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tv   The U.S. vs China  Deutsche Welle  May 23, 2020 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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10 and beijing is like never before and now the coronavirus pandemic has led to fraught tensions between the 2 powers could we be headed for a new cold war. while you're watching the news we'll have more at the top of the hour and don't forget he can keep up to date with old latest news on our web site that's com and of course you can follow us on twitter and it's rough for me and the rest of the team here in britain take care. of that. go beyond. that. with all of the stories that matter to you. can't really cool whatever it takes. to go running around. looking for
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a little nugget. you made for mines honor to welcome so many extraordinary nursing professionals as we celebrate their tional nurses day especially cation in the white house national nurses day is a moment to one of the people on the front lines of the pandemic. don't trump is here to say thank you and sign a declaration well the nurses local to look here laurie to you though as he turns to the press a reporter asks a question about the economy in his own trump turned his fire on china framing the spread of the coronavirus like a military attack this is one of the worst attacks we've ever had this is worse than pearl harbor this is worse than the world trade center it's never been attacked like this. and it should have never happened could have been stopped at the source could have been stopped and show that it should have been stepped right at the source. and. was of course we're all used to donald trump mouthing off
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that's his trademark but this is important this matters to all of us whether you live here in europe or anywhere in the world the 2 most powerful countries on earth a slipping deeper and deeper into a profound form of conflict some are even calling it a new cold war and just like the coronaviruses self this has the power to define our age. from the military to technology the economy to political influence to brive all read between the u.s. and china is intensifying in just about every well a few many systems now the outbreak of the corona virus in china and it spreads around the world has taken tensions to a new extreme. i think the charm of u.s. relations this. story is trying to. establish diplomatic ties in the last 4 decades because our in state is very serious. and very dire i think
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we're at a point where tensions by the actual tensions are really really high i think it's going to be a very dangerous year and the world is going to have to face up to some very important choices who are european friends to decide what they stand we are allies with them now well. look we just protheroe. over an incredible person like sheep it will be all of us to realize. where our heart is in no way is it worth the business interests or is it towards your values and at some point will have to make a choice now one thing in this story that's so important to emphasize is that this clash between the united states and china isn't just about the coronavirus pandemic we're living through right now. seems so full of basic misses if it's
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a reset and everything but these tensions between the u.s. and china have much deeper roots so this video was not just going to ask what's going on now we're going to dig down and find out what lies beneath and finally we're going to ask what's coming next always about to enter into a new cold war. january 2020 is just a few months ago but it feels like another era donald trump went to davos and hailed his relations with his chinese counterpart xi jinping you very much our relationship with china right now has probably never been better we went through a very rough patch but it's never ever been better my relationship with president xi is an extraordinary one he's for china and for the u.s. but other than that we love each other. trump was buoyant tough to signing what was
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being called a phase one trade deal with china easing tensions have made a long running trade war to trump himself it started even as the covert $1000.00 outbreaks prating in february trump was still flattering xi jinping running for the very hard place where that out of character for president he and we talked about mostly about the coronavirus they were really hard. i think they're doing a very professional job but soon the outbreak hit the united states with full force new york became one of the worst hot spots in the world and the trumpet ministration came out of massive fire for failing in its response. at the same time evidence was mounting that china hadn't been open about the early days of the outbreak losing crucial time that could have saved lives and speculation even crew about weather especially. celebratory in blue heart was the source of the virus so
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as the political pressure has intensified on the trumpet ministration donald trump has seized on china as the true villain of the coronavirus crisis china should be held responsible for what they've done they have hurt the world very very badly they've hurt themselves also but they've hurt the world very very barely 47 years and with the election campaign looming groups who put out ads attacking china and linking it to his opponent joe biden the message don't blame us for what's going on blame china the data suggest that it might be effective 2 thirds of americans have a negative view of china a figure that's risen higher and higher in recent years all this is the backdrop to those comments we saw making when meeting those nurses at the white house. this is worse than pearl harbor this is worse than the world trade center there's never
