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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  May 10, 2020 7:30pm-8:00pm CEST

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well you know. what secrets lie behind us want. to discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage site. w world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. hello and welcome to your own max and as you can see the show looks a bit different today because we have left the studio to take a look around and the german capital looks very different at the moment as with a used to he at the but i'm book a gate normally a thousands of tourists taking pictures like crazy about today. it's nearly empty
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the tourists have disappeared because traveling is nearly impossible cultural life has come to a standstill all the major events have been cattle. so the coronavirus has changed the world in a matter of weeks german photographer this is rolling around the empty streets and squares in berlin to document with the camera just how much the german capital has changed you the pandemic. is usually a buzz with activity now it's almost empty just a handful of people here including. a photographer who's capturing the city's current mood. first it was a shock to see such a lively city suddenly come to a virtual standstill.
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you could go to bit juergen driven by this crisis situation. first it was really stressful and i was thinking what's happening now. and when i feel that way. i usually just have to go and take photos. of. the coronavirus pandemic has brought life to a halt in cities around the globe many people have been confined to their homes that billionaires can go out provided they practice social distancing restaurants remain closed however and public life is hugely restricted since mid march this is the belle and sebastian craft he's got to know another side of his hometown and captured images of this much quieter capital. this is the last weeks were extremely
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intense because i was outdoors. as in taking photos almost every day. that's really strenuous. things. on and off and i also experience berlin quite intensively rediscover the city. and even though i've always lived here. lives. no one commissioned the 23 year old to shoot photos of berlin and knocked down this project as a personal one the kind of diary the view through his camera lens helps the bells come to understand a world that's changing around him. in. taking pictures gives me a purpose a way to deal with the situation. especially now. when everything is being canceled i there's almost nothing left but corona. it's a good way to switch off for a bit it's. just an optician i. guess
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which i sort of take my cue from what i see and certainly what i hear on the news every day and they must assure. my sons and these are mainly situations which somehow emotionally reflect on what is happening right now what so now if you just be going bust just go out to. mention the people whose body language maybe symbolizes the prevailing mood you can presumably discover finished among us now as text france has worldwide for the benon based on agency us clients professional sports i is my main focus but due to the corona crisis the events have been canceled and travel plans grounded that's evident at checkpoint charlie to define a border crossing between once divided east and west and then is normally a tourist hot spot but now the place which is used. teeming with visitors from
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around the world it's basically deserted. and. the pace is certainly slower and. the same number of people are underway in the city and every time of the day or night. creates a certain sense of timelessness there are no work days anymore there's no rush hour rush somehow it's always sunday yet it's never the weekend and that's a very odd feeling to. come just. takes photographs montagne. you know this is intuition b. has guide and finds all over town. also to show how billionaires are adjusting to this new way of life. the impression
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that people are oh totally relaxed from dealing with the situation. you always have to keep in mind that every possible contact could affect me or i could infect someone else. you have to keep telling yourself that the danger isn't gone it's still there and sometimes that's really tough this is. opening up again after the. plans to keep on taking his still photo because it will be a long while yes before it's back to business as normal in the german capital. so many things are not allowed to happen anymore so the big fashion shows will not take place this summer and shopping is only possible to a limited extent however the fashion trends went public a long time ago the designers presented them already last year so we know. strong
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theme such as bright yellow for example all small bags like this one and these mini backs come in all shapes and colors and we put together the latest fashion trends for you in our next report. design and look of some a 2020 colorful plentiful and a little sexy green and yellow prevail. up sleeves ruffles and shoulder pads at accents well the new luxury look and shorts show plenty of skin. this department store ballerina forget may be closed right now due to the corona pandemic but sales continue online. fashion by vonn was at the paris picked up petitions for the store and ordered this summer's hottest styles.
