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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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nation online at e.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels. this is the end of the news live from germany says its coronavirus pandemic is now under control health minister against iran says the curve is flattening but warns against overconfidence also on the program. china admits the death toll in who had city is 50 percent higher than average only before to use comes as the country's economic output strops for the 1st time in 13 years.
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in a d.w.i. exclusive interview with indian author aren't as heroic says prime minister narendra modi as exploiting the pandemic to incite the prosecutions of muslims in the majority internation. i'm still welcome to the program germany's health minister says the country's corona virus outbreak is now manageable a national disease control agency has confirmed that the infection rate is now declined to less than one germany has seen one of europe's highest number of infections but better to have no deaths writes health officials attribute this to widespread testing in the outbreaks early stages but as the country looks forward to next week's gradual easing of lockdown measures health minister is still urging
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caution. germany's streets are still empty its stores still closed a result of the country's strict physical distancing measures after almost a month the restrictions are proving successful germany's hospitals have i.c.u. space to spare at least $10000.00 intensive care beds are available this means the health care system has not yet been overwhelmed by the pandemic according to authorities this is because germany managed to flatten the curve and reach an important milestone a much awaited drop in the infection rate. if you're a reproduction number we calculate is currently 0.7 on average in germany. of course there are regional differences here too. but it's clear that this reproduction number has continued to fall. which means that on average each person
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who is infected no longer in fact another person. using courage in numbers are what the german government has been aiming for they show that the spread of the virus is finally slowing down although there's been a recent rise in the death rate for weeks german chancellor angela merkel has been explaining the need for a drop in the infection rate leaning on her scientific background to clearly explain how a virus transmission works but she hasn't yet called for a loosening of restrictions authorities are aware of the risk of going back to normal life too quickly germany is doing relatively well managing the epidemic. that makes us humble not overconfident. the call for caution has been spelled out by the last 3 days which have seen a day to day increase in both cases and total deaths germany still faces months of struggle with the virus even with the gradual loosening of the lockdown people are
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being asked to accept restrictions as the new normal well efforts continue to expand testing and develop a vaccine and that is likely to take months of painstaking research in cooperation with scientists and governments around the world. straight to d.w. political correspondent simon you who welcome simon let's talk about the reproduction number why is it so important. here phil there's been a lot of focus on this number and as you heard there the head of the year robert cock institute germany's main sort of medical public health institute was saying that the number is now at 0.7 what that means is that if you've got 10 people who are infected with this virus on average they'll only infect another 7 people so as fewer and fewer people are being affected infected as those people then
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recover there are even fewer who are just beginning to get sick with the disease and that of course should mean in turn that ultimately the death rate will come down it's at the moment is around 300 a day here in germany. but that of course reflects the figures of the infected from some time ago so it may come down although i should also say there's equally a possibility for instance that as it begins to get into care homes perhaps god forbid then we might see the death rate go back up again so as well as testing the band lots of tests at the start of this pandemic what else is germany begetting right. yeah a lot of people said that the testing really is the core of it but also of course a pretty robust health care system it would seem which is really been able to ramp up fairly quickly and has been able to deal with the number of cases arriving and
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we've seen that. again today and what the health minister was saying germany currently has around 10000 intensive care beds they're not being used so that just shows you've got quite a lot of room to maneuver and indeed the the ministry and spawn said that up to 75 percent of those beds would now be made available to treat other european patients from other european countries if that is desired so germany has got a strong health care system and that is really served it well in this crisis thank you for that simon you. know clear a picture of post lockdown china is starting to emerge the pandemic is left the country's economy revealing the figures for the 1st 3 months of this year show the 1st drop in output for nearly 30 years and the death toll in the city of virus was 1st detected has been revised upwards by 50 percent we'll start with
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a look at the economy. the lockdown may be lifting but the virus has left its mark for the 1st time in decades china's economy has plummeted people can return to work but with virtually no demand many businesses remain closed. car sales that 1st dropped then plummeted down 21.6 percent in january then down 92 percent in february according to the china association of automobile manufacturers. china home to the world's 2nd largest economy has released its 1st quarter g.d.p. a drop of 6.8 percent millions of workers do not qualify for unemployment benefits and many businesses are on their knees what should be peak season for many is now the worst in recent memory. the situation is dire awful
