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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2020 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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for more follow us on twitter or visit our website dot com this morning and an unprecedented step all of italy was placed under lockdown as the coronavirus death toll there passes 632nd only to china and that number is growing tonight across europe governments are scrambling to put as much space between millions of people and the virus trying to do what china just it is that even possible i'm brooke gulf in berlin this is the day. the from the now there will no longer be a red zone there will be to tell you. we're at the very beginning of this epidemic we have to keep a clear mind that this cannot be business as usual we are facing an exceptional
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situation it's not an end to what sort of limits the dots are that he thinks ain't going to work but i want to reassure you i have been using sanitizing and those who don't know what this is it's a tissue we are meant to use it for sneezing and chill and if you don't have one sees you as your elbows you have to think that moment from now when we're stopping shaking hands. should be sort. of goes up to god. also coming up who will stop the migrants from trying to cross the border into europe from turkey for the past 5 years it was turkey not anymore is europe ready to strike a new deal we discussed today how to implement the missing people he says to map it on to analyze it to have a common understanding what is missing and what is already in place.
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to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the. day with the coronaviruses new main address today may go down in history as the moment when the corona virus mutated geographically for 3 months the epicenter of the outbreak has been china and south korea but today chinese president xi jinping appeared publicly in the city of han where the 1st case was diagnosed a move to show his country and the world that the worst may be behind them today china also reported 19 new cases of the virus that's the lowest number in months a stark contrast to what is happening in italy the death toll there has now surpassed 630 the 2nd highest in the world after china on tuesday morning all of italy was placed under lockdown a country of more than 60000000 people told to stay home italy's neighbors are refusing to be bystanders here today at the brenner pass at the italian austrian
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border customs officials stop letting traffic flow freely austria announced that it will deny entry to people arriving from italy in a bid to slow the spread of the virus appears all street and prime minister sebastian chords is keep to him an entry into austria for people from italy is in place except for people who can produce a medical certificate. well the european commission has pledged a 25000000000 euro fund to tackle the economic crisis calls by the corona virus outbreak the announcement followed an emergency meeting of european union leaders today a meeting not in person but by video conference the european council president charles michel chaired the virtual get together which was called to coordinate the in use response to the epidemic european union is now promising to use quote all the tools
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at its disposal to lessen the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. of more i'm joined now by barbara these all in brussels good evening to you barbara with all of italy under a lockdown is europe now on course to copy china i mean locking down millions of people is that even possible here in europe. they can't copy china of course because there you have big brother style mass surveillance and europe has to as we saw in italy if peel to the to the common sense and the sort of the citizens and say these are reasonable and do this because it's really for everyone's good and that seems to work so far to a certain extent and we don't know yet whether all of europe will have to go into lockdown but we've seen this across the continent that countries like spain are now closing schools greece is doing it france is doing and public. culture cultural
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events are being canceled everywhere sports events and so once a force and the e.u. heads of state and government who had this video call which is a 1st by the way it was shorter than the usual summit so there may be something in this they know promised each other that they going to inform each other better the health ministers of the $27.00 countries are going to get together not every day they're going to have an information exchange live and in real time to do it sort of tell each other what is happening what they're planning and what experience they make so yes they are know trying to step up to the plate there's been criticism that the european union has been noticeably so i would add all of this barbara how much coordination would you say there really is mean how much a member states act on their own. they are basically acting on their own
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because that is their competence the health public health is competence of each and every member state it's doesn't sort of belong to the e.u. remit bought off course in the 10 demick like this they need to learn from the experiencing what they experiencing now and they need to come up with disaster plans which aren't really there which don't exist and they are not really trying to to sort of have information exchange that trying to reinforce for instance the the working the cooperation of their scientists you know people somewhere getting on to something can others come together and help pouring money into that trying to increase the production on the european level increase the production of pharmaceuticals and of course a protective gear the masks and all that is lacking is so yes there are no trying to do something this is happening with germany and italy teetering on the edge recession could the european union cushion the continent if you will if this
