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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin as germany keeps a close eye on infection rates and then to loosen the lockdown measures clusters of corona virus infections in slaughterhouses but the spotlight on living conditions for contract workers from eastern europe also coming up on the show. nowhere to go and nothing to eat during a global pandemic that was and has been left homeless in the kenyan capital nairobi after the government flattened their homes. and plans to restart the bridges lead to a sea of potential setbacks that's after 2 players are from 2nd division team
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a june about dresden that tests positive for coke at 19. i. am clay richardson welcome to the show we began here in germany where the corona virus infection rate has risen above the critical value of one that means that every 10 patients are infecting 11 other people on average the country's public health agency says it's too early to draw conclusions but that the infection rate needs to be closely monitored this comes after many lockdown restrictions have been lifted cafes and restaurants have opened in northern germany and warm spring weather has brought more people out onto the streets and into parks . the rise in the affection rates in germany has also coincided with spikes in new cases at care homes. and some meat processing plants those cases in avatars have
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led to the closure of 2 companies employing hundreds of contract workers from eastern europe our correspondent sent us this report from one of the affected towns in western germany. animals are no longer being slaughtered here but goods are still being transported this large. has been shut down. at least 190 workers have tested positive for the corona virus the real number of workers infected is probably higher amounts provoked a backlash especially against the working conditions where a subcontractor employs hundreds of workers from eastern europe 60 people have to work 60 hours a week and more people who have to live in rundown mold infested cramped conditions who are carted to work and back impact buses and vans it's dangerous and that's why i'm protesting. reports of poor living conditions for these workers are nothing new
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but now the infection rate is rising and that affects everyone who lives locally. the regional governments relax the lockdown conditions at the beginning of the week . but not in the town of khowst for good and also has the guns that. all the workers here are affected and this wave of infections this exponential wave of infections will hit cause felt here we have been getting lots of calls from local people and they're scared we're really scared. and the local council wants to show is why she takes us to a nearby village just 15 minutes away by car where many eastern european workers are housed. look they write all the names here. names on the letter boxes are all rumanian. this man ses he lives here he won't tell us his name but he says he comes from see bew a city in transylvania. he's not wearing
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a mask. i mean tells us the house has been placed under quarantine. the council calls police to tell them that other people from the house are moving freely around the village and going shopping. local officials turned up half an hour later. going up and i'll be going up i assume that these residential buildings had already been tested and that they put people who have been infected and people who had contact to them under quarantine because of course really doesn't look like that they've only just started testing and that's a very late this is from about the. local people are deeply concerned more than ever. britain has the highest official death toll in europe just by prime minister boris johnson is due to announce a limited relaxation of lockdown measures that have been in place across the u.k.
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for almost 7 weeks the country has recorded more than 31800 deaths related to cope at 19 prime minister johnson the contract of the virus himself and spent several days in intensive care in hospital although there is growing frustration that the strict lockdown rules most to stay at home orders are expected to remain in place. well they don't use alex for as whiting joins me in the studio now alex what are we expecting to hear boris johnson say well let's make it clear he is walking a tightrope here between those who want the relaxation to happen quickly and those who say it is too soon and he can't act quickly so i think whatever we will see it will be slow to be ground chill and it won't be that significant now already today boris johnson tweeted out the. new government logo which replaces the stay at home words with stay alert and this is to a lot of criticism including from those opposition leaders who say it's confusing
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it's sending mixed messages in fact the 1st minister for scotland nicholas sturgeon has said the stay at home message will stay in scotland and in fact northern ireland distinct saying the same wales are also saying the same and making very clear to boris johnson the border of it he announces later it will be for england only and not for those of the devolved governments of the british public clearly going to be told to stay at home whatever box we're likely to see people being allowed to go out to more than once a day for exercise at the moment they can only go out once a day we're likely to see gardens and is finally reopening and those people who really need to get to work to work in factories being allowed to go a bit as i say it's not going to be as significant as some people have been briefing a few days ago this not going to be a big party happening in the u.k. any time soon so boris johnson has been criticized for the response to the cove in
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$1000.00 pandemic is there's going to be his chance at some sort of redemption well clearly that's what he's hoping for because in a way he can't put another foot wrong on this at the beginning he was accused of not taking as you say the fire seriously he was talking about that he'd been shaking hands with people including people who had coronavirus and one of the hospitals he visited he was accused of not attending very important top government and scientific meetings missing around 5 of those and also as we know delaying the lock down of the u.k. because it's something that he really didn't said that he didn't want to do and then it became impossible for him it with he himself in a hospital in intensive care and he was forced obviously to to to look the u.k. down this the number of deaths have risen. in fact the u.k. now has the 2nd highest number in the whole well behind the united states but even so there are many people particularly in his own party on the right to his saying
