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this is deja vu news live from berlin a new migration crisis for europe migrants gather on turkey's border to greece but they're not allowed to go forward they say president everyone is using that as a bargaining chip. also coming up south korea's president declares war on the coronavirus his country a 2nd highest number of infections after china and seoul just reported a record surge in new cases. in israel's 3rd election and under a year benjamin netanyahu claims victory after taking the lead but history could
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party and its allies are still looks likely to fall short of a parliamentary majority. plus that super tuesday in the u.s. presidential campaign and she cast for democratic front runner bernie sanders we have to california to find out what issues are important to let tina alters in america's most populous state. i'm sumi so much got to thank you for joining us they use chief executive was enough on the line is on her way to the border between greece and turkey today for a new chapter and europe's migration crisis is unfolding thousands of refugees have headed to the border region near the town of a d.n.a. between greece turkey and ball garia after that over the weekend it would no longer stop migrants in its territory from trying to enter the e.u. but as this next report shows they've ended up in limbo unable to cross and to greece. out of options. migrants make their way through fields heading towards the
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greek border searching for a way to cross to the other side earlier turkish security forces at the official border crossings stopped letting people through those migrants forced to turn back are angry. about let is you know we were shown on t.v. how turkey was idling its borders and told we could go to the e.u. we were expecting compassion but we got the opposite the greeks treated us like animals. the greek military has repeatedly used tear gas to disperse crowds of migrants some responded by throwing stones at the border guards the tension is escalating the turkish president to one says turkey is sticking by its decision. should be a couple or since we opened our gates we've been getting one call after another they're saying close your borders we say no we've made our decision. many families are now camping out along the ever us river on the border several afghans
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tell us the groups of migrants were driven here for free in buses provided by turkish police in istanbul many used rubber boats to make it across to the greek side they said greek soldiers took their money and their mobile phones and brought them back to turkey. but also have no idea what the place is doing a what's happening between turkey in europe we don't deserve to be treated like this where people to us here on the turkish side of the border anger and frustration is growing one migrant says everyone is aiming a weapon towards europe and using the people here as ammunition. our correspondent yulia hina is following the story for us on the turkish side of the border with greece. can you bring us up to date on what's happening where you are how the migrants coping with the situation. well it's been 5 days since turkey gave green light to refugees and migrants to leave for the european
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union and since then thousands have gathered here along the greek a border it's a very long border 200 kilometers long i'm in the tucker village of doran right now at the river that's the river running along the border and many people are waiting here or they are camping here they're hoping they're still hoping to somehow make it and crawl to the other side you can see the trees that behind me that greece people have set up a makeshift shelter. very many families with children the children are trying to play with whatever they can find but people also tell me it's quite tough for them especially during the nights when it's cold they say they don't have enough to eat not enough to drink even though we saw some volunteers distributing bread a little yeah and some people many people as we hear have already left the area
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they are heading back to the towns and cities where they came from here in turkey but these people here right behind me about 100 or 200 people they are determined to stay. a lot of the migrants who have tried to go into greece they have been met with with tear gas water cannon i mean what effect is that having people say they want to return oh. well the greek gods have used matters to keep people away as you said they have been using tear gas quite frequently the main border crossing not far away from here but that border crossing journalists have been sent away so it's very difficult to tell right now what's the situation like over that they have also used water cannon people now and that's basically the reason people kind of know when to other areas along the border like this one so they're hoping. to make it across this river but then again once a arrive over that some people here told us people's phones are being taken away
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and their money and they're being sent back here to tacky so whatever way they're trying to find it's dangerous and it's risky and they might end up back here in target it's a dramatic situation and the turkish government is now saying that the e.u. should expect millions of migrants coming its way can you tell us more about that. well that's present add on ramping up the pressure on europe. we know what he wants he wants international support for the situation there in italy where his troops are fighting syrian regime troops and he also 102 share the burden of posting all of the refugees he says turkey has taken in nearly 4000000 people from syria and there is another 1000000 waiting at the border he says we call and deal with it anymore so he's now trying his chances he's keeping up the pressure and sees what you're all about what the european union will do next. correspondent yulia han
