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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2020 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is the deal with the news live from berlin brazil's president is under fire after the release of a video with major allegations that he tried to meddle in a police investigation bill one of the few appeared you know if i went away from my family or my friends to get screwed because i can't change someone from the security i tried to in rio de janeiro and i couldn't. we ask our correspondent if false or not those days are numbered. the united kingdom is once again at odds with the rest of europe fist time over the coronavirus pandemic the u.k.
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has sent a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all international arrivals just as other countries are easing their travel restrictions. and burdens to bundesliga teams thrash out their across time football rivalry in an empty stadium pass out how moronic highlights later in the show. yes welcome to the program brazil's embattled president also not all is under fire after the release of a video that shows i'm ranting about his inability to replace law enforcement officials the clip was released as part of a probe into allegations of balsa not to try to interfere in investigations into his songs but it comes as brazil reels from the coronavirus crisis it's. poised to
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overtake russia as the 2nd most effective country in the world has been dismissive of the viruses dangers while hospitals in many cities are overwhelmed well overthe 20000 people have died many buried in mass graves the president claims his rant has been misinterpreted but here's what he said it was put off by way from my family or my friends to get screwed because i can't change someone from the security i tried to in rio de janeiro and i couldn't going to get more because one is a blood it's all freedom that's true but what these guys did with the viruses from the government from rio de janeiro amongst others is exactly. well let's cross to our correspondent who's standing by for us in sao paulo brazil some brazil's president also not all now is under increasing trouble how much support
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does he still have. mr poston r.-o. is that in many respects like he is political i do you know it's a state's prison don't trump mr poston all right has a very loyal support base a very loyal fan base and although opinion polls tend to suggest that his support is doing. those same opinion polls suggest that it still has the support all somewhere between a pool and a brazillian somewhere between 25 to 30 percent of the population actually think his government is great and excellent so. yeah it's it remains to be seen how long this support will stay this strong fall as the death so rise in brazil and especially as the 2nd this looming economic crisis
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which really really threatens mr bowles and all rose government it's very brave in brazil that a president survives a monumental economic crisis and brazil what is it 6 b. hits by its worst economic crisis probably in a century as a result all the coronavirus had the global economic downturn certainly worrying times there for brazilians are not it also has now. confirmed cases of corona virus infections after the u.s. and russia at what measures are being taken to curb the spread of the virus. well quite frankly measures across the country have in the main be fairly lackluster where i am here in sao paolo that has been a closed and official closure over no not essential businesses so banks and supermarkets for example stay open but if you walk around my neighborhood if you
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walk around sao paolo you will find is that a still open some restaurants that are still open but all those that are still open a lot of this also has to do with conflicting messages being saints from mr paulson our himself who you mentioned before has consistently downplayed the severity of this virus and the state governments in our state governors decide state policy here in brazil it's federal government when you've got the state governor saying everybody should stay at home if they can and the president saying let's go back to work that sends a very conflicting message and of course brazil is a country it's a low it's a middle income country it's not a rich country so many people here they work in the informal economy these are people as one specialist told me recently that you know they're working through lunch to eat dinner they don't have savings they don't have sick pay and so these people need to work each day to survive essential service that most of our of messages about opening up the economy and going back to work and it's not really
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a problem all of the all of these messages appeal to these people in the informal economy while certainly a very worrying times for those on the other brazilians live from sao paolo thank you thank you. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world investigators in pakistan have recovered the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder from a passenger plane that crashed in a residential area of karate 907 people have been confirmed dead it's thought engine failure may have caused the crash. austrian chancellors of. presented an emergency aid plan for a u. countries hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic besides austria it's also backed by denmark sweden and the netherlands and is a counter proposal to a franco german initiative for nations opposed to mutualization of aid and an
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increase in the e.u. budget. the top adviser to british prime minister barak johnson has been accused of breaking lockdown rules dominic cummings allegedly traveled hundreds of kilometers to his parents' home while sophron from symptoms of covert 19 official guidance says people should stay in their main home and not visit relatives. well the united kingdom has announced a mandatory 2 we quarantine for anyone entering the country but it won't be enforced until june 8th and the number of new coronavirus cases is falling in the u.k. but the government is worried about a 2nd wave of infections as travel restrictions are eased in other countries the move has angered many of the aviation and tourism sectors. from june and 8 people arriving in the u.k. by train ferry old plane will have to self isolate for 14 days that also have to give details of without the staying and can expect
