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tv   Rebuilding Mosul  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2020 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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here watching the news from remember you can keep up to date with all the latest on our web site dot com you can follow us on twitter and instagram. i'm kyra. thanks so much for joining us. interests and. then beethoven's pastoral symphony is the foundation of an international art project. beethoven world. history project starts june 4th.
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so yes you know we did all the politicians you know literary the heads of state. and they drop their bombs and they are i think of the people who would but. really are one i asked 5. 100 civilians. for their corpses were not buried under the rubble. i i though he this is my wife alia this is. this is on a. high on this is a mia why would i. be actually was my favorite. she was just
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a child that i saw affection so bad guy in the morning she'd come out cuddle with me i don't know if i did me. i'm not here all day and i'm. going to love them all and almost all i wish i died with them yet it wasn't i think it's as if we were animals in the job got the job he's taking care of us live here where is the state didn't know what to do with it and that i would not exhaust her happens the people need help i'm a roof over their heads i don't know the house i'm alone in this i know but it.
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my done neighborhood in mosul in iraq this is where some of the toughest urban fighting in recent history ended in july 2017. the final chapter in the battle of moselle when the iraqi army defeated the islamic state. centuries of history reduced to rubble. stench of death in the air. bodies decaying in the heat. 8 months later the bodies of i-s. fighters and the civilians killed with them are still here. traces of their lives lies scattered amid the debris.
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the aftermath of war. mines unexploded ordinance. the nightmarish legacy of military combat. rocks stones shattered splintered crushed to dust. the pulver arised remains of human beings. that battle of mosul is over. now what.
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you know this point. let me say that i guess that you have some. you know it's not him. that bashar could this birth certificate these are bodies of i asked fighters that had. to see that place over there and there are over 70 corpses in there that they know 1st. that should have been. this was a house with a big center. it was occupied by us fighters as you know there were over 100 of them they all died in just the n.s.a. take over a week to recover the bodies and this to my son we don't find even if we use an
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excavator. that it doesn't fit into bury i asked fighters and the corpses are disposed of along with the rubble for the whole city. but at the end of the islamist life here in isolated us from the world we are waiting to be killed. for 3 years no one came to free us the suffering was unbearable. and i then. have to clear everything all of we have a hero base. this is where the mosque was. how this was my brother's house i live it was this is house yes. this is safe to go in there no it's not mine i'm just not been secured.
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either if it was. if this was my house it was very old more than 300 square meters in size i got a stone the stench was terrible person. but i knew i needed some point you start to forget how good i'm a good god has given us the gift of forgetting well you know. every time i come here it makes me sad i stop there i go out keep myself busy help recover because. i can't stay longer than a quarter of an hour and if i stay longer i get depressed in the south. is this what religion does oh in the. years maybe.
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you know now that we've almost on behalf of the whole won't against the i asked and liberated iraq from its rule. when this thing was decided you might ask us to supervise the work of the governorate of nineveh to rebuild the city and help its inhabitants and the things i did with a lot of. medieval cardinal the old town was completely destroyed by that but life is slowly returning to the east of the city. but that was. not.
