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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2020 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to staff the w e learning course nicolosi. this is due to the news live from berlin and people push back against coronavirus restrictions in germany thousands turn out in cities across the country to demand an end to closures cancellations and distancing measures but who is behind the growing anti lock down demonstrations we'll take a look also on the show. we need the 12 year old using social media to spread the word about the dangers of the coronavirus and the hustle and bustle of one of
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lebanon's largest refugee camps. and plans to restart the bundesliga suffer a setback that's after 2 players from 2nd division team dynamics president test positive for cope with 19. welcome to the show after weeks of closed shops and social distancing some here in germany have had enough protesters took to the streets in several cities on saturday to vent their anger at coronavirus restrictions the demonstrations brought out thousands and remained largely peaceful but authorities are worried about the growing influence of right wing extremists in the now weekly protests. this is a unfamiliar scenes for a country where large gatherings and close contacts abound thousands defied
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distancing rules and got to protest the coronavirus restrictions families with children young and old. it's been you know that i'm not because i think the restrictions have gone too far. more and i don't think wearing a face mask is necessary anymore i know that it's clearly about limiting civil liberties and i'm always in favor of freedom. the demonstrators include some who believe in conspiracy theories others who believe forced vaccinations are coming. research or vic stream ism all of a decade as disparate groups uniting across germany to oppose the restrictions. it's clearly a protest citizen protest based on the feeling that something has gone wrong in these last weeks but that feeling is being used and manipulated by the extreme right. the next. the government is monitoring the protest movement with concern worried that the mood in the country could sour. as
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this is the mitchell it's a questionable mixture this is gaining traction and it could potentially lead to the radicalization of some individuals that's what that's what i'm worried about that's going on that's what. trouble arose around the edges of one demonstration in nuremberg of the police forces attempted to break up the rally was what. we've observed some peoples in the extreme rights movements hanging around the edge of the demonstration acting aggressively. the police say they included some well known members of germany's far right. we have correspondent kate brady what's behind the protesters anger but it seems to be the people of protesting at these demonstrations against what they describe as the. friendship and all that right because people have being limited to the amounts of people that they could be meeting and also the economics to shut down
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a good many businesses have been close temporarily if not full blown check recently but it didn't seem pinpoint exactly what unites these groups. these protesters also be not holocaust in my eyes and conspiracy theories as well and anti-vaccination groups who have been a driven recently as well by these conspiracy theories particularly those surrounding the microsoft founder bill gates and the conspiracy theory that he is developing some kind of digital citizen could be implanted in the human body so there's all sorts of different groups of people here for right across the political spectrum so it is difficult still to confront exactly what unites these groups and come from a general mistrust of all politicians and also of the mainstream politics and mainstream media let's have a look at some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the number of confirmed covert 1000 cases has passed the 4000000 mark according to johns
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hopkins university in the us former us president barack obama has called donald trump's response to the pandemic quote an absolute chaotic disaster obama made the comments about his successor during a leaked call with former staff members egypt's president of delphi tel sisi has approved amendments to his country's state of emergency that grant him security him and security agency's additional powers and south korea's capital seoul has closed hundreds of bars and nightclubs after a nuke over $1000.00 cluster was linked to the city's nightlife scene russia has marked 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 victory day in russia usually means a lavish display of national pride and military might but this year's commemorations were scaled back because of the coronavirus pandemic with traditional red square military parade and large scale procession postponed. an explosive and colorful and to
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a subdued day of celebrations and commemorations. the night sky over moscow lifting the spirits of a city in lockdown. earlier russians a parade of military might took to the sky. coronavirus precautions kept the streets nearly empty this victory day. but muscovites watched from inside their homes it was meant to be an especially large celebration this year as russia marks 75 years since the defeat of nazi germany in world war 2 but the planned mass processions postponed by the pandemic. president vladimir putin did lead a scaled down ceremony at the eternal flame war memorial. but not a word about the virus. instead a rallying cry to the nation. this night we know you and thermally believe
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that we are invincible when we stand together most congratulations on victory day. by the. what. a day of pride in russia's past but people here have plenty to grumble about corona virus infections are on the rise and the economy is sinking. presiding over another time of national crisis putin faces plenty of challenges ahead. and more than $7000.00 people have been left homeless in the kenyan capital nairobi after the government forcibly evicted them and then bulldoze their homes authorities claim the settlement was built illegally on government owned land residents say the of fiction is couldn't have come at a worse time amid economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. returning home to scavenge things to sell or to help themselves build new temporary