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it is time to ease those restrictions but out on the streets of london today most people seemed very keen to keep those restrictions in place i think you should just be. a little bit more strict and just you know until there's a little bit more security and a bit more safe stuff and we should just ask him which is you know maybe ease looked down by just not a moment i don't think people are listening too much to we know more how can we risk it i mean they're plenty that will send people up to my needs that means a lot to people i think that certain things which you know it's caylee less likely to catch it i do is that men do is. you know you're not going to capture just passing someone casually have to be in some amount of contact with them so i think if they caught a lot of things but again we have to be. and alex what about travel from abroad will people still be able to enter the united kingdom or this is pulled
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a lot of people for the past few weeks because whereas other countries have closed their borders and was not allowing people just to fly in or to to get a train into their country without going into core and teen the u.k. has allowed that but now it looks like from june they will start to put people in quarantine for 14 days when they have arrived at ports and airports in the u.k. or they perhaps months from may say it seems to be a little bit late to do this boris johnson also wanting to put in place a 5 tier warning system over coronavirus to work out which areas in in the u.k. or particularly in england will be the worst hit probably quite similar to what we have seen in germany over the past few days when it was announced that the the states would be able to do that so i think boris johnson trying to get back on top of this but we will wait to see what he announces for us waiting thank you so much for that analysis. well now let's go to some other stories making news around
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the world a 25 year old german man in the southern town of a has been charged with arson and attempted murder after a series of attacks on shops and by people of turkish origin a man said he sympathizes with the so-called islamic state and he named his hatred of turks as a motive. riot police in hong kong a chase protesters through shopping malls after they took part in a flash mob demonstration throughout the territory the protesters were demanding independence from beijing's influence and calling for hong kong's unpopular leader to resign some participants were arrested. turkey's senior citizens have been allowed to venture outside for the 1st time in 7 weeks as the country relaxes coronavirus measures people aged 65 and over are now permitted to leave their homes for up to 4 hours
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a day they are considered the group of most at risk from the virus. more than 7000 people have been left homeless in the kenyan capital nairobi after the government forcibly evicted them and then bulldozed their homes authorities say the settlement was built illegally on government owned land but according to residents the evictions couldn't have come at a worse time i mean economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. they're returning home to scavenge things to sell or to help themselves build new temporary accommodation. like this. i'm scared to the government with everything that is happening around there demolishing our houses with no notice very early in the morning 5 in the morning when you are sleeping it's vision that 10 years doing that then this is ok. but i'm sorry to say that the government is not seeing as us as human beings need to feel like good so ships
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on monday because. this is mostly when people were sleeping at home with their families. well you know they came and demolished our houses and we have nowhere to go now is the market now they should tell us where to go my child is outside i have to come to hospital so i can get rent for house jobs has been lost we want to know where our rights. the must demolitions ignored a court order to wait and hear the case of the kerio banky residents who the government claims were living illegally on state time lines they triggered riots the police responded with tear gas and water cannons. on saturday morning politicians handed out food parcels to needy families so what you're saying is that this time let's think of the least interested the less fortunate that as to what is going to be on the work what the host what. are the all but the food will be little comfort to the thousands who just lost their homes during the global pandemic.
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german football fans have been eagerly anticipating the return of the bundesliga this month but those plans have been hit by a possible setback 2nd division sided you know dresden have been ordered to send their entire squad into quarantine for 2 weeks after 2 players tested positive for cope with 19 means they are unable to play their 1st scheduled match and that could jeopardize the return of football. cross the country. scenes from a bygone era january to be exact 2nd tier side to normal dressed in train ahead of their much with karlsruhe and with players bunched together on the pitch and funds off it. such quaint behavior won't be in evidence over the next 2 weeks after 2 dressed in players tested positive for covert 1000 the entire squad as well as coaching and support staff have been ordered to quarantine for 2 weeks for
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dresden it means they won't be able to fulfil their fixture against hanover on may the 17th but for german professional football as a whole it could have to sasha's consequences of clubs across the leagues are given similar orders should employees test positive things and so not so promising just a few days ago as the wind is legal look to be the world's 1st major football league to resume following lochte own the chancellor gave her blessing. for the 1st and 2nd german football league which will be allowed to run the games again from the 2nd toughest made on woods under the approved and also tested rules. on the german league welcome that. today's decision is good news for the bonus league and the 2nd one is league. clubs and their employees now have a great responsibility to implement the medical and organizational guidelines in a disciplined manner. that. even to cologne players testing positive didn't d.
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rail things they and not the whole squad were told by their local health body to self isolate but the dress in case means the much heralded restart of the bindis league season could no be at the mercy of regional health authorities if there are more cases like the number it will be difficult for games to take place even without fans. thanks for watching. we know that this is very time for us the coronavirus is changing the world is changing our lives so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we do w. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms and we are all in this together and to give them one they can.


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