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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2020 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from her lead a big down payment to fight against the coronavirus world leaders pledged some 7 and a half 1000000000 euros to help fund vaccines treatment and testing but how much will it take to make it available and just sort of all for everyone also coming up nigeria begins rolling back its restrictions and they've been to get the biggest economy in africa back on track but health officials are warning it's the worst possible time for the country to let up on the lock down and south korea's baseball
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fans look forward to the league of restarting on tuesday even if they are only allowed to watch the games on television. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program world leaders have pledged 7400000000 euros to efforts to develop a vaccine and treatments for cope at 19 the amount pledged during a video conference of international donors fell just short of the 7500000000 euro target set for the event the european commission president also a founder line chaired the fund raiser with contributions from heads of state and government banks and charitable organizations these contaminated pledged 525000000 euros the united states and russia were notably absent from the yvette. a fund said that today's fund raiser was an important 1st. step but that much more
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would be needed to sustain a global research effort today is a defining moment for the global community at a time when we are sitting further apart than usual the world has shown it is standing closer together than ever before but more much more will be needed in the months to come to day sprint was a great start for our math from the marathon is the way i had now we need everyone on board. i thank you all and today we can truly say the world is united against the coronavirus 0 and the world will win the war on that and a whole lot more we are joined by did have used chief international editor richard walker in brussels richard the huge chief funder i'm saying it there the world is united against the coronavirus is a true. i think it's pretty hard to to find agreement with those
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a love from the line on that point isn't it sarah i mean the most glaring thing about this meeting you just mentioned it earlier is the absolute says and you know russia was also one of the absent. chairs there of course but the united states is the most glaring one of all and in a way it's not surprising i mean it reflects the fact that the united states has said that it's pulling funding from the world health organization which is the absolute linchpin of this effort to coordinate the global response on the medical level to the coronavirus and it really was striking watching this this video conference unfold leader after leader said how important it was for the world to work together to cooperate i'm going to merkel for her part for instance at the end she said that she thought that this meeting was an important signal in a world in which we don't always work as multi-laterally as i would like but there
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doesn't really seem to be much hope that that multilateral action is going to improve at the moment with the united states sitting this out and slipping seemingly deeper and deeper into a blame game with china about who's responsible for this outbreak and for its part china it was there but it only sent a very low level delegate and there was no new pledge of money from china so i think it's pretty difficult to show love and alliance optimism on that point and how much optimism is there richard when it comes to the amount of money $7400000000.00 euros raised today how much more is needed. their world falling very very slightly short of the target that they had for this and this money specifically was identified as a shortfall within parts of the world health organizations funding structure so this money is seen as important but it is really just the beginning as as from the line just said earlier now various numbers are bandied around it could be maybe up
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to 5 times this amount but we still have to put that in proportion the amounts of money the international. economy is pumping into their economies to stave off the economic and the social effects of the virus far far outweigh this amount of money that the european commission itself at the moment is working on a plan for the recovery fund for the european economy for when the pandemic is beginning to end and numbers for that have been bandied around up to 1.5 trillion euros 1500000000000 so whatever some it costs in the end to get of the vaccine and to get that vaccine around the world that is going to be something of a bargain richard walker with a view from brussels thank you. and with nearly 29000 deaths italy is one of europe's states hard hit by the pandemic the country was the 1st in europe to impose
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a nationwide lockdown when its outbreak of raced out of control and march now after nearly 2 months italy is rolling back some of those restrictions. freedom. or at least the 1st cautious steps towards it being out in the fresh air is something many italians missed desperately during their 7 weeks of confinement within their own 4 walls they are now free to exercise outdoors and to visit relatives for the 1st time. we've got a bear up during the korean team we were desperate or i can express how excited i am. through excited we have only seen or with video calls for 2 months but it was not the same it couldn't be the same place or the space. shopping at open air markets using public transport going to work and train
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travel all of this is now possible again but the new italian way of life calls for social distancing and mandatory masks in indoor public spaces as life cautiously returns to the streets. settlement to the front so i really hope people will remain civil and that in the coming weeks there will be no new surge in the infections so that we will not have to go back to quarantine in the same america if i don't think the situation is over in the end not much has changed compared to before but this is also a beginning where. for italians it's a gentle 1st step back into a world forever changed by the pandemic. and nigeria has begun easing lock down roles at its main cities the government says that some states will follow the cities of a village and lego's in gradually lifting bursts frictions the easing of the locked out box to bring opening up africa's biggest economy after more than 4 weeks of