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it is oscars for me. i've got no idea how to get through this year. there's no hiding from reality my business might not survive this year that i might be unemployed. next year i don't know. i've been through the chinese officials released another startling figure the number of coronavirus deaths in has been raised to almost 4000 that's a 50 percent increase from earlier numbers the news has fuelled concerns that china has covered up the true extent of the outbreak an accusation the country denies let's go through this with the material usually based in china for travel restrictions mean he's here in the welcome material what is this 50 percent food revision of china's death toll tell us. well there have always been doubts about the off issue figures that have been reports about corpses being
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cremated without being registered although the people had died from the symptoms of covert 19 if it's especially in the early days when testing was not widely available etc so it is not a surprise that the death toll is higher than we than the number we knew until yesterday the question remains of course is this now really an accurate figure on no chinese statistics especially in this situation opaque and we have no way off very fighting this and on the economy this latest economic data makes sad reading what impacts that likely to have on day to day life that. this is this data reflects the 1st 3 months of this year this was january february and march when the peak of the crises and the lock downs when basically the whole of china stood still all the shops and restaurants almost all of them he said except
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for those who cater for the. necessary needs like food or pharmacies all of the others were closed and factories stood still so there's no surprise here that this did that there was a joke the shoppers drop since 967 in the economy economic performance and the question is now will the economy get back on track now that many of these restrictions are eased and there is of course a lot of dollar to about that. because people are still wary and we do not really know to what extent the economy is already running the effect trees and the companies are already running the it that the demand from from from our from here in germany and other western countries that are now under lockdown is of course not there and exports to us have plummeted thank you for that i'm
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a to serve but. well take a quick rundown of coronavirus developments around the world in the confirmed death toll has now exceeded 150000 according to the johns hopkins university in the u.s. from says registered death toll near that $19000.00 to more than $760.00 people died monday officials say the spread of the disease appears to be slowing and will so forth hardest hit country britain has launched a task force to spearhead efforts to create a coronavirus vaccine 800 people died in the u.k. on friday. well the u.s. government is providing stimulus checks to millions of people affected by the pandemic but at least one group won't be getting any of those federal funds and that's undocumented migrant workers this is prompted the state of california to step in to protect a group that makes up
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a 10th of its life before. the program to provide stimulus payments to undocumented immigrants in california is valued at $125000000.00 most of the funding will come from the state but a large part is also coming from philanthropic partners regardless of your status documented or documented there are people in need and this is a state that steps up always to support those in need regardless of status 10 percent 10 percent of california's workforce is undocumented 10 percent any over representation of that work force is undocumented in the areas that are so essential to meeting the needs of tens of millions of californians today many undocumented workers are key to the agricultural and food sectors as well as manufacturing and construction in california newsome added that tax money spent now
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to keep people from getting sick infecting others and overburdening that state's emergency rooms. the payments aren't as large as the federal stimulus checks undocumented migrants are eligible for $500.00 per person or $1000.00 per household and that money will help bolster the california economy. india's population of 1300000000 is halfway through a 6 week lockdown the government insists the restrictions are key to breaking the chain of infection but critics say the battle against the virus also contains an element of religious prejudice d.w. correspondent and we should just well has been to the northern city of new routes to find out why muslims are being targeted for supposedly staging what some locals are calling corona jihad. 3 movie knocked out of business is closed restricted movement. but these men are fuming about something
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else abdul rashid a shop people in the northern city of made it says islamophobia in india is that all time high. he clearly blames the indian media. yeah corona has a right this is what they say when they see muslims. they're beating us here shouting at us saying here comes corona is this a way to behave so if there is a limit to our patience the discrimination started off to an event by the jamaat and islam except was recognised as a kid one of wireless hotspot many who attended the gathering in delhi became called 19 across india. several media channels were quick to claim that this was a deliberate attempt to undermine india some even alleging corona jihad. these allegations have also had a severe economic impact. moment if the us would normally travel to different neighborhoods hawking has with some of these were predominantly hindu.
