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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2020 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin a humanitarian and political crisis at turkey's borders with the e.u. the greek police used tear gas to drive back migrants said one crossing point thousands of people are pushing towards the borders after turkey said it would no longer prevent microbes from trying to reach the e.u. . paris closes its famed loop of museum amid fears over the coronavirus across europe the tourism industry takes a hit as the number of cases continues to rock. plus israeli leader benjamin
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netanyahu once again fighting for political survival as the country holds its 3rd election in less than a year polls predict a tight race between him and challenger many guns and he has barely dry on the newly signed u.s. peace treaty with the afghan taliban but cracks are already starting to appear speak to one of the country's few political few female political leaders on how she sees afghanistan's future. oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us greek police have deployed tear gas against hundreds of migrants trying to force their way across the border from turkey thousands more are on their way after ankara said it would let migrants cross into the e.u. turkey has been calling for more e.u.
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support in tackling the migrant crisis amid syria's civil war. no man's land between greece and turkey greek police deployed water cannon to drive back people trying to cross the border into the e.u. . athens says it has blocked around 10000 migrants who are trying to leave turkey after president richard tired heard one said his country had opened the gates to europe. the greek orthodox sees have sent an automated text message to mobile phones along the border areas of greece they're urging people against trying to enter. the good. turkish soldiers have been seen patrolling with wire cutters to cut the fence and guide the illegal migrants here. this was only stopped because greek soldiers patrolling at that point intervened and repaired the damage fence. these people from
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afghanistan have made it across to greece but that doesn't mean they're safe. in the times we struggle. during the live. over. the greek police are resting migrants they find on their side of the border they'll either be sent back or even jailed for entering the country illegally. corresponded dorian jones joins me now from istanbul dorian the greek government has made serious accusations against turkey accusing it of using refugees as pawns to exert diplomatic pressure has there been a response from ankara. well ancora said that any criticism of his decision to stop migrants from leaving the country will is absolute rampant
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hypocrisy they say turkey. dealing with the refugee crisis saying the country is hosting 4000000 refugees 3 and a half 1000000 from syrian civil war and a half a 1000000 from conflicts from the region and it says despite hosting such a huge number of people the support it's getting from the international community has been very little and it says that he simply cannot see any more refugees and he says those who want to leave are free to do so. about the people caught up in this conflict in this international power play the migrants who are trying to cross into the e.u. are languishing there in turkey. well there from all across the region you have people from afghanistan or iraq even from various countries across africa are part of this thousands of people that are believe now
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to be on the greek borders and of course you have syrians as well and this just underscores how important a country turkey is to hosting the regions are refugees and white ciena so important to controlling those people leaving the country but on cruise it is clear that it cannot host these people anymore and there are expect to be growing numbers of refugees heading towards a border as uncle makes clear it's not going to change its policy and this will and concerns among the humanitarian groups of the conditions they are facing it is still winter it's freezing at night many of the people there are families who have young children even concerned about feeding these people what are they going to do for sanitation as the numbers are expected to build up in the coming days ahead. turkey is already hosting over 3000000 refugees from the syrian conflict as you mentioned dorian more on the way is any progress being made in deescalating that
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conflict in syria. well that's the thing that turkey will be looking for it's looking for international support face military operation inside if this is main this is much more as a into the european union but the nato members within the european union who are looking for to support its call for military support in appointment of anti aircraft missiles patriot missiles that is what i want in support of his military operation because it says unless that operation succeeds and makes a region of it live stable turkey will face one and a half possibly 2000000 more refugees and i'm chris says that's not only turkey's problem that will be europe's problem dorian thank you very much correspondent dorian jones there in. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today each church has ended his campaign for the u.s. democratic presidential nomination the former mayor had