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been a tear like this china for its part has been firing back all the fendi the ship may. don't quite act. being too showy and when he changes back property that yoko you'll see 2 thing sure that it's turning into a better blame game played by both sides what being that i do think is interesting between in this whole blame china strategies that the chinese also have a plain u.s. strategy. melissa chan reported from china for al-jazeera for several years before her credentials for a vote she now works for a number of outlets including detail news asia and some of their diplomats have come out to say and blame the united states as being the ones who created this virus during a military game international military games that was held in china they are accusing. the americans of having brought the bars to china to hand and so you have
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this geo political spat where both sides are arguing sometimes based on what appears to be unsubstantiated conspiracy theory we've been speaking to analysts in both china and the u.s. about this and of course they have very different perspectives but there's one thing that they do agree on relations have never been this bad when i think the u.s. relation is. historical china and the u.s. as the established diplomatic ties. for decades when who you know heads the center for china and globalization think tank in beijing and has close ties to the chinese government there is a wide. consensus among. got officer stranger on our go more among business community that somehow us on a more. it's back on china and the current state is they're very serious and it's
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very dire i think we're at a point where tensions bilateral tensions are really really high. now days. lot of fuze us china relations from a transatlantic perspective she spent 20 years as a china expert at the french ministry of defense now she's based at a us think tank she points out that the coronavirus crisis isn't just putting the trumpet ministration under political pressure but beijing too and that adds to the danger if there is a prospect a recession in the next few months and then there's always the possibility that the regime will want to deflect the pressure the internal pressure on something else and the possibility of conflict is not at to be dismissed unfortunately that would be of course various cattery and their arrests will be enormous all this tension already goes way beyond angry statements and tweets this has real
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consequences right now things that could matter in the fight against the coronavirus the u.s. pulled funding from the world health organization accusing it of being too cozy with beijing it was a dramatic move an example of how the trumpet ministration has broken with america's previous global approach to crises like this the last pandemic that we are. told in africa and at that time the united states took a leading role internationally to who already made efforts to push back to fight against all. booty call for is a veteran german member of the european parliament and leads the parliament's delegation on china. today that they should look not even at that and attempt to show leadership part of the united states china sees not everybody sees that and
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china tries to exploit that meanwhile the pandemic has exposed america's dependence on china for essential medical supplies this is fueled talk of a major rethink the decoupling of america's economy from its deep ties with china. and so much trump has egg this on in one of his most striking comments so far he's even raised the prospect of a complete detachment between the u.s. and chinese economy. in an interview with the fox business channel he said we could cut off the whole relationship now if you did what would happen we'd say $500000000000.00 probably made no explanation of that figure but even by his standards this was a radical thing to suggest cutting us really cut all ties with china but we'll get to that question later on in the video 1st there is dig down to the roots of the current crisis. 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd 'd the story begins
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40 years ago with this man done show pain he took power in beijing after the death of mao to dung in the late 1970 s. began to develop an economy that had been crippled by decades of communist experiments throughout dung stuck to a modest approach to china's role in the world outside effectively don't stick your neck out on it don't shopping we 'd recorded history is one of the extraordinary figures of the history of the 20th century foremost and prime minister kevin rudd remembers that time he worked at the australian embassy in beijing in the 1980 s. it took this maoist rick otherwise called china in the courtroom illusion and through a internal party coup took out the maoist ideologues and instead inserted what's known as a pretty magic economic program domestically or internationally which turbocharged
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china's economic growth economic development didn't mean an end to oppression potential and square massacre near the end of dunc's time in 1909 brought the condemnation of the world done to dung success. says china's economic growth continues with the return of hong kong from british rule in 1997 it gained a significant new stepping stone into the world economy and you could see the 21st century so far as the incredible story of china's rise to become a global power but what's really striking is if you look at a timeline of the last 20 years is milestone after milestone where china took a step forward and the united states stumbled. in december 2001 china joined the world trade organization it was in the key moment
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of becoming part of the world economy joining the w t o provided a massive boost to growth in investment and triggered a boom in low cost manufacturing as firms from around the world turn to china so what was happening in america at the end of 2001 it was reeling from the $911.00 attacks and launching into 2 decades of war that still haven't fully ended today. fast forward to august 2008 in china was in the limelight as never before the beijing olympics were like a coming out party for an ever more confident power. just 3 weeks later lehman brothers went bankrupt intensifying the worst financial crisis since the great depression the world economy took a huge hit but the impact was deepest in the west and for the 1st time china's
