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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2020 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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the russian internet journey to death storage to maintain g.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin protesters have gathered outside the white house following the death of george floyd as the world witnesses another day of global protest against racism and police brutality thousands gather in the u.s. capital for what could be the biggest demonstration yet. and tensions between nuclear neighbors reports of an increase in troop numbers on both sides of the
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disputed border between india and china are fueling fears of a bigger confrontation look at how serious the faceoff is becoming. i'm going to have elf as well come to the program protesters are gathering in washington d.c. for a what are expected to be the largest protests yet against police brutality in the united states people are assembling a different points in the city and expected to convene in the white house they turned the day authorities have closed off much of the downtown area to traffic the washington protest and others around the world have arisen from outrage over the death of george floyd he was an african-american who died in police custody in minneapolis 10 days ago. now. let's go straight to
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washington and brandi w.'s disability for example phenomena who's at the protest at the lincoln memorial and some of the protests are just taking off tell us what's going on. yes they are just about to take of if you can see that behind me they have come together here to protest political views of police brutality and racial and injustice and now they are moving presumably to the white house to continue their protests there there are many different demonstrations across the city today and all of them will presumably elite eventually to the white house to protest against president donald trump it was quite interesting to see this crowd here it was very spontaneous there was no stage no least of speakers whoever wanted to address the crowd was able to do so it was quite a quite a fascinating event that is now going to an end to what are the demands what are you hearing what are protesters calling. priority for the
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people who are taking to the streets is of course justice for george floyd and they want the officers who were involved in his desk to to be convicted but the protests are going beyond that and we could listen to many speakers who address racial injustice in the you as one of them was talking about he's experience how difficult it is for him to find a good job and how he had to talk with his parents about how to behave to stay safe while dealing with the police at the age of 6. doesn't know how strong is the police presence there and more importantly other than his soldiers. yeah you can see them maybe if it's possible it's not far away behind me this is national guard they were deployed here to protect the monuments and there we have seen some police
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on our way to the lincoln memorial however i need to say that they are trying to keep their distance they're not doing anything just watching what's happening not to provoke the crowd i would assume. as are we hearing that several protests in different parts of the city are planned does u.s. president of trump see these as a stress or directed at him. well i would assume so you know that he's been very critical of the protesters he's been focusing on you know damage and rioters and not focusing on the legitimate demands of the people who have been taking to the streets for many days now he is sort of back in in the white house he has nothing on his schedule today so i would assume he will be watching t.v. he can even hear the protesters like while being in the white house and one of the
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favorite chants is vote him out so presumably he could feel threatened by the protesters he's only going to get the message and some of them now in our correspondent in washington thank you. outrage spreads over the killing of george floyd in the u.s. for testers have taken to the streets in many parts of the world calling for an end to racism and police brutality in the u.s. as well as in their own societies here's a look at some of the protests taking place around the world today in solidarity with the black lives mass movement. rarely have protests of the deaths in custody drawn so many astray and tens of thousands rallied in astray and cities large and small their focus hundreds of aboriginal people who have died in jails and police stations in the last 30 years with no officer ever found guilty here the death of george floyd has suddenly created widespread anger about in the strelley and
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problem you want to just be hearing again from my people and it's time to make a change and i only way that people are going to listen to me and i'm going to get peace. in brazil demonstrators have been raising their voices against the killing of black people mainly in porn neighborhoods called the favelas. every 23 minutes in the world a young black person dies we have to fight because of that if we don't fight that will continue and we will keep dying in mexico masked demonstrators vandalized buildings and threw stones at the u.s. embassy in the capital the protests began here on thursday after the death of a young man state he was allegedly beaten to death in the police station for not wearing a face mask. we are here in support of the great uprising of black people and of all colors for the crime against george floyd committed by pink policemen in the united states. was yes. there were protests and numerous
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cities across the u.k. . in london thousands of people were ignored the wet weather to take to the streets . demonstrations went ahead despite officials urging people to stay at home and stick to physical distancing rules. and there were similar scenes in berlin thousands of people gathered in the german capital to demonstrate against racism and police violence. all my life my need to show all those people in power who have the ice closed that we hear and learn against racism. and i wish when you know i'm here to protest not only for our generation but also for the next generation. this movement is not just about showing the outrage of the death of african-american george floyd in the u.s.