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a disappointing performance in south carolina's primary on saturday and his decision comes just before super tuesday when 14 states hold nominating contests that could produce a clear front runner. as dozens of people have been arrested during protests in kazakhstan over the death of an anti-government activist in police custody opposition leaders called the demonstrations after do lot a god deal died last month in a jail cell authorities say he suffered heart failure. and heavily armed police have entered a shopping mall near the philippines capital manila local news was born said a former security guard was holding several employees inside the building was evacuated after gunshots rang out inside causing shoppers to flee in panic. the corona virus continues to spread quickly around the world with the total number
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of infections now at more than $89000.00 globally australia and thailand as well as the us have registered their 1st deaths from kobe of 19 indonesia and several other countries are reporting their 1st cases in italy the worst hit country in europe coronavirus infections have jumped 50 percent to nearly $700.00. the canals of venice without its famous gondolas no sound of fans cheering in milan's football stadium either where 5 major matches have been postponed due to the corona virus. as new infections climbed dramatically in europe's worst hit country italian government is imposing more drastic measures quarantined areas are controlled by army checkpoints in some regions and emergency aid has been promised to the sectors hit hardest by the rapid spread of the virus. in france tourists
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gathered outside the world's most visited museum the loo for in vain and sunday they were not allowed in the building after the museum staff voted to keep its doors shut due to the fears of contamination from the flow of tourists. the good to see the money the sand and the rain but unfortunately it's still a sign of it is a plate then the french government has banned gatherings of more than 5000 people closing down trade fairs and large sporting events even though a half marathon in paris was officially called off hundreds of runners defied the ban and ran the full course. now must decide signed up to take part in the marathon and since i had nothing to do this morning i thought i might as well go and run it was my goal and if i can do it why not we have to stop all this paranoia with what's happening and we have to keep things in perspective it's just
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as before but this is only in recent days the u.s. australia and thailand have reported the 1st test on their soil but with more than 50 deaths iran has the world's highest outside of china that demick is impacting businesses and daily life and shaking the country's already struggling economy. but i've got a mother and you're one of us our people are panicked a little under stress is led to a drop in sales people have also become more hygiene obsessed and buy less food from bakeries restaurants and caterers. catering go. as markets around the globe ticket some countries are more vulnerable than others. voting has begun in israel's 3rd election in less than a year polls show prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his center left challenger benny gantz running neck and neck 2 elections held last year and an inconclusive.
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with no other side winning enough seats to form a government. that is due to stand trial later this month over a series of corruption scandals the w.'s tanya kramer sent us this report from israel. young student activists campaigning for the right wing likud party on the university campus into celeb they want to see bend to mean or bibi netanyahu from the next coalition government and end the ongoing political stalemate. yes of course sharply what in your there's a sense that the election is about yes unknown to bibi i would like to see the election dealing with ideological content and political messages but politics is politics and carry am a very live put it because they're part of pick out the elections a rerun of benyamin netanyahu versus benny gantz and the polls are predicting almost the same outcome as the previous 2 ballots last year there's also some election fatigue in the air in the last few days before the election the threat of
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the coronavirus has made more headlines in the israeli media than the upcoming vote . the main issue is that we are going without a government for a year now the country is dysfunctioning the knesset the israeli parliament is out of order nothing works and obviously people wants to put dispirited behind them and move forward to have a government that will can work for the israeli people to remain prime minister netanyahu needs to win back the so-called magician of israeli politics has made one election pledge after another the enix ation of parts of the west bank based on trump's middle east plan a new settlement housing all to cater to this hardline nationalist voter base. his opponent benny gantz has made netanyahu has indictments and upcoming trial over corruption charges and election issue but also his center left bloc is unlikely to