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a visit from authorities will be doing spot checks. 81 court flouting the rules faces a fine of up to 1000 pounds they will be some exceptions truck drivers medical workers and people entering from the republic of ireland will not have to isolate. the move comes just as many other european countries begin to loosen travel restrictions now we are past the peak of this virus we must take steps to guard against imported cases triggering a resurgence of this deadly disease and as the transmission rate across the united kingdom falls and the number of travelers arriving in the u.k. begins to increase imported cases could begin to pose a larger and increased threat. airlines in the u.k. warned this could be the final nail in the coffin for an industry already struggling to survive through the crisis some say the effects will be far wider
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reaching. it will be devastating not just for the aviation sector but they will see . total thousands of redundancies coming towards their lives in the u.k. but more devastating for manufacturing a tourism sector is the lawyer with aviation we've already seen 1000 redundancies rules royce last week we're likely to see more coming like that and we risk having this help becoming a long oil and. the government says it will review the new rule every 3 weeks after it comes into force. or top flight football is set to return in spain after spanish prime minister. announced on saturday that lego will be permitted to resume its season in early june league has been suspended for more than 2 months due to the coronavirus pandemic but many teams returned to training last week in anticipation of
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a return to action if the restart goes ahead it would see league of become the 2nd major footballing competition to return from the break after germany's bundesliga season was resumed last weekend. well it was another weekend of fun this league action i should say were in the middle of it inside empty stadiums and it got off to an eerie start on friday as hatter took on only on in the brain and darby but in this league new boys are in your own one the capital city bragging rights with a one they'll win back in november but this time around have to talk revenge over their rivals with a 4 something victory. the yawning expanse of the olympia study in a strange place for a local dobby only on almost got their noses in front in the 1st half of it and 3 straight kick a whisker away in the 43rd minute. it proved their best and final chance
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that other piece of each broke the deadlock the hatter after the break with a thumping head are socially distancing well observed by the captain this week. a pinpoint cross and a trademark finish from the bosnian in the 51st minute. disastrous oneone defending straight from the restart gave dirty lucas back yo an opportunity to double headers late and he julie dispatched his chance to make it 2 now. and it was 3 by the l a mark some excellent play from mattel's korea found a base of each who teed up for the winger to slog home. was and the father to base celebrated in style with some help from his team it's. a cute ball into a base of each before the calmest finishes. it was humiliation for a new one in the 77th minute as dedrick made it for nil. on your own
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usually so good at set pieces all at sea for this one. and so it finished a dobie demolition 3 points they have who made it one all against their local rivals this season. well head to antonio and might be rivals nowadays but back when the clubs played in 2 different halves of a divided city the supporters were united by a bond of friendship for fans who remember that time last night star be provided the perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate the tradition of solidarity the olympia study on $75000.00 seats were sold out for the sky but the coronavirus pandemic means the fans have to stay outside pets are versus only the 2nd ever born disney get darby in the reunited german capital forced to take place behind closed doors. you can see the fear down the street is missing the away fans are missing as
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well and there would have been around 9000 when your own fans and they'll be missed as will the chance to meet up with people before and after the game it's football but clinical spike lee no in this public and when your own fans watch the match together there was plenty for the blue and white side of the need to celebrate but for knowing that he was a night to forget it. was you it is usually goes back a long long way there's an old friendship between had to end on your own supporters that dates back 4045 even 50 years. when you won the last avi but this time it was hetty's turn to claim the bragging rights piece table in the pub shows the root of the room that once divided the city but never its focus or the interest. with you until when your own fans on had the fans us. here in unity regardless of the result they'll be winding up but you won't see any aggression which is great
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and it's always like that regardless of corona or. football without fans in the stands it is a strange sight but for some supporters it's better than the alternative. through no it's not great but there's no other way expected to know for a lot of talk no football it's always even worse like it was less emotional. they might not be roy could have been but for the supporters watching the burly dalby jewing the pandemic provided a much welcome trace of norman. well coming up after the show our chief international editor richard walker explores u.s. china relations in the new cold war from the military to technology politics and economics the rivalry between washington and beijing is like never before and now the coronavirus pandemic has led to fraught tensions between the 2 powers could we
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be headed for a new cold war. well you're watching the news we'll have more at the top of the hour and don't forget you can keep up to date with old latest news on our website that's the w dot com and of course you can follow us on twitter and instagram for me and the rest of the team here in britain take care. we're all set. to go beyond. that. we're all over the stories that matter to you. whatever it takes. to get the running now.


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