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economy played a significant role in powering the world back to recovery. so you can see these years in the aftermath of the financial crisis is the time when the balance of power between the u.s. and china was shifting. quietly but significantly. the american economy was in deep trouble and the federal government was borrowing passive amounts of money to keep it afloat here to china played an active role within 3 years of the lehman crash china more than doubled its holdings of u.s. federal government debt becoming the biggest foreign lender to the united states at well over one trillion dollars even some of america's success stories have chinese d.n.a. the i pod and i phone for instance when manufactured in china is ever more sophisticated factories. let
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me say things were looking pretty good for china when this man became its new meter 2050. 8 rose to power just as china's economy was overtaking americans in a key measure of purchasing power. teaching thing is an absolutely pivotal figure in this story his accession to power mark the moment that china really shifted up a gear from that primarily economic development that began a generation earlier and done show paying something much more assertive and much more consequential for the rest of the world in one of his 1st big speeches he even spoke of chinese dream. very very you want. to run the sewage you preserve. series you. will. be for all this was a confidence to say that china success was no accident that it didn't happen
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despite being authoritarian power but because of it government of vi's in beijing one who says that china's track record against democratic neighbor india proves the point. so. now charges were filed. so. far they just want to work to. be more. accepting a bit more tolerant just a few months into xi jinping this time in office there was another of those moments where you saw america's stumbling just as china moved ahead. for a time in autumn 2013 the us didn't even have a functioning government american politics have become so divided the congress couldn't agree on how to fund basic services to be simply shocked. down american political system was breaking under intense polarization the fallout from
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a decade of war and financial crisis. around the same time she chimping was in jakarta where he announced china's most ambitious project ever he called it one belt one road evocatively named after the historic silk trading route. built and rode was a monumental plan to connect the infrastructure of china's rest of asia and beyond to europe and africa the message look at what we've built in china it's bringing it in. to project let loose hundreds of billions of dollars worth of chinese investment particularly in developing countries it was especially attractive to governments with patchy records on governments and human rights with the signal funding would come without western strings attached that meant that china wasn't just exporting infrastructure it was exporting its way of doing things to what
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they're saying is you know it works for us so you don't have to choose a liberal democracy for your own countries if you don't want to because our own example proves that you can. somehow like us. and be successful too and not only that but through the belt and read initiative. we china are going to be able to help you grow economically through the distribution of loans or investments. and we're not going to look at. your political records or your human rights records or your transparency or your anti corruption levels in your own country where we were not interested in that and that message has found a huge number of takers over the past 7 years with more than $100.00 countries joining belsen bros in one way or another it's creating
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a growing bloc of nations many of which have become highly dependent on china for economic growth and development what you call the global sphere of influence china wants to poor smaller and weaker countries into its own orbit. and create some sort of sino centric sphere of influence what china once out of those countries is a level. a level of respect a level of deference. but this deference and respect is not just symbolic i think it's it has real concrete implications those implications can be onerous and sri lanka discovered it's been a hot spot of bill to brag investment of his debts to beijing mounted ceded control of a key seaport to china for 99 years their fear is that similar fates could await governments
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in other parts of the world and what's more that's fear of influence doesn't just have financial implications they're political too. because of this enormous. leverage our economies leverage that china has over other countries none of these countries will or governments will want to go against china as well you see it so it's it's not just a symbolic deference it's also a very it has a very concrete application and to how china is one you know acting and behaving and other countries are basically paralyzed because they don't have any ways to go against. to go against it so belsen road is a potentially huge source of power and influence for china around the developing world the list take a look at the map again because it's not just developing countries that are joining