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outbreak becomes much worse it is doing its utmost to do that because this is really the big threat behind this is the huge a european wide recession christine legarde the president of the european central bank was present during this video called they have they will probably they are expected to go even further into negative interest rates on thursday when they have their meeting and they head of the euro group said we will do whatever it takes we recognize the sentence so yes they will really pour all the money they can muster on to this to cushion the blow to the european economy and particularly of course in the 1st place to italy which is hard hit hardest at the moment to be used for provisional the story for us tonight in brussels barbara as always thank you. well still ahead on the day as joe biden and bernie sanders battle it out on this 2nd super tuesday no one can accuse them of being too young w.'s alexandra phenomena
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calculates the age factor in the race for the white house there has never been a moment in american history when so many top contender thought a presidency has been in their seventy's meaning questions about age related insanity i taking a new volume. because of oil prices has been a contributing factor to that i'm growing sense of unease and panic and so it's very difficult obviously to predict the course of of markets well they do suggest is a world that is extremely anxious there is no such station we have seen in the oil market history that to me see at the same time a big decline in the oil consumption and increase in the production this is not russian roulette and you should be very careful here the volatile oil market and
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the concerns there of 2 leading economists from the u.n. and the international energy agency yesterday's oil price crash did more than just spook the global economy it signaled what may be the end of an era the end of cooperation among or producers to keep barrel prices steady despite fluctuations in demand my next guest tonight says that the price war launched yesterday between saudi arabia and russia will have lasting consequences her book sold the presents the history of saudi arabia seen through the eyes of around the oil company that brought riches and power to saudi arabia and last year held the biggest i.p.o. in history. happy to welcome to fight to the day ellen wald ellen joins me tonight from jacksonville florida and it's good to have you on this show what are these lasting consequences what are they going to be well
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i think we're going to see lasting consequences in a number of areas saudi arabia is really going to feel the brunt of the lower oil prices sooner rather than later particularly because it's in the midst of a very large government spending plan 70 revia is best equipped to handle a large sudden increase in oil production because it has the most spare capacity anywhere in the world and it also can produce oil at the lowest cost anywhere in the world but the crown prince of saudi arabia has initiated a very efficient and very extensive economic reorganization program and that's going to be in real danger now in fact we heard recently that the saudi government has asked ministries to make to prepare austerity budgets that could prepare them for a very sustained period of the crisis then if we move on to the united states which has been a major oil producer now it's actually the largest oil producer in the world we're
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already seeing companies companies slashing dividends and losing a lot of value let me ask you and you have a unique insider's knowledge of the royal family in saudi arabia that encrypts rants and solomon he's young he wants reform in his country as you mentioned he's also unpredictable is he a danger to the oil market. well i think in some respects the relationship between saudi arabia and russia was phrasing at the seams for some time now the signs of this rift have been growing i would say for at least a year now and we did get hints that putin was getting ready to walk away from this so the blame is not squarely on saudi arabia shoulders the reaction to russia's action however is definitely something that seems to have been orchestrated by or
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at least approved by the crown prince and then very sudden reaction basically looking at say russia walked out and the next thing when it you see is saudi arabia saying we're all we're opening the taps we're going to overproduce we're cutting our prices to asia that really made it look like a price for and nothing spooks the market more than coronavirus plus price war you know that's a very good point is if this price war continues who will be able to withstand it better economically russia or saudi arabia. as a great question and i do think in this case that the dominoes fall on the side of russia because russia is really willing to sacrifice anything russia is only looking out for itself so while saudi arabia can produce oil at a much lower cost than russia it doesn't have the same kind of it has many many more spending requirements it has a lot more to look after than vladimir putin does while putin has already
