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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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beethoven 202250th anniversary year on new. this is news live from builded signs of progress in germany's battle against the corona virus health officials say measures to slow the spread of the virus are working but they're still getting caution as the country's death toll surges of a 1000 also coming up. people in turkey i'm not for giving in neighbors it's a lifeline for the elderly and seniors and the seriously ill under curfew i depend
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on others for the daily essential it's. a matter how would welcome more than a 1000000 people around the world now have confirmed to corona virus infections and of 855000 have perished here are some of the latest developments in the pandemic the united states has registered the world's highest daily coded 19 death toll thursday so 1169 confirmed deaths from virus related causes that south korea has refused entry to foreigners who refused quarantine measures all overseas arrivals including south korea nationals are required to so far as life for 14 days and germany now has more than 80000 confirmed cases another 1900 deaths but the leader of the country's top health public health institute rather says strict measures to
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control the spread of the virus appear to be working. the slower the lungs are going so far it's been going very well we both see if the measures are enough and whether the health system becomes overwhelmed we can't say for sure but we are doing everything we can to save as many lives as possible you're on the right track . in that wish to let men know chavez is following the latest developments for us in germany and then what does it appear that germany is getting a handle on this pandemic. well there's definitely a room for some cautious optimism today after those they clever ations but it's by no means controlled yet so a lot of you know the head of the. institute say death at the moment we observed a trend over the past few days that showed that infected people one infected person would only infect another person and that's a progress as opposed to
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a few weeks ago where you could see one person infected up to 7 people but so was for the pandemic to be under control of one person should in fact less than another person for it to be a site on the to be told under control under control so cautious optimism right now . almost 2 weeks into the need to freeze a public life more than 90 percent of germans still agree with the contact restrictions in place. simply accepted that that's the way things are now no problem. it's good you can still buy everything but of course i miss my friends . confidence in germany's health system has even slightly grown since last week to 77 percent overall while 22 percent say they are less confident the system can cope
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but for 3 got rid of. the health service is working despite all this is great as an old person i remember war times and we're nowhere near that yet but. what germans currently worry about most is the economic damage the corona crisis could bring. 3 quarters are concerned or very concerned for the economy overall less than a quarter worry about their own personal situation. solidarity in europe and beyond is also something most germans would like to see now well almost 2 thirds feel it is right for politicians to think of germany 1st at this time of crisis 95 percent would like to see solidarity within the e.u. and 64 percent say rich countries like germany should now help poorer regions. and that's something that germany has been doing at the country saying that it
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would have out other countries in need it's taking in critically ill patients from neighboring countries from france from each of the so far so i thought as long as germany has a capacity to do it out there we continue doing so and then we hear the word solidarity a lot at the moment bangkok airport 200000 facemasks. were diverted to the usa do we know what happened there exactly. yes those 200000 mosques had been ordered by their belly not sorry t.'s to a u.s. firm but they were manufactured in china and apparently u.s. officials confiscated those mosques at a profit of the u.s. even it does mosques i had already been paid for so no officials actually called on the u.s. and say that this was a case of modern piracy they say to ask
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a geyser the banding in terry are a means to say this is not how you treat transatlantic partner and he called for the german government the federal government to to address this issue we see us among our size thanks for your time now let's look at some more ways that covert 19 is impacting the world. german chancellor angela merkel has ended herself once again and is back in her office after several negative coronavirus tests chance of a medical into parts in 2 weeks ago after being in close proximity to a doctor who life had tested positive for khobragade to. police in france of pain stopping cars leaving paris to catch would be holiday makers or thirties have warned residents to cancel any travel plans for the school holidays which begin this week it. all turkish president richard type one has ordered a partial curfew for people under the age of 20 in
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a bid to slow the spread of the outbreak he's also talking dozens of city borders and requiring people to wear masks in public spaces the measures come as turkey says the shop jump in the infections and deaths from covenanting the country already has a curfew in place for the chronically ill and those older than 65 people who had their own particular needs. home delivery turkey style. for many istanbul residents this is not a novel way of doing their shopping but with the coronavirus epidemic worsening it's now become a lifeline for the city's elderly. you. know people shopkeepers have quickly adapted to the subsidies that we have started to delivery service so they call us and we help them i mean really care if they want something from the shop of the market we take it to their homes because state has. a curfew for
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citizens older than 65 was among the 1st measures taken by the turkish government in their battle against the epidemic. in the vision of what was just a local authorities have been told to be strict. to enforce the rules and send people home. at 1st however many pension is wouldn't listen. 10 arson from these general municipality tells me you know us a lot of the. established order nothing really changed during the 1st days but when you look at it now you can see that the use of public transport for example is down 90 percent and this is a strong sign that our older citizens are more aware of the importance of the issue now they're following the rules more than before. the more pensioners stay at home the more work there is the municipal support teams across the city they have delivered groceries to tens of thousands of quarantined istanbul
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nights. but despite the early introduction of the curfew for the elderly proven too little in the fight against the virus more measures have been taken. it's jumbles grand designs one of the largest in the world is now closed as are schools museums sports clubs bars and cafes. all international flights have been stopped and domestic travel severely restricted its jungles new gigantic and port empty and deserted and shingle out an arson predicts that move measures will come to the sulu for as they're called out here in istanbul the population density is very high hearted so it's safe to say that we will need more radical measures eventually after all a sample appears to be a hot spot at this epidemic going on in the now and watch against stumble. with
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more restrictions looming stumbles patients will be tested as well as the solidarity of its people. well as the virus sweeps across the globe health workers on the front lines of the fight against. a facing critical shortages of protective gear even so they're continuing to risk their lives to save others and this report shows how health care workers around the world are confronting the bleak reality of being overwhelmed and under protect. not all superheroes wear masks but these ones definitely should get the masks they have aren't good enough. these new york health care workers are demanding protective equipment that will stop them catching and spreading covert 90. 5 this is outrageous that we have we have people coming in sewing things for us
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sewing mass sewing shields making things out of plastics this is what we're doing now how how. i mean that would be like stodgy going to war and making a plastic gun to bring with him this is this is what's happening front line workers across the u.s. are in the same situation the daily toll of their exhausting and risky work beginning to show anything going to take all in all you know of having you know kind of laid his or her my daughter to 3 weeks because. i was going with the rule which is to live. in the u.k. the army has been called in to make sure supplies get to hospitals but staff say it's still not anywhere near enough i never thought in my wildest dreams i would be sure surgical mask in this country i never i never thought in my wildest dreams that we would be feeling consistently unsafe it's. in france
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a group of caregivers launched an eye catching campaign to draw attention to what they see as their lack of protection their message they feel naked in their fight against corporate 90. but with most of us forced to stay indoors and away from our friends and family for better or for worse social media is helping fill the void videos and names have become a semi reliable way to get a laugh during the crisis so let's take a look at how some people have been stretching their creative legs while in lockdown. this music is the medicine of the mind corrina virus has its own john rocker. for some home office means blowing off some steam. for those getting a bit more restless. how about some sports.
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no equipment can just improvise. even if the goods are in short supply. we've seen disappearing cars. not to mention disappearing parents. some just want to ride off into the distance. others have been sharing their how and for state attempts at home a face masks just don't forget our canine companions and if all else fails just party thanks to. and on that magnificent no this is day w news live from berlin our daily special on the pandemic is coming up next with you had me back at the top of the hour with more world news for now that i'm anthony hallett thanks watch.
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