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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2020 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is t w news live from berlin europe agrees on a rescue deal for countries hard hit by the coronavirus finance minister has come up with 500000000000 euros for emergency credit lines to soften the economic blow look at the latest from our correspondent in brussels also coming up learning at home how widespread poverty and limited internet access in spain are damaging the education of children from low income families. and easter alike know was there before as churches closed their doors to the faithful mosques are also off limits
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for worship 1st after the legislators around the world canceled festivities and celebrations. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program europe's finance ministers have struck a deal on a 500000000000 euro bailout a debt limiting the economic damage from the coronavirus the measure should help nations hardest hit by cope with 90 as well as supporting companies and protecting jobs during the breakthrough came after ministers failed to bridge their differences in marathon talks earlier this week re southern european countries led by italy and spain one of the european union to ease access to financial markets by creating so-called corona bots but the idea was resisted by richard northern states including germany the netherlands and finland. a foreign backed regard who is
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following the story for us from brussels about tell us what exactly is in the steel . there was a big sigh of relief in all 27 capitals of the european union the finance ministers in the euro group struck this deal late in the night after 2 days of fia's negotiations of bargaining and bickering and. sent a no the part of his finance minister the head of the euro group said these are bowed and bishes decisions we made it and all of shows the german finance minister said this is a great day for sort of derry t. and it's also a great day for their european union because the union can act so in the deal itself contains 3 components firstly there is a loan guarantee by the european investment bank in luxembourg 200000000000 euros
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for small sized and medium sized companies the secondly there is a new unemployment scheme to finance unemployment benefits in poorer member states worth 100000000000 euros by the e.u. commission made available by that you commission and there's also a 3rd component 240000000000 euros from the european stability mechanism the years m. which was created in the greek crisis that now makes money available for italy france and spain without conditions they only have to take care that these finance instruments are used for the technical the corona virus and the health systems so a lot of talk a lot of measures of you mentioned also a lot of talk of solidarity but ultimately you know we we did see some fault lines on display it's a killer the way those between north and south within the e.u.
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so which country is ultimately have achieved what they wanted and which countries have not. well the spain italy and others have achieved easy access to cheap loans but these are only loans is not fresh money they have to pay it back at one point the italian fine is mr roberto god here he said vincentio i have one and also the dutch finance minister. on the other side said we have fun because no there will not be any corona bones no debt issue by all member states the common debt that is fiercely debated in the e.u. this has to be decided on the road to the time frame is not clear the e.u. fines mrs also agreed to have a recovery fund later on the size is unknown and also it's unknown how to finance this germany is strictly against these corona bones but italy is still fighting for
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them and back to you know the enormity of really what is at stake here for the european union should not be underestimated many people saying that the future of the block itself depends on how it navigates its corona crisis alternately based upon this plan will the money be enough but all the experts in brussels and also the european central bank says these emergency funds worth 540000000000 euros not enough you need a recovery fund to restart the european economy after the coronal crisis the e.c.b. talks about 1.5 trillion euros and you have to combine that also with the national measures germany alone is pledging one trillion yoan one trillion euro for its own economy so the numbers are really high and this is only the beginning of the discussions and the money has to flow ok we're going to see the bees go to tease perhaps in the future to me which joining us with
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a view from brussels on this massive bailout package for the e.u. thank you. let's get you the latest developments on the coronavirus john hopkins university as coronavirus tracking website shows more than 1600000 confirmed cases worldwide almost 96000 people are known to have died of covert 19 of the actual number is likely to be much higher yemen's internationally recognized government has confirmed its 1st case widespread poverty and 5 years of civil war make the country especially vulnerable to a severe outbreak and authorities in indonesia's capital jakarta are implementing stricter restrictions to slow the spread of the virus about half of confirmed cases are in the capital chicago's cook county jail is reporting $450.00 inmates and staff a tested positive the jail holds almost $5000.00 prisoners and is now one of the biggest clusters in the united states. after weeks of infections rising
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infections the spanish government has also expressing cautious optimism despite more than 15000 deaths the number of daily fatalities has begun inching lower but spaniards will not be allowed to leave their homes for at least another 2 weeks in schools or main closed the measures are hitting children from low income families in particular. says most important tools right now are her smartphone and laptop from her own backyard she uses them to try to keep in touch with her students but it's not always possible hence parents don't have an internet connection at home so until recently he was stuck permanently offline. a friend brought me over a few homework assignments i can do those but unfortunately i can't do the other assignments because i need to be online. yes. the only reason miguel is able to talk with his teacher right now is because a school mate gave him