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as a clear the know. enough minutes there is no real renee here we just need bibi to leave and say thank you very much i was a great prime minister i finished my job he can reach an agreement that you cannot be judged on what he has done and he can go home. so do i think methanol is the best person or if no but he is the best man for the job right now in 2020 and i voted for in the last 2 stalemate all vote for him again i don't give voting because every vote counts every vote counts but every word counts in this repeated action it remains to be seen whether israelis will see a clear path to a new coalition government after the polls. offer more than a let's cross over to mitchell brock he's a pollster in israel and joins us from jerusalem thanks for being with us this morning 1st of all what are the chances that this select good morning good morning will actually break israel's political deadlock. that's the big question
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israelis are hoping that finally after 3 election cycles that they will have a government and go back to normal so it's hard to say what the chances are at this point i will say that the big factor is really going to be turnout people know who they're going to vote for there's not a lot of movement within the blocks and the turnout is really going to affect it i mean likud has been campaigning that there's you know tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of likud voters that stayed home i don't know how true that is or not that's what they're campaigning on but i will say than that and you know has run a very very aggressive campaign whereas benny gantz has been somewhat silent you mentioned the importance of turnout well this is israel's 3rd general election in 11 months or boaters not getting a bit frustrated voter fatigue be a factor here today perhaps affecting turnt up. well voter fatigue is always
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a factor because they've done this before but i'm not convinced meaning i think what what people around the world don't understand it is a vacation day in israel everyone gets the day off a paid vacation day so we've now had 3 vacation days in a year kids are off from school in israel is a country that doesn't really have sundays schools are operating 6 days a week so it's fantastic now you see it's you know 8 o'clock in the morning there's not a lot of people on the streets everyone sleeping late unfortunately it's a little cold otherwise people would be going to the beach but people take trips the trains are free all over the country so it's not so bad the problem is that there's a lot of uncertainty and that the budgets have been passed and you know people are hurting because there's instability in israel as a country that's used to a certain amount of instability more having to do with the security situation but here everything is after the election after election when they'll be a government when they'll be a budget so people are their patients are running out more than there is fatigue
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now benjamin netanyahu of course is about to stand trial and corruption charges could have an effect on today's results. well i think it will have more of effect meaning the people that are voting for him just see that as another away or another plot to try and take him down if you can't take him down in the polls then the then the attorney general is going to do it then the courts are going to do it and the police are going to do it where i do think it will play a factor it will absolutely play a factor during the coalition negotiations because just a few blocks from here in jerusalem in the district court on the 17th of march 1 day after the knesset is sworn in will sit on the defendant's bench and his trial will begin so as long as he's not the sitting prime minister with a government for him to negotiate be sworn in as member of knesset and then they go she with parties as a defendant that may be just a little too much for not only the israeli people but other israeli lawmakers to
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say you just don't have the capacity to be a defendant it doesn't look good we're going to need to find someone else who can do the job so that's where i think it's going to be a big factor michel brock is really a poster thought poster thank you very much for talking with us thank you have a great day now this weekend's the u.s. and the taliban signed a long negotiated agreement to end the war in afghanistan but it's already hit a rough patch afghanistan's president says his government has not pledged to release thousands of taliban prisoners despite that being part of the deal. these signatures given at a historic summit in qatar's capital doha milestone on afghanistan's road to peace after almost 20 years of war.
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but that road was always going to be rocky under the deal the afghan government will release thousands of taliban prisoners ahead of talks between afghan factions but afghanistan's president ashraf ghani said his government never agreed to that and it wasn't for the u.s. to decide. now where that would be better you know no commitment has been made for the release of 5000 prisoners. we have repeatedly said this issue clearly with the u.s. envoy that's out of my colleagues out and other officials with the mommy this is the legitimate right and self-determination of the people of afghanistan. a request has been made and it can be part of the negotiation very cannot be a precondition for the getting my demands on stones. for many afghans the hope of an end to the violence is tempered by fears for their country's future . with the ability to get you know if the u.s.
