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tv   Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  June 5, 2020 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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you can also keep up today with all the latest news on d w dot com and follow us on twitter and on instagram. bob. thank you very much. combating the pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update. covert 19 special and next on d w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word from the good nico is in germany to join.
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us why not born with him. it's simple online on your mobile and free. d.w. zealand in course cause free journey made easy. it's been more than half a year since the 1st cases of the novel coronavirus were identified. and 12 weeks since the w.h.o. declared a global pandemic. scientists and health professionals have yet to discover a vaccine it's not for lack of trying dozens of new vaccine candidates are in testing but some research us a pinning their hopes on vaccines that already exist to what extent could become low suspects. scenes be used against the new coronavirus. what come to our covert
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$900.00 special here and e.w. news i want to johnsonville in good to have you with us a scientist race to find a coronavirus vaccine it could be that this one right under our noses the b.c.g. vaccine traditionally used against you because as has been shown to also protect against a range of other diseases research us and are hoping that covert 19 could be one of them. he may be only a little prick but it rarely goes down well with those on the receiving end. hello garia every newborn gets a shot of the vaccine b.c.g. its primary purpose is to protect them from the lung disease tuberculosis bulgarian health workers swear by it. they do but is it c b c g vaccine has been used in bulgaria since 1951 that's more than half
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a century so during my professional experience of 30 years or more we fax a native new born babies with b.c.g. the whole time. bulgaria is also a major producer of b.c.g. which is known to strengthen the immune system and now it's preparing to increase output because of a potential new use almost exactly 100 years since it was 1st developed in the laboratories of france as pastor institute some modern scientists believe b.c.g. could be used to fight corona virus that possibility is being tested out in medical trials in the netherlands it could be a very important tool to bridge these dangerous period until we have on the market a proper specific vaccine against our. being able to use a cheap and readily available existing vaccine would have its advantages
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particularly for less well off economies that's why this south african lab is also testing b.c. g.'s affective ness against cottage 19. we are very proud to do this study in south africa because we believe that this is basically countries that have restricted health care resources might benefit from a simple intervention like this. first because we just can't ramp up our own. the infrastructure and it's basically the lack of personnel as quickly as others come countries probably can it might not work you know it's a reasonable assumption that we're just going after a hunter and it might not eventually materialize but still when has to start doing something. meanwhile other researches a looking at the babies of bulgaria and wondering if the country's comparatively low number of coronavirus cases could be down to its new bones or getting that uncomfortable little prick. and there are also tests with tuberculosis vaccines
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underway here in germany professor custom schindler is head of the head of a medical school c.r.c. core facility and also chair of clinical studies and drug research it's very good to have you with us on the program professor now our focus in this report earlier was on the b.c.g. vaccine as used in bulgaria for example if you are working with a new v p m 1000 to vaccines what's the difference. well it's important to know that there is a significant difference compared to the old b.c.g. which has been used since dk it's especially in 3rd world countries d.p.m. reception at italy optimized usage. and which one gene the your ears the gene was in mc graduates and another gene the stereo use and gene was inserted
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and this genetic modification basically resides in enhanced immunity variation compared to the z. gene and in an improved safety profile and this new model of action is expected to result in an educationist and web tolerated. which should be at least as potent s. buds as are the currently used. greenbacks are right and and why do we think why do we believe that b.c.g. or in this case the v p m $1002.00 domestically modified vaccine would be helpful against cultured 19. well yes but the concept that these e g m e n maps have to protect against the coronavirus space on scientific evidence that the police e.g. the excellent exerts also nonspecific effects on byron's actions and the m d r to use b.c.g.
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against corona is mainly based on 3 scientific observations so asked reduction of the incidence and cerruti of respiratory infections 2nd exertion of engine driver effects as seen in x. programs and one of us already answered that reduction of the remey are seen in an experimental human model of viral infection and therefore we have prophesies that b.c.g. vaccination may induce caution protection against the skeptic gritty and it's ability of sas cough to infection ok so so to put it in layman's terms the pm hour 1002 facts in 10 stimulate and strengthen the immune system which obviously is very helpful in the fight against cold it 19 and you actually run clinical trials already using b.p.m.