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has his budget you know set and has prepared to utilize its sovereign wealth fund to stabilize the ruble saudi arabia is not necessarily prepared to do that for a long time and so i think that they're not quite in the in the best position here you know you mentioned the united states it is now the biggest energy exporter shale oil fracking companies can they survive if there will prices remain low and i'm not talking about you know $30.00 a barrel can they survive. the united states is the largest oil producer in the world and it is now actually export exum oil doesn't export a huge amount still but it does produce more oil than anyone else and that is the big question can the fracking companies survive and it really does depend right now on the individual company because every company has a different break even price for oil has a different is leveraged differently has different debt and different requirements
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so we're really i think going to see the most impacted companies will be the ones that are the worst off financially and also have the worst positions in the fracking areas so it really depends where in the area you are and where exactly your assets are some of those assets are in areas that are much cheaper than other areas that you have not all a monolithic industry and the final draft has certainly not been written on this story. will be talking with you again soon ellen wall joining us tonight from jacksonville florida ellen thank you thank you for. european union leaders and turkey's president or one have agreed to review the way that they manage migrants in other words making a new deal to replace an older deal the e.u. in turkey signed an agreement back in 2016 which requires turkey to keep migrant
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routes to europe closed but everyone says the renewed fighting in syria is creating a new wave of refugee is refugees not covered in the existing deal with europe here's european commission president. migrants need support greece needs support needs support but also do turkey need support and this involves finding a path forward with turkey clearly read to have our disagreements but the european borders have to be respected and the human fundamental rights for example to all of the right to ask for asylum have to be respected to both go hand in hand there was or is live on the line there speaking earlier today i'm joined now at the big table by marc perrine he is the former u.s. or e.u. rather ambassador to turkey ambassador it's good to have you on the program it sounds like europe is giving into turkey and that a new deal is inevitable is it it's
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a little more complex than that the meeting yesterday just reported it's been useful there's been very tense. the usefulness is in my view one thing 1st for the 1st time probably the president's turkey was given a detailed account of what the u.s. don't you know this narrative from has been for years the u.s. not doing anything well thank you 9 percent committed 77 percent conflict in what he knows that what the e.u. is doing doesn't eat well not in the political narrative that is that he was that he or a stick so one point was well we can go forward but you have to recognize that we are in business you're not alone you turkey have the lot that's for sure we've done a lot along with you and the cooperation is working very well so that's one thing the 2nd thing is of course about the greek border. this is the 1st time that you have a government organized. small exodus not as big as the interim minister of turkey
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says but small but totally organized by the government and this is a council of europe government against another this is a country against that and so that is a big obstacle for the talks but still the meeting is that they open the way forward there is not a follow up between the foreign minister of turkey and the high representative or it would you say that turkish president or the one that does he have more leverage here than europe he probably has a lot of leverage of course because we know how much since 2015 the refugee crisis has become the transformative factor in european politics and it's not here in berlin that i have to explain in my own town say 34 days ago marion le pen was using turkey and the e.u. money to turkey as the proof that this was a bad deal so you know extreme right is using this what about weaponize in refugees
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how can europe let president get away with that i mean he's you know as you said he's orchestrating this sending these refugees to the greek border yeah i mean it's been said in so many words by michelle by for the. post by the chancellor by the foreign minister so i think the message has been clearly received now you have course have a clash of political culture. we europeans we all you know never again know conflict will solve this dialogue compromise you know this is not necessarily the turkish political culture especially when the situation at home is difficult. coming. but it takes new party announced that yesterday morning. of course the russian said back so there's a lot but what is important is that we know what the parameters of a new offer from the e.u. is going to be it's not going to be easy because you need agreement in the open is
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it is going to be more money is that yes i think i think it's quite clear the problem is not just the money you need to have some sort of better management of migration and refugees asylum as a policy but that's better management on the ground in turkey yeah both in europe because of asylum policy and in turkey i would say i mean i have spent 35 years in the institution and this is the biggest and best managed operation i've seen with the cooperation of minister of education minister of health agency for emergency situation thank you for that question all these people are working very very efficiently with the people so it needs to be expanded improved i just stood to it just isn't that the 2nd of course. improvement is cross border operation for the syrian internal displaced people in it yet that's another point as we understand it president is using these refugees to put pressure on your posting that the e.u.
