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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm CEST

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everybody. is serious or stay safe for you to say. this is g.w. duce a lie from far away and on the other night of protests and the rest of the united states. there are c. demonstrations and widespread looting in a number of american cities following the death of george floyd in police custody a week ago today and in minneapolis a truck drives through
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a crowd of protesters was a deliberate our reporter was there as it happened plus the artist known simply as cristo has died at the age of 84 he became famous for graphic buildings and landmarks we'll take a look at his life and work. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program protests across the united states have entered their 7th day with them demonstrations and scores of cities after the brutal death of george floyd an unarmed african-american man in police custody one week ago the national guard has been deployed in a number of states curfews work stented but broken in major cities as police struggle to contain the situation the coronavirus pandemic has not stopped hundreds of thousands from taking to the streets. several people have died amid beyond rest
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a memorial gathering for mr floyd took place in his home city of minneapolis. america is burning for 6 nights in a row anger flooded streets across the deeply divided country. this scale of civil unrest has not been seen here in decades. in george floyd's home state protesters marched against systemic racism and police brutality. all these voices are here because the same thing keeps happening over and over again it's the new lynching you know and it's new coded language in a way that our president represents himself in and has a following of k.k.k. members you know all this stuff. across the country a wave of anger has been leashed. i think we're at a tipping point to be honest with you i think. i think this is what happens when
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you have. hundreds of years of oppression. hundreds of years of peaceful protests that seemingly accomplish nothing i have been despairing it's my entire life so like i'm used to the trayvon martin i'm used to the my arteries so i'm just tired i'm tired of the narratives i'm tired of the hash tag right there we're all still scenes of unity as officers showed their solidarity with our testers as well so i am sure going to have a right to know this is a talk right now. but in washington tensions bite outside the white house as the president blamed left extremists and infiltrators for the on breast. radical left criminals know there's all throughout our country and throughout the world.
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will not be allowed to set communities ablaze we won't let it happen it harms those who have the least. but some experts say there is also evidence of far right extremists stoking the violence the president's response has drawn criticism from both sides of the political aisle with some calling for a measured response to the crisis. and during those protests on sunday in minneapolis a truck drove through a crowd of protesters on a highway overpass miraculously it appears that just one person was slightly injured. mood blaring this is the moment a truck barreled into a large crowd of protesters in minneapolis who somehow managed to get out the way. the highway was packed with demonstrators at the time they then swarm the truck and try to get at the driver. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd that had
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surrounded the truck. t.w. correspondent stephanie was reporting from the scene eyewitnesses said they saw one woman injured it's we were doing a peaceful protests on the bridge then a sim i came through going like 40 or 50 miles an hour trying to run us all to caucasian man blown away or going to hit a girl stop because all of our people jumped on to try to rip him out trying to get our he kept going we returned our yes so i reversed and almost hit somebody there are people jumped on him i mean it's instinct so he got through so you say he hit one person only and nobody else was hurt no one person one person only that's amazing how is that possible everybody will start moving everybody started scattering and they're good i got her we had one we only had one vehicle in the whole thing and we put her in the truck and we drove her straight to the hospital. officials say the driver was treated in hospital for injuries he suffered when he
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was pulled from the cab he's now in custody and he's been charged with this so. let's get more now we're joined by our new car ryan sam a political journalist and writer for politico nightly based in austin texas welcome to the program while we have protesters heading to the streets in the united states the president is tweeting with charge the language where is the leadership in the u.s. right now. well that's that's a good question he's been mostly absent on sunday as these protests erupted are mostly out of sight his last address was on saturday during the space x. launch he included some brief remarks about george floyd he has condemned the killing and he's actually ordered federal law enforcement to step up the trial against minnesota minneapolis police officer there but his rhetoric has been a little bit all over the place which is not unusual for a president who came to office stoking racial tensions he's also accused far left
