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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2020 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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democracy of the global starts july 1st on g.w. . this is d.w. news live from berlin cove it's 9 taina surges in brazil the country's coronavirus death toll overtakes that of britain to become the world's 2nd highest but experts say the real total could be much higher also coming up china in lockdown parts of the capital beijing and holds plans to reopen schools after a large corona virus outbreak is discovered at a popular city market. and burdens contemporary art museum brain opens with
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a spectacular new exhibition a splash of color everywhere we'll find out about the painter who's behind it. i'm rebecca richards welcome to the program brazil has now overtaken britain to become the country with the 2nd highest coronavirus death toll standing at nearly 42000 the government is largely opening up the economy despite warnings from experts that the country has yet to reach the pick of the infection spread. brazilians continue to dig mass graves to bury their dead in man now the largest city in the brazilian amazon the rows of crosses are a visual reminder of the heavy toll of the coronavirus has taken in the country
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brazil now has the 2nd highest covered 19 death toll in the world and then enviable position with both the daily fatalities and new infections mounting. the world health organization says the country is certainly under pressure but not yet overwhelmed. the situation in brazil is of concern the 27 areas are affected we've seen different rates were fiction there were clear hotspots and heavily populated areas there are clearly different impacts in different populations we've seen the impact the numbers on us books. overall the health system is still coughing in brazil the pandemic is far from slowing in the country and the death toll is thought to be much higher than reported but brazil has started loosening restrictions on reopening the economy in the originator in sao paolo the streets were busy on friday as shopping malls were allowed to welcome customers again. the loosening of restrictions was championed by far right
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president chad wilson outer who has played down the pandemic calling it a little flu and claim that the lockdown has been worse than the disease. but experts say the country isn't yet ready to reopen safely testing capacity is lagging and a contact tracing system hasn't been set up. the fear is that a hasty return to normal may further worsen brazil's dire coronavirus record. earlier we spoke to michael fox a freelance journalist in the southern brazilian city of flour and helpless and i asked him about the decision to lift those restrictions despite the high death rate according to a recent study the real figure because of under reporting and a lack of testing the real figure could be as much as 7 times higher in terms of that of the number infected right and the deaths could be much higher as well it's
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in extremely extremely complicated moment and like you said they're now starting to reopen economy cell paul was the main place that we've been watching just over this last week yesterday they started to reopen stores shopping malls are now open for reduced periods of time and of course the. there are safety measures there they have to be taking people's temperatures people can only be in certain certain stores or a certain number of people but it's also creating these queues outside the stores for people waiting to get inside some of the streets are packed like we have not seen in sao paulo in almost 3 months it's extremely concerning because of course the country hasn't hit peak yet we're still far from it in fact the number of people infected with the virus has doubled in just 2 weeks so we're likely to see those numbers continue to rise and many people are really nervous freelance journalist michael fox speaking to us a little earlier chinese authorities have locked down parts of beijing after discovering a cluster of new infections the new cases are linked to
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a wholesale food market officials raise the alarm after $45.00 people out of $517.00 tested positive for the corona virus the 1st locally transmitted infections in more than 50 days plans to open schools on monday have also been put on hold. let's cross over now to correspondent is berlinger has recently returned to china is currently in quarantine in tangent but she is what do we know about this new cluster of cases. yeah it appeared in the biggest wholesale market food wholesale market in beijing huge market that supplies the whole city with fresh foods. the authorities have released. very early. that they found a sample of the virus on a board used to cutting import of solomon as they put it but by now we know that it
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has been found on 40 other objects in the market and 45 people have been have tested positive it is not clear what the origins of the virus were how it arrived at that market but her it is have been quick to to to shut down huge parts of the surrounding areas they have delayed schools. reopening off schools and all kinds of measures are being put up that have just been disappeared from beijing streets all kinds of checkpoints etc are being quickly put up again these are the 1st domestically transmitted cases in beijing in almost 2 months people satisfied with the wealth already have been handling the crisis and in particular this cluster. it's hard to say because this cluster is very new and we're getting new information all the time it's just been a few hours since we have known that it's more than just
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a few cases but 45 as the number is right now in general i would say people have been confident in reply to the measures that the government has used to bring the numbers down in the past few months many people are saying that china is now a safe place have been on today i should rather say. so it's hard to say at the moment how this will play out how these measures will play out what will be the result of people support in general i would say the majority of them we never know really there's a lot of distortion due to censorship non-existing opinion polls but i would say the majority of people certainly support harsh measures quick measures tough measures on any of break correspondent but he is pulling us speaking to us from tangena china thanks very much for the update thank you let's turn now to some of