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and nato will come to his side in his battle in northern syria. but he's asking nato to possibly come face to face with russian forces they're not going to do that are they know they said that very clearly in the last minute sero and yesterday in the short meeting between the turkish president and mr stoltenberg. repeated that i think what is doable is you know. secure rising humanitarian corridor that is perhaps a bit but to the point that you have nato countries and gauge military that i don't . what about getting these humanitarian aid core doors established and held open do you think that some more realistic now than it was a week ago well turkey doesn't have any more security guarantees from russia than a week ago. but you know e.u. others the u.n.
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secretary general can of course talk to russia and said look we have an emergency here it's important too to act ambassador marc perrine we certainly appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight and sharing your insights valuable valuable things thank you. the democratic party's race to unseat donald trump in the white house has reached another critical moment tonight 6 states including that very important michigan could decide whether joe biden all but seals his party's nomination or if his challenger bernie sanders regain the momentum that he lost so abruptly on super tuesday one week ago the 2 candidates politics differ strongly biden the centrist against sanders the democratic socialist but they have at least one thing in common they are both flirting with 80. he's the current front runner former
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vice president joe biden at the age of $77.00. his rival bernie sanders is one year older of the self-proclaimed democratic socialist campaigns tirelessly this fight having suffered a heart attack. they both hope to oust the incumbent in the white house president donald trump is age 73 but that age really matter. ever for a younger candidate but i also really appreciate experience the wisdom and experience is definitely important but i think it's also equally important to. those younger candidates that can. relate better to the younger to younger majority now as a millennial i mean i like to see my voice represented obviously in wrestling as to mental capacities are. you know a candidate conserve to their ability older or more experienced politicians aren't on the usual in u.s. politics but there has never been
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a moment in american history when so many top contenders for the presidency have been in their seventy's meaning questions about age related to concern you are taking a new volume and importance. joe biden's verbal gaffes for example have become so regular that his critics are openly discussing whether he's fit for office while many young voters criticize his vision for america as being too oriented toward the past bernie sanders seems popular among young voters who hope for a big systemic change but on inauguration day he'll will be 79 years old a year prost the average lifespan up an american male because the president of the us is such a powerful position it's natural for voters to be concerned with the health of the candidate says mark wrong professor of public policy. at georgetown university says the voters will also need to look very carefully at who the vice presidential
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candidates are it's not unreasonable to think that one of those vice president candidates may become presidents should the president become incapacitated or die while in office. and the young democrats captain fairfax virginia they agree here that having a good running mate and a good team is important but what they don't seem to agree on the ad is the candidates when i prefer joe biden i think he has. been mostly doing a good job in the senate and the job in the as a vice president for barack obama i didn't agree with everything he did but i trust that. at this point he's our best option for stabilizing the government and also america's place in the world and believe bernie sanders is the best chance i believe song that i think he's touching into something that trump touch send to my
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comes to the despair of the country a lot of people feeling that you know the economy isn't serving us right now i'm looking for the individual who really is that bring people to the polls i think it's really important because if we doubly if you will to the polls we're going to find ourselves in the same boat as we were into those at sea and that's why they say they want to support whoever ends up becoming the nominee and challenge us donald trump. and we will have complete coverage of the suit for tuesday to right here tomorrow on the day well the day is almost over the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me on t.v. don't get to use our hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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there at the front. it's. self-confident strong let's do linder come august levanon xmen. but the battle against antiquated gender roles is taking shape in. the revolutionaries how long is their
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path to acquire the to. come in 3 times. and. to deliver. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fit. i even got white hair is that. manning benjamin language head. this gives me a little but you need to entrust with the same thing you want to do their story in the mud spur fighting and reliable information for migrants. is the human race to destroy itself. and. we are moving the basic elements of our existence. we're using too much water and claiming.
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the water juice in life. we may think the water supplies will last forever. but they won't. come when the rain storm. starts march 20th on t.w. . such. welcome to global 3000. for months angry lebanese citizens have been protesting against their government and many women are in the front row. in zimbabwe we learned about unusual but effective help for depression despite an
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acute shortage of psychologists. but 1st we look at how climate change.


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