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arm sample like an teef of stirring up the violence others have said that white supremacists might also be involved here how does it look from your vantage point. well yeah it's interesting so at the same time that the president's condemns the killing of george boyd he's really a least a lot of anger and democratic mayors cities local and local officials and said they are to blame and he sort of casting about for someone to blame someone to sort of someone to. blame in this situation and he's landed on and this is a group of anti-fascist protesters and you know a group is maybe a generous word it's actually they're actually kind of was loosely based organization and there's some saying that he's looking at designated as a terrorist organization but would be kind of difficult because they're not really out of organized political groups so it may not even be possible to do that but
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he's definitely been saying that this is the group that's responsible and kind of looking for a villain in all of this we've seen meantime police confronting journalists including our own crew on the ground there are many up less how would you describe the state of press freedom and the united states right now. it's a good question i mean we've had a president who has talked about the press being the enemy of the people for several years now and you know all presidents have combative relationships with the press you know they don't always love the coverage that they get but this president in particular has really been incredibly combative towards the press and i feel like it's given license to a lot of others just sort of take that rhetoric and take those actions and we've seen for example a c.n.n. crew was arrested i believe on friday and we definitely see that rhetoric trickling down to the others and and i think at the moment there's still very much a belief in the freedom of the press but we're starting to see some a better road
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a bit. from political joining us from austin texas thank you thank you. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world russian president vladimir putin says that the country will hold a nationwide vote on constitutional reforms on july 1st after the april 22nd poll was postponed due to the coronavirus if the reforms are passed they could pave the way for putin to stay in power for 16 more years. the united nations has made an urgent plea for more international aid for yemen it's holding a virtual pledging conference for the war torn impoverished arab nation the u.n. says that funds have window forcing it to halt 75 percent of its programs in yemen as the country deals with the ongoing conflict and the pandemic the vatican museums have reopened after a nearly 3 month long coronavirus shutdown visitors lined up early to view
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renaissance masterpieces such as michelangelo's sistine chapel for members of the public are subject to a body temperature check and only allowed in with a face mask. the flagship german airline of tuns a is one step closer to fulfilling conditions to receive a multi 1000000000 euro state aid package of tons a supervisory board voted to accept conditions imposed by the here in commission they include giving up some landing rights at major airports the demands must now be approved by shareholders. all south korea's name in airline korean air is starting to fly on many international routes again after the coronavirus shutdown state backed loans and partially paid leave for employee he has are helping the airline survive the shutdown so the cruise flagship carrier korean air reopens 19 of its international routes in june the move will
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double current capacity after 90 percent of flights were shut down in march due to decrease demand following the corona virus outbreak the tentative reopening of economies is taking place around the world but without a reliable treatment and vaccine for covert 19 it's difficult to predict how a post pandemic world will look for the airline industry the big questions are if and when travel and tourism will make a comeback kareena remains optimistic that the transportation industry will eventually recover with a pragmatic lifting of travel restrictions. it is difficult to predict when it gets to. i think that decision should be made in compressive consideration. $1000.00 response in each country to factors the trends a easy entry and exit bends the trend we covering passenger demand and the country
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dence in trouble korean era suffered huge losses in the 1st quarter of the year so to help the company survive the downturn 70 percent of employees are taking 6 months partially paid leave and executives accepting steep salary reductions export import a large share of the korean treaty p. korea you know export related industries and or so i could preble industry is there or like airlines or shipping this will be hardly it illegal if all of this slaughter distancing self-help measures will not be enough state run banks will inject about a $1000000000.00 in loans and bond purchases to offer career much needed cash the conditional rescue package requires continued employment levels in asset sales still domestic air travel is returning particularly to the holiday mecca of chad
