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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2020 8:30pm-9:00pm CET

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problems we may think our water supplies will last forever but they lead when the rains still linger starts march 20th on t.w. . hello everybody and welcome to the latest edition of in africa i am sundered we know you're in kampala here in uganda and i am very happy to welcome you today this week we have lots of new environmental topics and ideas for me europe and africa with me my colleague in. little sandra it's great to be here again my
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name is now ty i am glad you tune in for today show we will be taking on a trip all over all continents as we shed some light on the environmental threats faced here if you're here we will see how the church communities are working to protect their local tree population. and i will show you what south africa is doing to better protect its coasts and seas. we will investigate why slashing and burning homes the soil and crop yields in the long term. did you know that church congregations in ethiopia play a cure all in environmental protection it all started when deforestation began to deplete the country's indigenous local stop it was a congregation's up for to preserve their local forest i'm into india especially diversity because if we go into solid ground there we found a community with more than 30 different kinds of trees that are still growing it
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turns out it's not so hard to do. for almost 25 years by gov merriam got it as a loss he has been tending to his church forest some 200 monks living here in this altar that's the way he took community in northern ethiopia for centuries monks up preserve the forests around their churches taking care of the citizens as being a spiritual ritual for members of this faith if you are the natural forest as a symbol of heaven. the ministry hands 183.5. this is on and on the ship of the ministry we are committed to day and tomorrow to transfer our history and heritage we have got from our fathers and responsibility to plants and protect new trees whenever the old trees die. in that heat and
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then thanks to their efforts many tried compounds both of large indigenous trees such as the white pier or the iron tree earlier africana for example some of the trees around here are 100 years old. if your pea has less than 5 percent forest cover down from 40 percent in 1900 trees are cut down for charcoal and firewood and to make way for farming and grazing land but to protect the church forests have remained intact the south gone the region as an estimated $1500.00 tiny charred forest. the fuel be an altar there are still why he do churches established a commission to help further conserve them. key floor walker who is in charge of forest protection in the community the dominant force in a kit in the church therefore we have to. first we have to maintain. well to
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protect the church forest itself and secondly we have to replicate the experience of the church to the community. the monks have created new partnerships with local communities and schools tara gave them primary school next to the ministry is one of them. we supported just called the collapse was different pharma tours and various forests see this and the city biggest by them said this drama and poetry sessions are part of the environmental education. in the 2 years since the church community project was founded they have managed to create 3 plantations a new school grounds. the thought a lot of bad luck with little or no we have learned that trees it is important for life trees to be oxygen and. also bring green time as well as
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preventing soil erosion. that my knowledge i thought i'd look at the. project is always intended to improve the living standards of local people so as to reduce over the kremlin's an existing forest resources. with additional funding from a german protest and aid organization $25.00 women here each received 3 sheep. some have seen grown 2 heads of nearly 10 animals i used to say i could i said and so did some buy food for my family that is what my livelihood depended on but now a sort of that's big judge believes that seems among accepted and respected by the community that conservation activities will serve as role models. but even with their efforts convincing people here to preserve the forest instead of creating new farmland remains a challenge. we are the receiving end of
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a lot of pollution in the world it's a non-compromising statement by kerry an artist an environmental activist killed corps. like maybe in africa he's angry and appalled by the extent of pollution or where he lives as a result the 56 year old has turned tonnes of waste matter or into our so we've listed him in this week's doing your bit. this lion sculpture is made from animal snails one seized by poachers in national parks. these works book related by kenyan artists kyoko taking the scalps with used to metal environmental issues close to his heart. he works with waste from factories. 80 years ago he started
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off as a welder. in his spare time he fashioned artistic objects. one day an art broker bought them and displayed them in a nairobi gallery. when with tiki realized he could make a living with his art his works now fetch up to $10000.00 apiece he also trains younger artists he says that over the years he's turned thousands of tonnes of scrap metal into account. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories. whenever there's a discussion on the future of energy the word hybrid. comes up there all the less
