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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 18, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin germany and france joined forces to try and lead europe out of the coronavirus crisis german chancellor angela merkel and french president. posed a 500000000000 euro rescue fund to boost. they also want the e.u. to raise joint. also coming up searching for solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus the world health organization's annual assembly opens with a stern rebuke from global leaders u.n. chief says the world has paid
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a heavy price for its disorganized. and the virus is spreading among homeless people in the u.s. activists say the resources are there to help get them off the street reduce the risk so why isn't more being done. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us german chancellor going to. have outlined a joint plan to speed europe's recovery from the coronavirus crisis the plan calls for a half trillion euro rescue fund to boost the sectors of the economy hit hardest hardest by the pandemic and for the 1st time germany and france are calling for the e.u. to raise joint debt here's more now from merkel and mccall as they were detailing their proposal just. a short while ago for the franco german cooperation and franco
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german friend. leads as to setting a signal we know that we are 27 and when france and germany give the signal no i think the whole of europe is in a better shape to form an opinion and to progress that's why we want to issue $500.00. 1000000000 euro of. the shirt term for. expenses for the sectors and regions that are hardest hit this recovery fund of $500000000000.00 euros is not going to be a grant to a region or as sector but is going to be a budgetary fate. and it's going to compliment the $500000000000.00 that our finance ministers have already agreed
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upon in that it's going to be delivered by the european investment bank $500000000000.00 by the finance ministers and 500000000000 budgetary aides through the franco german initiative we think this is absolutely necessary in order to compliment the initiatives already taken on the national level. and that was the french president manuel my call and before him the german chancellor. delivering their joint press conference from their respective capitals announcing a pipe 100000000000 euro relief fund recovery front from the coronavirus crisis and now here to talk about that with us is our political correspondent thomas sparrow who followed that press conference about in just under an hour ago told us more money being put on the table there tell us more about it. terry the goal is to
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allow the european commission to borrow that money on the markets and to then distribute that money not necessarily to countries and their specific budgets but to sectors or regions that have been particularly haiti by this crisis 1st analysis that have come out after that press conference point to the fact that in the specific case of germany this certainly marks a shift germany had for a very long time been against that idea of issuing joint debt and that was something that was clear also in previous negotiations between the european union leaders and this particular case both leaders stressing that this will be within the framework of european union 5 jets that the money for example will not have to be repaid by specific countries but will be repaid by several successive european union budgets that's probably one of the key elements why germany agreed to this proposal i do expect terry that this will be
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a controversial issue not only here in germany but also in other european countries as well. we heard chancellor merkel there talking about a signal that this sends a signal to the rest of europe what sort of signal do you think she meant. well european union leaders have been very divided about this issue that was also something that was clear for example when european union finance ministers met for a very long time to try and come off with the 1st aid package that was agreed on and that was something that revealed once again the fractures within the european union when it comes to a very big crisis that they have to tackle it's revealed what analysts describe as another north south divide between countries that were favoring one position like france or italy or spain that again that idea of the corona vaughn's and other countries like germany or the netherlands are also who were more skeptical about it
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and we're not going to call points to exactly that what you're saying is that idea that europe has to act together that not one country will be able to solve this crisis by those countries in europe that will also be affected by it all will have to come to solutions and agree months at a european union level and that's why germany and france based on their own bilateral agreements that they're going to work more and more closely at the european union level have presented this proposal will that will obviously have to be discussed at a european union level and agreed or not to european union level it's not at all clear that that will be the case but that is at least the proposal presented by paris and berlin so there could still be wrangling ahead of the european level on this told us but we heard both manuel mccall and chancellor merkel saying that in the case of mccaughan that european that europe needs more sovereignty merkel saying that we may need to change the treaty and they're talking about giving power
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to the european union on health affairs that all sounds like quite a major step going beyond recovery fund indeed and that's why they were talking as well for example of joint proposals on pandemic prevention or joint proposals on back. same development those were all issues that were also discussed it was not only about this recovery fund it was also about other proposals that includes this idea of his health proposal that the european union level or the green deal that bigger size asian this is something again that goes beyond this specific element of the recovery fund and that's why this has also been described terry a something very ambitious on behalf of germany and france it was thank you so much to our political correspondent thomas sparrow well meanwhile today the world health organization's governing body has been holding a virtual meeting to address the global response to the pandemic the summit is