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the other stories making news around the world lebanese protesters have clashed with security forces during a 2nd night of unrest in beirut and tripoli protests broke out after the country's currency crashed to a record low deepening an already severe financial crisis there the latest in a wave of demonstrations accusing the government of economic mismanagement and corruption. at least 4 people have been killed in a blast at a mosque in afghanistan's capital kabul it happened during friday prayers at the syrian mosque no group immediately claimed responsibility and the taliban has condemned the attack. black lives matter demonstrators have held a silent march in the u.s. city of seattle they've turned part of the city including a police station into a police free zone and a u.s. charge on friday ordered police to stop using tear gas and pepper spray against
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peaceful protesters president trump is calling anti racism demonstrators and i kist and has threatened to intervene. america has been gripped by extraordinary unrest since the death of an unarmed black man george floyd he died during a police arrest in minneapolis last month straight protests in seattle have remained largely peaceful so far the mayor says an intervention from president trump would be illegal. they're calling it the capitol hill autonomous zone in seattle streets remade into a protest camp. there have been speeches concerts and film screenings volunteer medics are on hand and restaurants have donated food and a memorial pays tribute to george floyd and other black fick timbs of police brutality this is why the protesters are here. i want my son to see that
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everybody you know out here hears about his life for 4 years the entire community coming together to support my daughter on many years and it's where were you i want to i want to go i want to go with the i saw miles here i was there to see i was able to see you disappear actually do the area surrounds the east precinct police station a flashpoint in demonstration since floyd's death police have banded the station on monday with city officials citing the need to reduce tension protesters repurposed barricades to create what they call a police free zone one of their key demands is the dismantling of the police department using its budget to fund community services their actions have drawn the eye of the u.s. president. and who's issued several furious tweets in an interview with fox news is harris faulkner he threatened to use force if we have to go and we're going to go we're going to do that to go into. what we knew
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was going to. these people are not going to be a major portion of a great city but seattle's mayor hit back telling trump go back to your bunker she also warned it would be illegal to send in the military. one of the things this president will never understand is that listening to community is not a weakness it is a strength. but jenny durkan a democrat is also a target of protesters anger hundreds of calls for her to resign as they packed into city hall on wednesday to demand police reform they were furious that her promise of a moratorium on tear gas was broken by police dispersing anti-racism protesters early on monday. this very different scene represents what protesters want for their city. here each
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others. they say they won't budge until their key demands have been met. after months of lockdown hamburger bomb of the museum of contemporary art here in berlin is back open with a spectacular new exhibition painted defines defies convention with her spray gun she's transformed the museum into a walk in world of color. the entire is a riot of color spilling across the floor and over a layered landscape a dazzling display made from recyclable called a starry panels for capturing a growth everything is circa this. person you come if i'm really fascinated about how i can make an exhibition where painting takes place without having to construct something to hang a painting on that's where this whole idea of working on site came from what you
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would otherwise build to display a painting you make as part of the whole work itself so the exhibition should have opened in april but like all berlin museums hamburger bun hope was close it was an opportunity to experiment and. the artist was able to use the long down time on site she worked here during the weeks of the lockdowns we created the right conditions for her here and in this respect she had the biggest studio in berlin katherina close under the bright face dimensions she left the canvas behind long ago now nothing it's a colorful touch not even a church. york she covered a has destroyed by a hurricane with a storm of paint. but why did this painter swell kirk brush 1st spray. the.
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spring painters like throwing a ball outside i can cast my eyes far and wide. not only here with a brush in my hand i can go all the way back there and this. things even further. thinking further thinking big labor a sick color. katherina close up has let color flow as at the museum buildings fall into the streets into the city and everyday life in. the sea the munnabhai the city that is the aim of my work i mess with something found and transform it in such a way that the laws which seem to be unmovable are suddenly liberated kafka's it's true. or not there are enough both the boundaries are blue it's what's radical about her arse. for homburg a bomb hole it's
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a great news starts after the bang theory is of knocked down. you're watching data mining news we'll have more news headlines at the top of the hour until then you can stay up to date get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that state dot com not forget to follow us on twitter and instagram updated with the news i'm rebecca races from maine and the entire tame here in berlin thanks so much for joining us. national drama competition marketing numbers atmosphere fight at times intuition love money as fans primes fight spam and fans. on you tube joining us.


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