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accommodation. like this. i'm scared to the government with everything that is happening around there demolishing our houses with no notice very early in the morning 5 in the morning when you are sleep especially at that time is that when the denver sleep is ok. but i'm sorry to say that the government is not seeing as us as human beings. good so ships on monday the government uses mostly when people were sleeping at home with their families. well why don't you take him in demolish the houses and we have nowhere to go now or just the market now they should tell us where to go my child is outside i have come to a houseful so i can get rent for homeless jobs has been lost we want to know where all right. the mass demolitions ignored a court order to wait and hear the case of the kerio banky resident who the
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government claims were living illegally and state on lands that triggered riots the police responded with tear gas and water cannons. on saturday morning politicians handed out food parcels to needy families so what they're saying is that this time let's think of the list in society the less fortunate. but the food will be little comfort to the thousands who just lost their homes during a global pandemic. with millions around the world living in refugee camps health experts warn that an outbreak of coronavirus and such a place could prove catastrophic lebanon's camps in particular are cramped and overcrowded making social distancing all but impossible a 12 year old girl was using social media to warn about the risks but with the country in the grips of its worst ever economic crisis some are more concerned with putting food on the table. space is at
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a premium in shatila just apartment blocks lots of people and not much green space this is one of the biggest refugee camps in lebanon and it's where knowledge she lives with her family who fled from palestine a 12 year old was born in shitty places her home and now in the coronavirus is here to be trying to stay safe in the crowded streets is not easy most people here don't wear masks and there are hygiene rules if you stick to them nadia things people don't realize how dangerous the virus actually is that i'm on that instead of that i work laughs and i'm awful and i try not to touch the basket in case the wires on them national i'm going to i also try to keep my distance because the someone costs us nieces next to me they couldn't stick me among the. lebanon is currently going through the worst economic crisis since young history its currency
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is worth almost nothing prices are skyrocketing and the country is on the verge of bankruptcy then the coronavirus came along shops and restaurants were forced to close. lives with have 4 sisters 2 brothers and mother in a small apartment one of her brothers works for an aid organization he's the one who told her about the dangers of the virus and that has inspired her to help others she makes videos explaining the dangers and post them on a main message keep your distance. with schools and also closed nadira sent her homework on her mobile phone the coronavirus is causing a loss of one session c. for her and her family. feeling when i think about the next few weeks that i have already been cases and other refugee camps who knows
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what will happen here i really hope i don't lose anyone i lost because of the virus and i want to be the best in my class. a goal that makes this state of emergency that little bit easier. i hope that things will be better in the future. the relaxation of lockdown measures in taiwan caused excitement among baseball fans on friday as a small number of them were allowed back into stadiums to watch their teams play the lucky ticket holders had to undergo temperature checks before they were admitted while social distancing and mask wearing were also required crowds were limited to $1000.00 people per stadium far below usual attendance figures baseball is very popular in taiwan and games have been going on behind closed doors for a number of weeks. german football fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of the bonus league of this month but are their hopes about to be dashed 2nd
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division side dresden have been ordered to send their entire squad in to quarantine for 2 weeks after 2 players tested positive for covert 19 means they are unable to fulfil their 1st fixture back and this could jeopardize the return of football across the country. scenes from a bygone era january to be exact 2nd tier side to raise them train ahead of their much with karlsruhe and with players bunched together on the pitch and funds off it . such quaint behavior won't be in evidence over the next 2 weeks after 2 dressed in players tested positive for covert 19 the entire squad as well as coaching and support staff have been ordered to quarantine for 2 weeks for dresden it means they won't be able to fulfil their fixture against hanover on may the 17th but for german professional football as a whole it could have to sasha's consequences if clubs across the leagues are given
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similar orders should employees test positive things that sounded so promising just a few days ago as the been his legal look to be the world's 1st major football league to resume following looked own the chancellor gave her blessing. for the 1st and 2nd german football league which will be allowed to run the games again from the 2nd toughest may onwards under the approved and also tested rules. on the german league welcomed it. today's decision is good news for the bonus league and the 2nd is league. clubs and their employees now have a great responsibility to implement the medical and organizational guidelines in a disciplined manner that. even to cologne players testing positive didn't derail things they and. not the whole squad were told by their local health body to self isolate but the dressed in case means the much heralded restart of the bindis
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league season could no be at the mercy of regional health authorities if there are more cases like deny. it will be difficult for games to take place even without fans. you're watching did ovi news as a reminder you can get the latest on a website that's d.w. dot com and you can falls on twitter and instagram at the news i'm on mini's of thanks for joining us. hey listen up. that's what video game music sounded like 30 years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level a sense to him talk composer no going nuts are. featured in many no games.


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