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it just last year in europe italy greece and portugal all signed up to the project xi jinping has received a great fanfare as he toured his new partner's capital's place is still feeling the after effects of the 2008 financial crisis and now the economic crash caused by the pandemic has made them more desperate than ever for sources of growth these countries are in the european union there are nato to call. members of the western alliance now forging closer ties with china china's for a soon to europe don't stop there as we saw in a recent video it's made highly publicized deliveries of supplies to many european countries during the coronavirus crisis seen as an attempt to patch up its image of the outbreak began on its soil. and in another initiative called 17 plus one china has created a platform for cooperation with
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a swathe of central and eastern european countries from the baltics to the balkans most of them young democracies tempted by the prospect of chinese investment. on the military front china's been a fancying rapidly to it's been strengthening its foothold in the strategically central south china sea here the united states has been pushing back frequently sending warships through the region to assert its freedom to use the waterways but in every realm of military power china continues to advance the fundamentals of china's economic power who pushes for now extraordinary military bridge. in conventional military capabilities and cyber capabilities now before what about political development at any signs that china is opening up politically as it has done economically well here the answer is a very clear. pro-democracy protests in hong kong have only seen beijing tighten
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its grip on the territory raising concerns that it went on of the agreement signed when it regained control of the former british colony. and in the western region or shin jang the muslim minority we go population is undergoing repression on an epic scale this many as a 1000000 people subjected to reach education camps d.w. has reported on systematic abuses revealed in leaked documents fall. from opening china's politics up chimping has tightened its authoritarian system and his consolidated his own power removing limits so that he can potentially rule for life since he can bring house taken control of well all things chinese in china on the mainland china house see what could be described as amounting to
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a kind of regime change collective leadership term limits for the top decision as certain small never of well i don't want to say liberty but allowing civil society to to find natures in which it could play an active role. at least addressing human rights issues all that hassle than ishtar. and is china's global ambitions grow that commitment to its or for a tarion model has more and more implications for the rest of the world xi jinping doesn't only try to be a global leader it tries to be a global bully this leadership obviously problems that if they push harder they can establish a worse china centric order than would have been conceivable 1520
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years ago so what was happening in the us since we last checked in well those political divisions that we saw forcing a government shutdown back in 2030 have only got deeper and deeper. the election of donald trump in 2016 point that to its logical conclusion and plus so much attention has focused on what a russian helped him to where you could argue with that action or his victory was all about china. i covered that 2016 election as one of the w.'s u.s. correspondents and i went to a lot of donald trump rallies and everywhere he went every time he spoke he always talked about china his views on this deeply held trump has been remarkably consistent about china or someone who's known for being fairly inconsistent if you look at his rhetoric in the 1980 s. it wasn't china that was the man it was japan but it's clear that he has
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a certain view on trade where he believes that certain countries take advantage of the united states and are takers are exports to the united states and have really benefited from american consumers and what he's done in terms of his rhetoric with china essentially transferred his point of view 1980 s. talking about japan and made it a china issue and you could see that when he was on the campaign trail in 26 so he can point to the historical past and say i have been warning you guys about china all a lot we need to be tough. so little wonder trumps trade with china has been one of the defining features of his presidency so far. so let's take stock from moment of where things stood when the coronavirus hit. in the last 7 years under xi jinping china has become an undisputed economic superpower and has rolled out a global sphere of economic and political influence its military power is rapidly
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growing and far from backing down on its belief in authoritarian government it thinks it's been proven right and office it success as a model to the world a model that says you don't need democracy to get ahead. meanwhile in the us years of war financial meltdown and political dysfunction culminated in the election of donald trump a man who's made it his mission to take the fight to china we've ended up with 2 leaders in the united states and china which are now distinctly nationalist. president trump make america great again. and president xi jinping who has discarded done 0 things cautionary advice about my view of strength by. so therefore the dynamics of these 2 leaderships has made the structural factors at work even sharper if you look to some people in the truck administration. oh
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slick there parkville for instance it's tending towards in our confrontation so what now is this all pointing to a new cold war. it's november 28th seen an attack is underway in karate pakistan. the target the chinese consulate in a city. police blame separatists from the state of the law stand there down on the coast china is developing one of the most important projects in the belton road initiative a giant port complex at the city of khwaja the site itself has been the target of