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chemical substance is the most abundant in the universe i mean it's years could be helpful if we do see in carbon emissions and industrialized nations that very. spot i think. we have all been waiting for in the flight climate change in germany have already taken to deploy. in the area and production. to some crop is germany's biggest steelmaker producing the metal is a very energy intensive process and the c o 2 it emits makes a significant contribution to global warming one reason is that coal is used to chemically reduce the iron ore from which the steel is made. in order to extract the oxygen from me or i need a substance that is eager to take up oxygen traditionally carbon has been used for
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that we add coke and even coal dust to our blast furnace. both are high in carbon. they extract the oxygen from the door and the resulting c o 2 is blown out of the furnace not always. for centuries coal seemed to be the only substance capable of binding the oxygen from. partizan crop has now managed to make the process work with a different element hydrogen. hydrogen is very very oxygen hungry so it's able to get the oxygen out of the or. and then there's the heat production during the whole process as with carbon in all the big difference is that when it's oxidised to the hydrogen only generates water vapor so it isn't harmful for the climate the most if it is. hydrogen is explosive under certain conditions but trial runs in the blast furnace have proceeded smoothly they're the
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1st of their kind in the world the engineers say that the new technique could reduce their c o 2 emissions by 20 percent the company plans to upgrade all 4 of its blast furnace is here into sport over the next few years and wants to replace them with new ones that run on hydrogen. the technology comes at a price though and there are doubts about its viability worldwide. at the center for fuel cell technology at the nearby university of 2 sport essen researchers study hydrogen production and processing there's practically no hydrogen in the atmosphere which means the gas has to be synthesized but that comes with a bonus. hydrogen can store renewable energy from the wind and sun that is power generated by a wind turbines and solar panels. electricity can't be stored effectively if the grid isn't a storage medium it comes by but hydrogen produced from renewables can be stored.
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and can be converted into electricity at a later date or heat would have found it. in another project in germany colognes regional transit system is switching to hydrogen for a longer bus routes to reduce emissions the green fleet will soon number 35 vehicles the largest of its kind in europe. the buses powered by hydrogen fuel cells can cover 3 or 400 kilometers on a single fill up. and there are certainly more beneficial to the environment than the traditional diesel models. was the little shit is the main difference is that they're quieter practically all you can hear of the tires on the road and there is 0 emissions too of course which is an advantage of the new hydrogen buses in terms of driving they're really quite nice fun isn't it with. the buses are fitted with a special hydrogen tank which is filled once
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a day while the bus is out and about the hydrogen reacts with oxygen from the air to give water the energy produced by the reaction powers the engine and there's no problem getting hydrogen here is they're going to want to over there is that here it can up soc industrial park. they use electrolysis to generate chlorine with hydrogen is a byproduct of the process so as a regional transit company it's very interesting to see this a product that is generated and used regionally without any major dependencies and there's a supply right next to our factory again. hydrogen as a fuel is currently still far more expensive than regular energy sources but with an expanded infrastructure it really could become a practical energy carrier for the future. it wasn't all that long ago that the idea of setting up protected areas to alone nature and what i'd like to thrive without human intervention seemed
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a lot nowadays we can hardly know what we want them last year the south african government announced the creation of 20 new wiring protected areas and while this is amazing the importance for my really cool savation one young scientist is hoping to find a way to support course of ation while also enabling the conference people to benefit from it's why we time resources. one of south africa's older reserves is the table mountain national park marine protected area which was created in 2004. since then once threatened species of fish and other marine life have been able to regenerate and thrive. the area covers a 1000 square kilometers it includes a few exclusion zones but the rest is a mix of marine environments where people are allowed to catch fish as long as they
