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tv   Extracting Coal in Greece  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2020 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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of horror. there job censoring for the social media industry. in manila there are thousands of so-called content monitors to rent a place where a terrifying images from online platforms. are a sick job for starvation wage the strain it is enormous. for the cleaners social media's shadow industry starts june 8th on d w. the car mining region in northern greece many people here used to think of brown coal as a divine gift. the minds created jobs and coal fired power plants brought of the tricity to all of greece but today the coal mines are controversial.
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these are not rain clouds it's coal dust. and of adama and it's really scary the wind blows coal ash and dust into the village and even in broad daylight it gets dark you know what it's like to go get base work is vital for us we need to paychecks to feed our families for the most of the man who work here have wives and kids that we did not exhibit. up us told us coggan eighty's is 33 years old. right now he's on his way to work he said demolition expert at a mine that's owned by the government run energy production company.
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up a stall is his father jani so also works at the mine his father worked here to. opposite all this and his colleagues are setting up a controlled explosion. he earns $1200.00 euros a month. that's not much but he's grateful he has a job. 70 percent of the young people in this region are unemployed. 4 villages were demolished to make room for this mine alone. make that up but my mother was from the village of ketosis. it used to be right here where we are now. but the residents had to move to make room for the mine my mother and grandfather lived in advantage. of the history of the better.
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johnny's has worked for the mining company for 30 years. he used to make good money so he'll qualify for a generous pension. but 10 years ago he had to move out of his home village. elizabeth look at the you know you have only lived on this land for 55 years it was hard for me to leave i'm 55 years old so it was easier for me than it was for older people who know like my wife's parents are in their eighty's a vision loop according to leave their land and now they're stuck in a high rise apartment building. block with a job with them i grab. they used to grow crops on this land and now we're destroying it a lot of the thought. this is the i
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used to me trios coal fired power station located near the mine. papa stories his wife to spina works here. she earns just $620.00 euros a month and her contract is temporary she hopes that the power company will offer her a permanent position. with the company has done a lot of good for people and still does. the entire region depends on the company for jobs that includes businesses that have nothing to do with mining or energy production like cafes. if the fit their date because they put the every business and all the local residents depend on the power company for income a good deal of the. thousands of people in this region have worked for generations for the power company in one capacity or another. there are 5 coal
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fired power plants here spread out over an area that covers about 80 kilometers. in 2009 link night supplied half of all of greece's electricity. but now that's fall into less than 30 percent. most of the power plants are old and inefficient and they create too much c o 2 the e.u. continues to impose increasingly severe penalties for excessive emissions that makes coal production unprofitable. the e.u. is also demanding that parts of the power company be privatized because of crisis economic crisis. this comes at a time when other countries are winding down coal production there will almost certainly be job cuts. to this if the coal industry shuts down here a lot of people be unemployed and of them that's scary we'll have women that i
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shudder to think what could happen to them it was other that it will go with i wish my other son could find a job here the thought of a big of a little of the world who my daughter had to move overseas she went to dubai because she couldn't find work and greases of the afford to go but other than a little of him she simply wasn't able to find a job here to live in the field of the. theme of the film. she studied hard and speak several languages. we frame her diploma is a. stall he says that in the past the mining company would have provided work for everyone including his brother but now he's worried about what will happen next. door metal the video when i think about my children's future.
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i think it would be better if they shut down most coal production. because of the pollution and i. guess as to you have to but i think that they want to keep it instead some of it if you know. i'm terrified about what would happen if we didn't have cola anymore. but the mines continue to expand production and dangerously close to the surrounding villages including our creamy lots of people there have been hard hit by the mining companies business practices. yet c.d.'s used to work as a subcontractor for the mining company providing transport trucks. he was forced to sell his family's orchards to the company in return 440000 euros.
