what he has done and he can go home. so do i think methanol is the best person or if no but he is the best man for the job right now in 2020 and i voted for in the last 2 stalemate over form again i don't give voting because every vote counts every vote counts what every word counts in this repeated action it remains to be seen whether israel he says see a clear path to a new coalition government after the polls. some sport now and in the bundesliga by in munich inflicted a 6 neal defeat on hoffenheim but the story of the day was the match between being interrupted twice due to an offensive banner in by a fan blog byers scored 4 goals in the 1st half to put the match out of reach thomas moore had 2 assists and continuous score 2 but then biron fans started
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insulting hoffenheim owner didna hall and the players were ordered to. walk off the pitch the teams eventually returned for the final 13 minutes but refused to play properly. you're watching news from the lead more news as always in 45 minutes. after. what secrets lie behind swaps. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 368 get the map now. is the shaman race destroying itself. we are ruining the basic elements of our existence we're using too much water.


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