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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2020 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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zines end up in theaters and opera houses i want to buy the social distancing shoes well he's already received 5 orders. and. you're watching t.w. news from berlin and remember you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our website that's dot com i'm claire richardson thanks so much for joining us. what secrets lie behind us will. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. how does
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a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. produce through the tax from cover and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at dot com forum slash science. 130000000000 euros to save the german economy and prop up the europe germany biggest financial aid program in decades draws applause from european leaders with the french government saying it will unveil its own rescue package short also on the show the dice are rolling again casinos in las vegas have reopened doesn't tie . state depending on gambling revenues is hoping to recover from an unprecedented
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lockdown and we'll take a look at how the coronavirus pandemic could change questionable working conditions in the german meat industry. i'm chris cobram berlin welcome to the program it is the biggest economic rescue package and german post-war history and it's intended to make a big splash 130000000000 euros meant to repair some of the devastation the virus pandemic has caused and europe's biggest economy the plan has been welcomed by e.u. leaders as a key part of the blocks recovery efforts. as europe's biggest economic engine the pressure was on germany to deliver economic stimulus to speed the e.u.'s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic chancellor angela merkel's ruling coalition delivered a bumper package that includes temporary tax cuts handouts to families and investment in green transport technologies. to
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a buck is all we have an economic stimulus package a package for the future and of course in addition to that which we're now less concerned with our responsibility for europe and the international dimension. in brussels economy minister paolo gentle loney said he was pleased germany was finally using its fiscal space to boost spending. europe's other economic driver is france finance minister bruno lemaire hailed germany's stimulus and said paris wouldn't bail it's own plan soon in 2 steps the 1st one will be next week where we will announce all support to the sick to those that have been severely hit by the crisis i mean truism the automotive industry i will not fix and all the sectors that have been severely hit by the crisis. both countries are keen on emo billet the president emanuel on the call has pledged an 8000000000 euro plan to make france the european leader in electric cars the german scheme offers premiums
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to encourage people to buy electric while they may work together there's always been healthy competition between europe's 2 economic giants. the european central bank has also announced extra stimulus measures for the eurozone the bank's head christine legarde says it will issue another 600000000000 euros in emergency bonds to lessen the economic damage from the penn damage that's on top of a 750000000000 euro package announced in march. here's our financial correspondent chelsea delaney with more. the european central bank is pumping more money and to the european economy as it has for $1.00 of its worst contractions on record today the e.c.b. announced that it's adding about $600000000000.00 euros to its bond buying program as they are now also forecasting a contraction for the e.u. economy of 8.7 percent for this year they've used this bond buying program to really target cheap financing to companies and governments within the e.u.
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throughout their coronavirus pandemic and this is what is the president christine legarde had to say about that earlier the governing council is determined to ensure the necessary degree of monetary accommodation and to smooth transmission of monetary policy across sectors and countries accordingly decided on a set of monetary policy measures to support the economy during its gradual reopening and to save gold medium term price stability christine legarde also emphasized just how murky of the outlook remains for a recovery here and here at there's been a lot of hope that the economy had bottomed out in the last several weeks but look hard was much more cautious she stressed that the data has been quite tepid and she also said that there are a lot of downside risks right now which could mean it they economy contracts even further than the 8.7 percent they're forecasting for this year. w.'s chelsea
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delaney reported the dice are rolling again gambling has returned to las vegas and the entire u.s. state of nevada hotel casinos in downtown and suburban las vegas were the 1st to open shortly after midnight with staff wearing personal protection gear of course later several resorts on the famous laws vegas strip followers because he knows resorts were shuttered in mid march to prevent the spread of covert 1000. let's get more on this story from our correspondent and scored against tell us why las vegas casinos have been so eager to reopen at least economically las vegas was one of the u.s. cities to hot its hits by the pandemic because you know it's were shut down for $78.00 days to april the unemployment rate in las vegas reached the 33 percent the highest in the country so therefore this pressure to reopen and actually some
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relief that not fully but at least partly because you know it's open now on thursday morning and we've seen the pictures of bartenders and car dealers wearing face masks what are the other measures that the casinos will be trying to keep visitors safe well i mean for once because you know it's are not running full capacity is sold there all the unlimited amount of customers a lot in gamblers are social distance to buy a plexiglas shows are not open yet and also to be face are not open so there are couple of measures so it to keep social distancing and to to limit the amount of customers and of course the united states is a country of mourning at the moment in the wake of the murder of george troy that is now the right time to open for business is aimed at amusement and entertaining.
