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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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and that's the one clinician the new season of sounders valley. starts june 13th on g.w. . this is d w news live from berlin clashes in london as rival groups square off. far right protesters scuffle with police in the city center they say they're protecting national monuments from being vandalized by black lives matter campaigners. and a standoff in seattle president trump stands firm on threats to clear a city district controlled by protesters we take
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a look at the self declared police free zone. and it merlin's contemporary art museum reopens with a spectacular new exhibition as flashes color everywhere will find out about the painter was behind. the next vice or welcome to the program tear gas has been fired in london's trafalgar trafalgar square as london police are trying to keep anti racism protesters far apart from far right activists rival protesters have scuffled with police amid the tear gas far right protesters say they're out to protect national monuments from vandalism by the black lives matter supporters throwing bottles and cans some have pushed through police lines at least one raises in protest was canceled citing see safety concern. well others have gone forward.
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and correspondent bill gates mass is at trafalgar square for us because what is happening where you are now. well you can see behind me there's a group of protesters that calling no just this new piece it's a small group of protesters because the relaunch demonstration that was planned for today was called off for field clashes with far right protests assume it's only a small group a small march that went through the town and a half in clashes here before i didn't witness has passed me about some people have told me that there were injuries that far right protesters tried and attacked a black life the protesters here behind me there were throwing bottles and that people had also generalists where injured now it seems that the police has the situation under control really all around me all around to find us where there is a big police presence a cordon practically. cordoning off the whole of trafalgar square foot fear of new
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clashes between black live matter protesters and far right protest as ok we'll stay in touch with you as to how authorities can control that situation but how about the corona situation authorities have warned against people gathering in public places and say that this kind of thing could be a super spreader event is that a concern. it is definitely a concern and i've been covering several protests now and everywhere there were people. open eyes us watching protesters to keep to this since people were encouraged to welcome us to take hand sanitizer and the i was the poor need to keep it is that however if the marches are very very large and they are also going through some places in town it's very it's almost impossible for people to keep it is tense at least this is what i have witnessed and one of the largest marches so authorities on. asking people not to come to london you know there the government
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has said repeatedly and also the metropolitan police they have not effectively and now this protest but people are coming anyway as you can see all right sounds like a difficult and even dangerous situation in several ways to your correspondent in london thank you for that. meanwhile american president donald trump has threatened to send in the military to drive out any racism protesters who have declared a police free zone in seattle but the mayor says it would be illegal for trump to intervene. that calling it the capitol hill on a misnomer in seattle streets remade into a protest. was there has been speeches concepts and film screenings volunteer medics are on hand and restaurants have donated food and a memorial pays tribute to george floyd and other black fake timbs of police
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brutality on many years down the years thing where were you i want to i want to go back i want to know the thing i saw was here i was your fault and i was able to see you disappear actually do while you're in it he inspired me to go there to support my mater the area surrounds the east precinct police station a flashpoint in demonstrations since floyd's death police have banded the station on monday with city officials citing the need to reduce tension protesters repurposed barricades to create what they call a police free zone one of their key demands is the dismantling of the police department using his budget to fund community services their actions have drawn the eye of the u.s. president who's issued several furious tweets in an interview with fox news is harris faulkner he threatened to use force these people and. a major portion of the great city but seattle's mayor hit back telling trump go back to your bunker
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she also warned it would be illegal to send in the military one of the things this president will never understand is that listening to community is not a weakness it is a strength. but jenny durkan a democrat is also a target of protesters anger hundreds called for her to resign as they packed into city hall on wednesday to demand police reform. they were furious that her promise of a moratorium on tear gas was broken by police dispersing anti-racism protesters early on monday. this very different scene represents what protesters want for their city. they say they won't budge until they key to must have been met. authorities in beijing have locked down parts of the chinese capital after a cluster of new corona virus cases was discovered at a major wholesale food market more than 40 people have tested positive so far
