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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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visited over the years live from by live in europe passes a grim milestone as the number of corona cases. has now become the epicenter of the pandemic reason more reported cases 10 days it's done the rest of the world combined apart from china had to be retro warns it's impossible to know when the outbreak will peak and basis the death toll in a hard hit italy jumps short sharply also on the program. releases more than half
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a trillion euros to help german to sit economy whether the coronavirus story will find out how germans are dealing with the disruption. on 12 months after the massacre set to mosques in new zealand the prime minister says the country is now different. people have fundamentally changed and i can't see how you could have been a thing like this is not. welcome to the program the number of people killed by corona virus is now past 5000 governments around the world are moving to hold the virus is spread by shutting schools banning large gatherings and in some cases closing national borders the world health organization had this assessment of the way the pandemic has shifted europe has now become the. the center of the pun demick we more of reported
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cases and theirs is done the rest of the world combined apart from china more cases of now being reported every day than were reported in china highest of its epidemic. well the e.u. commission president our sort of on the line has promised to do whatever it takes to help the bloc deal with the pandemic she's pledged to help really direct vital medical assistance to hard hit areas like italy italian health officials say more than $250.00 people have died from covered 19 in the last 24 hours the biggest single day jump since the outbreak began. on the frontline of europe's coronavirus special italy's health system is under pressure with more than 15000 current cases patients are having to rely on makeshift medical services. and. the main problem is
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the fears of patients who come to us when they end up in something that's not a traditional hospital building a tent just doesn't give them reassurance a lot of sick with iraqi with a huge spike in infections in the last 24 hours spain has europe's 2nd highest rate of the fires the capital madrid has become a garstang. prime minister pedro sanchez declared a 2 week state of emergency a decision that will allow him to mobilize all resources to fight the outbreak including the military. old restaurants and shops in the capital are being forced to close with only supermarkets and pharmacies to remain open. we made a serious mistake of thinking that italy was far away that this wasn't going to touch us. i think over the coming week we're going to see situations that we would have never imagined that we do any seen in films and on t.v.
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see we. in france new stricter measures that being put in place in a bid to limit person to person contact. in the buses are going to raise doubt limit to gatherings of 100 people leading the idea. again it is to make sure that we can slow down the progression the spread of the virus will just french schools will also be closed from monday. around europe such drastic measures other latest tools in the blocks fight to contain the corona virus. well here in germany or forces have announced a series of measures to limit the spread of corona virus and minimize damage from the outbreak this includes more than half a trillion euros in state aid to help companies whether the effects of the virus continues to disrupt nearly every aspect of daily life officials have suspended the country's top flight football league and most schools will close from next week
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coronavirus now defines daily life in germany starting next week schools and kindergartens in many federal states like here in the varia will remain closed the measure will affect not only millions of school children but their parents as well yesterday german chancellor angela merkel said the country's response to the virus would have far reaching consequences. of this movie wherever possible social contact should be avoided of course the country must still be able to function properly and the core areas of the economy must continue to function. misson but of union. the head of the robert carr institute of public health pointed out that the speed at which the virus spreads would vary a lot throughout germany he said individual states should make decisions based on regional data i think it has reached 6 of us rushed on i think the most important thing to understand about this epidemic spreading through the country is that it
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doesn't just start in one place and advance evenly in one direction but as we know very well from flew over the decades particular regions are more highly affected. by. a computer simulation created by the robert cock institute shows what to expect comparisons reveal how the rate of infection varies from region to region. the central council of muslims in germany called for friday prayers to be canceled though it's not clear how many mosques complies german rail has issued a statement saying they'll be no alterations to travel schedules for the time being . well to help us assess the situation in europe and in its biggest economy germany we have political correspondent hans brandt here with me and europe correspondent banned in brussels let's start with you bad lots of money being talked about today