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you island and here's a look at some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the number of cases and brazil has surpassed half a 1000000 the 2nd highest caseload in the world behind the united states moscow residents can leave their homes to take a stroll for the 1st time in 9 weeks after a fall in cases in russia lockdown measures have also been eased in the philippines more businesses have been allowed to reopen and people can now leave their homes without government permits and to turkey has reopened restaurants cafes and parks and lifted intercity travel for structure. still to come on the program the artist christo has died at the age of 84 she became famous for acting buildings and landmarks we'll take a look at his life and his work. for south africa has had one of the strictest lock downs anywhere but it's now being eased in an effort to revive the
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battered economy people are now allowed outside for work worship exercise and shopping the country's mines and factories are also due to presume operating at full capacity a plan to reopen schools has been delayed after opposition from teachers unions governing bodies and. monday morning was supposed to be the time for schools to reopen again in south africa but as you can see at this school here in cape town no learners the round instead few parents who are protesting against the reopening of the schools we have with more than 40. but. how do we. applied social distancing in a situation like this i was simply not to be we cannot and we will not allow our children and i would be to be used as guinea pigs in this experiment of
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government the ministry of education gradually wanted to restart school starting from grade 7 and 12th but for the 2nd time they postponed the date on a very short notice this is one example of miscommunication on the side of the authorities we've seen many of these examples during the lockdown pecan tree had a 5 stage lockdown approach level 5 for the strictest lockdown the south africa has seen for 5 weeks the bazooka that's how the president called and now we're going down to level 3 and that means most businesses will be allowed to open to operate again domestic flights will be allowed for business travel after 2 months the sale of alcohol is allowed again a measure that was introduced to keep the hospital beds empty but some measures remain in place borders remain closed restaurants for sit in customers to the sale of cigarettes also remains illegal because the government argues you are more likely to end up in hospitals as a covered patient if you smoke but the black market is booming with the price of
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a package of cigarettes going up to $10.00 euros that's about 10 times the original price for the cell signal possibly you know people want to smoke so they go by the plus side be able to make a living if we are to be able to make the places that we want. the peak here is only expected between late june and august right now the country has about 32000 coronavirus cases but in the worst case the government predicts that the numbers will go up to 1000000 by the end of the year. and that was a dream creech there the spanish government has introduced a national basic income scheme as it tries to tackle an economic crisis worsened by the coronavirus guarantees every household an income of $10000.00 euros a year spain's poverty rate was high before the pandemic and now the extended economic lockdown has sent unemployment soaring. a queue of nearly 700
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people snakes through the neighborhood all waiting for aid to help feed their families through handouts have become reality for thousands in spain poverty has soared during the pandemic neighborhood associations like this one in madrid have set up emergency food banks to help the needy. and. speak their minds as you just said to see us in this situation because we're fine we could go out to work but in the middle of this situation we can't and we have to turn to this. unemployment here is the worst in europe after greece across spain food handouts have leapt by 40 percent since the start of the lockdown in mid march and disparage red cross has helped more than one and a half 1000000 people in that time but the charities feel like they've been left to check all the problem alone. the end of the government when the municipalities the
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community is completely ignoring us they say they're doing a lot but they don't do much at all that we shouldn't be doing this because they should be doing something about it but they are not noticed and i see in the last week the spanish government promised it would introduce a universal basic income to the value of some 3000000000 euros a year the money coming from the e.u. used corona rescue package will help them to keep that promise. and staying in spain football clubs there are training ahead of the restart to the nation's football season which is set for june 11th real madrid were once a number of clubs. excuse me we're one of a number of clubs back in action following the announcement they play their 1st match at home too by the end sia on june the 18th a week after the 1st la liga for more than 3 months as in germany spanish games will take place behind closed doors. or the world wide lock downs are taking an
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immense personal toll and its children who are often suffering the most many are not old enough to understand why their lives have so suddenly become so restricted since today's international children's day we thought we would ask kids around the world what they've missed the most. or it wouldn't do with the world i'm. i. going to school and. play around. the lot at the hour i miss going out yes going out there and the schools. and going out get out studying. so much simply because the school never made us as take us to many programs. and they want to go back to school so that i get learns much more. and get us. in good growth. well dying. i'd like to take off my mask.
