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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2020 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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he spoke thank you is not life as we know it. in this together our new web series. they see is the news live from that and more than a dozen u.s. cities ordered curfews in a bid to stamp violent protests over the death of george floyd protesters clashed with police and made tense an angry same's across the country in minneapolis police used tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters breaking and not on curfew also coming up navigating the return of foreigners to china it's a setback despite extensive testing of passenger on the 1st german flight to china tests positive for the coronavirus we talked to our correspondent who was also on
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board. and stripping down to protest the continued shutdown of russia's hospitality industry shifts baristas and bought tenders across the country side banks can't survive and they're bearing little in a desperate plea for help. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program firing protests continue in the united states as demonstrators right over the death of a black man in police custody curfews are in force right now in several cities including los angeles philadelphia and atlanta as more states called in the national guard police deployed tear gas and rubber bullets to can time the escalating unrest. the wave of banga sweeping the united states reach the gates of the. white house for a 2nd night protesters in washington d.c.
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called for an end to police violence against minorities in noisy demonstrations by was. an uneasy calm in minneapolis the city where george floyd died after being pinned to the ground by a white police officer since his death the city has seen 5 straight days of protest and it's reeling from almost as many nights of violence the state governor blamed outsiders and urged people to obey the curfew. i'm asking each and every minnesotan to be clear about this these are not our neighbors these are not the people. that put in all of the work to build lake street to build community so minnesotans you must stay in place tonight. the governor activated the state's
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national guard its 1st full mobilization since weld war 2 throughout the night dozens of protesters were arrested. many other cities across the country also imposed curfews the sunderland's declared a state of emergency after incidents of looting one national retail chain has temporarily shutting stores in several states. many protesters hope the lawlessness will not drown out their message. a lot of people are trying to change the subject to focus on the right to work with the city when a lot of us don't want to parse it out the struggle he had to come out here we had to show that we are willing to stand up and fight for what we deserve this is not the police just started the police continue our peers and lamplight as a great weekend thank you to it's easy to say it's not just them it's all of the
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same just don't say their names we are sick and tired of this injustice in our system to all of our system. the outrage is spreading as demonstrators confront the institutions that they say have worked against minorities for too long. and george floyd's death and many apple as has inspired demonstrations of solidarity around the world here in berlin hundreds of people gathered in front of the u.s. embassy not far from the city's brandenburg gate to show their support for foid it's the 2nd day of protests here against police violence. and i'm from the world and. they were also demonstrations against police brutality in central london where thousands have also take. into the straits. writes on race and politics for various media and he spoke to me earlier about the international response to george floyd's death i asked him how the events have
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affected him personally or margaret i watched the video watched the life being choked from floyd and i think this is the time for no compromise i think is the time no longer combine is the time going to congratulate people for turning out to these rallies the same support the black community is about actually challenging racism wherever they see it in the most intimate settings rather dilatory bills in the world subgroups in the workplace is that they go clubs wherever they find racism is to challenge racism when black people know it live the confrontational conversation that is now the work that has to be done to resolve this problem. commentator. speaking to me a little. a passenger who traveled on board a special flight from germany to china has tested positive for the coronavirus the chartered flight was carrying $180.00 passengers who received special permission to travel from the chinese authorities many are executives with german companies and
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the deal was brokered by the german chamber of commerce as china has barred most non-citizens from entering the country to prevent the introduction of new infections. and someone who was on that flight was our correspondent mathias berninger he joins me now from tangent where he's in quarantine mathias hi tell us more about the person who tested positive and what that means for you. it was 34 year old engineer from a small place in the south of germany authorities have relayed released quite a bit of data he entered the country without symptoms and with a body temperature of 36.3 degrees. that is what we know so far he must have tested negative in frankfurt because he was on that flight and passengers were tested before the flight so now you know we haven't heard anything