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doctors are preparing to carry out another $10000.00 tests to try to stem the outbreak. this is a scene people in beijing hoped they would never have to witness again and. work is sealing off one of the city's largest food markets after a resurgence of corona virus infections there. and it's not the only steps being taken. security forces have been called in. there setting up checkpoints and making sure the thousands of residents living in the vicinity of the market are following orders to stay indoors and not leave their homes. both or to say that it turman to contain the outbreak. failed united states was immediately put on emergency wartime like footing and we set up a field headquarters to deal with the situation at the wholesale markets and the surrounding communities in line with the principle of putting the people safety and
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health 1st. tortured. in a measure of their concern restrictions elsewhere in the city are also being reintroduced plans to reopen primary schools on monday have been put on hold. and all sporting events and tourist activities have been suspended. several of the markets of also being closed temporarily as a precaution the new cases are the 1st local transmissions of the virus in nearly 2 months one report suggests they may have come from a contaminated surface used for chopping fish but investigators are still scrambling to find the source. they're also planning to carry out more than 10000 tests on anyone who's been in contact with the market the hope is this will stop the spread more than anything though the challenges ahead for other countries who outbreaks are also thought to be under control. let's take
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a look now at some other developments italy france germany and the netherlands have signed a deal with the pharmaceutical giant astra zeneca for 400000000 doses of a corona virus vaccine medication is being developed with oxford university ukraine is to reopen its borders on monday with international flights set to resume the move comes despite daily infections running at their highest so far and president hassan rouhani says iran will reimpose virus restrictions if health regulations are not observed followed follows a sharp rise in cases. and out of the other stories making news around the world poland has reopened its borders after nearly 3 months scrapping a mandatory quarantine for anyone coming in at midnight residence in the german border town of frankfurt celebrated with their polish neighbors poland is also relaxing border controls with other neighbors. lebanese protesters have clashed with security forces for a 2nd night in beirut and tripoli protests broke out after the currency crashed to
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a record low deepening an already severe financial crisis these are the latest in a wave of demonstrations accusing the government of economic mismanagement and corruption. some sports news and in soccer the german has seen more action. hoffenheim looking for a win to cement their hold on 3rd place and a trip to the champions league next season and the hosts obliged and in their guests to victory. making a return to hoffenheim the place where he made his debut as the league's youngest head coach. took over as hoffenheim caretaker coach only this past tuesday after the club fired. but he didn't have an easy task ahead of him leipzig or are known for their firepower and dani made it one nearly in just the 9th minute.
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nobody move caley with the perfect pass and almost did the rest. and the spain international wasn't done yet barely 2 minutes later and all made it to nil i. headed back the long ball to almost who fired home to bag his brace. in the 27th minute boards header bounced off the woodwork in what was probably hoffenheim spece janse of the game to nail the final score a disappointing debut for marcel rupp at hoffenheim while you. sick are getting close to clinching a champions league berth. a week after declaring itself free of the virus new zealand has restarted live sporting events in rugby the tiger highlanders defeated the waikato chiefs in front of more than $20000.00 fans is the most high profile event so far in the match did not disappoint with
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a nail biting home win for the highlands. after months of lockdown berlin's museum of contemporary art has reopened with a spectacular new exhibition. has used her spray gun to transform at the museum into a walk in. the entire. color spilling across the floor layered landscape a dazzling display made from recycled. panels for catarina grows everything inserted this. i'm really fascinated about how i can make an exhibition where painting takes place without having to construct something to hang a painting on that's where this whole idea of working on site came from what she would otherwise be able to display painting as part of the whole work itself so the exhibition should have opened in april but like museums hamburger bun hope was
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close it was an opportunity to experiment. these along the artist was able to use the long down time on site she worked area during the weeks of the lockdowns we created the right conditions for her here and in this respect she had the biggest studio in berlin catarina. dimensions she left the campus behind long ago now nothing it's a colorful touch even a church. in new york she covered a house destroyed by a hurricane with a storm of paint. but why did. the school. bring paint is like throwing a ball outside i can cast my eyes far and wide. i'm not only share with a brush in my hand i can go all the way back there and visualize things even
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further by that and. thinking further thinking big liberating color. katherina glosa has let color through the eyes of the museum building on to the streets into the city and everyday life in. the seat of mine all part of this week that is the aim of my work i mess with something found and transform it in such a way that the laws which seem to be unmovable are suddenly liberated kafka's that's true. or not are enough both the boundaries are blue it's not so what's radical about her arse. and for homburg a bomb haul it's a great news starts after the bangor is a fall down. and you are of course watching t.v. news a lot from berlin that will have more headlines at the top of the hour on next parser
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thanks watch. a male. welcome to the 2nd season on the grid for. the planet on the brink of disaster we did long interviews with experts about one question how to change.
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