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but when the corona is gone the thing that i want most is to go to an outdoor swimming pool. how was. that was there. the most in them is a but. we do window. and it goes oh no my. team yeah butcher civil war and quarantine i might settle and my classmates laughter going to and my friends and i miss the gossip and the school or corridor and disturbing lessons with giggling for example or orca 3 wolf or orca on the socialising with my friends and seeing them in school every day what i miss most is my math class because i go way beyond us that. they do not explain away out and some of us we don't we don't understand they would be
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great fun on their white board. their her ratings are rough. in those good us i don't like it that i can see my friends and my classmates any more than. i missed school because the teachers used to help me. even my friends would help me and correct me on my assignments like i miss learning i missed my friends the teachers and everything at school. all those use from all those kids on international told wednesday although the artist known simply as christo has died at the age of 84 he became internationally famous for his massive public works of art wrapping up buildings and landmarks and for work. this piece of art made christo a star in germany here was $995.00 and together with his wife sean quote he covered germany's parliament building the right stock with 100000 square meters of cross
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the jewelry for with officials for more than 20 years to get from it. for the project that process often spout furious debates down me to build these it's fabric will cover this building in a worthy way. to get far consider the danger is this could damage the trust of many citizens in the stature of our democratic history and culture shock in the macuntil christo he was born in bravo a provincial beaucaire in textile city his father a chemicals manufacturer recognised his son's talent early in life and sent him for drawing lessons he studied at the fine arts academy in the capital sofia in 1956 he fled eastern europe 1st going to vienna and then paris to find his own artistic direction he began rapping cans and bottles and in 1968 became known to the wider german public with an 85 metre high tower filled with air the documenter arctic submission in castle christie always financed his project himself refusing to be
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influenced by sponsors. coming from former communist countries i will never never do something with somebody that i wouldn't call it it's because i like to do it i have in stoppable urge to do this project cristo lights the spectacular he hung a giant orange curtain across the valley in colorado to give a new appreciation of the landscape the scale of his projects was often huge he puts up a 40 kilometer long night on fence in california and surrounded entire islands with fabric off the coast of miami another aspect of his work was stacking barrels like with his installation the wall in germany's oberhausen a mosaic built from $13000.00 barrels christo had wanted to cover a new york skyscraper one dream that will now go unfulfilled. and joining us now from his berlin home is historian and journalist michael cullen
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he 1st proposed the raptor right stock project back in 1971 and it was as we saw realized by his friend cristo in the 1990 s. 1st of all we wanted to offer to you our deepest condolences and thank you so much for joining us here on the program. thank you very much tell us about your relationship and christo and how the rap to buy stock came to me our relationship developed over a period of 20 years running 5 years i think the best thing to say was that around 1988 when reader's use food came into stocks president xi the rich christer told me he said don't you go to mrs zeus moot because if she tells you no it's light and i don't want to hear any more no words from a going to start for his rent so i didn't go to see her and i waited until i found
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out that she was actually interested in doing the project and then i went to see her and then it turned out to be that she really wanted to do the project and i can tell christopher so it wasn't a no i never had to tell christo a no from rita. so in the end she was she was indeed a supporter why was christo so fascinated with these monumental installations you think. crystal always was interested in watching. trolls trolls and cloth the oh he thought so much about the greeks gotos about the flowing robes of the goddesses. and that's where he liked to see and all of his art was a matter of doing things like that temporarily he wanted to see them through self. and he was able to figure out
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a way that they could be done. having him so finance the projects as long as he could finance them going to growing them and selling the drawings he could actually make the projects come along so he never took government support and he always had to fight for government support in an ideal sense but never in a financial sense just briefly before we go we don't have much time one thing that you would like us to know about your friend that we don't already know well. is a fellow who loved to hear jokes as john close as well and so a lot of the time when we got together we never talked about art we talked about politics and we told jokes that are absolutely so he was a funny guy in the end we thank you so much for joining us is very when he got the love. he left of the half and he loved to. tell stories and he always who would
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remind me to tell this story another story another time to see michael call and my apologize apologies it seems out we've actually frozen on his shot there but michael kahn as we mentioned was a friend of christo's famous artists who has died at the age of 84 we heard a bit about his legacy there and with that you have to date. thanks for watching.
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good good. good. to. come. home because. it's an ancient dream to build a pecial motion machine in scotland that dream might soon become reality scientists they're a working on an unmanned aerial vehicle that can move forward without an engine. that could be used as a satellite for telecommunications. telephone
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is for me. is for. beethoven is for. me to use her house. and beethoven against. beethoven is for every modern beethoven 2020. the 50th anniversary here on de da you know. like. oh a muggle or just love. for the russians so. many different walks of life. some are. awfully trying to
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come straight from the hard. place. the russian internet churning today starts to take on g.w. . global energy consumption rises every here many people's biological rhythms are no longer in sync with day and night but more with us official light what does that mean for us energy demands also decreasing natural resources we knew the energies could help if they were more efficient one idea is to use lenses to focus on lot more precisely on the solar cells in a panel. welcome to tomorrow today the science show on the d w.


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