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the black lives matter movement has unleashed a wave of protests against racism worldwide. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today egypt's president. announced a cease fire initiative for the civil war in libya that calls for the exit of all foreign fighters he was joined by general khalifa haftar whose forces lost the battle for the capital tripoli to troops loyal to libya's u.n. backed government. facebook boss mark zuckerberg has pledged to review the company's content policies amid heated debate over how social media should handle post by u.s. president on. facebook will review how it handles threats of state use of force and posts that could influence voter participation. u.s. president trump has reportedly orders the pentagon to cut the number of u.s. troops stationed in germany by nearly
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a 3rd government sources cited by the wall street journal say around 25000 soldiers would remain american forces have been stationed in germany since the end of world war 2. tensions have been building along india's disputed border with china there have been a number of skirmishes between opposing troops in recent weeks now reports on and in of an increase in troop numbers on both sides are fueling fears of a bigger confrontation between the nuclear neighbors indian and chinese military commanders are holding talks today to try to diffuse the situation is our report and our india and china came to blows in the 1st place located high in the himalayan mountains the indian region of le duc is known for its natural beauty but in may it was also the size of tensions a scuffles broke out between indian and chinese troops. the region lies close to
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one of the most hotly contested borders in the world between india and china. the yellow line on this map marks a boundary between the 2 countries it's known as the line of actual control but it's not a hard front here as china and india never agreed on where their official border should lie in $962.00 the 2 nations fall to war over the issue but fail to resolve the problem in the decades since that conflicts have been several stand off between chinese and indian troops patrolling the area one of the longest and most serious was in 2017 in the summer of that year the 2 sides confronted each other for $73.00 days after indian troops blocked construction of a road by china with the leaders of india and china discussed the problem at meetings in 20182019 they promised to maintain the peace but they made no progress on settling the issue of who owns the land in the border area nevertheless they put
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mechanisms in place to prevent lethal flare ups between troops. but recent satellite imagery posted on twitter by an australian security analyst suggests both sides are building up their military presence in the area and this is causing concern that another more serious confrontation could be looming. india is not a 6 in the global list of countries worst hit by the coronavirus apos in italy india has reported its biggest single day surge of infections sonly $10000.00 faces have been come from taking the total number of infections in india to over 236000 recalls by comes just days before restaurants and temples are set to reopen. now reports friendly is here to tell us more about the latest rotavirus developments india has now taken over at
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liam position 6 in the world rankings if you will of countries worst hit was a what's what's the global situation like a moment yet i can tell you that in a minute so global we over 6900000 people have now been infected with coke at 19 and some 395000 people have so far died from the virus and the u.s. has so far the largest number of confirmed cases. at almost 1900000 people so one point i'm feeling people have been infected right now and brazil is the 2nd worst hit country and it has now 660-0000 cases there and of course there are some other countries that are severely hit as well by the virus flexible russia u.k. and spain and india comes right hind them speaking of brazil you just mentioned brazil president bosso now or has now threatened to withdraw brazil from the w.h.o. as well following donald trump's lead we're going to tell us more about yeah the
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statement came on friday one was in iraq was talking to journalists he said because the united states has left the w.h.o. so they are studying about 2 and he also said that either the deal works without quote ideological bias or brazil will leave now what does it mean by ideological bias since the pandemic started us president donald trump has come. dishonest the way w. actual has been handling the crisis and it also criticised the organization as a puppet of china and so it was a narrow is an ideological ally of many has stopped him even as tropical trumps though he probably share similar views but his announcement came at a time when brazil is still severely suffering from the corona virus so more than 35000 people have died so far and brazilian media even as said that the virus equates quick killing quote a brazilian per minutes is
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a lot any updates very briefly please. vaccines treatments i don't have any news on vaccines unfortunately but the debate has now advised people to start wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus now you may be surprised because that is a must in many countries but now yeah but for a long time it said it was not necessary now it says that there are some new evidence and people should now start wearing masks. are report along i'm certainly thank you very much for that. well the head of america's national football league the n.f.l. has admitted the league was wrong for not allowing on field protests against racial injustice the n.f.l. previously banned players from merely during the country's national anthem that artist was started by calling company in 2016 in protest against police brutality towards black americans companies move then sparked
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a backlash from some fans and owners of teams. you're watching the news swimming keep up today with all the latest news on our web site that's of course t w dot com and also do follow us on twitter on instagram d w news i'm gather others from me on the team thanks for joining. us. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship but just want to be shadow and if your newspapers when official information as a journalist i have work on the streets of many cantors and then from.


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