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there have been discussions in las vegas and actually because of the protests some companies some because you know you cited to limit their operation on the day and not ny times but as i mentioned the economic pressure was so immense in las vegas that actually also in other parts of the country let me let me give you one other example just after hours today after trading hours we got the new quarter really results from the gap so the retail chain and their revenue in the past quarter dropped by more than 40 percent so the economic hardship is so immense that at the end of people just a longing for a reopening their businesses and actually there's also some criticism in cities like new york for example because of the curfew businesses have to close much earlier than usual and that and the time was the pandemic where hardship is already immense korda thank you. let's take
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a look at some of the other business stories making headlines around the world. living out of germany's blue chip index docs that's according to its operator. the coronavirus pandemic has all but wiped out tons of revenue in recent weeks and driven down its share price last week the government agreed to a 9000000000 euro rescue package for the carrier has busiest back to a controversial new security law that triggered angry protests in hong kong management said the measures would stabilize social order in the city which is just b.c.'s biggest market standard chartered another bank with a huge asian presence also backed along the european union and china have postponed a major summit set for life in september the official reason given was the coronavirus crisis but relations have deteriorated over china's role in the bend i make in beijing's stance on hong kong. now poor working conditions and questionable housing the way the german it industry has been treating many of
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its neighbors has long been a dirty but open secret but is german slaughterhouses have been a hot spot for covert mindtree 1900 friends mission the pandemic is forcing a change. sebastian is 9 months. 10 years ago his family moved from romania to the mc and region of north west germany. sebastian's found them saved up and bought a house he now works in a vehicle factory and doesn't like to think about the time he spent temping in a jam and slaughterhouse. in the slaughterhouse there were so many temporary work agencies that enticed people with the crime most of easy money but the job was very hard and the workers were treated badly. look this is the sort of house manager says talking about it's 2000 employees earn minimum wage and their food and overpriced accommodation is deducted from their pay it's often been described as
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slave labor. no what do you mean slaves no one is forced to work here everyone comes here of their own free will for goodness sake the business model relies on eastern european workers who tend to put up with the poor working conditions and bad pay. a christian welfare association advises the workers if they have problems at the slaughterhouse there are numerous troubling reports about the conditions. seen people being exploited treated badly and screamed out. this house is supposed to accommodate the contract workers and it's where we met marian who translates for them there's nobody staying here at the moment marion says the government placed the workers in individual housing because of the coronavirus. lots of romanians have lived in these places perhaps 3 or 4 people in one room but the situation has improved
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a lot over time. but the coronavirus is forcing a change the german government wants to ban temporary workers in slaughterhouses many romanians now hope for permanent contracts and higher wages. the slaughterhouse security eventually saw arrests and stopped any further interviews abuses in the german meat industry have long been a dirty secret but the coronavirus crisis has brought to light the problems for temp workers in germany's slaughterhouses. i'm. watching. at. the for. the for.
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the for. the good byes sausage and a loaf rejects. been changes are annoying in the food industry. or the major food companies changing to meet new demand. the last major consumption really help the environment. joining us as we explore germany.
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meet in germany. next on d w. the stuff are on high alert these days the problem is that there are no are on those away before there were to occur no viruses of going into the chimpanzee trust on the ugandan island don't come by the situation has become difficult because of the covert 19 will be animals and the people. who come for go. in 60 minutes and. innovation. but can we conquer the major issues of our society. on the season of founders not only. be
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a good host it's modern day heroes in. inspirational people who take on the challenges of the world with their unique idea. is the person with this entrepreneurial mind you look at those 2 problems and make them one solution to the new season of sounders valley. starts june 13th on t.w. . what's that there has to sling in the past it's not neat that much is certain but is it tasty untel think it's probably best to try to offer yourself because.


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