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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2020 2:30pm-2:45pm CET

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this is day 8 of the news asia coming up captive to a coronavirus domestic workers face pressure to remain in their employer's homes even on their off days it's a vital measure doesn't buy it what those rights plus from disinfecting mosques to stop fighting countries across asia roll up their sleeves to combat the spread of the coronavirus. motorbike medics. bridging the health care gap into more parts of the country.
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i'm british manager welcome to dublin it's good to have you with us on kong was one of the 1st regions outside the chinese mainland to report deaths from the corona virus that was back in february since then at least 125 cases have been reported there as a precaution against the spread of the virus i'm number of residents are staying put at home and avoiding contact with others and that is having an impact on the large community of domestic workers who are legally obligated to stay at the homes of their employers with now is running high this already vulnerable community of more than $400000.00 is finding that their rights and freedoms are being called into question. shaking off
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another lonely. the many of the women here this is their only opportunity to escape and on one's. own homes domestic workers are entitled to one day or week in groups of friends and known to gather here every sunday in parks and green spaces but then it's now changing earlier this year is hong kong got to grips with the corona virus outbreak the labor department recommended that domestic workers stay at home and many and now finding that time off is no longer there were i mean i lived am basically i'm really worried about the virus. like you know had my employer is worried. or what they think they're led to believe he's afraid i could become infected while hanging out with other helpers and then spread the virus to his family and harm i'll see i'll go by the i'm young. no i really don't want to appear on camera and says you could put a job at risk for speaking out was she like all domestic workers lives in her
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employees apartment and sleeps in the utility room every week she says she's facing pressure to stay at home because i am i mean were you did i have to leave the house today could i help a horde of what they are not my employers harm and so phone if you found i mean i'll see about you know a grandfather or grandmother kids everyone has their own way out into and i don't have my own room and the fight is so small i know. but also many employees fears over the virus hitting extremely close to home. some and chances he has family staying inside as much as possible and expect his domestic worker to do the same he says the situation has left him feeling powerless. dictator but in this situation he needs to call pretty of everyone there because off the wall they're saying it's not compulsory for her to stay home and we can do nothing we
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can just discuss but if you can understand the situation but she still wants to go and we have no choice other employers are taking a more hardline approach cindy adams has once a charity to support domestic workers she says she's dealing with the speeds between employers and stock almost a. break she says is left an already vulnerable community even more risk some work is they staying at home is tantamount to working 7 days a week several she says it's even been find that they're put in a situation where yes this is quite difficult how would you agree i don't want to lose my job i cannot agree but i'm depressed i'm getting depressed and the question i ask is do other members of the part of the household go out oh yes they do the husband goes to work the grandmother comes here every day of course the children are here but if you are the only ones not allowed to go out then something is wrong
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. in a statement to d.w. hong kong's labor department stressed it's illegal to deny domestic work is one day off but to women like the son back in indonesia is relying on her income contradicting employees and often feel like a risk not worth taking. indonesia and other countries such as the philippines have been affected by the corona virus outbreak a member of the philippines u.n. delegation in new york tested positive for the virus sending the entire delegation into quarantine in manila authorities will begin implementing a travel ban and a quarantine of the capital's 12000000 people despite list of 40 cases indonesia too is ramping up its response to the virus beginning with a massive disinfection campaign. this is in the knees as big a small ask it can accommodate more than $10000.00 worshippers and it's an icon for the nation's believers but in times of the novel coronavirus it's
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a threat to public health which is why a drive is under way to disinfect this and thousands of other mosques under the watchful eye of the indonesian president we have rolled up and removed all the carpets because they are a potential source of disease and we are spraying disinfectant at it. singapore is going a step further closing all mosques in the city state for at least 5 days just infection crews are becoming a common sight from seoul to tokyo to many. the philippine capital is now facing a month long lockdown after president what we go to tatay issued in order to suspend all domestic travel to and from the city itself shop is worried about food supplies. they said there be a lockdown whiskered women appear to buy food to go hungry along with. the philippine government has thought to reassure citizens and cautioned against panic
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buying we would like to stress that the sport of goods. from the provinces and vice versa will remain. subject to guidelines. don't panic and don't stockpile. travel and large gatherings that's the message being peddled across asia as the continent tries to slow the spread of the virus. official numbers from the epicenter of the outbreak suggest it's possible on friday china reported just 5 new cases of the coronavirus in will harm the lowest daily tally in the city since january. these days the virus is spreading faster in other countries than asia and the world. joining us for more is do the corresponding print thought consumer for true from our jakarta bureau preserve besides disinfecting mosques how is indonesia hurting the spread of the coronavirus in the
