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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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the world's to their final resting place the russians are g.w. documentary. this is d w news live from her land europe agrees on a rescue deal for countries hard hit by the coronavirus finance ministers come up with 500000000000 euros for emergency credit lines to soften the economic flow we'll have the latest from our correspondent in brussels also coming up learning at home how widespread poverty and limited internet access in spain are damaging the education of children from low income families. and easter like no other as worship
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. church services are cut and religious leaders around the world cancel festivities and celebrations. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program europe's finance ministers have struck a deal on a 500000000000 euro bailout aimed at limiting the economic damage from the coronavirus the measure should help nations hardest hit by crooked 19 as well as supporting companies and protecting jobs the breakthrough came after ministers failed to bridge their differences in marathon talks earlier this week to southern european countries led by italy and spain one of the european union to ease access to financial markets by creating so-called corona bonds but the idea was resisted by
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some member states including germany the netherlands and finland. as part of back to record who is following the story for us from brussels about tell us what exactly is in this deal. there was a big sigh of relief in all 27 capitals of the european union after the finance ministers in the euro group struck this deal late in the night after 2 days of fia's negotiations of bargaining and bickering and not send him out he was sent a no the part of his finance minister the head of the euro group said these are bowed and vicious decisions we made it and all of shows the german finance minister said this is a great day for sort of dairy tea and it's also a great day for their european union because the union can act so in the deal itself contains 3 components firstly there is
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a loan guarantee by the european investment bank in luxembourg 200000000000 euros for small size and medium sized companies the secondly there is a new unemployment scheme to finance unemployment benefits in poorer member states worth 100000000000 euros by the e.u. commission made available by that you commission and there's also a 3rd component 240000000000 euros from the european stability mechanism the years m. which was created in the greek crisis that now makes money available for italy france and spain without conditions they only have to take care that these finance instruments are used for the technical the corona virus and the health systems so a lot of talk a lot of measures as you mentioned also a lot of talk of solidarity but ultimately you know we we did see some fault lines on display it's a killer bebo's between north and south within the e.u.
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so which country is ultimately have achieved what they wanted and which countries have not. but the spain italy and others have achieved easy access to cheap loans but these are only loans is not fresh money they have to pay it back at one point the italian fine is mr roberto god here he said vincentio i have one and also the dutch finance minister. on the other side said we have fun because no there will not be any ikoro no bones no debt issued by all member states the common debt that is fiercely debated in the e.u. this has to be decided down the road the time frame is not clear the u. fine has been says also agreed to have a recovery fund later on the size is unknown and also it's unknown how to finance
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this germany is strictly against these corona bones but italy is still fighting for them and back to you know the enormity of really what is at stake here for the european union should not be underestimated many people saying that the future of the bloc itself depends on how it navigates its corona crisis alternately based upon this plan will the money be enough but all the experts in brussels and also the european central bank says these emergency funds worth 540000000000 euros not enough you need a recovery fund to restart the european economy after the coronal crisis the e.c.b. talks about 1.5 trillion euros and you have to combine that also with the international measures germany alone is pledging one trillion you own one trillion euro for its own economy so the numbers are really high and this is only the beginning of the discussions and the money has to flow ok so going to see the bees go to teens perhaps in the future about to meet art joining us with
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a view from brussels on this massive bailout package for the e.u. thank you. after weeks of rising infections the spanish government is expressing cautious optimism despite more than 15000 deaths the number of daily fatalities has begun inching lower but spaniards will not be allowed to leave their homes for at least another 2 weeks and schools will remain closed the measures are hitting children from low income families in particular. us is most important tools right now are her smartphone and laptop from her own backyard she uses them to try to keep in touch with her students but it's not always possible hence parents don't have an internet connection at home so until recently he was stuck permanently offline. a friend brought me over a few homework assignments i can do those but unfortunately i can't do the other
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assignments because i need to be online. yes the only reason miguel is able to talk with his teacher right now is because a schoolmate gave him a pre-paid sim card says that was great but it's no long term solution. i have students who are really good but i can't continue their learning. the government should be making sure that everyone has access to the internet and all students have the chance to take punts and classes online. spain has some of the highest poverty levels in europe especially among minors according to the united nations 30 percent of all spanish children and adolescents are at risk of poverty internet access is not much better around one in 5 families in spain still don't have a computer at home. isolation social exclusion problems at school children from low income families especially affected by the crisis and there's another direct us
