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tv   A Poisoned Legacy  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2020 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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chin gary main spark in hindi teaching gary rehabilitation center is a spark of hope for the 300 children who come here nearly every day 700 more are on the waiting list the center is located just a kilometer away from the former union carbide pesticide plant in bhopal which in gary trust was founded in 2006 by 2 survivors of the world's worst industrial disaster rasheeda be is one of them local us allow or sell everything ok. i tell. ya again. i've. done. it. yeah well you never got it right because i had although i still see the impact of union carbide spurs in after 35 years and it's actually growing worse than the babies who
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were born right afterwards are now adults and these are their children so they are the 2nd and 3rd generations of disabled children we're still seeing the effects but the government's doing nothing. the disabilities are the result of hours long exposure to the toxic gas metal our society which escaped from the plant in 1984 and by decades of using water contaminated by chemical waste abandoned at the site . now wave your hands. actually the part of this it is. that there is nobody goes to work with these 2 of us because they are not giving money to them. wanting the idea of giving them that if we would see of course and they are getting help from us my. physical disability or. reading about men you know doing this if it is. c.b.
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an old rule maker that's cleared from the. room or this isn't. the. 13 year old to she is paralyzed on one side of her body her mother who was born in 1903 shortly before the catastrophe really leaves her side. move forward a little. come put your foot down in front. of. you don't be scared don't be scared. now on your own go out go take a step. she won't. live when coming here since she was 2 and a half before she couldn't talk or walk or sit or neck had no strength since i've
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been bringing her here she started to walk she can stand make steps and she can talk she's really progress to a lot. of the 2 women who founded shin garri rashid to be a muslim and champion hindu would like to offer more places to more children for 35 years they have fought to help victims of the bhopal disaster hire him gone on we have been together from the beginning since the gas tragedy we both got jobs at the central government press and since then we have been together the same books have fought together and we got an award together and with that we started the chin gary trust me or anything i guess it's up mikey. in 2004 they received the golden environmental prize often called the green nobel prize and used $125000.00 prize money to open the rehabilitation center since then it has mainly been financed. the bhopal medical appeal of british charity.
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it has been a life of suffering for many of the victims' families since december the 3984. in my family my father got cancer and died 2 years later my sister and i all got tongue cancer and died and her 3 daughters died 21 from a brain tumor and one from a stomach tumor all 3 daughters died and even her husband and 9 people from my family diet some people survived that night unfortunately the ones who died that night were lucky those who survived are dying slowly even today. we have. never got to. this is
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a new and biasses so i went blank and behind. making a life in. total ram sure i was an engineer in a plant that made metal i saw cyanide or m i c a component of the pesticide 7 luckily for him he was not there in the night in december 1 1000 $941.00 of the tanks exploded the toxic gas leaked from the plant for hours the building still stands but nature has reclaimed the derelict $25.00 test site. after closing this plant could be 5 years. not a single case you have to. learn so i look like i got a while and then got by got it i thought about the government. it's the same. tory in the form of quality control lab no decontamination took place.
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missed a show and worked in the plant for 9 years he says he knew it was a ticking time bomb. i came to know. and then. there was a nothing. for such a who's to think. union county was already burying toxic waste around the factory site before the disaster thousands of tonnes of it still leeching into the groundwater.
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manually and. of. the steam plastic foil put in place more than 35 years ago is presumably completely poorest now. because. thousands of people live nearby day of the victims of what could be called the 2nd disaster the contaminated water that has been poisoning them for 35 years since the gas tragedy. in 2004 the indian supreme court ordered the city to provide residents with drinking water since then a few neighborhoods have been hit. it did to the water network but the pipes are
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often leaky and sewage mingles with the clean water. to children here is a nurse from the some above the clinic every week she pays a visit to her patient into. the way. that the tap i feel my water for i used to have to go further and fill it over there but now i have it here and. i've been fine. but since the taps are only on for an hour a day people here store water for the rest of the day in the open air. the people here drink contaminated water for a long time clean water from the modern river has only been available for 80 years now before that people dry contaminated water from bore wells or hand pumps it affected their internal organs and many of them also have skin diseases. that is probably the cause of the source on interest hands. according to
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studies by the indian institute of toxicology research the contamination of the groundwater in bhopal is spreading in 201842 neighborhoods here were affected a year later it was 6 more. at the heart of this area is the some clinic it opened here to be as close as possible to the disaster affected victims. you. need to get your blood pressure taken by the man over there then you can go oh you want to challenge him on should please work. there and work 1st. the bottle 2nd breathe out. 3rd lift up your chin so it will run right
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down into your throat yeah. this is the. well done so remember the 5 steps shake it breathe out lift your chin up so it goes down. press the button close your mouth that's all there is to it it's. set in our surroundings also known as such it is not a doctor but his door is always open to patients in need of comfort or advice. said she is the founder and administrator of this treatment center. so this is it is friction it every day between 150 to 200 people come and they come to see different doctors or more medicine and the unique thing about this is
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we have a computerized medical information system we have in one place we can have information medical information on more than 35000 people as it happens there is no other such data in all of. 35000 victims of toxic gases in contaminated water such you open to some partner clinic in 1906 with the help of the both medical appeal charity some power means possibility that she was convinced it would be possible to give these people treatment and ease their suffering we decided that we would integrate modern medicine with. your go so that this was mainly to cut down on people over medication along with this we also included areas that had been neglected by the government community held
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such as research. interest has come for a consultation about the painful skin condition on her hands. he told me i had this for 2 and a half months. i don't know if it's because of the water but when i put my hands in the water it burns. down and the. interesting and i have medic medical practitioner dr rupa body examines 40 patients every day she says that in 20 to 30 percent of cases the water is the cause of the disorder is. sure you want to start in my book it was like i used to see more of the difference but gradually in the last 5 to 6 years. are the number of. contaminated water victims has also increased actually the main. thing only the treatment in some manner was to use the dogs ignored these. victims who were exposed to chronicle exposed to