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attacks to. what is an absolutely crucial piece of infrastructure for china a direct foothold in the arabian sea connected all the way to cash in china's shinji region why are militant attacks in pakistan even relevant to our story well i think the passage so far we've been talking about belton of roads is an economic political initiative but the more assets china has out in far flung parts of the world the more it's going to want to keep them safe and that's where bell to take some more of a military dimension does holo explains they're looking at different ways to deal with the security risks some have it is for example what happened in pakistan which is subcontracting the pakistani army and the military pakistani military forces specific creek you're protect the china pakistan economy
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corridor so you have several thousands of pakistani soldiers are devoted to the protection of their workers the chinese workers and the projects along that corridor so you already have china's subcontracting a special division of pakistan's army looking to the future former prime minister of australia kevin rudd foresees a more active role for china's own military in protecting belton road will be alright for short i think one of the things we have to be very careful in march is what now happens with be our own members to the extent to which china moves 'd to militarize those relationships for example both in south east asia and across the so-called string of who that is. maritime bases in the in the indian ocean states particularly sri lanka and bangladesh little certain pakistan and now
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prospective iran. and already in djibouti in the red sea where china is beginning to form deploy naval and air assets and these are the sorts of assets where belton vote could really turn into a staging ground for cold war style confrontation with the united states. so under those circumstances if we begin to see the american push back in those that country says then it's not a large gap between what we now have which is an emerging as it were a diplomatic chasm for that to become a chasm of assuming more military characteristics it seems to have so many ak o's of the last cold war between the united states and the soviet union there is one fundamental difference between then and now in the 20th century cold war the american and russian economies have virtually no ties with each other in the 21st century between the u.s. and china that is very different they do
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a lot of business together and the characterization of given the u.s. 'd china relationship the future of the post covert order is called war 1.5 and the reason i choose that term is because 'd the one differential between. the previous cold war with the soviet union and the current the strangeness of the people's republic of china is the degree of a good economic data connectedness between china and the us. that interconnectedness wetterling i phones him as any kinds of goods and services has been a key economic story of the past 2 decades decoupling as the expression goes would involve massive disruption on both sides 70000 u.s. company has start up in china and jan root in some 100100 1000000000 us dan rather you're in china for example sells more cars in china than u.s.
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and china. largest market also at us so so. easy but some decoupling is already happening the u.s. has banned american firms from working but the chinese 5 g. mobile networks giant while away and just the pandemic drags on more and more sexes might bring their supply chains back home if finance gets hit by the decoupling trying to that could mean a much bigger break that is starting to unravel not just in trade through the trade was not just through technology but where the united states is trade union creasing a restrictive approach not just in 5 g. but prospectively in financial markets as well and if the economic ties and bind unravel then you begin to look at the characteristics of the cold war we've been through once before they would talk and so no trump is threatening to push down that road to economic decoupling remember the interview with fox business that we
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flashed up earlier where he talked about cutting off the whole relationship with china and said it would even save hundreds of billions of dollars you can just imagine that becoming a centerpiece of trump's reelection campaign this year bring back all that business from china to rebuild the u.s. economy post coronavirus and make america crisis again as for china well over in beijing wang who says it's ready fantasy. u.s. force in. the couple in it's going to 1st hurt u.s. companies 2nd they're going to help china it's going to help china on through. all china with venture. and system you may slow down some but the country you overcome this is what a new cold war could look like with the u.s. and china severing more and more toys we can. comic and political ads are treating
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into their own spheres of influence the u.s. and its western allies on one side and china and belsen road on the other and just like the last cold war this could mean that the rest of the world has to decide which citing war this is a nightmare scenario for europe in particular its economy has become even more into links with china than america's had at the level of economic and distrust huge germany although its words more to china than the u.k. france italy spain and the netherlands combined to some on the outside europe has just been coasting along. where european friends did to decide what they stand for. europe's historical policy with. 'd gauging with china has been a. periodic lead complained about human rights make as much money as you
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can and. consigning any security policy now concerns the united states and its specific hours the european union has started to toughen its tone on china a year ago it came out with a new strategy paper they described as 3 part relationship with china one based on partnership competition but also systemic rivalry. the 2 sides have been preparing for a major summit on investment between europe and china later this year one where europe wanted to demand a more level playing field for european companies doing business in china. that summit has been thrown up in the air by the pandemic and there are questions about just how tough europe will be on huawei for example the e.u. has not followed america's lead with a ban has just recommended the member states limit who always access to the most