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country. yeah well actually we have the fact and liquid all over the model they are this you know at the end marta station and also the commuter line by the government have another you know many bridge to really tackle the virus is they have the travel ban for 4 months in fact it contra is about $1000.00 is mainly in china south korea it's a way and also iran and if you know they happen to be visited. the country is 1000 days or they have travel history for 14 days in that form was invented countries they can i'm going to need and basically we don't have feel locked down and also the current t.v. but i think see that infusions are very aware of their health they're looking for the you know the surgery mouse in the for the is in fact an lately and also if we
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you know go to the market we cannot find. also this infection is very very rare on the market right now we have to pay for like 500000 years for just one box with the 10 cases that must have so many impact on indonesia's economy or from the flu in a lot of fog. yeah on the tourism sector we actually have the loss of total predicted that predicted at $1500000000.00 us dollars so that they already made the 1st stimulus package. which you know they do the discount for the restaurants and also that you get prize and ask for it today the government also said that they have the 2nd stimulus fiscal package which is you know people who don't have to pay their taxes for 6 months starting and it will ever try to money so that 5 yes basically what they do to really solve the problem at the economic
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sector and people who doesn't have to be for that tax is only for those manufacturing sector it doesn't apply to. a worker in general it's you know. on the manufacturing sector right brits are speaking to us from jakarta thank you very much for that. and there are more terms of myanmar getting access to adequate health care isn't easy mountainous terrain makes it difficult to access even the most basic services but in some hard to reach places such as the self administered nagar zone on the indian border in georgia helping fill the health care gaps however in a region where many still rely on traditional remedies building trust and never good to bad roads remain for medical challenges. all in a day's commute for these damning doctors in me at mons remote fun north. this is
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naga territory a tribal region of 4 my head hunters near the indian border isolated from the rest of the country it's desperately underdeveloped. vanquished. 0 telecommunication. challenges with. his teams go village to village giving health education sessions an opening mobile clinics that run long into the night. this little boy has rickets a disease that results in weak bones he was unable to walk to stick a couple of months ago after a course of vitamin d. and calcium the 6 year old is on the mend. the ngo also helps get emergency cases to hospital often several days walk away. we have no motorbikes and no money to pay for a motorbike taxi to get to hospital as farmers we have many things to do. so here
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crucially the medical teams are also training up a volunteer in each of the regions 275 villages the trainees give out basic medicines scream for taib a and carry out on the spot malaria tests. time pay has been a volunteer for nearly 3 years but her family's been in the healing business for generations her mother is the village shannon. people normally come to me 1st i give medicines to them and they only go to my mum if they don't get better. one example her mum says was a man who severe swelling wasn't going away in hospital dear. boy longer than we needed to call his soul back from the jungle. to avoid me and say we sacrificed a chicken. and the patient got better than that it will mean.
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changing had. it's might take time the volunteers are helping bring modern medicine to this remote region bridging the health care gap thanks to their bands of mentors on motorbikes you there's more upside to dot com forward slash that's what we also use for. me there i'm david and this is climate change. happiness in 3 books. the books are you. smarter birth free to go where you go on you to. go to college. to keep learning. wait a 2nd we want the whole picture facts instead of make ideas shifts deliver us.
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from one measure to reality to cryptocurrency to your top picks for live in an ever changing digital world let's talk to devise a short shift. a week to forget things you coronavirus wipes trillions. china tries getting production back up and running all the governments throw money at the infection but sentiment in the south. the european union promises maximum flexibility on state and fiscal rules to help member states weather the storm. the virus death toll continues to climb in iran as officials pleas of billions in loans from the international monetary fund. and how japan's famous stock in companies from.
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managing to stay afloat almost and decade down to that nuclear meltdown. i'm going to school and let's do business it's been quite a ride for markets around the world this week mostly in the one direction downwards asian indexes were in for much of the pain even as china continued to send positive signals about declining case numbers and factory reopening it's taking a look at how shares fared over the 4 week not a pretty picture on kong's hang saying down almost 10 percent after investors dismissed the government's stimulus plans tokyo's nikkei and the south korean cost both enjoying double digit losses as the global scene worsens but it's not just the stock market that's in turmoil ordinary small or medium sized big.


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