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reporting from the turkish greek border thank you so much. now iranian state t.v. is citing a member of iran's parliament saying that 23 lawmakers are infected with the new coronavirus the legislator is urging colleagues to avoid contact with the public iran has more than 2500 confirmed cases after initially playing down the extent of the virus iranian authorities now say they're mobilizing the military to tackle it at $77.00 iran has the highest death toll outside china worldwide the total number of infections is now over 91000 in all in more than 31000 patients have died but the majority of 3000 patients have died with the majority of those in china but the number of patients who have recovered so far from the work virus worldwide is over 48000 south korea meanwhile has recorded its biggest single day jump with 851 new cases where than 5000 people are infected there now prompting the
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president to declare his country is at war with the coronavirus. their president says the country is at war. they have passed their training and they're ready to be sent to the front lines in the south korean president in inspects the new assert kreutz as he deploys the military in the fight against the coronavirus. there will be the entire country has declared war against the infectious disease as the crisis in some provinces has reached the highest point. it's a tough 1st mission south korea has reported the most cases outside of mainland china. in the capital seoul drive through test centers allow residents to get a check up with minimal human contact. while smaller towns are subjected to thorough disinfection measures. the world health organization says the effort is
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working the virus hasn't spread to new communities in south korea but the w.h.o. added a warning this virus is not influenza we're in uncharted territory we have never seen before. and that's capital of community transmission but at the same time which can also be contained with that right measures. fear about the bar is spreading has led to panic shopping worldwide in tokyo a long queues and empty shows have fostered some shoppers it's not a matter of whether or not to queue there are no toilet rolls i checked 2 stores today but they didn't have any. despite the public's concern the world health organization remains optimistic that early and aggressive measures can stop transmission and save lives. while authorities here in berlin of just reported the
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latest figures on the corona virus in germany and let's bring in our political correspondent nina with the latest on that hi nina what have authorities said about the state of the outbreak here in germany well the government body that's in charge of public health and disease prevention the well but institute they released a daily updates and they've just presented the latest figures they say that the total of $188.00 confirmed cases here in germany now the virus is present in 13 out of germany's 16 federal states and what's interesting the experts said was that the origin you have to look at the origin of the infections that only 2 of the cases here in germany can actually be directly linked to china some people call the virus in iran and then it's leave but by far the highest amount of people caught the virus here in germany and that the experts say is in line with the global trend that the china is no longer the region with the most dynamic development in terms
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of the virus spreading it's now spread to the experts have just said that 72 countries worldwide and so they're expecting the virus to stay with us you know what are authorities saying about how their time trying to stop the spread here. well of course they're trying everything they can to interrupt the chain to reduce the infection rate and actually limit the contacts between people who have been diagnosed with the virus and tested positive and so they say that they're counting on everybody's help and they say that individuals of should of course basic hygiene they should limit their social contacts whenever possible they shouldn't travel companies and schools can close down if there are suspected cases and of course the authorities deeply rely on the fact that doctors keep suspected cases away from regular patients so the virus doesn't spread even further and of course everybody
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is looking very closely at what all of this means for the economy because of course germany is europe's strongest economic ends in the powerhouse and some politicians are openly calling for an economic support package so they call me take hits but that's not official government policy so far our correspondent you know has a reporting for us thank you and the city of light sic has now announced it's canceled its annual book fair because of the corona virus outbreak of the 4 day fair was set to open on march 12th let's check in now and some other stories making news around the world chile's president has threatened to reimpose the state of emergency as anti-government protests gain momentum violent clashes hit the capital santiago again on monday since october the south american country has seen protests over economic inequality and the high cost of living. residents in several neighborhoods of rio de janeiro are cleaning up after rainfall triggered flash
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flooding 4 people died and thousands were forced to abandon their home during the storm water and mud levels rose above one meter in many homes. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu looks to be holding on to a solid lead over his main rival with most of the votes counted after monday's parliamentary election but it also appears that his likud party and its allies are likely to fall short of a parliamentary majority to form a government official results are expected later today. so. this is the night of the giant victory. netanyahu is victorious and so exit polls were announced it wasn't clear whether his alliance of parties would get the most votes his opponent benny gantz leader of the centrist alliance did not concede defeat but he didn't sound that upbeat music we saw the lowest campaign in the history of israel where many lies and slanders were spread against us and me personally they