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the problem with the european body has always been how people actually get their hands on it so how will governments and companies and people eventually get their hands on all these trillions that the line promised. by the commission president promised that this really go very very slippery in within 24 hours the loans that should be given out to companies and also to single persons there's a huge fund know of 37000000000 euros available and the 1st money is already dispersed to a company in denmark the companies have to apply with the national authorities and then the promise is this time it will be very fast we have seen these problems also during the financial crisis in 20082900 took a while but now the commission is promising we do everything that is necessary to stem this coronavirus and to to ease the impact on the of the economy which is
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really huge right now ok stay with us about we're going to hear more from the line who had a warning today for member states she thought in danger of overreacting we've seen travel bans and controls being put in place in a number of member states. certain controls may be justified but general travel bans i'm not seen as being the most effective by the bolt health organisation so bent on the line and can say what she likes to say you governments have to listen. but that's the problem the commission has no competence is when it comes to health care governments can do as they do exactly what they want to do for example some countries are closing the borders some countries are locking down people other countries do something else so there's a lack of cooperation and communication and the commission is not trying to avoid
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it and to keep the countries in line but in the end everybody everybody can do is a suit for example the czech republic today issued a border closure of monday which is very unusual and also against european law ok so. lots of money being bandied about today. including an announcement from from uncle a medical which flies in the face of germany's famous famously tight fiscal controls yes indeed german authorities finance minister conex economics minister and chancellor nakul herself today reiterated that germany will do what ever it tag strip protect its its companies to protect its economy apart from the 500000000000 euro to be made available in support for your german companies there is also the implication that you know this balanced budget that used to be
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a kind of article of faith for germany may well not be stuck to anymore in other words germany may well go into debt in order to raise more money in order to protect its economy in other words whatever is necessary even a debt is conceivable in the next weeks and months it's interestingly this phrase is being used by both leaders in germany and in london when the protege of the other let's talk about leadership in this crisis well i'll ask you this question in a 2nd bet we'll start with you the. under medical safe pair of hands in europe if she is. is she being viewed as a good leader in this crisis indeed is even being viewed as a crisis by germans certainly seen as a crisis yes of course we have reached 3000 infected people confirmed today that number has increased by more than 500 since yesterday so germany is well into crisis mode with all the places being closed down with all the schools being closed
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down and so on and what has to say i'm going to marco waited quite a while as is her want to before she actually appeared before she actually took this into her hands before she took on this leadership position and she's very rational about it she's not very emotional about it so she's not somebody that gives people a lot of comfort simply by say by by being warmed by a by her personal warmth but there's a certainty a scientific certainty one might almost say in the way she handles this and so she has taken the reins now and i think people do feel that they are in good hands with i'm going to now call and said to the same question to you bedri get on the lion is angela merkel's a process this is her 1st big test as commission president. yes that's true that's a huge challenge for her big test she's only 100 days in office and has to menage
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this crisis as a trained doctor she understands how severe this corona crisis can get she says it's only at the beginning the worst is still to come but she's also trying to to to show some confidence that this is manageable and she says it's not a test only for her it's a test for all of us all europeans. bend in brussels thank you so much a brand in the studio with me thank you. well the e.u. has condemned the u.s. travel ban against $26.00 european countries which takes effect on saturday u.s. president donald trump's announcement to cause confusion and anger for travelers here at the dublin has been watching events unfold at bergen's main international airport. at butlins take aleppo's on friday there was only one topic taking off coronavirus these passengers a waiting in line for the last direct flight to the u.s. from berlin for now u.s.