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aimed posturing cooperation among world powers to slow the spread of covert 19 but tensions are simmering below the surface some states have criticized the w.h.o. as being too slow to react to the outbreak the un has also warned the pandemic could deepen divisions between the world's richest and poorest nations. the world health organization's anyone meeting was supposed to take place in geneva but the pandemic forced it to a virtual gathering for the 1st time in the history of the organization of course the pandemic itself is topic a the conference started on a sobering note u.n. secretary general antonio complained that many countries ignored the w.h.o. as warnings at the beginning of the corona virus outbreak as a result the virus has traveled worldwide and is now spreading in the global south where the effects could be far more devastating than in developed countries the german chancellor angela merkel warned in her video message that only joint efforts
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can defeat the pandemic. virtually no country has been spared by this pandemic so no country can so this problem alone we must work together that the meeting will also address criticism of the w.h.s. handling of the pandemic the majority of the member states are expected to supporting independent investigation. say look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today for the 2nd time in 10 days broke out in hong kong's legislative council between pro-democracy and pro-government politicians they were sparked by the removal of a pro-democracy blog maker who would have presided over elections to a key committee security guards carried several legislators out of the chamber. japan has plunged into recession the government reported a 3.4 percent drop in gross domestic product in the 1st 3 months exports had their worst month since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami tokyo has come up with
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a rescue package worth nearly a trillion dollars but it's expected deeper slump and a slow recovery. in churches in italy are reopening for services to mark the occasion pope francis has led a mass in a side chapel of st peter's basilica in the bit and the basilica head. to encourage social distancing worshippers temperatures were checked as they arrived for the service. well bijela nz is the key message in italy as that country moves to relax its coronavirus all down after more than 2 months businesses are opening their doors again but it will be far from a return to normal authorities form that the virus has not gone away and if new infections start to grow rapidly again restruck restrictions may be reimposed. normally the tourist town of santas of error would be packed in the middle of may
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but due to coronavirus restrictions residents haven't been allowed to song by on that beaches for months. the money would well tomorrow with the weather permits i would like to come to the seaside with my bathing suits and go swimming if it's possible. the umbrella. cafes and restaurants a slowly being allowed to open up under strict hygiene regulations so is the cinema a new d.n.a. meanwhile in the fashion capital of milan the famous are in a sense a department store is opening its doors. for use personal protective equipment and take everybody's temperature monitoring the flow of people entering and exiting the building this is the 1st step towards resuming normal life. but out on the 1000000 east streets most people are looking forward to looking beautiful again seemed to me that seems obvious to me the hairdresser rip of the government yes i have to go to the barber that's how much it's grown. out of money q.
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is what i've missed the most it may not be the dog yet but for most italians life is about to get a little bit sweeter. as countries across europe ease of virus lockdowns talks are continuing about how to reopen across border tourism greece has weathered the credit crisis relatively unscathed but with the recession looming businesses there are desperate to salvage at least part of the summer holiday season. everything is ready for the guests in charlie chechens hotel on the island of santorini but the perfect view can only be enjoyed by locals. as long as the corona crisis continues it's not clear when or even if the tourists can come. out so much i love what it looks like the hotel owner asked the receptionist and he points out that where everything was booked last summer there's now a huge gap. we're not even 2 percent booked but there's no demand
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although we can offer everything and we're ready. but how are our guests going to get here with an air travel stuff that's because that's. no guests means no jobs for the many who make a living from the tourist season and that's 20 just at his place. this year we have not taken any staff from athens at all we've only been working with a few locals and we can't say yet whether we're going to hire last year stuff. centering he lives from tourism the island is popular for weddings who ships docked here and visitors just with each other in the narrow streets tourism generates 25 percent of the country's income this year as missing tourists is a problem for all of greece despite the fact that athens put in rigid measures early on keeping the pandemic largely under control. we will meet tourists who honor us with their visits this year because with the same
