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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2020 4:00am-4:03am CEST

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ugly is wrong but all of this comes straight from the heart just for c. even when there is no more delicious the mushroom inches. from the ribs of the room to their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. this is news and the top stories. spawns government has eased coronavirus lockdown restrictions for children under the age of 14 for the 1st time in 6 weeks parents can take their kids outdoors for an al a day spain has the 2nd highest number of confirmed infections worldwide behind only the us. germany has pledged 300000000 euros in i to fight the corona virus in developing countries foreign minister said the
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pandemic posed an especially grave threat to countries with we co-opted health care systems are poverty and conflicts. more than a 1000 firefighters are battling forest places in the radiation contaminated chernobyl exclusion zone in northern ukraine or 30 say the fathers do not pose a risk to the chernobyl disaster site but environmentalist fear they could stir up radioactive ash that could blow to populated regions. separatists in southern yemen have to clear the sofa breaking a peace deal with the internationally recognized government the rebels accuse the government of corruption and mismanagement in implementing a power sharing deal. this is de w. news from berlin you can follow us on twitter at news or visit our website at state dot com.
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the. plastic is everywhere you know water bottles lunch boxes to make up to and our favorites make us and all of it goes from garbage faster than you would imagine according to the latest numbers 316000000 tons of plastic was produced in 20 that number is growing every year and most of it is not recycled hello welcome to india i'm coming to you from mumbai to the real deep dive into how we can tackle the problem of plastic waste head on india's prime minister and that is putting his might be hind feet easing out single use plastic by 2022 the country generates 5600000 tons of plastic waste a huge number given how poorly it's segregated and recycled and organization and plenty is using technology to convert the.


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