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and we have a mix of beach outfits and evening wear that's fun and sexy and there's a lot of transparency. underwear out is the name of this revealing new trend which purposely draws attention to what lies beneath the surface like these undergarments from dior. british model car a delivery in shows how it's done. another variation where a brush with a jacket and the top 4 ditch the jacket all together it could be a ball that is worn out so it's a luxury inspired it can be a corset it can be. type of evening dress where there's a larger area underneath the baby. so definitely taking larger re and making it into clothes that we can wear for every day is definitely one of the major travels for summer. this is even more daring when paired with
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shorts then our replacing the mini stand. and then you can see the model gigi had to gwen's them as skimpy hot pants and should know the fashion house also has a tweed very and well fundies extra by. brazilian model is a big lug make sure it's look chic and one with a trench coat there and again. it could be worn in a very sophisticated way it could be a jacket and basically with a beautiful pair of shoes i think that shorts with the jacket can be actually almost a business suit for this season and next the well dressed woman needs a suit with long pants. preferably oversized and in bright color it's like this one from john communities. this summer promises to be colorful pink yellow and most of all green in and match the new jungle look. dress like this you'll turn
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heads women who aren't fans of wild patterns can still spool trendy splashes of price accessories. even the green flip flops i know i catch on. green is the color of hope so. the world will be better green is definitely a big color it's a joyful color and they can go a different shades you have very light pale greens you also have some strong green some forest greens but also flew all greens and of course we have the emerald if you don't have something green in your wardrobe you're about in style this is. puff sleaves frills and flounces give this some is outfits the playful touch. here american model which is the top with ruffles from chenault. french fashion icon and there's din of her sons has also tried out the latest trend.
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never the more perfect leaves are making the new tops and dresses look very girly. the street where influence was strongly evident now everything's becoming feminine again. and the new mini bags go perfectly with that look they're just large enough to hold a credit card cell phone and keys and sometimes not even that this summer mini bags are popping up all over here at foundry so naturally german fashion blogger karma dollar has one of them from valentino. to pretty sexy many bags are everywhere. and sometimes the bags functionality isn't a fool most importance. it's more like jewelry and part of the silhouette. when it comes to fashion trends history tends to repeat itself so the pattern shot
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is of yet he's not making a comeback like here at the s.r.c. to some very cool to others hard to get used to but then you don't have to follow every fashion trend. may the 9th is europe day and it stands for the cooperation of the european nations and never since the foundation of that you has your old face such a challenge each country is coping differently with a crisis some have been hit harder than others but we are all waiting for better times to come and sometimes it helps to remember what makes each country so special and food place an important role in a country's cultural d.n.a. right now restaurants all over europe are closer many people are spending more time at home cooking and new serious food secrets we will take a look at famous dishes from around the continent for you to try out and weak. with
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. it originated in the valencia region on spain's mediterranean coast where they grow the kind of rice he used in this states so let's find out how to cook an authentic. if it makes him pale is like making love slowly and with care. is the art of living and sharing. is everything to me my favorite dish my life i live for me from growing rice.
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tony montoya. is in valencia is in spain spain is in europe i'm making an authentic lead. but i think the 1st of all you need a proper paella pan. and you have to leave difference between cooking with gas or word is the aromas in the word the smoke. and the flavor also depends on the kind of would you use. people. who are in the oil. now we had a dash of salt. and then we have the chicken. now we'll throw the rabbit at the edge of the pan. the most important thing when
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cooking a paella is to have a fire that. isn't too hard a bit so the meat is cooked little by little yes well i got a. pail it takes 2 hours to make that. noise there is no authentic paella there are lots of them what it really needs is coherence and it is waiting for you by. one of the founders of wiki payola. never mixes ingredients from the sea with the gradients from the land me and fish in the same paella doesn't exist in valencia nor exceeds the body. of that now we're going to throw in the green beans. double the total budget now we have the tomato. to release the flavors of everything that has been cooked in the paella. like i did.