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chemical toxins so using naturally. big girl formulations. indra least with a prescription for good. a plant used in traditional medicine against autoimmune diseases and allergies one of the 6 doctors who treat patients here every day is a gynecologist most of the patients who come to the clinic are women. well you know what's the problem with. my period has lasted for a really long time. pro long term menstrual period how long have you been having heavy bleeding 25 days maybe is. what all the health issues that they were a baby or they may be very really ok it incidences that are very much in this in
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this gas we. don't deny they lead normal of these things when we do that it gives scan at 15 when we played so many miles formations and. of normal babies and i mean as b.b.'s and gas would be in patients especially in maybe i would give a guy if a 5 patients in but maybe faine that is but here in the gas victims they're more. out of than 3 might have anomalous you say david that one would be. the doctor has also noted that many of the women here go through menopause before they are 35 many were born soon after the bhopal disaster. gas affected people are being treated as if they're not needed you know as if they're expendable. and one of the reasons we
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think is because of the if of who they are because half of them are muslims 49 percent of the gas affected people are muslims who in today's india are 2nd grade great citizens if not worse and the other half among the. more than 80 percent. belong to the low cost. the north of both part is a historic place until indian independence in 1947 the city was the seat of a muslim didn't state that ruled the princely state of ballpark a number of ruins still standing but since 984 bhopal has been synonymous with the world's worst industrial disaster. and yet it seems to be forgotten a few visitors come to the remembered ball park museum set up by survivors such you came to both partially after the disaster in 1904 he was studying nearby and wanted
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to help out and i saw just people like you have in that picture of people in small hard to just crying and in pain and tears running down and more stuff what i saw was helplessness because nobody knew what to do nobody knew if there was anything that would listen the pain i remember for the 1st 34 nights the sky you may read because so many bodies were getting good needed the official death toll was more than 5000 other sources say 25000 a total of 574000 people were exposed to the toxic fumes. this is warren anderson. 1972 here along with them their managers approved the hazardous design for the plant knowing fully well that it was
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going to be an suv. the former c.e.o. of the union carbide corporation died in 2014 he was charged with culpable homicide in india but never face trial but the bhopal group for information and action continues to fight for justice for the victims the legal battles continue on the issue of appropriate compensation on the cleanup of the site and also the criminal cases against the accused corporations and individuals responsible for the disaster. it is in fact a shame that after so many years later the corporations responsible for the disaster are still investing and profiting. in this country as well as all over the ward. a number of public hospitals will build especially to treat the victims.
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one was billed by the indian central government 6 by the state of macha project an average of 4000 people get treatment here every day there are 634 beds for them these are normal lines at the private sector jar hollow narrow hospital at the state department of bhopal gas tragedy relief and rehabilitation we meet justice v. k. aguilar who heads a committee that oversees the hospitals. who would. be . good government if you're in government we've mccord. nothing is enough nothing in the word is enough. and being all sorts of complains. the treatment of patients. in the summer is fair go in on the part of the host could be . not not being turned to the particular. form in the
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they can see the doctor and so forth but there is a general problem you make these good. bad says the retired judge the large number of patients is proof that the system is working. rational disagree the activist says the government health system for the victims is an empty shell. you just have to look at the reports that just as agarwal and his team the monitoring committee that has been appointed by the supreme court of india have to look at the reports of the last 10 years and every report will should tell you how bad the hospitals are functioning that there are bad quality of medicines that they are nor specialists that 80 percent of specialists are still vacant that is it equipment but that is not brain
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stuff to run back to quitman there is no treatment protocol. they have no medical files and no electronic medical data despite the millions in investments the health of all parts residents continues to suffer and then there are the victims of the contaminated water they are thought to number more than 100000. the somebody in a clinic has been able to offset some of the deficiencies of the government's health system its philosophy methods and location make it unique in bhopal. it's a remarkable green haven less than a kilometer away from the union carbide plant. the environment here is not intact especially the soil but still the clinic does its best to cultivate medicinal plants for patients. we are growing.
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which is very good for infections lung conditions then we are growing by a lot here we have a lot of these flowers because this is good for many gynecological problems as well as people with any media as well as people with skin issues. around 100 different plants are grown here and used for herbal infusions and applications for the skin but most of them a process to make oils or powders around 85 medicinal products are made here. this is new in the oil. i was packing that just now we feel the oil and packet oil feeling. it's a pain relief or oil so instead of taking medicine with this oil and you get relief . and this part of the route is
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a remedy for coughs all of the products are prescribed free of charge at the clinic . this pharmacy stocks allopatric and i you beric medicine it's where the patients come to pick up their medications dollars are collected by the sun bhavna trust indicates that even after more than 3 decades residence around the planet a twice as likely to die from cancer and lung disease and 3 times as likely to die from kidney disease as people elsewhere 150000 residents suffer from chronic diseases both passed 2nd disaster continues on one side you have. the poorest people of in the city on the other 3rd you have be one of the most powerful corporations in the world and that has the support of the most powerful nation. it has the support of the us government the the what is happening
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continuing to happen in india in bhopal today the poisoning of the law and then the suffering of the people in the all happening because the the corporation has been able to get away with it what is happening in bhopal is going to happen everywhere and slow and silent but bulbs are happening everywhere whether we like it or not there is a continuous trespass of corporations poisons in our bodies and in our environment . at the some popular clinic yoga is used as a healing method for body and mind alongside medical methods to reduce the amount of medications patients take. and to help them improve their daily lives by finding a balance and strength to keep hope alive.
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