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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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up close and personal. diaries starts. on t w. this is g w news live from berlin tonight doctors tell us the coronavirus does not discriminate but patients they tell a different story in the u.k. with europe's highest pandemic death tolls ethnic minorities have a greater chance of catching the virus and dying from it we'll have a look at an island of inequality also coming a global mental health crisis the united nations warns that millions of people
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surrounded by death and disease and forced into isolation and poverty all because of the pandemic are suffering severe mental stress and the italian government invites migrants to help harvest fruits and vegetables some voters do not like it but farmers warn their crops are in danger of being in the fields with the like. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome the coronavirus it is no equal opportunity pathogen in the u.k. more than 30000 people have died from coded 19 since the pandemic began and a disproportionate number of them are from ethnic minorities for example analysis
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from the u.k. office of national statistics reveals that black people in the u.k. are 4 times as likely to die from the disease as white people are you sure lots of thoughts reports now from one. has had enough which is why she came here to downing street to protest even though she's 6 months pregnant she had to fight for a protective hospital because it just wasn't enough. i'm here today for the doctors nurses and health care workers. the long tragically and senselessly to pull more than 200 health care workers have died in britain so far 2 thirds of them minorities. here in the united kingdom data has shown that the virus does indeed discriminate even though everybody has access to free health care experts are unsure about the reasons but say they vary from overcrowded housing to preexisting medical conditions what is clear though is that covert 19 revealed longstanding
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existing inequalities in british society which rings true in this multiethnic neighborhood of brixton one of the colbert hot spots in the capital patients and hospitals across the country a 4 times more likely to die from corona virus and white ones most people here where and have changed their behavior. much more march. is. just a good. thing to me is something that is killing everybody and i just need to keep myself or my family safe that's the main thing so i don't know i'm not focused on the fact that black. are. nothing. so far medics and experts haven't figured out why minorities and the u.k.'s so disproportionately affected by 19 the government launched an inquiry last month
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there's also been discussion of shielding minorities from frontline jobs and i'm realistic approach some say it can all make priorities. there are limited social protections for workers of these crimes and. it's all very well to this of the say you need to stay away from other people as far as possible but if it's a choice between not and owning and living off. some people who will be presented with with with the right lama back at downing street talk to me that this helps to encourage others to also speak up to prevent more deaths of ethnic minority patients and her colleagues. in joining me now from birmingham england is nicole andrews she's a lecturer in health and social care focusing on racial disparities and public health misandrist good to have you on the program we understand that health workers in the u.k.
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they have been particularly hard hit by this pandemic and why is that because it's not just because they're on the frontline of this pandemic right. definitely and this pandemic has really thrown open the dynamics of race and ethnicity in the u.k. and is providing us a lens through which to leave a bad will see i'm allies and i don't see the nature of structural inequality of aids. and i think people are looking at the rights and black and minority ethnic people in the last question frontline systems or in the n.h.s. and social care as a as an employer the n.h.s. is the largest employer of mine i would see people in the u.k. it's our if we look at this weekend's it's not necessarily surprising to see that we are overrepresented in the figures we've got and it's in the report we just saw we heard about proposals to get minorities out of frontline jobs that are highly
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dangerous in this pandemic but is that even possible. i think it's it's platitude really i think it's one thinks of the governments who identify and knowledge that there is a disparity in the deaths due to coat it but the suggestion that you can shield frontline one of his here off from some backgrounds from. is is it really feasible and the reality is that much of the while that is done in the n.h.s. is done by minority ethnic employees and there is a long history of minority ethnic employees and the n.h.s. so to remove them from frontline would not be practical for how consistent the social care system and i needed is not want to be present at the beginning of the program i said that this new coronavirus is not an equal opportunity pathogen is is it exacerbating the widening gap that we're seeing between the rich and the
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poor in the u k. oh most definitely i think to talk about this condition this fire as an equaliser that is affecting everybody equally completely disregards the situation and whilst we might all be at risk picking up the risk the sum is greater than others so for instance those who are made to whack it in these key lie cheat. and the bus drivers watching for the n.h.s. driving taxis lacking care home was watching enough means what you are vulnerable people are at increased risk of people poking and if we look at the people who often do these jobs they often people from minority ethnic backgrounds south when we started and put that up against how we understand the stress iterations in society these dogs reach out after and not as well paid but not necessarily not skill because it's very skilled sabbat and will to look after especially some of the final people in all societies and these are the low pay i carry yes let me ask