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now people refused to let him in so even when everyone is turning so away the residents say don't sell food here go back to your own neighborhood. police are stopping us to beating us down. these muslim vendors can now only sell goods in their own majority muslim neighborhood business has dried up elsewhere and we're not rumors are circulating about malicious intent. locals who are fighting the ports of multiple incidences of muslims entering neighborhoods and spitting in them to spend the corner at us residents here are standing guard and barricade in gates to prevent this from happening even leaders from the ruling b.g.p. have claimed that members of the leakage of mots sect have deliberately spread the wireless. india should have been free of coronavirus by now but in the market these
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members this collective like suicide bombers or these suicide bombers that should face the strictest possible legal action is going to be punished in a way that generations to follow starting with will be too afraid to commit such crimes. if the allegations the sect has spread the virus on purpose are still unfounded but fewer and anger across communities persists. but these men their religion has become an added burden during the long lockdown. earlier we spoke with booker prize winning writer and political activist and dottie roy in delhi and she gave us her take. in fact it's not a crisis yet in the us if you look at the numbers which of course but little exposed seems about there are so that all of us knew you know it's it's bullshit on
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full display he just as you were reporting we're seeing we're suffering not just from but from a crisis of hatred progresses. and of course the lockdown in india is lot a lot darker as there is not physical distance either just physical compression. but really this crisis of. it's coming of course on the back of a massacre which was the result of of you know since december people protesting against the anti muslim citizenship a lot more and now to. be. under the cover of core with the government is moving to arrest young students to cases against lawyers been seen. as against activists and true. to their recently thought into doing so there's
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nothing i can see to look to the government it's all i. can speak to people and to the world outside not to dislike me because obviously the situation is approaching. you know because the government's agenda has been that it's just this guy who killed muslims have been lynched was them have been hunted down but now the stigmatize it in this illness has left you know government policies on the street now you can hear it everywhere. and that's the roy brazil's president has fired his health minister over the country's response to the corona virus pandemic president of the who has himself come under fire for dismissing the disease as a little flu so as a wildlife is priceless the economy needs to return to normal workers in the
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countries in far in the country's informal sector of siena by the hoods destroyed by the pandemic. 31 year old live peaceably last used to work as in many areas but today she's forced to live on handouts there's no work anymore. the mother of 7 and her husband live in a little house in the to. one of many poor neighborhoods in the u. it is on the arrow. and i have been without income since the start of the quarantine and before that i had my clients i could buy things for the house for the children my husband was also working which is that since coronavirus we don't have anything they might. volunteers in the distributing bags of food for 600 of the 25000 families living there among the beneficiaries are independent americas who have not received any income since march when their restrictive measures were announced. in the community there are a lot of people who are street sellers people wrecking today to eat tomorrow and
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because of the quarantine doors are closed if they don't work today what are they going to eat tomorrow in the meantime the government at least announced that tens of thousands of informal and independent workers in brazil were received $603.00 our list per month about $120.00 during the plan that make it would help them to deal with the crisis. well then after some of the stories making news around the world u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists creditor nations to grant debt freezes to developing countries he told a virtual conference on africa hosted by the world bank and the international monetary fund but africa needed more than $200000000000.00 to respond to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic. president trumps former lawyer michael cohen is reportedly being released from prison early because of the pandemic comes to conus less than a year of a 3 year sentence for directing hush money to women who claim they've had affairs
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with the vice president. for the 1st unaccompanied children to leave greek migrant comes to relocate to germany are due to arrive this weekend greece's face criticism for failing to provide decent conditions for the youngsters at its detention centers now around 1500 of them will be relocated to about a dozen e.u. member states but germany says the process has been held up by red tape. arrival in luxembourg these were the 1st children to be relocated this week from the refugee camps on greek islands 1600 unaccompanied minors are being relocated around europe and initial 53 will travel to germany on saturday isn't asleep so we are striving to provide help as part of a european solution we offered that early on already on march the 8th the german government decided to accept at least 350 children from the camps. 5 of the