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lockdown residents of the commercial capital lagos of mixed reactions on their 1st day out is already up it i did look down i'll stop because it enabled people not to go out and so i thought i did make jurist on your dear a lot of people. i'm very very happy now i'm doing my own i'm in the market got them some money to feed my family i don't think it's a good idea for lifting the low down. i think the gold may suppose to let everybody see touch whom you know. lol look a little body that's what we call these great who gave. you the let's get more now we're joined by the florist to correct she's joining us from lagos so you know we heard a lot of relief from people about easing of the lockdown also some concerns there also seeing some pictures on the don't really show much social distancing as it is
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what steps has the government taken to prevent an escalation of the virus. well the government was in place several rules to prevent the escalation of the virus the very 1st one these of course making the use of mosques in public places called paltry another one imposed curfew from 8 pm to 6 am and so people are not allowed to be outside once it's 8 pm and they must also not be out by 6 am in the morning and while all of these. rules are being put in place to call. the spread of the virus it's also very difficult to enforce these rules it's important to point out that nigeria. is a city of more than 2020 1000000 people and so in foreseen any rule at all is going to take extra effort by the government which of course as we've seen from the peak
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just a day has almost been impossible and it's also a massive economy africa's largest how is it coping on that front. well the economy has taken the biggest heat $22.00 they love lagos is the epicenter of the outbreak in nigeria and lagos is also the commercial capital of nigeria so we shop schools business is in lockdown everything basically on hold you know what that means for the country that basically means that the economy has been put on hold to the fact that nigeria is an oil dependent economy and so with the collapse of oil prices. has basically taking a huge hit in the whole corner virus pandemic and so experts are warning that the nigerians should prepare for the last 20 to. joining us from lagos
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thank you so much. and now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world a new study has found that the number of coronavirus cases in germany may be 10 times higher than reported the results are based on a field trial in one of the worst hit towns it also shows 20 percent of infected people showed no symptoms. the widow of a german islamic state fighter went on trial in a hamburg court today she lived in syria with her husband a rapper who went by the name of desert dog who was killed there in 2018 she faces charges including membership in a foreign terror group and crimes against humanity. south korea says that it has protested to north korea for firing at its troops on sunday the incident raising tension on the heavily fortified border between the 2 sides it came after north korean leader kim jong un reemerge following a long unexplained absence. i mean time in
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south korea which is one of the 1st countries to start up a major sports league again during the pandemic the korean baseball organization is taking a number of precautions to protect both players and fans. inside the chioma heroes home field players used themselves into shape because of the coronavirus pandemic they had to wait over a month with no opening day may 5th is almost here still because of the virus there will be one big difference no fans you know when you're in the 6th inning 7th inning and you're in you're trying to grind out an hour and you're exhausted and hearing fans i mean it really does motivate you and pick you up so you know not having them is going to be very very challenging one time major leaguer jake brigham had to undergo 2 weeks of mandatory quarantine when he came back to his
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south korean team from training in the u.s. now he just looks forward to seeing himself in these 2. nate's back on the field when it counts. i think a lot of people in the world take notice just because it'll be the 1st sport back. so i think it's really exciting and the guys guys are just ready to go teams now even more carefully monitor player health and all stadium visitors have their temperatures checked so 3 has managed to lurch lee bring the corona virus outbreak under control with intense testing contact racing in quarantining with new cases now numbering usually below 10 per day like baseball other professional sports leagues here are opening up although it will be a while before there are fans in attendance the league may gradually welcome a limited number of fans back to stadiums in remains committed to a full 144 game schedule scuffle regulations aimed to prevent the spread of the
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coronavirus during games including no spitting and the coaches task their teams to keep all eyes on the prize. it's hard given what if these actions you do without realizing it may be tough because you break your routine but you need to be more careful now for yourself your team and for the country. but if we do follow the guidelines and play well we can reach our goal for the season to move up a level and win in the meantime so crews boisterous fans have been enjoying pre-season outings reluctantly making due watching games from the couch which only compared to before it's a bit disappointing i need to be able to watch games because i can see everything i want to go to the games the soonest possible and share with all the fans. i have. like the players fans long for the stadium atmosphere and if the coronavirus precautions work then their long wait maybe in its last inning. you're
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watching deed of your news don't forget you can keep in touch with the news on our website w dot com you can also follow us on twitter and instagram news my handle is at sarah kelly thank you so much for joining us have a great day and just as. this state of emergency does the normal people around the world are documenting these dramatic times. they're keeping the coronas diary and welcoming us into their hearts a little skittish as i'm close and personal as the pandemic will allow. the diaries to start menu change on t w.


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