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but after 10 years his contract was cancelled and he took up farming. but his land is now fenced in and dried up and it belongs to the mining company. he had to lease land in order to grow fodder for his cattle we've had to do you know what a few of my family's been here for 3 generations we were here before the power company wanted to see what. it was we supposed to do now here to you but i've been out you know. what are your demands i don't want to leave my village but i want clean fresh air. i want those coal fired power plants shut down. skeff the man i'm about sometimes i think about just giving up
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a lot of good but that's hard to do it my god i'm 54 and i have 3 children and i love it. this situation acri me has been on hold for 8 years but nikos still has to find ways to feed his family. he has 20 cows but needs 80 to 100. and there are serious ground clinician problems. or down off the up of if you don imus be. the company did not dispose of the coal ash properly they just left it lying around like. 300 dogs on the some of my neighbors cows got into it and they went blind on. your game and i think i've got my duty my neighbor sued the company for damages and was awarded compensation. the coal ash also contaminated the groundwater with chromium. the villagers took the power company to court over the situation. people who still have jobs there don't talk about any of
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this because they don't want to get into trouble. but the village is divided everyone feels let down and they can't see a way out. now we're on our way to the village of mobs opihi about 20 kilometers away from our queeny there's a coal mine near here to. the village just like a ghost town the result of a botched expo creation and resettlement program. most of the residents moved out in 2012. today just a few dogs remain. taso same on a wheel that used to be the mayor here he stops by occasionally to feed the dogs and to remember the village as a. used to be. if you go here with 2 families still live here. there are 2 brothers
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who are shepherds. they still have their land and they want to stay with their animals or by the snows alone join the winter here and if the village is cut off from the outside world they want to look after their flock. they'll go again almost and there's an older couple they had 7 children open kind of one of the kids was ill for a long time and then died. they just don't want to leave the village. with us in the senate and their house is the only one that still has electricity. there's no running water anywhere. to shepards get that electricity from a generator. and they get their water from the animals drinking troughs what this is a group who didn't give us the opportunity to give the levee. they carry the water
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home in buckets of. them because. the older couple didn't want to talk to us neither did the shepherd's. father because the roof this used to be the center of the village. because i knew who my parents' house was over them because it had a cafe to. have more with what you got little mini mart there was a mini market on the ground floor of my house on the opposite side with with me my ticket. for. both of them are we going to go up on that if i had some income from the cafe and the market. but when people started leaving the village. both businesses shut down my view with with a we can't compensation for the property. but not for the income that we lost. when the business is closed or for news from the truth in my book.
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the power company went to court appeal the compensation ruling and won the case. the new ruling said that after 7 years people would have to pay back up to 40 percent of the amount that they'd been awarded. but in the meantime some people had bought apartments in nearby towns they've been waiting since 2012 to be resettled the people of modern opihi filed a lawsuit and the case is still tied up in the courts. my father in law's house was over that the house was torn down in the hope of living with no one had used any electricity there since 2015 but we still got power bills and. well off until last month we were getting bills for electricity that we hadn't used. but on top of that the authorities still charges for local taxes and utilities like water sewage treatment and garbage disposal but of anybody who can
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even though those services are no longer provided people that if you don't pay are you'll get into trouble and the vent of often they form a little known behind my back on early chaos from start to finish there's just no end to it i think it can. really. row to the village used to run through here or just by him we noticed that a cracker developed and it was getting bigger of course from a guy long it was about 3 and a half kilometers long if your mother. the villagers demanded to be resettled before work on the new mines started but taso says that the company refused to pay for any relocation expenses. in 2010 there was a landslide here and that was the beginning of the end for the village of moderate pm. voice i mean this is a little left of the courtyard in front of the churches and niccolo which was built
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on the edge of the village to be sort of. a hold up that there were over 50 heck tens of forest land there will be. put up with a mother. says coal production is still in full swing here. greece depends on coal for much of its electricity a new $660.00 make a watt power plant is being built near the village at a cost of $1400000000.00 euros the project uses german technology and german financing a 740000000 euro loan from the state owned development bank. all this for coal fired power production that's being phased out in germany. the landslide in moscow p.d. took place in 2010 in the village of a not guilty about 30 kilometers away there was
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a landslide in the summer of 2017 also near a coal mine. or east coast kind of p.t.'s house was directly up up the big crack. this is our east coast and his son petrus. they continually check on the condition of their home. the ground is still sinking it's too dangerous to go inside. to feel. the they've used their vote the bill is more than that he didn't need they got the power company doesn't want to pay compensation because they say there's no lignite your minutes are up and look at us all a bit up what you know about us that are but the mine is just 300 metres away so they should have known that something like this might happen but i'm it's not my job to tell them about any of it was copies email would you think it would pretty good that you're here they should have warned us earlier to leave it was or been a clinic and when it would be but it been a feasible post reads to me they thought it might they kind of everyone saw that the cracks were getting bigger and bigger. we complained about it for
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a month you know unicode the day before the landslide some company representatives came out and said that there was no danger of going to settle this case till they started moving their equipment away from the mind can use in a month but i'm signed cause damage there to get the key they both that's the thing up with these. one of my cousins and afterward they said that they had expected a landslide but nothing like this. the company insists that the landslide was a natural disaster and was not caused by mining operations in any case the company is short of cash so the only hope for the villagers as that they'll get some financial aid from the government. and i could put up with your point i this really hurts we put a lifetime of work into this house for years and to lose it just like that is up with me then it's tough when the congress leave me to harness support i put up with