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children will eventually travel here to potsdam just south of ireland man mike shubert has been demanding action from the german government for months. because we could certainly take in more we already said that in january it's wise to me it's a 1st step and quite a positive person so i see it as an initial step in getting people here but more have to follow quickly i was with. the german interior ministry says huge numbers of players and bureaucracy is slowing down the process to use the current virus restrictions to the children arriving in germany or complete a 2 week quarantine before moving on to other cities thousands of miles from the harsh conditions of the camps they left behind. and one of the problems with tracking the coronavirus is unreliable statistics of various countries have different ways of collecting the figures while others try and hide the facts one thing that could help improve the accuracy is. for smartphones but some people are
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reluctant to download software code encroach on their privacy but that's not the case in iceland the parent may. almost completely unobserved iceland's largest gaze erupts into clear blue skies they have been few visitors of late with people or to keep their distance during lockdown today only lane and ocean that made the trip like us so we wanted to see some of the sights without all the tourists here for once and it's really empty of the coronavirus has completely halted iceland's usually thriving tourist trade leaving locals to enjoy the many natural wonders in relative peace where they travel and who with is locked in a mobile app more than half the nation is registered this makes it easy to track the potential spread of the virus because you bust the budget variant we needed something like this from the very start of the outbreak when it was crucial to track people coming into the country from abroad. at the beginning of march
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holidaymakers from iceland contracted the virus while skiing in the alps until then corona hadn't found its weight of a small island nation almost immediately voluntary testing was offered to residents in the capital reykjavik every day chief epidemiology isto roll forgiveness and updates the public. made with a higher percentage of tests on citizens than any other nation immediately after diagnosis we place infected patients and those they have come into contact with quarantine so far that's been around 5 percent of the population. for every one person to have tested positive 10 have been placed on the corn team. the result is. eerily quiet streets in the capital but locals are 100 percent behind the measures. a futile everything depends on following the measures only when we all participate can we slow the spread of infection together we flatten the
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infection curve and the number of new cases is fooling. with the. whether or not locals are permitted to visit sightseeing hotspots is down to the smartphone after it may have its drawbacks but solidarity with fellow citizens in a time of crisis is more important to. the app is fine but it is a bit spooky everybody constantly knows where you are but there are lots of us like that and this one is not too different that it is on the you brought we need it now . anybody wishing to visit iceland on holiday is required to spend 2 weeks in quarantine 1st the rule is simple you can do what you want providing you do it's a loan. of a japanese photographer yasin yasha chiba rose from press so i have a has won the prestigious world press photo of the year award his shot shows a group of young people during the uprising in sudan last year this year's prize
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giving prize giving event has been canned has been canceled because of the corona virus pandemic. the competition focuses on the global political events especially crises wars and other catastrophes one of the most compelling events last year was sudan's peaceful uprising that was violently suppressed by government security forces. the people 1st turned against dictator omar bashir then against the ruling military council after his ouster resistance prevailed amid the chaos and that's was captured in the winning picture the photographer snapped a shutter as a young man shouted out peace poems. between his breath everyone shouted. the revolution. deficient expression voice impressed me. i could not stop focusing on the capture the moment. the jury had to choose among
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almost 75000 photographs by more than 4000 for talk of has. nearly all of them show images of protest and conflict. by contrast the winning picture is free of violence. this image speaks to more important. voicing. the winners were selected before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic we want ceremony in amsterdam has been canceled for health reasons. more world news of top of the hour join me in just a moment to for the day. we
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know that this is a scary time for us the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives
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so please take care of yourself good systems wash your hands if you can stay at how we're d.w. for here free we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we're all in this together run together and we'll make you. stay safe everybody. is safe so stay safe please stay safe. ah i'm doing crazy thing in all the time. how to handle our new lives in times of the koran up and then d w reporter peter to you just like everyone else and she's looking for answers and thankfully with the help of team that few other 20000. thank you bruce is not life as we know it shops we're all in this together our new web series of.
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ringback china is responsible and china must be called to account for what you say so well for the coronavirus pandemic of course the americans blame the chinese german tabloid newspaper billed as rather helpfully worked up the bill it reckons china owes germany about 149000000000 euros give or take but why we'll get into that with a paper.


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