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government reports have phones that the number of people infected in poorer neighborhoods is up to 7 times and in rich districts there's a lot of discussion in spain about possible reasons but what is already clear is that a person's social status plays a role in how much the virus affects someone. marja stays positive but the longer schools stay closed the harder it will be for disadvantaged students to catch up on their learning can't wait to leave her home office and get back into a real classroom again but many in spain believe that's unlikely to happen before the summer holidays. well let's take a look now at some other coronavirus related news from around the world new york city authorities have begun using a trench to bury virus victims the number of unclaimed bodies being interred at hart island public cemetery has increased 5 fold since the start of the outbreak new york plans to draft an additional funeral directors to deal with the high
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number of deaths in the states. and the pandemic has now killed at least $100.00 doctors in italy according to the country's doctors federation the deaths include some of the medics the government called out of retirement a month ago it's also estimated that about 30 nursing staff have also died from cope with 19 and britain's prime minister boris johnson has been moved in into a regular hospital ward in london after 3 nights of intensive care jobs and tested positive for the virus and his condition worsened his office as that he will be closely monitored. the world's major oil producers have made progress on a deal to cut output by 10000000 barrels a day a meeting between opec countries and allies including russia agreement between all members except mexico a cut is seen as the best way to support tumbling while prices as demand upon its. over countries under lockdown the next few days could prove the toughest yet as
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travel restrictions prevent millions from celebrating easter with friends and family here in germany some churches and families are keeping the faith through creative and of age. easter preparations in corona times. instead of going to see the grandparents these family will have to make do with virtual visits with the computers set up the connection is good mom is taking down a shopping list of things to bring her parents. who deliveries to the front door instead of easter egg hunts. and big meals with family and relatives and then thank you when i start to feel the walls closing in on me i remind myself why i'm doing this and sometimes i worry that i could infect my grandparents or maybe other people and so maybe it's ok to worry because otherwise you might just go ahead and visit people anyway when they think they have. a lot of things aren't possible in
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the coronas spring of 2020. 1 just might as well yes we went on vacation for easter last year we were in denmark with my sister and a family that was really nice we can do that this year going to church is another easter ritual that's not possible this year but the speed families local pastor is also resorting to the internet for creative alternatives. fear can so how is it they know we can record things at home i hear the music over the phone and causing my part that's was in. the script on the definition recordings from different people or get cut together then. the husband and wife pastor team at the philippines parish and my answer assembling a church service complete with him prayers readings and the sermon.
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on easter the congregation can watch it online it's an attempt to bring a community together but there's still something missing. you feel in dimension of the people i miss the community because that's what church is all about being together. i'm really looking forward to when things get back to normal. if you need a gun i'm sure it's in the old creative solutions that people are finding you know here in the chart you also in many other areas will have a positive influence on the time after corona exactly how remains to be seen but i'm sure that will happen. and there are creative solutions around the world us travel bans and other restrictions on daily life mean religious leaders around the world are having to cancel festivities and celebrations g.w. correspondents in rome jerusalem and islamic report now on how social distancing is impacting workshop. easter
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a past squad here in italy is going to be an easter like no other instead of family gatherings in feasting as well as excursions to the seaside or countryside to enjoy the good weather it's going to be all about staying at home the police are expected to be out in full force to make sure that people don't do what they're normally used to doing at this time of the year the other struggle is to how to make this period special as compared to every other day when we're here into more than a month of these lockdown measures here in italy i'm going to try to cook an extra special meal or perhaps try and get that chocolate chocolate bunny for my child but it's not so easy for many out there their families concerned about the fact that they may have lost their jobs are not getting enough money in order to feed their families normally at this time of the year there should be thousands of people flocking into the old city to celebrate easter and passover in 2 weeks' time ramadan will begin but nothing is norm of this year the old city is empty there
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know this it is and the mood is rather somber. people of all faiths have been asked to stay at home to limit the spread of corona and many are using social media to stay connected with family and friends in these difficult times. i'm in my hometown in pakistan using the right highly informed that you learn in boston it is run by my extended family clan in this neighborhood. the mosque has been closed for last week because corona virus by dropping the people heard what i have found really interesting is what's really convinced a lot of sensible muslims about observing physically distancing our sayings of the prophet muhammad you found references in islamic history when he encouraged physical just dumping and dimes of plague disease and that seems to have really good alleges observance there at the time of covert 90. well meanwhile in football
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news the german tabloid newspaper billed as reporting that the bundesliga season could restart on may the 9th if authorities give it the green light but games would be played behind closed doors this means that the season could be wrapped up by the end of june german football has been suspended since mid march and with that now you're up to date here on news i'm sarah kelly and for lending you so much for joining us this hour don't forget you can always get more on our website t w dot com and on social media thank you so much for tuning in stacy. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information about and. our corona. with 19 special next on d w. beatles or is for me. is from.