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but let's just have a look 1st at what hour this flight was organized and how the security measures were let's have a look. i am here in frankfurt airport usually one of europe's busiest airports it's eerily empty these days a few people however are queuing up in front of a lounge in the basement. we still have 12 hours until the parsha but we've all been samone here for a test the virus test and of course if anybody turns out positive they can opt for the flight. we are passengers on the 1st flight to china in months next to me in the queue is the enter family christian works for a major german company in beijing. this is quite a hassle but it makes me feel safe so i kept it on the flight. the virus test is just one of many security measures to prevent the infection from being imported
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back into china again this is not a scheduled flight but a charter flight organized by the german chambre of commerce and it's seen as a test for many countries who are eager to get their business executives back into the country temperatures screened at the gate and we get a test result. not just happened upon arrival the family as everybody else will have to quarantine for 2 weeks in a hotel room companies are to obtain multiple commissions from the chinese authorities for their employees and all of us had to pick up a special visa had one of the consulates flight was even postponed a few days because not everybody was able to get the paperwork done in time finally we are on our way our temperature is checked several times throughout the night. upon arrival health authority offices board the flight to check the temperature
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again we have to fill in a questionnaire our data is registered with the health authority and we have to go for another round of testing. nose and mouth swabs for another virus test plus blood for an antibody test takes us directly from the airfield to the hotel. after our luggage is sprayed with disinfectant we get assigned to our rooms which we will no longer be allowed to leave. so this is my home for the next 2 weeks we have to report our temperature twice a day food will be placed in front of our door several places windows separating us from the country we were finally allowed back into. a terrace want to
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janni fascinating fascinating to say that in a show now that you'll finally back where he say things going from here in china. well the question is at what pace can the country open up of course the economy is suffering from the lockdown as it is in many places we've seen all these measures we've been tested price twice for the virus and once for the i'm sorry but it's a temperature in take it and still it seems if this is confirmed if this was not a false test which is also a possibility for the false test result which is also maybe a possibility if this is called it shows that it will be very hard to get things back to normal. it is a virus that seems to be spreading easily and it will take a lot of time until it's under control in enough places to make traveling
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a safe option because fun and it is filling and he was on that flight from germany to china talking to us from quarantine in chanting thanks very much. russia has also been easing its coronavirus restrictions but restaurants bars and cafes remain shotted the hospitality sector has been hit particularly hard not least because many businesses were already struggling to survive now some owners have joined an internet campaign stripping down to raise awareness of their plight . young naked and desperate in this photo shoot nudity does not represent sex or erotica rather vulnerability and fear the action is called. naked hunger. pausing before the camera or waiters and bar and restaurant owners know facing financial ruin because the coronavirus shut down their own lives. just
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enough. we are so desperate. we feel this action is the only way to make ourselves heard. at conventional protests with placards wouldn't change anything. so when you think you are being. bars and restaurants have been closed in russia for more than 2 months the government is helping some enterprises by extending tax deadlines and offering interest free loans so that wages can still be paid. but small businesses like this bar are not eligible for aid. many on t.v. irish restrictions have been loosened. but gathering in large numbers is still credited. some russians can no longer bear the social distancing under partying odors.
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doesn't it was a bit of a few days ago. 400 young people answered an internet cold through the night despite the assembly ban which remains in force until the end of june. one participant who wishes to remain anonymous said he knew he was breaking the law. but that is normal he continued we need to have fun and can't just sit around at home all the time at least once a month. asked why he risked his own health by doing that the young man admitted that he wore a mask. that same evening there was another party. young people got drinks and snacks from the surrounding bars. no face heavy fines. of up to 6500 euros. it's a bitter experience through which others do not want to go even though they are desperate
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. means he chests. we have lost 95 percent of our revenue. we are delivering a few of our products to our customers at home but that's not enough to give barr's a soul that fitting to survive it goes against the entire concept of a bar. concept. all they can hope for know is that the naked hunger action will spread to other bars across russia and that the government will hear or rather see their cliches. a spice and. dragon capsule carrying 2 nasa astronauts has docked with the international space station it was the 1st time a privately built and i owned a spacecraft carried astronauts to the orbiting lab the docking took place just 19 hours after a space x. rocket blasted off from florida that's the hopes the mission will pave the way for
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private companies to ferry astronauts to the i s s. you. get confirmation credible 19 hours into space but it takes me 24 hours to get home to. your watching danger gary hart alpha's will be out with you next hour until then you can stay up to date on our web site t w dot com i'm rebecca richards and very much what you. first group who could ever know for sure that it was ours to. consider. to be a book. on the call.


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