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a pre-paid sim card moto says that was great but it's no long term solution. and i don't know. i have students who are really good but they can't continue their learning. the government should be making sure that everyone has access to the internet and all students have the chance to take punts and classes online. spain has some of the highest poverty levels in europe especially among minors according to the united nations 30 percent of all spanish children and adolescents are at risk of poverty internet access is not much better around one in 5 families in spain still don't have a computer at home. isolation social exclusion problems at school children from low income families especially affected by the crisis and there's another direct us government reports have phones that's been a number of people infected in poorer neighborhoods is up to 7 times and in rich districts there's
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a lot of discussion in spain about possible reasons but what is already clear is that a person social status plays a role in how much the virus affects someone. marta stays positive but the longer schools stay closed the harder it will be for disadvantaged students to catch up on their learning can't wait to leave her home office and get back into a real classroom again but many in spain believe that's unlikely to happen before the summer holidays. well let's take a look now at some other coronavirus related news from around the world new york city authorities have begun using a trench to bury virus victims the number of unclaimed bodies interred at the hard island public cemetery has increased 5 fold since the start of the outbreak new york plans to drops in additional funeral directors to deal with the high number of deaths is. britain's prime minister boris johnson has been moved into a regular hospital ward in london after 3 nights in intensive care johnson tested
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positive for the virus and its condition worsened his office says that he will be monitored. and the world's major oil producers have made progress on a deal to cut out but by 10000000 barrels a day a meeting between opec countries and allies including russia agreement between all members except mexico is seen as the best way to support toppling oil prices as demand ahmed's. so much of europe may be on lock down but trade hasn't stopped long haul truckers are responsible for making sure consumers and hospitals get the goods that they need but the coronavirus is exposing drivers to new dangers many have never consider. a border crossing from austria into southern germany trucks arrive virtually every minute from the crisis that region in northern italy paid to book flies or has been driving this road 3 times a week for over 10 years these days it's an enormous burden for the 57 year old.
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cold which is good food but it's a strange feeling because you're driving into a high risk area and then right back oh. this is all good it's not good it's weird it's totally weird. today he's hauling 25 tons of paper from the milan region . the streets are empty all the austrian steve to rule is on lockdown. and that we have 0 contact with the population 0. and no contact with the businesses we're working with if. you get to deliver a ticket through the crack of your window if it's any good and you give it back the same way. now that the situation just frightens me. you don't know if you're next that's the most frightening thing that you don't know how everything is going to turn out and you don't know if you've already got the
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thing. is the. book pfizer's boss says he's taking the health of his $180.00 drivers seriously he stockpiling disinfectant protective gloves and face masks in a safe. and here's the current location of our trucks starting from southern to roll in italy up across austrian toral and then southern germany. and there's the fleet moving to england. $550.00 tons of food from italy destined for german markets pasta canned tomatoes rice and red wine waiting to be loaded onto trucks. meanwhile the paper book pfizer is planning his next run this time 25 tons of grain from bavaria direction right back to northern italy. accompanying him on his journey back into the virus hotspot the fear that he too could soon be infected.
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well the world's biggest religions for them in the coming days there are usually filled with celebrations but christians you know are marking easter and and jews passover for muslims the fasting period of ramadan begins later this month but the need for social distancing means religious leaders have scaled back or canceled many traditional public festivals and celebrations have a look. i'm easter at the vatican this is what catholics around the world expect every year. tens of thousands pacts and peter's square as pope francis addresses the faithful. but what will it look like this year the pope will say mass in an empty basilica and his address from his balcony has been canceled worshipers must stay home. motorways across europe like here in germany are usually clogged on easter weekend as people travel cross country to visit family. but this
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year looked on measures mean people can't leave their home towns or cities in many places. in jerusalem the 8 day jewish festival of passover is marked by public prayer and big meals with extended family but this year travelling and religious observance must take place at home and is restricted to close family soldiers are delivering sealed meals to people in isolation. for muslims ramadan set to start in 2 weeks is a month of fasting that ends with the celebrating the feast. but religious leaders have said that people with fragile health should not fuss this year and several countries have caused mosques altogether. to many of the faithful these restrictions are heartbreaking but authorities fear that a living traditional large scale celebrations to go ahead could undo weeks of lockdown. and with that now you are up to.
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