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beethoven is for. beethoven is for. beethoven is for every. beethoven 2020. 5th anniversary on d w. how useful are face masks during the corona crisis experts country agree on this should we wear them and if so who should wear them to the protect knee or the other person and which types of mosques make sense at all in many asian countries face masks are regarded as one of the main weapons in the fight against the corona. virus and in
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china it's even forbidden to be on the streets without a mosque. but here in europe we have mixed feelings about wearing masks in times of scarcity many believe should be reserved for health care workers depend on protection but that view seems to have changed recently now more and more local authorities do recommend to wear masks in public so let's talk about face masks and what they can do for us during our. welcome to aleko with $900.00 special here and news i want to get good to have you with us is wearing a face mask useful during the coronavirus crisis or is it all just nonsense opinions are divided but there seems to be a growing consensus that we can't stay in permanent crisis mode that's how do we end the lockdown without risking a rise in new cases and consequently a higher death toll could compulsory facemask policies be the out so well in a moment we'll talk to an expert from the w h
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o but 1st this report. not all respirator masks are created equal we can generally distinguish between the 3 main types. so-called filtering face piece or f.f.t. masks fit snugly around the nose mouth and chin and filter out the tiniest airborne particles the most effective type lets no viruses in or out. an excellent valve makes breathing easier but increases the risk of viruses escaping through an unfair f.f.t. mask protects both the wearer and the person they encounter with a valve that only reliably protects the wearer f.p. masks are in short supply worldwide so they should be mainly reserved for medical personnel. a mask that's often seen now it is this simple protective face piece for the mouth and nose known as the surgical mask it consists of several layers of paper or non woven fabric with the. thin wire to make it fit over the nose when the
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wearer coughs or sneezes the surgical mask blocks the large droplets but on inhalation air also flows in over the sides that means mainly to protect others from infection rather than the wearer. once the mask is wet from breathing after 8 hours wearing time at the most it has to be discarded. and the coated 19 crisis professionally manufactured masks are in short supply that's led to a flourishing cottage industry in d.i.y. masks whether using handkerchiefs t. shirts or vacuum cleaner bags people all around the world are revving up their sewing machines at textile mast functions rather like a protective mask made of paper but generally has a poor seal and blocks only a 3rd of the droplets of the surgical mask does according to a study. however a cloth mask can be washed and reused the most important thing is no matter which
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mask you wear it can only be effective if used with hygiene measures like thorough hand washing and keeping a safe distance from others. and still some people say a mask is better than none others however warn that mask give people a false sense of security for more i'm joined by professor cowling at the university of hong kong his research there focuses on respiratory virus transmission and the impact of control measures on professor cal and he's also a co-director of the w. h. o. collaborating center for infectious disease epidemiology and control at the h k you school of public health good to have you with us so please there are still a lot of mosque critics out there and they say that there's simply not enough evidence that wearing masks could actually stop or at least reduce the spread of the virus you however were involved in a study that was published just last week tell us a bit about that. sure so the study that we did last week was a very careful experimental study in aleppo or tree of how much virus comes out of
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the mouths of people with influenza or common cold infections including common cold run a virus and we found a lot of virus in the exo breath not only in the large droplets but also in the small particle aerosols and the 2nd part of the study we looked at how well facemask blocked that virus from getting into the environment we captured all of the extra breath that these patients were breathing now and we found substantial reductions in the virus that was able to get into the environment when those patients wore surgical facemasks including influenza and including human coronavirus well that sounds to me like the study says that we should wear face masks and paps it should even be mandatory what you say i think we need to be careful not to think that may face mask or magic weapon against corbett we know the best things that we can do in the community is stay at home stay away from other people because that's what would definitely stop transmission but then if we do need to go out i think it might be better if people were wearing
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a mask than if they weren't but you mentioned the beginning the supply limitations is one of the big challenges to that kind of policy or added at just one more question about this discussion around whether or not we should wear face mask because it's also linked to fears that a sas code to could be airborne what do we know about that. well we don't know i think the jury's still out in the clip that you just played now you mention the face masks block the large doctors from coming out of someone who's infected but for the other person who's wearing some of the air comes in the sides actually in both cases the air will come in the sides and leak but they can still protect against droplets what we found in our study was the actually surgical mask a block many of the aerosol particles as well so even if sasco v 2 is airborne a surgical mask could still provide some benefit obviously not as much as it would against the large risk but it could still provide some benefit right and as you mentioned earlier surgical mask or any kind of mask really they're in short supply