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. only the yup we're going to show i worked my entire life to buy this house because it's the only asset i have if it was. a situation is just awful. for people who live at the good of the speed all the people around here have moved away and then they've gone to the town of told them why you do you have to if you were to put up on the time being the company's paying the rent but that's all and i have just finished and. nobody cared about whether they had enough money to survive their effort to get action then as then you know it's the gift of this what happens to the older people or large families legal again how will they manage that they have nothing when it begun there you but i reached says that the power company believes it's making a concession with the temporary rent payments but many people here have lost their source of income. petros ran a blueberry farm on his parents' property but he had to shut it down after the
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ground there sank 2 meters they held some public protests which provoked a swift response from the power company. there's a couple. that with the compass and of course good gets up when we held demonstrations for fair compensation and on one occasion we closed down the company's conveyor belts for a while if the enemies of the us with them the company filed a complaint against us claiming that we were trying to damage their business we're going to mean is 10 of us were arrested but then sentenced to 10 months in jail that was later reduced to probation of up with a gun industry like many of the honestly. i restate this was sentenced to 3 years probation. finally the greek government said it would pay $42000000.00 euros from a state investment program to those whose land was expropriated it's not clear when the money will be paid the people upon arche rehab long since lost their trust in
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the authorities. this is the home of demolition expert oppa stoli scuzzy an e.t.s. he still has a job and he and his family live in a newly constructed village the land was a gift from his grandfather who in turn got it from the power company when business was better to buy no to hold your people in the old fail it's there were lots of people they raised crops or had livestock a year they're going to get a whole year to qualify for resettlement here in the new village they had to sell their land to the company and that's expropriation to me that it's tough to start all over when you have no land the few of us who have jobs with the power company like me moved here if some others left the country and went to germany or the us if you feel the need to know maybe he. the new village was finished 10 years after the residents land was taken away 2000 people lived in the old village of cletus but
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only 400 of them still live here the old community no longer exists e.u. funds were used for new infrastructure projects including a primary and secondary school but up a stone he says children have to attend classes in a neighboring village the school was shut down because there aren't enough children here. yes. the region's entire economy revolves around the power company. so are the coal fired power plants a blessing or a curse. the company now owns most of the land around here people like nico's for yet c.d.'s who
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have to make their living from farming but no longer have fields have to buy straw or at least the land from others to grow it. meanwhile the mine is moving closer to his village the moat here is despondent. there must. be the biggest build up what made them sick the power company measured an area on the plane and decided to confiscated a total of $1250.00 hectors. up to 90 percent of the villagers make their living on that land that maine and other gobbled up some raise livestock like sheep most of them grow crops like potatoes and corn yada yada. so the company will take away their land what's going to happen to those people well if you thought you. got people you don't know grandmother some work for the power company but does that mean that of the 1200 people in the village 200 have jobs and the rest don't matter . we just sit around here and wait and the company keeps playing games with us well
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let me out with you most of the time i like the not. the local residents have no idea what they're supposed to do now it's not yet clear when they might be resettled and they have to deal with pollution from the mine. nico says that no one wants to invest in a village that's been condemned to death. when i wonder if you're going to me we're not only surrounded by the mine the water is polluted and the pipes are old and full of his best. but nobody does anything. no one cares and we have to drink that water you know much of one or 2. fortunately for op a stall it's in his family they can safely drink the water from the tap. their home is 25 kilometers from the mine where the parents work but the spinners family lives right behind the power plant. i was born and raised in that village.
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but we decided to move here for our children sake. the family get away from the pollution. of their mothers and he would have preferred to stay in the village because that's where our parents live they'd be there for us and they could help with the kids but the air is clean here away from the mine and i could opt out here in the group with it's a double edged sword. we'd like to have jobs and a clean environment but around here we can't but don't mess. with thank god we have our jobs with the power company and we're also. everyone just tries to do their best with what they've got to have thought. a couple of their parents used to dream that their children would study hard get
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a degree and find a job similar to the bottom up about today that's not realistic and. they if we just try to make sure that our children get a good education. we have no idea what their future will be like. should they learn foreign languages and move overseas or we do not. know who lives but i can tell them to stay here and work for the power company. and farming is hard work. so their future is uncertain if they you know their children nikos for yet c.t.'s is even more concerned about his family's future he doesn't have a steady income and the local environment is polluted he's especially worried for his 3 children. for your books and document of anybody you know other than. there's no future for them here like the milk is all about they're 1614 and 12 years old
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the got that's there are still sure they go to school but there are no opportunities for them around here why would our 11 you park near block to get yellow. you know you're going to go german is good but i think chinese would be better but you know the governor of the universe and. i think i'd prefer a russian he or spanish.
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w. thank you. this is the news live from berlin russia celebrates victory over nazi germany in world war 2 this year's victory day celebrations in moscow were scaled back due to the code 19 pandemic while aircraft filled the skies the streets below were nearly empty also coming up on show. demonstrations in several german cities as some start to push back against.


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