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going to. have it getting this building it is venge an earring but rio of a university. bombed by i says it's 1. 1000 students and there were 6000. professors and teachers. we have now to have more than 14 buildings inside the university. and the structure what was this is a design for a hospital. that's the. high i was inspired by leonardo da vinci's famous drawing the trial is european men who. know it's in-vitro need let's talk a good book no one not. it's
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a dream. yes you know way but this is kind of the tools in the future. but that this it gives. hope. for the people. that visit you would come 5. sometime and listen to. your. challenges while to pull. without international support will not be able to. this changes. before we need to what are the subjects of projects we need for truth we summarize it just have teams in the sectors and we put what a project to 5000 houses 2nd the project is held health is
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a big it will have been 2 of them out to be cost because also for the bridges we run they have to take $2.00 bridges out this year old so. they could see the city's sewage water out of it on several projects you know those so there are projects for universities for the school was i don't think we were there to get the budget for all of these approaches. but at least for some one of the. simplest. things to his city were the tell who they thought to have been tending. the security back to sort of rebuilding will so that it's very important that i have to restore. their. most will remain the largest challenge that we create today government in the united nations worried
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that unless the 30 can immediately stabilise the areas we could be a re a margin of violent 3 meant that. most. of the. huge drops federal police or the holding force in western mass on their crap that they can't do long order so they invite in the militia and the militia run the checkpoints so every sunni is trying to get back into west mosul kids around militia says oh no no. the sunni just won't go home if the federal police which is shia and the militia are there they won't go home you have the problem of a political vacuum in mosul we can't solve it so we're going to ignore it and this is this is the scary thing here's mosul. right here's where they're. because you know what happens there is no golden dollar for most but i still shave their beards
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put on dirty sandals and walked out. and there's a right there. is one liberal guy john remember the mass people condemned to death wrong from them up when i was wrong. there and they're on america over to over there yeah well holly put signs in front of the bodies stating why they were executed. and one old man looks so terrible. and his stomach was sliced open and his guts were selling out
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i couldn't sleep at night and it looks so horrible hand. given me my son was without you. and i was words can't describe that time it was a dream. and most. islamic state controlled most a letter years everyone had a son a nephew or a cousin with. this new threat to my last 75 percent of the city's population supported i assume there are still many of us here. yeah
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a bit dicey crawled islamic state on our houses. had to then there's even if you wipe it away people know who the houses belong to and for that i mean our children are not allowed to go to school all their rights have been taken away from them so they can't even get identity cards. and one of them even n.g.o.s turn us away what's been what i had i mean look at that lot when i went there with my grandchildren who were all friends to get them birth certificates i mean. she had them. and said you see. well i'm going to the lawyer turned us away when she realized who their father was . he said she wouldn't help us and we should go to hell. you know jane but it's not the children's fault.
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then then we're humiliated in them as our past was glorious but now we are oppressed. it's unbearable to see his legs they stand for iran and the shiites who i think you know the honor hussein and ali but we are sunni as. you say they are venting their religion they're taking revenge against sunni's in this it's revenge from. the sleeper cells. from the job every day as fighters from the west have migrated to the east of the city would be theirs and those from the eastern now in the south of the city they're scattered everywhere although we're doing everything we can to punish them.
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you this then yellow and then i'll get down to. it would only about one of i should have you with this. this is us on. the list. this is what are you getting your ideas. on. and what. they want out of a lot of that what about how. i should get the other you know how to mean. that i would look like with. a.
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smile but they know i sense a lot obama style in my lab and one of the well i'm an i.b.m. well on and the legend of the. must that i'm not a lot you know. got a not so over the u.n. agencies have had some difficulties planning the reconstruction effort with the governor and. the. area. and i know i'm with you on the island the state has given us thirst tasca now we have to take care of it when i can but the governor it is proving difficult it's very uncooperative and graham has yet to be done to. so one half of our days which is the governor and his counsel want to decide everything
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but that's just not possible if you could say whether that's why. i didn't want provisions expectations being reversed right. $9000.00 houses and then. we have. probably around $30000000.00. to repair houses for up to about $4000.00 for the house $2500.00 is headed that i tell. you though is that because of the levels of damage she has to do this and they were agreed. to speak about it made. no over what the governor claims to have had reconstruction work done in the old town i haven't seen any of it have any of you. i just don't want to see you doing hard work when contractors you've hired are lining their pockets at your expense that's corruption. in the business well enough that it is you know we have been informed
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that corruption is going on him. and now we're measure as well as soon as the governor gets wind of un d.p. evacuation work he sends along an excavator to do minor jumps and then claims credit. the money comes from the un d.p. and the reconstruction fund the governor received a small sum but we don't know where it's gone there is no transparency otome. the. gov runs his gov it's alone here it's as though there were 2 governess on the. director of the university and of home a surgeon that's been tasked with the rebuilding of which is not a job he's qualified for modern man or other more or less of the.