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right now a lot of people are turning to d.i.y. mask what kind of mask makes sense in your view for the general public. but i think any mass is better than no moss but we know the materials that are a bit thicker probably have better still trace in performance so a cotton mask or cloth mosque is probably better than a scarf but we we actually don't know that much there haven't been that many studies on the different choices and i think dust now one of the plywood sees now you already mentioned that a mask condra plays measures like social distancing or washing your hands but there's a lot of discussion now in in europe at balad an exit strategy from the lock down can face mask help us return to an almost normal life so are they prerequisite for ending the lockdown. i don't think mosques are going to be
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a magic weapon that lets life go back to normal if people would just wear masks and washing their hands i think they will do something but probably not enough to allow life to otherwise return to normal i think we're still going to need a lot of social distancing and the other measures to test and trace but maybe if we do the masses well every little bit will help is there a downside to wearing a face mask why is there such a reluctance amongst even experts of recommending it to say any mosque is better than none so is there a downside we should know about yes some experts have been saying that perhaps people could choose between staying at home or going out and it's better to stay home everybody agrees that but then if there was a mosque available maybe that person would go out with a mosque instead of staying at home with no mosque and actually it's better to stay at home but if you do really need to go out it should be better to wear a mask to not wear a mask i think the experts are really saying there could be some consequence to
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behavior so that people wear the mosque they think it makes them protected and actually it's more like a small benefit and if everybody does it then we get a small benefit as a community professor think having there from the university of hong kong thank you so much for your time and yes to stay healthy. facemasks lock down and of course the constant fear of catching the virus many of us look for a way out of this nightmare by following conspiracy theories that explain what really happens or by discovering old health myths that promise to keep us safe beware the bear is a full scale it's better list to detail the use derrick williams time for your questions. can you kill the virus by spraying alcohol chloride. ok this is a really bad idea the only place on your body where you should use alcohol based
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sanitizers is on your hands because they are what transmits the virus to your face that's how it enters your body through the membranes in your nose or mouth or also your eyes and when using hand sanitizers you should pay close attention to recommendations about how frequently they can be used without causing damage to your skin don't ever spray a sanitizer or chemical on your body or your face will do no good and you'll possibly do a lot of harm. is that connection between cave 1005 but. you're referring to the conspiracy theory currently making the rounds on a lot of social media platforms that the spread of the virus is somehow linked to the spread of 5 g. technology this was a brand new myth for me at 1st i couldn't believe it was serious because the idea
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is so patently absurd but apparently people are taking it seriously enough to go out and set fire to mobile communications masts folks let's get something straight this disease is caused by a virus not radio let me repeat that it's caused by a virus not by radio waves every national and international health body on the planet agrees on that so if you're somehow involved in spreading this idea please stop and especially stop if you're one of the ones trying to burn down telecommunications infrastructure emergency service personnel have much more important things to deal with at the moment. derek williams they're setting the record straight and. we'll be back tomorrow good friday to answer your questions and that was our covert 1000 special for today thanks for joining us for more on the pandemic do check out our social media channels and our website that's d.w.
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dot com which has dedicated coded 900 pages in 30 languages i want to get jones in berlin and we'd like to leave you with some images of creative albeit not necessarily serious ideas for face masks. you can see them coming up now here we have oversized plastic bottles and of course lots of lettuce leaves and there are many ways long and well groomed to be it's well that might be something for you to go for a creativity in times of a pandemic. conspire to change. people. go out for a fantastic. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many songs do you all for tuning in now for the.
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next on d w. in good shape. can a genetic test help you stay healthy some diseases can actually be lost by genes the simple block until you. do you know what's hidden in your d.n.a. . genetic screening heard. in 60 minutes on t.w. . sleep. carefully. don't seem. to be
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a good. band. discovered . subscriber. documentary. hello and welcome to the environment magazine co-produced by n.t.v. in uganda channels t.v. in nigeria and date of the in germany i am saundra to nobody with me today as always is my co-presenting new to take me into how are you today just fine sandra
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thank you very much and one welcome to all of you are the.


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