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president trump 1st down play the current virus but in a sudden escalation on wednesday announced new drastic measures to keep new cases from entering our shores we will be suspending all travel from europe to the united states for the next 30 days the new rules will go into effect friday at midnight u.s. citizens are exempt from the ban but amid confusion and concern many americans have packed up their suitcases earlier than planned i just booked my flight at 2 pm yesterday and it was a really i'm a flooring stained student here and it was just a really quick process but we made it and yeah it's it was very stressful at the time but it's fine now i don't feel any greater risk here you know what i love about living in berlin is meeting all the people and being on the move on and being on the buses and seeing new faces every single day and when you think about it that's more of a risk than the way we live it in the states differently where we drive in cars and
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we're much more isolated so i think it'll be good to get home but i could've stayed longer we stay the more risk of being stranded in europe these are college students you know they're going to have some knock on effects for coursework and things like that so far so for us the decision was a good one to come overly. the days following terms decision have seen stocks tank and tempers rice in the e.u. . and china trying to stop a decision in the u.s. is not one that was made with us the suggestion in the announcement of this decision that they have been failures in europe also suggests that the reason that played a role in this decision may not have been grounded in. affects our bodies and child all but in berlin travel operators are trying to keep a cool head and over reaction of the american administration but we are so drawn
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into operator we're selling the american product we need to find a solution for our client for the moment of the part of the airlines where we. customer focused and have give the possibility to rebook to a later time of the year as the world grapples with coronavirus american passengers leaving berlin on friday opted for the emergency exit but when they land back home turbulent time still lie ahead on both sides of the atlantic. or the coronavirus are breaks also a pending life in the united states where more and more states are closing schools to try and slow down the spread of the disease menace of children and their families now affected a drive through testing site has been set up inside a containment zone site new york city the people who believe they may be infected by national lack of testing kits has been one of the main criticisms of the federal government's response. we can go to washington now and speak to
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iraq correspondent mashed f.n.c. vince who is following this story welcome stefan president trumps expected to hold a news conference shortly the 2nd this week on the corona virus outbreak what are we expecting. we're expecting the president to come out any minute actually now into the rose garden of the white house and to make good on what he bungled there's no other word for it. just 48 hours ago in his address to the nation we do not expect him to roll 'd back the travel ban from europe but it's we expect him to declare a national. emergency or it coronavirus emergency why would he do this because he has been under tremendous tremendous pressure from all sides of the political spectrum from friends and foes 'd. for days now to take a action more severe action b. show leadership and see make funds available and with declaring
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a national emergency or coronavirus emergency he would make do exactly that make it possible to pump billions of dollars into the system into the states into the communities which are taking the brunt of what is to be expected a major crisis in development here in the united states. as in congress and also working coronavirus measures what's going on then. well correct nancy pelosi the speaker of the house just announced to talk to the press about an hour ago and said that they will roll out a bill today. which will enable 1st tests free tests for anybody for everybody who wants to get tested be measures financial measures for people who have to stay home who cannot go to work tested or not until now just to make sure they're not getting more sick or endangering others and some other measures now the question is will the president now for example when he comes out and holds
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a speech in the rose garden. say he will be with on this bill. because he has mentioned before that he's not really wanting to sign that bill will. ignore it or put his veto in this bill then we start from scratch in congress on this specific measure. well we have to go live on this if and when it happens for now the staff and simmons and the washington thank you. so we'll take a look now at more of the latest coronavirus developments will start in denmark which is to close its borders as of noon on saturday as they try to curb the diseases spread chinese billionaire jack ma for the united states 500000 corona testing kits and a 1000000 facemasks as the country faces a shortage as we've just been hearing brazilian prime minister brazilian president . both unarmed has tested negative for the corona virus according to a statement that published on his official facebook page and in spain the prime
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minister petra sanchez has said that he will declare a state of emergency on saturday over the corona virus outbreak. of course you've got all the latest to be more on what's going on with regard to corona virus including information on what to do if you think you might be infected on our website that's d w dot com. now to a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world iraq is to submit a formal complaint to the united nations over u.s. air strikes on its territory and the u.s. launches retaliate 3 strikes of a night against a pro iran militia group baghdad says the attacks which killed 6 people are a violation of its sovereignty the pentagon says the airstrikes were in response to wednesday's rocket attack that killed 2 of its soldiers. we can leak source at chelsea manning has been released from a u.s. prison manning had been in detention since last may for refusing to testify to
