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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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an exclusive report from a destroyed city. filled in the sights of bias starts may 20 years on d. w. . this is the news live from berlin germany says it's corona virus pandemic is now under control health minister. says the curve is flattening but warns against overconfidence. also on the program china myths the death toll in war han city is much higher than originally reported the news comes as the country's economic
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output drops for the 1st time in 30 years. as well come to the program germany's health minister says the country now has the coronavirus pandemic under control spawn says the country's health care system had at no point been overwhelmed despite seeing one of the highest number of infections in europe germany has suffered relatively few deaths officials say that's because of widespread testing in the early stages of the outbreak lockdown measures are due to be eased from next week but the sponsor at the country had reached a turning point but sounded a note of caution. now we can say this was successful we have managed to bring the dynamic growth back to a linear growth the infection numbers have decreased significantly especially the
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relative increases from day to day the outbreak has now become manageable and controllable again. but in managing the corona epidemic germany is doing relatively well that makes us humble not overconfident. germany's government agency for disease control the whole that cost institute says that on average each new patient is now infecting less than $1.00 other person in the outbreak is on the decline. if you are a reproduction number we calculate is currently 0.7 on average in germany. of course there are regional differences here too. but it's clear that this reproduction number has continued to fold up which means that on average each person who is infected and no longer in fact another person. that's brand going to
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surely he's the deputy director of the institute of. charlotte's a hospital in berlin positionally as we've just heard call of ours infection rate is currently 0.7 on average in germany how significant is that number for this country. these are good news of course because we are no longer in the exponential crawl space that means you have less new infections and that also means that the restriction measurements have been effective but we have to be still cautious because if you look back in history in 180919 when's a spanish flu. yes because many casualties then one could that pantene it came in st waves so 1st may force relatively benign but is it consideration guitarist so that could move
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3 waves may be and therefore we have to go on with this testing you have to go on to look at c.e. intensive care units to see how many people need medical care and in case also all the wires the virus is spreading again you have again to. install 'd. restriction measurements. there the deputy director of the institute of viral a-g. at the start a hospital here but then if you are a picture of post lockdown china is beginning to emerge as the full impact of the corona virus has left the country reeling with the economy taking a massive hit figures for the 1st 3 months of this year show the 1st drop in our post foremost 30 years 2nd blow by new figures reveal that the death toll in the city of war han where the virus was 1st detected is actually 50 percent higher than
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previously reported our story begins with a slump in the economy. the lockdown may be lifting but the virus has left its mark for the 1st time in decades china's economy has plummeted people can return to work but with virtually no demand many businesses remain closed. car sales that 1st dropped then plummeted down 21.6 percent in january then down 92 percent in february according to the china association of automobile manufacturers. china home to the world's 2nd largest economy has released its 1st quarter g.d.p. a drop of 6.8 percent millions of workers do not qualify for unemployment benefits and many businesses are on their knees what should be peak season for many is now the worst in recent memory. the situation is dire awful
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it's oscars for me. i've got no idea how to get through this year. so i start hiding from reality my business might not survive this year that i might be unemployed. next year. chinese officials released another startling figure the number of coronavirus deaths in has been raised to almost 4000 that's a 50 percent increase from earlier numbers the news has fuelled concerns that china has covered up the true extent of the outbreak an accusation the country denies. there's a startling number indeed outside china correspondent marty as building a wall that's says about the reliability of beijing's communication with the wire the wider world it is no surprise that the number is higher than it was previously reported we have heard reports of people being cremated without being great ustad
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and things like that this is an admission that something has been going on that that that there were cases that have not been included in the officer statistics of course we do not know what extent this new figure is accurate and what the real death toll was but it comes at a moment when china is under thiis criticism for its cover up from the u.s. but also from the french president mccraw who has criticized the cover up so it might be something like a gesture towards these critics to take some wind out of the sails of the critics to give a new figure. so this previously clearly under reported figure will not be used permanently against china but we cannot say really what the real extent is all the figures from china have to be treated with caution. bond and china correspondent is building out there to india now where 1300000000 people are