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sensitive parts of the 5 g. network individual european countries are free to take a harder line if they want to see the german m.e.p. gritty call for says that germany should do so let's trade whether all the bases of national security to serve the logical dependency concerns it's destroyed approach to allow all way into the fight you know and i have long come to the conclusion but this would mark. but while way is now trying to sweeten the deal saying it will build a 5 g. equipment factory in france and as beijing continues to nurture relationships with european states there are doubts that europe will be able to unite around tough decisions involving china. this is a way for maging to be able to make sure that and europe is they
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rioted. and some and because in europe and in the u.s. based on on the need for a consensus speak before you take in the decision and the level you need just one country not to agree on this consensus to be able to. to discard or to disregard a joint posture in societies and and countries where we still haven't fully emerged from the aftermath of their financial crisis of 20082000 i i mean these economy go for 3 keys that china is putting on the table on the table can be quite vital in this is the next enormous leverage that beijing has on of the solution of these countries so you don't want to. upset or to anger or trying now by voting against or
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by voting for a measure that with limits the chinese investments in europe and his the same public opinion here in europe is also pretty divided and you opinion poll in germany shows that germans are almost equally split between those who want closer ties with america and those wanting to put china 1st. that's an extraordinary result when you consider the depth of the historic relationship between the u.s. and germany but it could get even worse donald trump has made repeated threats to open up a new trade between the u.s. and the european union. so that's where europe finds itself right now. facing the possibility of a new cold war between a difficult america and an encroaching china what should we do as europeans
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here where. i think we're very interested in in free trade and we're very interested in keeping all the lines open and transparent. but how is that going to be still possible in the years to con air for china continues to to go in the same direction that it has taken for the last 5 years. where you see and increasing. cool things down including repression and increase a correction. so. i don't know if we will be all of us to to realize. or where our heart is in there is it there with business interests or is it towards your barry years and at some point will have to make a choice i really believe so we are allies with them now but that does not imply
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that we just follow the be open incapable leader like president trump like sheep we don't believe in or restructuring international governments according to the age all calls are of big power confrontation we insist as europeans through our international lation on the rule of law international rule of law and multiple novelists and so and of course give much more relevancy to international challenges but. would benefit a lot through chinese contributions president trump has little thought about the chinese contribution to the fight against climate change because in his mind or with the inches of chinese folks and speaking out from australia former prime minister kevin rudd says it's time for reich minded nations to get together and try
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at least to limit the fallout of whatever is to come i would if i were the mainstream europeans team up with comparable countries of 2 of the parallel clout in the international system to support financially and diplomatically these essential institutional pieces of machinery of the system of global governance now while the elephants continue to rampage in the living. this is partly started happening already the e.u. led an online fundraising effort to coordinate where to find a coronavirus vaccine china only center g. delegates and the u.s. didn't even take part kevin rudd says it is essential to keep multilateral cooperation that life or at least on life support. people in the institutions of global governance afloat and functioning to the greatest extent possible until we
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reach a very formal strategic librium with china united states or alternatively a new era of detente is arranged and which defines the areas in which a cold war will be conducted and not conducted. this is the new world that's a pairing on the horizon of well remains not just by the coronavirus of by a new type of cold war. conflict in march prime minister open secured an open ended right to rule by decree in order he said to fight the coronavirus pandemic my guest this week from budapest is bashi dovekie of hungary maybe peace from the ruling field best party is the government being honest about his motives or is this new law just the latest move
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to cement oath or a terrorist group conflict. 30 minutes on d w. this is d w news live from berlin brazil's president is under fire after the release of a video made allegations that he tried to meddle in a police investigation another one of the awful didn't know if i move away from my family or my friends to get screwed because i can't change someone from the security i tried to in rio de janeiro and i couldn't. we ask our correspondents if charter boats or not as days are numbered. the united kingdom is one sick.


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