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thought i would get frightened they thought i would blink and i'm telling you i did not and i will not netanyahu supporters were pleasantly surprised. because it's a story like. that but i think that. it's likely netanyahu will be given a chance to form a coalition for an historic 5th term but it's unclear exactly how he'll break the deadlock this election was called after he tried and failed to get enough support last time around netanyahu campaigned in the shadow of a looming corruption trial which is due to start in 2 weeks his victory to cement his reputation as israel's most durable of politicians. all right let's bring in our correspondent tonya kramer she's standing by for us in jerusalem hi tiny and good to see you as reach that this is the 3rd election in israel in under a year what are the results tell us this time around what is different compared to
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the last 2 elections. why i think what's different this time issue compared to the elections and a call and in september that benyamin netanyahu and the likud there have to come full to the lead and that gives him some kind of momentum to really go ahead and go and to build a new coalition but of course as you said in the report as well is that he still falls short of one to 2 seats. we are not yet sue about the final counting there because the results the final results are expected sometime later today and it's a very narrow margin so we have to wait whether you need to look for one or 2 seats to come over that magic number of 61 seats out of 120 knesset seats to be able to form a coalition government what is the perspective there i mean can he really break the deadlock and form a government. well that's
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a big question now what discussed in is about himself to set in this victory speech overnight and he wants to form a broad a stable. national government maybe leaving the door open also to other coalition partners we understand that he will meet today already with those smaller writing carty he said have already said they want to go with him into a coalition but he has actually only a few options because other parties like the israel bit tainui lieberman who it was always considered to be the king maker and also of course blue and white with any guns they have always said they wouldn't sit in the government with netanyahu as the prime minister they would sit that they could but not with ben you mean that and you know who because of his upcoming trial and his indictments so what will be left for him unless they make a compromise he could form and narrow right to being a coalition government but then still he needs some kind of defectors maybe those
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one or 2 seats from other factions that would go over to his likud party or to another smaller right wing party tanya this political impasse i mean what impact has this all had on voter turnout. but there was a lot of talk of doing the election campaign but also on election day that there's a vote of the team i think that concern may need the complaining because people have told me no we've heard everything no new political messages it's all about whether you are for or against and netanyahu but the voter turnout was one of the highest for the past years definitely higher than in april and september that actually shows you that i think israelis wanted to see an end to this political deadlock that they wanted to see you know that some kind of government can be formed although we don't know whether this will happen soon about certainly they
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were interested in going out to vote and 10 years quickly and on benny gantz you know why did he who was the hope of israel's left not succeed in winning these elections. mark think this election was always about a vote for or against netanyahu now you can say that the likud has a comfortable majority but still the margin to blue and white is relatively small so you can also say that you know half of the israeli public still wants to see someone else at the helm of the next government and then benyamin netanyahu so i think the big question will be we have waiting the beginning of a trial against netanyahu he will appear in court in 2 weeks and i think then it will shift you know from the political issues also to the legal issues benyamin netanyahu all right our correspondent tonya kramer reporting there from jerusalem thank you. to the us now democratic presidential candidate joe biden has gotten
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a big boost ahead of super tuesday former candidate spent overwork amy clothes but char and people to judge have all endorsed by ahead of today's key slate of primaries the primaries and caucuses are how both democrats and republicans nominate their presidential candidates there is little doubt that donald trump will win the republican nomination but joe biden is one of 5 candidates still in the running for the democratic nomination so what is so unique about super tuesday well it is the most important of all primaries because people in 14 states will be voting now under the system the more votes a candidate gets the more delegates they are awarded and the states with the most democratic delegates they are up for grabs california with 415 and texas here with 228 by the end of super tuesday it should become clear who the democratic presidential nominee will be or california has america's biggest latino population which gives them an important voice in deciding which democrat will run against president trump aleksandr phenomena traveled to los angeles to see which issues are
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energizing latino voters there. time in a minute on the air with amanda why you have producer with k w k w a latino radio station in los angeles sports not politics is his passion but this tuesday armando of why assess many latinos just like email are eager to get out and vote. they're looking for a good leader they're looking for somebody they're going to give you confidence they're going to gave them. the p.s. for. their own leaving most of our latinos we leave checked to pay the. president don't hold trump's policies and treachery disturb many that he says they all are hoping for a candidate who can vote place him. as soon as california moved its primary to super tuesday it was clear latinos would be crucial in choosing the democrats