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you just before you run out of time is prime minister boris johnson he you know he almost died from covered in 19 do you expect because of that experience that we're going to see more attention on funding public services and funding the national health service. i've had passed many will be quite doubtful of that i think that the night of the society that we live in is very much getting towards the privatisation of the national house so it doesn't necessarily mean that there would be up pumping in public money however like i said the situation of calls it has laid the situation and for the country i mean the commons that state and that there has to be a recognition that the wealth and the hell of a country and only be judged by how well the how is the term sponsor the needs of its m's and it needs to be funded in a way that enables the citizens to be able to stay well instagram's contributes. if
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health and health inequalities shapes as i've seen and how well. nicole injury is an expert on health and social care joining us tonight from birmingham england misandrous we appreciate your time your insights thank you and you are this have a look now at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic johns hopkins university in the u.s. says the global death toll has reached 300000 there are more than 4400000 confirmed cases around the world the european union medicines agency says that a vaccine could be ready within a year in an optimistic scenario russia now has more than $250000.00 confirmed cases and have seen a dramatic spike in infections in the last month russia now has the 2nd highest number of cases after the u.s. and japan is lifting its coronavirus state of emergency ahead of schedule in most
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of the country that is a decision about the other areas that is expected next week. the united nations is warning of a global mental health crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic u.n. secretary general antonio guterres says the governments and health authorities need to act quickly to manage the psychological suffering of millions of people in walk down unemployed or working on the front lines of a medical emergency i need many. and she's been fighting coronavirus on the front lines in albania for more than 2 months. enormous passion who sacrifice. can we rise on this mission want to have a 15 month old daughter.
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come between me and i also have a 10 year old son and i have parents who could be at risk because they also have other health issues and that scared me. to the days that it is. this washington d.c. food bank the hardship is economic with millions laid off and school meals gone with the lessons families are also struggling to cope with the mental stress brought on by hunger it upset me because right now i'm struggling with sadness i have many food stamps that in-city in that month every little bit have keep the house on steady. now the united nations is arguing governments to be proactive. the covered $1000.00 pandemic is not we think families and communities we did the tional mental stress those most at risk out front line else workers older people a dollar sense and young people those with preexisting mental health conditions and
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those caught up in conflict and crisis we must help them and stand by them. psychologists in the u.k. who are trying to help don't always creating a number of cartoons to help families manage the additional showing of loctite to do with their us all it. is a struggle. and that's not a surprise really when you think. members of the support group for people suffering from depression are by paul are normally me tom bone die beach but social distancing rules have forced them on life to sharing there are stories myself feel alive you know that it actually puts of the spectacle in your eye life and i think perspective is really important. certainly these times now and it's a fresh outlook that international body see is not vital to ensure it's horrific 19 doesn't leave millions more struggling with mental health problems. and for more
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now i'm joined by dr phil she is director of the world health organization's mental health and substance abuse division dr it's good to have you on the program let's talk about this corona virus 1st it attacks our physical health 2nd it hits our mental well being this 2nd threat is it going to impact us the longest. what. think you for having me 1st of all. i don't know if it is the longest. we know that some of the consequent we don't know how real the consequence is in our bodies our of the coffee they are really out or how long they will last but we definitely know that their mental health will impact their sake associated and impact will be lasting for in a wine. in part or little to become either because we know this really need to have
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the disease not of there to begin with some mental health issues and. you know for sure before this pandemic hit mental health services were often under funded all over the world compared to health services for people's physical health what would the w.h.o. like to see happen new countries are spending billions and billions to bail out their economies what about spending money to bail out our mental health. you know that currently yes no not in the past but today. 2 percent off their health budget government health magic goes to mental health only 2 percent we hope that by realizing the impact of that this crisis is happening and he's going