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against 19 what is the result so far. we have just clinically in this year it isn't the 1st of 2 placebo controlled phase 3 trials in which we invest again 1000 care workers effects 11 starting to supplant ever reduced number of cases actually from work due to respiratory disease and we also assist the incidence of cost to sometimes of infection reduction of hospital intensive care unit at mission or death in health care professionals with direct patient contacts during the pandemic phase of 19 well and this is only followed by a 2nd trial you haven't i was just because this this already sounds very promising and you just were about to say that they'll be a 2nd trial phase can you already for see when this vaccine could be used until we find
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a real covert 1000 vaccine yeah well we regard this as allusion as a bridge in solution actually and therefore it is very important that we progress was a clinical trial it's not as fast as possible and we are currently concentrating on recruitment office try the question when we will be ready as always a very difficult one hopefully the trials will be recruited by the end of this year all right professor christopher chandler from the heart of a medical school there thank you so much for your time and explaining the 1002 to us. so if and 1002 could to bridge the gap until there is a dedicated specific 1000 vaccine but what happens if the virus mutates now that's one of the questions you posted to a science correspondent on you tube yes derek williams. can we be sure the
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virus won't need taint once there is a new vaccine. all viruses mutate that that's evolution the question is not whether it will mutate but but how it mutates could sars could have to change so fundamentally that a theoretical immunity provided by a still theoretical vaccine would no longer provide protection yes certainly and in fact as the pandemic progresses and populations make strides towards herd immunity the virus will adapt because it will come under evolutionary pressure from what's known as a selection of the fittest viruses will be the ones able to in fact the most people the ones that are best able to slip unrecognized past an immune system that's that's been armed to stop sars cove too but but so far the indications are that the virus doesn't mutate very fast much slower than flu viruses for example so the hope
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is that we'll be able to stay ahead of the curve. how is the rise of social media and the internet changing the speed of scientific percentage. the internet has changed science in fundamental ways and modern research is all about collaboration and the internet has enabled that like like no other tool in human history you see its effects for example and and how many peer reviewed covert 19 studies have been spawned by the pandemic so far the exact number is hard to pin down because it rises by the day but there are currently nearly fire. 1000 and the w.h.o. database and and finals and more that haven't been added yet many of those studies are written by teams of collaborating scientists that are spread across the globe social media platforms also play a big role in speeding up research because they offer of
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a much less formal stage for the instant exchange of ideas that then classic platforms like like conferences or journals to them so the the internet has accelerated scientific discovery to speeds that would have been unimaginable even just a few decades ago. derrick williams there and i'm sure there are many more questions out there so do keep them coming and post them to derek on our you tube channel and to keep up with the latest developments on the coronavirus subscribe to our newsletter go to d w dot com slash corona dash you slatter. we started the show with babies and we'd like to end to on them to newborns in colombia's capital bogota and getting to know their families via hundreds of video calls visits to the neonatal unit are forbidden to protect vulnerable babies from possible coronavirus infection social workers coordinator the call center tablets
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up to the incubator is connecting families and and aiding them joy at a time where bringing life into the world has been complicated to say the least. and i was coed not in special i want to get johnson berlin for me and the team thanks for joining. the staff are on high alert these days there are programs that there are no are there are those who are very poor. what are the current irises up on the cost of the chimpanzee trust coming down the aisle and the. situation has become difficult because of the cold but my team will be the most of the people. eco the 1st go. to w. o. o. o
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o o my god says love our. food for the russian soul. is really steep. so many different walks of life. some are. ugly. but it comes straight from the heart of the ocean and turning from birth to death starts june 18th on g.w. . we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world is changing. so please take care of yourself keep your distance and wash your hands if you can stay at how we are d.w.p. for here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our
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platforms and we're all in this together run together and we're making sure you. stay safe everybody stay safe stay safe stay safe please stay safe. because when one thing brand damage is at the forefront of our minds this varies and of course what's happening is also i've got effects on the environment here in lagos why instance they need to wear my.


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