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warmth but also with responsibility for most of it which is good for our image but it also means that our style of tourism will change just branding and a couple of rational c.e.o.'s to. bush. and the government is already working on measures to avoid the risk of an outbreak. theremin again from across the over the fence you see put out the firstly we want to introduce corona tests to travelers like you before they come into the country. and secondly we want to have restrictions and social distancing rules apply in common area not receive orders. and the guys would never swim in the missouri. has already found some solutions of his own texaco and schools disposable covers and disinfectant he hopes that guests will be able to come starting in july so that at least part of the season can be salvaged. off more on this let's talk to our european affairs correspondent
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garrick montecito in just now from brussels good to see you again our how much of europe will be open for tourism the summer well that's a good question and of course for all those who still hope that there will be a summer vacation including myself for the moment that the belgian coast disclosed that here you have i call mas the german foreign minister talking to 10 key destinations within europe whether they're built beaches will open and he was quite determined to say they are working within the next 2 weeks with those countries including countries such as italy and spain nations that were hard hit by the coronavirus to find criteria to find common standards to make travelling and to make the case possibly gang let's hear what he had to say. and of whom seem to you when you june 15th is the day when we must decide whether to lift the general worldwide travel warning and we are working on replacing the
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troubled morning with travel advice. but of course this travel advice may also state the travelling to a certain place is anything but recommended it's just that we cannot keep a permanent general travel warning for the entire world. 20 extent is germany and germany's partners for that matter following a common line on this with the e.u. commission's guidelines i have the impression terry that the foreign minister here was very keen to emphasize that he wants to work fully on the basis of those guidelines from brussels seeing that all of europe stumbled into this crisis without coordination a member states now are keen to make sure they do get 48 it because this would allow the traveling it is the preferred precondition if you want to make traveling possible again and that is why yes that he he also is clear that certain that
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limit level of bilateral work is necessary because safety and health is not within the jurisdiction of the e.u. institutions but it is with the work in the next 2 weeks that he wants to acquire a basis that then may apply for all of the you know thank you so much now that european affairs correspondent york motus. the u.s. economy is likely to record a 30 percent collapse in the current quarter we're talking $30.00 there that's according to the chairman of the federal reserve jerome powell in an interview with c.b.s. news program 60 minutes paul said the united states would only fully recover after a vaccine was available cautioning lawmakers against reopening the economy too soon . your mom would have to reintroduce the social distancing measures and then you would have another downturn and that would be bad for confidence. so that's
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a risk we really want to avoid you know the virus hasn't gone away the reason that cases have gone down and are declining is because people have been in their homes and not in their businesses and not out among the crowd. has more on this he joins us from new york against a 30 percent contraction of the u.s. economy that's staggering did the federal reserve chairman suggest what the implications of that would be. well at least what the chairman said is that he doesn't not believe that we will see a depression like scenario that we saw well 100 years ago and the reason why is what is the difference between a recession and what is the difference between a depression it's basically the duration and overall the fed chairman is sort of hopeful that at least the duration of this economic crisis won't be as long
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as we have seen it in the thirty's in the united states so that's at least a tiny bit of a hopeful message from the fed chairman even if you also mention that nobody can tell you how everything develops from here on ok but at least in the short to medium term things don't look that great despite that grim for forecast our markets are up over 800 points what's got them so excited. it's incredible what we've what we're seeing here today the blue chips up by about 3 and a half percent oh well the market is trading on hope we heard there was the word of a scene a couple of times and so there's one company moderna saying that at least in very early stage they made some progress was developing this of a scene that struck by the way is up by 30 percent so there's this whole driving the market and then on top of it you have the oil market recovering quite
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a bit oil prices up today by 11 percent or economists and policymakers in the u.s. becoming concerned that maybe the stock market is out of touch with the broader economy . that's the big topic that we see because look what happened to the market their recent recovery started last thursday and what happened on thursday we got dramatic numbers from the job market the recovery actually continued on friday what happened on friday we got the worst retail sales figures ever in u.s. history and even today the outlook that you mention it probably a drop in u.s. g.d.p. by 30 percent isn't that bright and the really continuous what's basically driving this market is those trillions of dollars that the federal reserve is pumping into the market and also the u.s. government also pumping trillions of dollars into the economy and overall there was this hope that soon only the economy