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a grand jury investigating where he leads i had lawyers say the release comes after she attempted suicide 3 turkish man have been sentenced to 125 years each in jail for their roles in the death of a long kirti a 2 year old syrian boy he drowned in 2050 when it doing the carrying refugees towards greece capsized the boy's picture became a worldwide symbol of the suffering caused by the refugee crisis. several the e.u. countries have reached a deal to take it unaccompanied children are currently living in overcrowded migrant comes in greece you home affairs commissioner your hands and announce the plan a after a meeting of interior ministers in brussels there are currently thousands of unaccompanied migrant children in those camps many of them face violence abuse and exploitation. than accompany children in migrant camps many of them in
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a poor state of health about 5000 there estimated to be in greece 2000 of them in facilities on greek islands now a 7 nation coalition of the willing including germany france and portugal wants to take $1600.00 of them in. this global sign of how we can help greece you know not just with money but with actions you taught. me you ministers met in brussels to work out the details and to try to convince more countries to join the coalition croatia and lithuania are in talks e.u. commissioner over johansson went to greece to discuss mounting a coordinated response but mostly use states every fused to take in any more refugees even if they are unaccompanied minors. sweden welcomes some member states now are discussing to take broader responsibility for minors that is good the netherlands is willing to give every support to greece which is necessary
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registration identification etc but we're not willing to take over children. the difficult job of choosing which children get to leave the camps for countries in the coalition will be the responsibility of the united nations and on site aid groups. new zealand has been holding events tomorrow the 1st anniversary of the christ church massacre 51 people were killed and dozens more wounded when a white supremacist a targeted the city's muslim community this is back to damascus and australia is due to go on trial in june facing terrorism charges plus $51.00 counts of murder and 40 of attempted murder is a look back at those events a year ago today. the mass shooting was something new for new zealand the country had been proud that it hadn't had such massacres and its response was novel in many ways the gunman had lived streamed his massacre of worshipers at the
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christ church mosque online he wanted to become a global figure the prime minister just into our dern took an unusual step and refused to give him the notoriety he was looking for he's a terrorist he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak to be nameless. she also quickly show solidarity with the muslim community and donned a headscarf to lead a nation in defiant morning. many of those who were being directly affected by this shooting may be migrants to new zealand they may even be very few genes here they have chosen to make new sealing their home and it is the home that they are us. new zealand also stood out by following warm words with concrete action. within weeks the government launched a gun buyback scheme
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a month later it banned semi automatic rifles there's also been a year since cycling a day has struck southern africa the storm killed more than $1300.00 people in zimbabwe madagascar malawi and mozambique cyclon made landfall near the port city of byron on the 14th of march 29th t. when widespread destruction and displacement of people cyclers to racial raids caused 2 major of diverse the boozy on the pull good to burst their banks submerging villages and leaving bodies floating in the water and buildings wrecked according to the u.n. about $602.00 brothers and beacons were killed the infrastructure situation the year on and many of the affected areas remains critical. now in germany bundesliga football matches have been postponed because of coronavirus developments the league had planned to play matches they said we can behind closed doors instead the top german league has suspended play altogether reason
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coronavirus cases of various clubs in the 2nd division have partially motivated the change in plans and germany now joins france italy and england among many others in suspending professional football. and the coronavirus pandemics have a huge impact on the lots of different sports around the world in golf the masters the 1st men's major championship of the year has been perspire and and there are some other recent developments athletics the boston marathon has been moved to september the english premier league is called of all matches until next month you wait for also confirmed that all champions league and europa league matches will not take place next week france's suspended its top 2 football leagues until further notice. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories the world health organization says europe is now the new epicenter of the corona virus that pandemic with more new cases per day than china had at the height of its epidemic governments across europe of battling
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the large gatherings and in some cases closing borders italy has recorded 250 deaths over the past 24 hours the highest number since the outbreak that began. germany schools and kindergartens across most of the country are set to close in a bid to slow the spread the city of berlin is planning to close all bars and be jews its public transport services. iraqis to submit a formal complaint to the united nations over u.s. airstrikes on its territory which it says killed 6 people the u.s. targeted a pro iran militia group in response to an earlier rocket attack that killed 2 american soldiers. and in new zealand survivors of a tentative remembrance service to mark the 1st anniversary of the christ church massacre $51.00 people were killed and dozens injured in a white supremacist attack on the city's muslim community sunday is an actual anniversary date when more events. this is d.w.
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