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leaves afghanistan we afghans are worried about a return to the brutal situation that the taliban will stop their attacks again. so we call on the taliban to sign the peace deal with the afghan government as soon as possible that i'm inside just about. women and girls especially suffered severe repression under taliban rule. kabul veterinarian ta is worried about the threat to women's progress if the group we gain strength through talks with the government. i don't feel very optimistic because i don't know who will come to power if there's peace with the taliban. looking at their history i feel less hopeful that i'll be able to continue my work if there is peace with the taliban war will come to. it's now a waiting game to see how talks between different afghan groups play out following saturday's deal. like reside people here hope they won't have to pay for peace with
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their freedom. and we're joined from kabul by koofi a member of the afghan parliament and one of the few women who took part in the negotiations aimed at bringing an end to decades of conflict. you took part in these negotiations i understand are you satisfied with the outcome. well people in afghanistan including myself we are cautiously optimistic i'm saying cautiously optimistic because 1st of all it is the beginning of an important process where the afghan islamic republic and then the taliban have to really set in few days. we're hoping as it's agreed to mention and the taliban and the united states have been and we have to set in few days and discuss those issues the people of afghanistan are worried about discuss about women's rights advocate rights the future of the government where everyone will feel included
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and then in the meantime we we are. optimistic because this is a beginning of a big process but we are cautious because. there has not really been a major steps by taliban to both trust and to demonstrate that they are that they have changed that they will not come back as they were doing. during 1996 that they are committed to. the mom soft people of afghanistan. 8 and also we are cautious because there is also. not a strong tight afghanistan islamic republic delegation has to be really inclusive we have to start preparation for. you know kind of making of you know. yes i just wanted to ask you there's a very important point that in the story right now president for truck county says
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his government has not pledged to release thousands of taliban prisoners even the that's part of the deal that the americans apparently have made with the taliban does it put this deal in jeopardy. oh i get. this these initially was that there was less involvement from islamic republic of france including the government and the political community to be part of this to make sure that this step is agreed upon and then it becomes pretty practical and it becomes you know something that could be a fly. so therefore i think the 1st challenge now is 5 up to 5000 taliban prisoners i take no just because we also have very fair to 5000 taliban you know the ones who actually not should not go back to the battlefield should not use their you know we can see again against the got the people of afghanistan how do you fight a fight that how do you you know kind of make that distinction to dillies the
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taliban that have not been really involved in major crime including suicide bombing so i think this is a challenge just because you but also politically because the last hold up on this very clear i mean yes probably inside afghanistan we have different views and because views are just only under islamic republic when it comes to taliban we have to really respect the laws of a planet on for that i think this is that this is a commitment that needs a lot of time a lot of discussion and a lot of there is a lot of issues about it ok so many issues remain of kofi member of the afghan parliament thank you so much for talking with this is morning. on the sports in the bundesliga rb light safe lost ground in the title chase after a one all draw at home to violated prison life should remain 2nd in the table but there are now 3 points behind leaders by in munich. one of 6 fans believe it's their year to win the title and they were pumped up for this top of the table clash
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with lever cousy. i haven't seen company had the better momentum coming in with a 6 game winning streak plus it vance you can your. for t.-mo vienna and the home sites title ambitions to remain tangible they needed maximum points especially being at home but it was leon bailey who needed for the visitors in the 29th minute laverick uses the demon mary intercepted a bad pass did the leg work it found chi habits who set up the leap from point blank range his 5th goal this season. leipsic didn't need long to respond and were helped by a mary who took down vanna setting up a free kick and christopher on cuckoo didn't waste it finding patrick shakoor level to score with the beautiful header that was just out of her dance he's reached.
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after the break leipsic had a good look then a touch passed in cuckoo but. since not this time it prevents what could have been the game winner. with 2 minutes to go live 6 marcil sabates ahead too much wanted from outside the box missing another chance to score remain the same until the end leipsic share the spoils with leverkusen with an evenly matched draw. this is t w news and these are our top stories tensions are high along the greek border with turkey as thousands of migrants wait a chance to cross that's after ankara stopped walking migrants from trying to enter the e.u. greek police have deployed tear gas and water cannon to drive back the crowds. the u.s. australia and thailand have reported their 1st coronavirus fatalities and italy and south korea have been have seen a sharp rise in new infections this comes as authorities around the globe implement
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measures to stop the spread of the virus. voting has begun in israel's 3rd election in less than a year polls show prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his center left. eleanor many guns running neck and neck 2 elections held last year ended in conclusively with neither side winning enough seats to form a guy. who to church has ended his campaign for the democratic party's nomination in the us presidential race the former mayor announced decision just before super tuesday when 14 states to hold nominating contests that could produce a clear front bribe to ensure that. this is g.w. news from berlin for more follow us on twitter or visit our web site that's called . watching the news from berlin coming up next shift living
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