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halfway through a 6 week national lockdown the government insists that the restrictions are the key to breaking the chain of transmission boss the battle against the virus also has a dimension of religious prejudice to w. correspondent emissions as well as travel to the northern city of mirrors to find out why muslims there are being targeted for supposedly staging what some locals are calling corona jihad. 3 more weeks of lockdown businesses closed of restricted movement. but these men are fuming about something else abdul rashid a shopkeeper in the northern city of made it says islamophobia in india is at an all time high. he clearly blames the indian media oh yeah corona has arrived this is what they say when they see muslims moderate their vision or see shouting at us saying here comes corona is this a way to behave so if there is
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a limit to our patience the discrimination started after an event by the jamaat and islamic sect was recognized as occurred on our wireless hotspot many who attended the gathering in delhi became covert 19 carriers across india several me get on this were quick to claim that this was a deliberate attempt to undermine india some even alleging good or not jihad these allegations have also had a severe economic impact moment if the us would normally travel to different neighborhoods hawking has with. some of these were predominantly hindu. now people refused to let him in so when everyone is turning so away the residents say don't sell food here go back to your own neighborhood. police are stopping us tonight beating up. these muslim vendors can now only sell goods in their
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own majority muslim neighborhood business has dried up elsewhere and we are not rumors are circulating about malicious intent. locals here at us fighting the ports of multiple incidences of muslims entering neighborhoods and spitting in them to spend the coronavirus residents here a standing guard and barricading gates to prevent this from happening even leaders from the ruling b.g.p. have claimed that members of the leakage of mots sect have deliberately spread the wireless you're going to india should have been free of coronavirus by now but in denmark but these members this collective like suicide bombers or these suicide bombers that should face the strictest possible legal action they should be punished in a way that generations to follow started to afraid to commit such crimes. if the allegations the sect has spread the virus on purpose are still unfounded but
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fewer and anger across communities persists. for these men their religion has become an added burden during the long lockdown. earlier we spoke with a booker prize winning writer and leading political activist our own doctor or you . take on the situation it. is not a crisis yet in the us if you look at the numbers which just cause but little exposed seems about them you know there are so that all of us knew you know it's it's too late on full display just as you were reporting we're seeing we're suffering not just from but from a crisis of hatred progresses. and of course a lockdown in india is not a lot of darkness is not physical this is just physical compression.
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but really this crisis is a. it's coming of course from the that act of massacring the which was the result of of you know since december people protesting against the muslim citizenship a lot more and now actually even as we speak. under the cover of core with the government is moving to arrest young students to cases against lawyers against senior editor against activists and true. to their recently thought into doing so there's nothing i can see to look to the government all the. people i can speak to people who need and to the world outside not to dislike it because obviously the situation is approaching. you know because the government's
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agenda has been and it says this muslims have been lynched was jim's have been hunted down but now the stigmatize even with this illness has left you know government policies on the street now you can hear it every. roy speaking to us earlier that honesty international says that lock downs in southern africa have left millions of people facing hunger it's calling on governments to give food aid to those who can't afford to stockpile human rights group says lockdown measures are forcing zimbabweans to choose between a bang the rules or risking penalties if they go out to buy food. shuttered shops lined the streets of harare zimbabwe its economy was already at rock bottom neither the coronavirus crisis is denying shopkeepers even a modest income. we are unable to work
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during the lockdown. which is coming to prevent people from looting our shops this is bad for business we are living hand to mouth. after decades of economic mismanagement a serious drought and now the lockdown it is estimated that more than a 3rd of the population is in danger of starvation. it's a bit sick of and has to give us food or money that's what we need most of. the health system is struggling to cope there are very few intensive care units and ventilators protective equipment is scarce and doctors are worried. there's a difference between your and 3 say so for us we need to be protected 1st so that. all those so we have so. little. village 1st and then we'll be able
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to offer our services doctors say that even before the pandemic struck patients were dying in hospitals because of inadequate care as the disease spreads zimbabwe appears l. equipped to deal with its potential impact. that's it from me have you seen me but then i'm god i'll 1st. for you to the top of the hour thanks for joining. the global corona crisis you can find more information online at e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels.
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