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apply for permits. is a marine biologist working on determining which other marine areas should be protected taking into consideration not only ecological issues but also the impact on human society going forward how i am proposing to design marine protected areas is to incorporate also the thoughtful as to be the social benefits that people can derive from marine protected areas so we're not just protecting the natural environment but we also protecting the benefit that people can get out of marine protected areas now and in the future some fishing communities are unhappy about the new reserves they say a ban on harvesting ocean resources threatens their traditional livelihoods whether or not that will prove to be the case there might be interesting alternatives archaeological sites have been discovered on land for example in table mountain national park that date back thousands of years caesar says they could become part
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of protected land and coastal marine areas and could attract plenty of visitors i found that some communities didn't realize that there was tourism potential in the area and that they could switch from harvesting to thumb thing like tourism taking people out teaching people about the area using the indigenous knowledge which people also one week for tourists who want to know what the locals know and local sometimes didn't realize that that was an ethic that they had knowledge with as several of the new protected areas are far out to sea but the one at simon's town is in coastal waters. it's become a popular destination to go scuba diving. quick dive master eddie cussen high e. shows tourists the beautiful underwater science is when we take people in the
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n.p.a. areas the reaction is just amazing most of them. are many using this in but it makes me feel good. we know we still have. fishes in a lot of different spaces for people to see paid to be. protected areas. so it's not only college ists who are keen to see protected areas extended more and more people are coming to realize the environmental and economic benefits that the university of cape town seizo puts together data on marine biodiversity and coastal sites of interest she also models the social impact of potential new m.p.'s. we think conservation has to be on the one side people on the other side but we are part of a system and so if we are able to do bad i think we will be successful in expanding
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the marine protected area made to it can ensuring that it is representative of all our ecosystem time of south africa is to meet the goal and double the extent of its marine protected areas there's still a lot of work to do caesar's research should help the authorities decide exactly where to locate them and help ensure south africans will enjoy the benefits. and now buchan lunt we have a look at these in africa in trusting me keeping these elephants away from corpse it may sound unbelievable but the judge and creatures are terrified of the need to buy but not only that a project in tanzania shows how keeping bees that even prevent widest species extinction. it's night time in the countryside around the turns in the city of every show must i women harvesting honey from beehives the african honey bees
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a calmer at night making the work much easier. once the honeycombs ever moved the wooden hives will be hung back up in the trees and how is one of the beekeepers. and holy a village there are 40 of us women there are elderly mothers there are middle aged mothers there are young people doing the beekeeping. we train people and we ourselves have been trained on how to harvest the honey and how do wear these clothes as you can see. the training is done by the nonprofit organization african people and wildlife it's instructors show the women how to assemble the hypes how to protect themselves and how to harvest the honey. the program gives them financial independence and also empowers them in the male dominated community we will for their new. camping
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is important for this masai community because they've demonstrated hard work and a long history of protecting the environment which so they'll be keeping the project as a venture that protects their environment while also securing some income for the needs through the sale of honey and other beekeeping products. with. the organization provides funding to help the women start their own businesses in return they devote some of that time to conservation walk some of them plant trees others clean up the village educate students on environmental issues and that's another reason why this project benefits the environment. under tom's indian law the land surrounding a beehive is protected. you cannot cut down the tree and you cannot cultivate in the vicinity of the hive because the goal is wild pollination and maintaining spaces for wild bees and wildflowers across these beautiful ecosystems. the african people and wildlife and says around 1300
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hives have been set up in the bush for harvesting and the 1000 women have benefited from the program so far the women hope that as that businesses grow more and more areas will come under protection to sustain wildlife the peace. in many african countries and bonding is often the way used to prepare land for planting crops regardless of whether that land is depleted or tight but many overlook the fact that the method destroys the soil way down below the sufi's. and do just sondra he wipes out any living organisms are neutrons in the soil but one young man in senegal house come up with a new way to cut down on bush was that's good for the saw m b yeah i'm can't even produce a better obvious i see this. these