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last appointment is unlawful as a target of the gov it. we don't have any money before when he has a go and all of the moment and july until now we don't have any money. just . this new evidence today that said the price how could i have and i don't have any money that you need a mom who did and even. short of corn and if as. that's usually that's a democrat the offended besson he speak not the thought of me that's usually i don't already have all of the. this on a cell alone was a lot less i know what i'm of this little article about why the unknown gene in a way. i didn't know jack stumbled. rather yeah that little bit of money at
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a low until i was really looking at my school year in the. afterlife. i might get into a hell us a little and not something out of the last. $100.00 plus this one yeah. i love. when i get the saw a lot. of a lot the local i'd be in. be. my last time seem dead. oh and they're over. most of. them. have been in that side of the. know when the well i did it. say that i got. a natural i just. couldn't get all this is just lies and
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deception we're told to do this is to do that you sign this sign out this. is why it's all lies. assessment what with the mind on neighborhood look like these days if it hadn't been destroyed a shop we have it would be bathed in light then you are thin or. a thorn i used to come here often. it's all not over yet i asked chapter 7 but who knows what might happen next in the. end this isn't how mine should be so many have to get out of hand. i mean i've landed has no real life. or no life has been one more after another war against iran war against you wait one more
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after another. i know you could have i would builds a wall up here that's straight right i don't know. where the bedroom will be out of all any one here when their lives or goes there it'll make the room smaller. for. me but i week ago i found my son's body under the rubble in the ali i don't mind
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how we don't know he was still lying there along. the line of the line i was on mine are mine are year ago we could only identify them by their clothes. ali's soul rest in peace. from that i do you know breast pocket he was only led to much when i saw all this time he was buried there either through the iraqi year when i thought i had found him long ago and buried him. brought it all back it's like losing everyone all over again. even those who tried to flee not what about iraq fighters shadows. there were 25 of us in this house. that.
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government was and how many people have lost their lives how many are missing what about the children who can't find their parents or thousands of. item here because of my father members of the time on january 31st 2017 as i said since then i've heard nothing of them. we will file a missing persons report if someone knows something contact us. for help we find him. well i'm going to show us. just. like that. was that look at i don't want
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to. live. with. my eyes now you write down the plaintiff's statement child i would have to say when i look at nap him the law yes but others of us in what you state on january 27th 2017 the terrorist organization i asked captured my son despite the search we still haven't found him yes he learned i mean don't know way here i hereby testify to that. order hundreds come to the morning whenever it was a scenario not come up over. your name the one to 3 times a week and it is. all i had. only exhausting. yeah i mean my heart is bleeding yes i've become ill that i have high blood
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pressure diabetes and heart problems. i cover i when i think about my 2 sons when i remember the way they walked and talked and i said i carry their souls in my heart but there's nothing i can do this way if i were a parent i could fly away and look for them it would be where lad. there's no one like me my parents died so did my only brother my husband to know where my sons were all my hand were late. for that now i only have my 2 daughters in law and my 2 grandchildren. my house could burn down and i would live in a tent if only my children were here with me that's my only wish was in one way that i. remember seeing.
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the 1st time they were looking after. the palace to recreate this minaret complete is that all they plan is to rebuild minarik. in the same shape of this one so we have think of 2 going to really rebuild in a different location and keep this restored as a memory. place yeah. bricks. yes. but this is the most important thing this is yeah nobody touch it till now yeah. this is all the more yeah yeah oh yeah. yeah there are some
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parts of it belong still. 1175 i think incredible yeah it's about it had that if you saw fixing. it no nobody invested a lot of money. from this is all the same it was grey and it blocks grey blocks and you don't know what's right yeah but you have stones they created. 800 years ago.
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or more the projects are making progress but not as fast as we were hoping the one that. sort of obsessive that i've 6 months ago we managed to convince the un to rebuild 10000 houses in the town to hold them but you know it's all taking too long. slow process. or even the central government has not provided any funds for the region on it having . a difficult ones to finance the reconstruction of the hospitals and grant loans to the citizens for the reconstruction of that the 2nd him mr john the riches must be repaired and the rubble from the old city removed we'll get off of the magenta most of the team.
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sure that shot do you really think the i.a.s. is defeated the find is a still there. i say i don't listen to the news the recessive nation is in chaos in hama. i have. to see many neighborhoods. in a while i mean danger life is getting difficult. i found documents belonging to the i.r.s. as to why i handed some of them over to the intelligence service but i kept others off the shelf in the end. i should know that this belong to them. and i asked member i'm a dawson i day will come any i have since that day. and i yes i don't just want to i love.