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a real restart i don't know you might see this little car dealership local car dealership here in my neighborhood for the 1st time since the locks on started this car dealership reopened so there are some signs that slowly the economy is coming back and that's also what the market is betting on at this point and thanks for filling us in there that was our financial correspondent yes curtis in new york. as we mentioned there the pandemic has delivered an economic shock to the u.s. but that shock is also very much being felt in the social sphere a particular challenge is the more than half a 1000000 homeless people they're among the most vulnerable to codeine teen lacking access to health care and even basic virus fighting tools like hand washing is all over solid reports from the nation's capital washington d.c. . breakfast on wheels since the food bank closed its doors for the homeless rob farley decided to bring the food bank to the very rich. coming
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up to syria brunch at the lunch bag brunch coffee and some warm words for the most vulnerable group of the pun demick. you know but i. do want to know what to keep my hands clean oh david farley is a volunteer for a local church in washington d.c. besides breakfast he brings the latest news about what has turned into a serious threat for the homeless i think they're very 1000 people that are at least in the united states. you know number one. or. as the virus continues to spread in the capital region rob farley tries to convince them to wear face masks but that's one of the lesser problems. put on your . 6 feet apart. now. for those that go into the shelter i think social distancing is pretty tough to do in there and for many folks
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that stay out on the street sanitation you know where where to use the bathrooms where to wash your hands. with estimates of around $10000.00 living on the streets washington d.c. has one of the biggest homeless communities in the united states. to offer some protection authorities have set up hand washing stations but not everyone has such easy access as this man who lives in a tent across the street. nevertheless no other group is hit as hard as the homeless and that's especially true in some emergency accommodations that have been in the news. the coronavirus is of particular concern for many homeless shelters in washington d.c. and this is one of the largest facilities in the region reportedly the virus has spread widely here with several dozen cases of coded 9000 reported. while filming inside is not allowed media reports say
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a lack of social distancing made it easy for the virus to spread. pro bono lawyer amber harding says the homeless have to be taken off the streets you have $30000.00 vacant hotel rooms in d.c. that we could use to place people in until you now things settle down and we also have a can housing units and we should be really focusing on putting people into long term housing so they are able to protect themselves so if we could volunteer rob farley says keeping the homeless safe is the key for the whole community to recover from the pandemic. well be good. now to taiwan and despite its success in avoiding a massive outbreak of covert 19 the country is not participating in the w.h.o. assembly china has been blocking is participation for several years up to space in the w.h.o. that is because it claims that the island has its as its territory taiwan has said
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it won't press the issue of participation but wants to share the lessons it learned about keeping tobit 1000 it pay. no lockdown of any kind despite its proximity to china taiwan is one of the few spots on earth where life has continued close to normal throughout the pandemic with only a few 100 coronavirus infections and less than 10 deaths taiwan's handling of the crisis is a unique success story all the more surprising that the w.h.o. doesn't seem to be interested in taiwan's approach the organization blocked taiwan from taking part in its annual meeting several years ago under pressure from beijing that has deprived the island of access to crucial information about the virus. we were successful yes. without that platform it was very hard night we don't have many serious cases so treatment more probably tease
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protocols for serious cases of lifting in taiwan we need to stop this kind of political right to we need to hold on to more important issues like health of everyone involved dr lu used to be a delegate to the w.h.o. when taiwan was still allowed to attend the assembly as an observer but that ended on beijing's behest when taiwan's president from the pro independence party took office 4 years ago china claims that island as its own territory and therefore deems to. has no right to w.h.o. membership. but that politics should be set aside when it comes to health issues it's good for taiwan to share its experience with the world but you know again i have to pay $100.00 made a contribution to public health so it's unfair to be excluded however that will from. taiwan has maintained its infection rate lower than almost anywhere else with
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0 domestic infections for over a month even so the taiwanese haven't let their guard down. perhaps this is one of the things the world and the w.h.o. could learn from this island. just enough in the years thanks watch.
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may be enough to meet their energy needs. to. come to. the virus has become part of the system. is the world on the brink of a major transition some believe globalization has come. 21 others think we should keep going full speed ahead the future for as long as we can. work in the time for a clean deal no future scenarios for the economy and society living 3000. and 16. percent of the drama competition rival marketing numbers on a sphere 5 at a time and 2 mission. money millionaires the fan runs fine us and in fact
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only. because we love. to go off on you tube doing us. hello welcome to equal we india a sustainable tea magazine bring you solutions to some of the most problems affecting our luggage office today is on renewable energy and how societies are transitioning away from cool and fossil fuel for their daily needs i'm some of that are who coming to you from mumbai in india over the next 30 minutes let's look at.


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