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presidential nominee they represent roughly a 3rd of the state's eligible voters and their influence is growing. a rally in downtown los angeles county fornia supa shoes to speak price with its 415 delegates no wonder the candidates are campaigning to the very last minutes these are the center supporters he seems to be the most successful candidate in reaching out to latino voters. i think you just talked to a lot of people that are like did not believe the franchise by the. big corporations and special interests whether it's big oil big pharma the gun industry are essentially creating our policy with their money and what green industry is trying to take the power away from the big corporations and give it back to the people like god's people are struggling right now people are falling into homelessness mitten 1st time in their lives because rents are too high. housing
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homes guarantee candidate like center centers. and i believe that we need to invest in mass public housing after the rally and taco truck and popular place in the neighborhood we need christian i ran up policy director at the latino community foundation whose goal it is to make sure that every single latino can vote he's hoping for a high turnout on super tuesday not the most have been traumatized living under the top administration you know if you look at the child separation crisis he tried to end the doco program i feel like latinos in this particular action ours are seeing this as a moment to really fight back and actually stand up to what's happening in our country today. and super tuesday seems like an important 1st step to bring about change. earlier we spoke to washington correspondent. and we
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asked him sanders or biden who has the momentum. the the edge chess joe biden joe biden had a tremendous 43. acknowledgments and now the support of been a real amy. peabo to judge as you have said and that is of course just 24 hours before super tuesday and guess where this happens in texas on states just a few hours ago and that's of course all for a reason so all eyes are on joe biden just remember just a few days ago before saturday joe biden's campaign was basically written off then he wins south carolina boom now he's back vice president showing up strong on all networks here in the united states and wants to capitalize on the momentum his gather and the as you said democrats core elites the classic democrats are reading around biden right now. now some more news from around the world of all kaino on
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the indonesian island of java has a rock to mount a cloud of ash and lava some 6 kilometers into the air the eruption briefly prompted the closure of a nearby international airport but geologists have not to raise the alert level from a top a which is indonesia's most active volcano and an italian newspaper says pope francis has tested negative for the corona virus though the vatican is that commenting there had been speculation that the pontiff it's something more serious than a cold because of coughing fits he suffered during a prayer on sunday. now to the secret vatican documents that experts hopeful shed new light on a little known aspect of world war 2 for the 1st time the vatican has opened its archives dealing with the wartime papacy of pius the 12th critics accuse pious of being quote hitler's pope for remaining silent during the holocaust but his defenders say he was navigating nearly impossible circumstances and that the church under his leadership went to great lengths to protect and save thousands of jews.
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after years of declaring its archives off limits the vatican has lifted its ban to allow scientists access monday was the 1st day the doors were opened to specifically chosen scholars and jewish groups. we've been preparing ourselves for this for 5 years and today's the day the indiana jones in the vatican the burning question the scholars want to answer is what the vatican knew about the holocaust and the role of pope pius the 12th during world war 2 critics say he did nothing to stop the persecution and genocide of jews and other victims of the nazis but his defenders say he quietly encouraged catholics to hide jews. experts plan to spend years going through 16000000 pages of unsealed files letters and documents but the 1st results have already been announced grandma interesting to figure we've hit the
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1st jackpot in really strong images from the source showing the murder of jews in eastern europe when you wouldn't know as most indifferent in the new month photographs are present to the church and more than forwarded to the cardinal state secretary this was a 943 that means they had visual proof of what was happening. but it will take at least 2 or 3 years until the experts can release their evaluation of the most important documents. all right let's get a reminder now of our top story here and tensions are rising on the border between greece and turkey where thousands of refugees are trying to enter the european union over the weekend the turkish government said it would no longer stop migrants from leaving its territory for the e.u. european commission president was a friend of mine if heading to the region to assess the situation. you're watching news from berlin coming up next our documentary series close up and this
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edition we take a look at eco friendly fashion is that green machine or the real deal stay tuned for that and thank you for watching peter units.
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history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routes starts march 9th on d w. which drew me in. as whatever i like i buy a show. and these days ecofriendly right. as it is class day every day said heading that way by old contributes massively to the pollution of al gore's his. textile factories are still poisoning the kind of threats how can that leak and how those toxic substances end up in a.


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