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i. just. found it all in a bank. 30 there are also marriage certificates with women who came from who knows where perhaps. i'm going to myself my revenge or be arrested. i know i'm taking revenge for everything that they've done to us. to be.
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ready. for 3. and a lot of those and that. i don't think i feel that i've got out of the job but i think i know you know what i know what i thought. when they're. going to give you that you're going to get. it wrong i ask members can get death certificates but they have to pay for them. with. the same with birth certificates if you've got money you can buy whatever you want to. have on your full stop.
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but of course our children will take revenge as they grow up their hatred will grow with them. only think what do i want to i want to stake back that's what i want. my 10 days ago from one day to the next deborah he was removed in several places without any of us being informed. and they gave him a down districts the intention was to implement a plan drawn up by a committee of ex-pats and approved by the cabinet if the prime minister is there that will. just. have the whole day was the most sensible concept for the reconstruction of the old town where all the historical heritage is located .
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here which was your house that one of the removing was that yeah it was right here we're worried they're going to take the property from us. well a lot of i don't know what's going to have not what you mean what's going to happen to the neighborhood. but no one will be compensated or nothing will be rebuilt. but they said that an organization would prepare everything for reconstruction apartments would be built. are just ideas nothing's been confirmed but she. said that's what the governor decided without him a committee of experts. that if we are dealing here with representatives of the authorities who work without any
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method who make arbitrary decisions on a case by case basis. well i'm actually i'm not as am forbidden the heads of the old thirties any contact with the house and sit in one half of mana though i had a min but there was so much. i love telling all do that they have my little. edition of. the silver i just wish he'd just. be here union he's now fighting the competition for all us. in order to take off all ways for you lately to see a little fill in all the illegal contributors put a 1000000 units for work before. i think all parties especially unesco for their contribution to the oh no the
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minaret in my town that they call the narrator decided to clear the area under rubble which together with the rubble is tricking out a number of buildings. is an activity that we cannot prevent to happen with this is at present i received the recently as you see is the river front of the cornish and it is a design which was as nothing to do with a vision of their one form of mosul is not traditional it's not you it's just a very hybrid thing that doesn't make much sense. which is for national standards is not acceptable at all.
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i'm sure plowman not. well of your clock well if you pluck a day. although. a lot of that. was. what they fear. this is why. one. of the so either way let's be honest well you know the most important question is this. i want i say anything being done to rebuild people's lives.
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lives are going up that there's no sustained effective long term measures are being taken to educate and train young people. to play you want to further their abilities. or to emancipate women nothing is being done. for the other people of mosul will continue to suffer . they know what i did was look like it was. their mother they are. through. that's them here they are not.
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yet. the one who threw for farrakhan's. grow like the other souls rest in peace will. come quicker and give us strength. because will look if. we. find out what's wrong or. the. long. bones of everyone lays the blame on these occurs when from our yes on it's about but i would accept responsibility for all this. and the reason i don't have
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a right to live. you're going to die why has mosul suffered. yeah actually i want to stand. by a morsel. how many more months how many more years will it take to rebuild knows. how many more people will have to die before the cycle of death and destruction can be broken. we'll know it will be haunted by the ghosts of the dead forever.
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the. assassinations in minsk 20 years ago 3 prominent members of the opposition in belarus disappeared without trace. now a key witness and accessory to the mud is has come forward. because information leaves little doubt the order to kill him came from the highest authorities. in 30 minutes on t.w.
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kick off. ghost town atmosphere means listless clay soft from the. looks of guns and the mentalist flights assessable. non-stop excitement till the final match to. see just such a good. time to minutes on d w. a middle man did not complete the 2nd season. it's about the environment still about society it's still about us but off planet on the brink of destruction circle league that's awesome if it sounds. like a crystal ball with a sense. this
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is deja vu news live from berlin president donald trump warns he will send in u.s. troops to end the violence that has overshadowed protests in major american cities if the city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents then i will deploy the united states military and quickly solve the problem for them. his address comes as the protest continues as does the violence the brother of the man who died in.


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