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to have in the mental health governments when they stink in the countries we'll also increased because passage the of the countries to respond to those in need because when you hear the news and you've been talking before with somebody from birmingham there is sure that the government they don't intimate if serious is that can provide some support cycling to get support for example to those help the water gas that is so there's so much in this race right now but we know that this is not the case everywhere or dave would say even worse we know that in most of the countries disease is not the case that there is no capacity in the country to respond to the situation today let alone what comes right yes then you think you know and i want to ask you that this is going to douglas i can let me ask you you know you were mentioning birmingham england i asked my guest earlier this evening about the prime minister of the u.k. boris johnson he almost died from code 19 and i asked her maybe does she think that
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this will give him in a pit fanie moment that he will want to increase support for the national health service for example and she doubts that that will happen what do you think has to happen for governments and our leaders to realize how important mental health funding really is. well i think that they should hear the evidence they have beyond the person as it different he said i think that the government governmental officials should hear the evidence and should be concerned about the capacity and that's the population in each one of the countries cast we have to deal with what this comic we know that it's on one hand they suffered as of each individual that we have any mental health condition but on the other hand east they've got recipe of those in the needless to contribute productively to the society to the economy
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to the country and so it is in a way and investment that we have a very high return in the long run in the not too long away run the w.h.o. have a sense has warned the world that kulwant 19 or the coronavirus may never go away maybe become endemic to our world what one term consequences then should we be preparing for if that is the case. well if we took from their mental health and psychosocial great fear i would say that we will need to add that to a new living condition that we change that we will have to be aware of sound ways of communicating with each other that will be the front end of a what it can in mean in context that of the friend. being to give that in a different way we will have to adapt to those new ways of living i trust that most
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of. human beings will be capable of i that think because we have that vision to of. a father to teach them to new challenges some mini real history too that those challenges well let's hope that everyone has the optimism you have dr dr de vore can still with the world health organization joining us tonight dr thank you we appreciate your insights thank you know. art here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world 5 people have died in a truck bomb attack in afghanistan the vehicle blew up near a military courts in the eastern city of gardez wounding at least 20 others including civilians and military personnel to tell about insurgents have claimed responsibility for the swearing in of israel's new unity government has been
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delayed until sunday prime minister benjamin netanyahu asked his former rival and new coalition partner benny gantz for the 3 day delay mr netanyahu says that he needs more time to finalize cabinet appointments from within his own likud party. containing the pandemic has required a global effort but longstanding allies still face chronic divisions over issues such as collective defense in a commentary for the german daily newspaper in de velde the u.s. ambassador to germany and director of national intelligence richard grinnell says that berlin is undermining native's mission of nuclear containment this comes after plans to buy u.s. f. 18 fighter jets met resistance from within the german chancellor angela merkel's own government the planes are capable of launching nuclear warheads germany has repeatedly said that it intends to play a larger role in nato but decisions on how the country should approach its own
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defense capabilities well they are often hampered by political infighting. the chief political editor. reports. this is what many wants to own for weight america's drone who went from being considered a violation of international to washington's compact method of choice the u.s. example has concerns among the opposition and the public that arming drones could see by land on the wrong side of history and driving force towards also mated machine wolf. i'm going to end this kind. other countries have it isn't a good argument to say we need it to keep the tendency towards automated warfare which means automated killing offers a depressing outlook at all german defense minister and it can it can come on by once the drone just one item on the long list of unresolved to teach it purchase decisions she inherited from her predecessor. despite corona the defense ministry
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launched a webcast public debate on the matter when opposition m.p. summed up the last 10 years of argument over term defense is will put it let me say it bluntly at some point everyone here has to just barrel and say what they want and what they don't want. to have these military also wants to make another contentious purchase us built f. 18 fighter jets those would ensure germany would remain able to deliver its part to natives u.s. led nuclear deterrent. currently the united states has stationed nuclear weapons in 5 european countries and small town crucial in germany along with the netherlands belgium italy and turkey while the u.k. and france have their own nuclear warheads. in a war scenario germany would have to use its aging fleet of tornado fighter jets to