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and this is the kind of locally grown white being used for the paella. because it contains less starch than the other kinds. this is the type of being that has been used for generations to create authentic. you can also add snails. like an artichoke for example. one of the now we have fried the beans in the snails so what's on the water you almost a totally got. it
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but i'm soaking the saffron and water. so that when it enters the paella strands are looser less smaller and the spread better throughout the paella. giving it a better color. you know the paella needs to boil for 20 or 25 minutes ok. then it is the right time to have the right level. it's this is round grain rice which is the best variety for valencian paella. so i'm going to go there oh manager of. the round grain rice. differs from the other kinds because of the amount of starch in it could be you know that i'm not the in. not have much starch so when you cook it you end up with a very tasty rice that's very dry and loose with it. i mean
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you know the pail is ready when it's been simmering for 15 minutes. and. they mostly add a little more flame to finish it. because then it sticks to the pan and forms a crust we call. it. well i guess the least the paella is ready. for you can try and find out what an authentic valencian paella taste like. that was the 1st episode of a new series for secrets about european specialties and you can also find it on our you tube channel d.w. food and wine secrets you can discover there is why nobody in belgium would ever talk about french fries because the belgians have turned preparing fried potatoes
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into a real with their own dips and a very special way of cooking them. recipe stories creative chefs. the smell of credible good natures trends recipes to try yourself so hard today i'm going to show you how to cook sustainable vegetarian food from venturing to meaty and the secrets behind the dishes. you know as my life and style of a city start to sing. d.w. food simply subscribe and. here behind me you can see now the bridge directly of off the river but is built on the water and there so many bridges like in venice are in the dutch city of saddam and i'm saddam is what we
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are going to fall on next report to find out more about a hotel where you can still spend the night because it's so tiny in fact it's just for 2 people it's a former british keep us cabin and right now there are over 20 different cabins to choose from they are proving a hit with business travel and tourists alike right now with locals who would like to get away from home to enjoy a change of scenery. you see them by almost every canal in amsterdam bridge keepers caravans in every shape and size. the bridge keepers once sat inside lifting and lowering the bridges for ships and boats. then came centralized computer control and the cabins were left empty. for some time now some of been open to overnight guests even during the corona crisis and now takes care of the check in and even opens the door without personal contact. and all the great and
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books of the suites hotel website they had a choice of 21 former bridge keepers cabins. studies done really cleverly on 3 floors with 12 man meets his feet it's a fabulous solution. in a view you can look at the city from all sides it's fun and very cozy. and 3 floors have space for a bed. a bathroom. and a dining alcove. the bridge keepers worked here till 2009 raising manure while still bridge. the profession existed in amsterdam for over a century. the cabins were built in various styles. from the airstream school. to structuralism. now they're protected as historical buildings. clock built in 6873 can only be reached by boat the bridge keeper's cabins meet all
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the official requirements for isolation fresh towels and breakfast are left at the door. suzanne oxon art is a co-founder of sweets hotels and creative directors 20 of the cabins will been converted by 2021 we call in to let's say buildings that were used for another profession we have to change them so we go in and we look at what is the post potential power of this house how can we add something to it how can we transform it into a place to stay this cabin offers a kitchen and a bedroom with a panoramic view of the canal. the interior design was chosen to extend the 17th century architecture we tried to tell the story of this house by by using the call us from the right period by opening up to take to show what it actually was like but also to put a song things like this that was used to drink beer and wine in the 17th century
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to show our guests like we're actually you know what was this period like how were people eating how we had a drinking built in 956. in the new objectivity style the lodgings at the hardest bridge are a bit more modern right now the cabins are booked mainly by the dutch themselves and they need a place to get away from home and. among the furnishings is an original chair by the powerhouse pioneer garret greifeld. the bridge keepers cabins are just one example of how all kinds of buildings in amsterdam have been converted to hotels another is the for all the crane hotel in the north the city can book one of 3 suites in a former harbor crane around 40 meters up in the air. at the top gas can soak in a few cousy while enjoying the view of amsterdam. once the corona crisis is
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over the hour johana will accommodate groups of up to 12 overnight guests on board and find whether the crew put out to sea. camps or dam offers many ways to live on or near the water. in a cold. and all the great and it was a novelty to spend the night in the tiny bridge keepers cabin. was that it was a great idea but you have to be prepared to play live tetris here and there because the space is very limited the platform for a couple of days and nights it's lovely go out on their absolute channels and. they may be small but the bridge keepers cabins offer a unique way to experience amsterdam. with $360.00 degree views of the neighborhood .
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something to put on my bucket list because i'm so that was one of my favorite cities that's all we have time for in this. edition of euro max so glad you could join us and i hope you liked our little 2 of the german capital as much as we did until we meet again all the best from berlin stay safe stay healthy and don't forget to follow us on social media so by.
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it's a. good
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. thing again. o.t.c. robotics. declining marched reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture facts is that a vague ideas shift deliver us. from a demented reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start going to devise a certain shift. for 15 minutes now to deliver.
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the copy to it's practically a salon on wheels. a symbol of germany's economic miracle its sports plenty of call on the way to view and american college. we pay tribute to the iconic car. red. 30 minutes on d w. like . oh. my god says love was food for the russians so. you're right steve. so many different walks of life. some are pumping and oddly trying but all
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of them come straight from the hard tips for c.b.s. even when there's no more delusional mush to interact to come. from the 1st glimpse of the road to their final resting place the russians are w. documentary. morrow we symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . slaves' funders occupied the city center in 2000. president due to sponsor his play. this is not the kind of freedom that we. coded more become a way to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of fire starts may 20th on d w. played
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. this is d w news the live from germany keeps a close eye on infection rates. down. outbreaks and slaughterhouse puts a spotlight on living conditions for contract workers from eastern europe also coming up on the show. south korea's president calls on citizens to remain vigilant.


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