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are she is still hot recently trees are cut down here and bun to make room for new fields. the tropical forest out on the village of subtle insult in senegal is endangered. the palm are a palm is an option part of the forest it provides the villagers with fruit with wood to build on each other with palm leaves for the roofs of the huts. but again and again the forest is at a late clement somebody who is a farmer from start to who wants to protect the trees he sees the slash and burn maple it is actually harmful for agriculture although the new fields may be fighting a bonding also causes soil erosion which is bad for the palmira palm trees. i don't
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care for paul. this is an example of a devastating bush fire last year someone set a fire here and then just left you can see the back of this tree bonte down to the b.s. that means the whole tree is now much more vulnerable the president. would be away . if everything bans down then we won't be able to gather wood for cooking sale c.c.v. said now who is one of the oldest villagers she tells us that part of the pond near a palm tree is also used. for. a crisis meeting village elder christophe quali explains how serious the situation ease slashing and burning has not only destry forest uncontrolled fires threatened the village itself. so who is setting these fires these are speculation but no one wants to point fingers they decide to patrol the area very well in
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a rare visit. founded a committee that will look into the organisation of a troll i don't turn to villagers from our own suit to participating in order to get these bush fires under control clearly says i don't want to put a bull but the farmer clemen somebody who doesn't think patrols will help he believes in the power of persuasion and he has an idea he discovered a method on the internet to chill make depleted soils for tell again then there will be no need to bomb the forests to create arable farmland these methyl is called google quota or he'll culture fast over unusable logs and dead branches is lead don't believe grass and weeds is put on top then it only needs watering in time it becomes a fight a bed for planting clement's some who tried it on his own fields and was successful . or needed good but we only want to eat once
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a week so not only what if you put your hands on top of each it's as if you're a deep in the woods a really nice damp for a soil and that's just what the plants need to do for a live report is more when you put. this into villagers plant mostly veggie tables on their fields claman some teaches them the forest friendly method. which also gives them valuable compost it's. from a cecil said not decided to use the compost on her fields for mineral my language is significant and come to us i make compost it gives me a profit instead of having to buy for to like them with these profit i take care of my house and i take care of my children my 2 nephews i can go to the market to buy the hens that he raised to secure my future and see if our forest master there can
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deposit. it so when we news in compost to revitalize the depleted fields and let them fattal again protect the pony of palm trees in so too and the whole tropical forest. we have come to the end of this week's eco africa featuring eileen's wiring makes for small initiatives big projects and dedicated people thanks for joining us our military we're so long from here before us it probably goes and i do feel you next time you'll tell all the best and a good bye also for me i hope you have time again next week to join us in the meantime please visit our social media platforms and our website for more amazing ideas and environmental stories i am sondra to know the signing of a compiler here in uganda. no.
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the little. dog. the little. girl.
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how does it feel to well. where i come from but all of that and it does this go it just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china is for just one of the things. i missed the mileage but the taking of that back i see these things and you tell
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a different speed not. many of the expressed as i'm going to use and that it's just to add up part of the old cabin being every 10 minutes in china that's where you are not chinese people wondering if they're going to say but if you can have a ride to another little ready it is this is their job just under the law how i see it i don't know why i did nothing my job because i tried to do it except maybe an hour a day night name of the uninsured and i didn't work at d.f.w. . 2 but i usually did she could say you go to the people and see both for the over the reps from home the fortunately for the most recent at the combine looks rather nice the bottom of the family is at the last dragon this world has called the heart of those who used. to go green brooks on the.
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leg . i'm not laughing at the shit i just sometimes out but i stand up and with the research evidence take stevens for german culture looking at the stereotype of clay but interesting to see these are the countries that i not. yet needed so you can take from this grandmother day oh do you know it's cold out there. i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. . post.
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this is news live from buffalo and president trump announces a major change in u.s. policy on coronavirus to unleash the full power of the federal government is this effort today i am officially declaring a national emergency you know as we pull free of the billions to pay for measures to contain the virus has spread also on the program in europe passes a grim milestone.


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