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deliver them but those are running out of spare parts fast. the governing coalition partner the social democrats have announced resistance to that replacement it's once a more passive role in nato discourse so i don't think there's anything wrong with having that debate i think it's an important question of democracy. military experts see this latest in a coalition rao as a defense as an attack on german credibility from within. i think that position is increasingly untenable and frankly the rest of the world does not do us a favor while germany carney looks set to expand its monitoring minting crisis regions like mali even within its government any issue to do with defense remains a political minefield. we have only has announced that it will grant a 6 month residency permits to thousands of irregular groups the government in rome
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is trying to help forms and farmers deal with the coburg $1000.00 epidemic that has cut the flow of cheap labor from overawed the politically sensitive move has prompted or was prompted by the country's agricultural lobby which is warning that italy might otherwise have to dispose of huge amounts of produce. that will rot in the fields probably in the us is here with more on then. does this change affect i guess it is the farmers right well sex many people in fact because at the moment there are around 200 seasonal workers mainly from eastern europe who aren't able to travel to italy because of course of the restrictions on travel because of covert 19 and what this measure will do will will essentially make a round of 2 rand half a 1000000. regular migrants in italy. illegal and so we're talking about
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at people who would be able to then legally work mainly in the agricultural and in the you know the domestic services will say and also because they're legal to be able to access basic health services that also in proves their quality of life and also let's not forget because there is such a crisis with coverage 19 if there are and if there are action in eagle it will also mean that testing will be able to take place and also if they get ill you know they can actually get the proper treatment so it's really a human rights issue here as well because these initial permits we understand will be valid for 6 months what happens. after the 6 months once you have the 1st 6 months then you can get another 6 month extension after 12 months then if you have a work contract then essentially you can get a longer permit and the idea is for this not to be a temporary measure but really a sort of more medium to long term solution we know migration it is a politically sensitive topic here in europe especially in italy how was this decision how is it being received with voters well you said it i mean it's
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a very sensitive topic and also it's been a very sensitive topic even within this government in athalie in fact you know a multi-party government but before we really get on to about i mean what was very interesting was actually the cultural minister of today villanova who herself was actually a farm worker and elaine labor union representative that was really adamant to get this pushed through and she said that she would have actually resigned if they hadn't pushed her so let's hear from her because it was pretty passionate and watch out. because when i started group government this group that come on those that have been routinely exploited in the fields and also in a cooperative where people were sent to her with families as caregivers or cleaning ladies not be invisible anymore. they will have access to a work permit and we will help to reclaim their identity and their dignity.
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well their identity and they can be very passionate words there and it's also it's caused a lot of division in italy but i'm sure it's going to change lives of hundreds of thousands of people now in india and that's what the knock on effects are you can imagine harbors rotting in the fields that would be crazy public thank you very much. well as we heard earlier health care workers and others are suffering severe stress from their work fighting code 191 hospital in mexico has taken on a new employee whose mission is to help relieve that stress. preparing to work on the front lines and during a pandemic you can never be too careful. mate holly that 3 year old pug who works 2 hours a day at a mexican hospital to help raise spirits among health care workers. getting some colleagues want to carry harley or play with him right away we have to consider the long lasting deprivation of physical contact the most is it
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significant especially for staff on the front lines and i think even segregated themselves from their own families to avoid the possibility of infection. hollies i know let's see it says she's surprised by all the smiles hollies brought out of the health care workers treating patients with covet 19. it was as you know one effect though has been an important buffer against all kinds of stress psychological mental and emotional and that is that we as health professionals experience on a daily basis people during the long grueling days of work in the crown of our section of this hospital hype so high that little holly can bring some pulsar to vittie. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day. is
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for me. beethoven is for.
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his her. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for coverage on. beethoven 2020. 150th anniversary on d w. ruins . are always a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims. and the christian population. when i asked fighters on the city center the 17 president to terrorist response was told. i. would never put. the reconquest turned into tragedy. exactly reasonable fear is not the kind of freedom that we want.
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how did it become a deep way to islamist terror. until now you see so we got i mean morsi has our sole. and exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sights of i.a.s. starts may 20th on d w. he predicted a coming coronavirus crisis and he was right and he says it got him fired today on capitol hill this vaccine specialist turned will so blower offered another prediction with no master plan to fight covert 19 the u.s. he says is headed for the darkest winter in modern history at the same time a warning from the united nations the panda.


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