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one square kilometer of red rock in the middle of the north sea this is telling germany's fully high seas islands. enjoying nature letting the wind blow all around you and relaxing that's what many people who come here want. me to. the journey from hamburg to heligoland takes 3 and a half hours a catamaran takes me there no other boat is faster. than already on arrival the holiday mood kicks in.
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all the passengers initially passed the same route. everybody passes the colorful up starts. and walks along but probably not somewhere here is my hotel. and most of the tourists who writes here go back in the afternoon there are more or less 3000 visitors here every day but i would like to stay over night so i have more time at no stress to discover this small island. a must on heligoland is a visit to the seals. if you like it lay out your in for the punk festival to help you a little bit off. and there is another holiday video the week.
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this time it's from australia. my 1st walk takes me into the countryside all the way up to the. route along the edge of the rock that forms heligoland leads around the island the cliffs past. water water as far as the eye can see the mainland is 50 kilometers away. i passed the the tall and up this free standing rock is the landmark of heligoland everyone hopes that it can withstand the wind and the waves for a long time. and i continue to germany's smallest nature reserve the lumen says the rock of the given months it is the nesting ground of many sea birds but it is
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named after the guillemots in june these small feather balls take wing amateur photographers wait for them to take their courageous plunge. but there are not many places in europe where you can get so close to wildlife. birdwatching isn't the only thing you can do here over there is the do and off shore island and even smaller than heligoland germany's largest. lives over there and you can join a guided tour to get really close to those animals. some animals have got it figured out by lying on the beach all day basking in the sun cool off now and then with a quick dip in the sea. life in hell it is generally tranquil and unhurried. but the june island ranger makes sure it stays that way. combine fact more and more
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guests are coming to see helical land and want to benefit from the high seas air but more and more animals are coming as well to do you know rangers are here to make sure we can all live together and get along all right people can ask me questions and enjoy the beach in harmony. katherina tilly's area responsibility is just 7 tenths of a square kilometer the island of doom and a couple of dunes is about all it is. enduring to do you know rangers are only found here because this island is called doona and i do know ranger. once a week visitors have an opportunity to tag along with the ranger and explore do not islands on an organized nature to. vary the atmosphere if you find something and think it looks exciting pick it up and take it along we'll have a look and i'm sure we can figure out what it is. so what's rare and not easy to find the red flint. i've got homes and 3 variations but it's always
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some shade of red. not rust colored and not orange you can find it in yellow and several variations of that but the red flint is what's unique to helical and. for most of the visitors here the true stars of the island are the c.e.o.'s. of the birthing season begins around november and almost as soon as the females given birth she's able to mace again. so 2 weeks later the 1st bulls are back trying to get at her again. as cute and harmless as the seals may look they're not necessarily cuddly. eagle but the gray seal is germany's biggest predator and it can move a 20 kilometers per hour so it's not a good idea to get too close to them even if nothing's happened so far the possibility is always there i can't read their minds. but you can
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count on nobles. monitoring the population as one of her routine tasks along with showing visitors around. to see the stars in the sun don't surf for man and beast alike. although this island is very small it has an incredibly eventful history and you can learn more about it in the hell eagle that museum you have i'm pleased as the boss here he tells me that this island used to be a pirate's nest a navy fort and a trading post in the early 18th century it was just as important as the international port of hamburg is today heligoland was once part of denmark then of great britain it was not until $890.00 that the island became german
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a fiercely contested piece of ground. when was the most dramatic moment in the history of the island. the most dramatic moment was definitely the end of world war 2 the great bombardment. everybody had to be evacuated and then came the big bang in april $947.00 resulted in the complete destruction of the islands buildings. the british occupying forces once tried to destroy all the islands military facilities with a 6.7 kilograms of explosives never again should it be used for military purposes for many years heligoland remained on inhabitable. 954 the population began returning to the island and tourism immediately started appearing again 1st they slept in 10 some dinner because there was no place at all to stay here on the island there were no houses or anything so they stayed in little tents
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and do not stand so that whatever they needed to pass through and by little souvenirs people came in droves to see heligoland again. soon to risk a massive not because of the beautiful nature but to buy duty free liquor and cigarettes. or how did the island endure this i just imagine 10 or 12000 visitors here on this really small island it was terrible it must be said it was the room between all the people. but we just heard a purse the shops and through here shoulder to shoulder. you might see something nice and one of the shops he didn't stand a chance of getting to it to buy it was just pushed on ahead by the crowds and so you ended up back at the ship and at the sail home again and how come prices are so cheap on heligoland. that's a privilege we heard from our time with britain and it's been preserved through all the changes and rules it was taken on in the treaties so we've always hotter judean
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tax free status here. it still exists but today the tourists come here for the nature almost as it used to be when heligoland became a seaside resort in the early 19th century at 1st people came here for the good air it was the beginning of the lands tourism. this island is so small you can easily walk around it and it just takes one or 2 hours hello go and it's pretty popular with tourists and we will show you why. heligoland starts getting crowded every day about noon you can almost set your watch by it that's when the excursion ships arrive from the north sea coast and hamburg. visitors a ferry to learn from the ships in jolly boats known locally as billeted boats in 2018 they were listed with unesco is intangible world heritage. it's
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at some of the most fun when the seaside resort was founded here an $827.00 we didn't have any harbor breakwaters or piers we had nothing at all when the 1st passenger ship arrived a year later they had to drop anchor somewhere and our fisherman and pilots went out in our fishing boats and brought the guests for the 1st time over to land in a brought a boat. overboard. eventually the harbor was built and ferrying passengers was no longer necessary. soon after the ships put in the be destroyed in malls for visitors still come to shop duty free. they generally have 4 hours before they ship sails again. the tours are time so that the day trip is can go along to the bank or to a brings them some 25 meters deep inside the red cliffs.
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this is where the heligoland is sort of from the bombings. it's the only remainder of a once vast bunker complex running throughout heligoland. which is the time to be the part where no came through all the bombings and after the war on damaged. the last bombs fell in february 952 so it's important to us many heligoland years especially the older ones older lives to it and forbid. the loves to hats are typical of heligoland. that few people know they were built here in the 1950 s. and sixty's as part of a planned city. let us 1st of course the cliff was here and the huge bank of english blew up in 1947. as a move that led to the formation of the lines now called the middle. or and the last the hearts are now essentially a retaining wall for the loose rock. and this time. an
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architect's competition was announced for the reconstruction 951 over a 1000 architects to punch. their tongues quiz to find the optimum use of the limited space well orienting the houses favorably to the sun and wind every detail was thought up down to the paint it was limited to 14 callus. today hillary land is like an open air museum of the 1950 s. and sixty's building style almost every house is listed as historical. a closer look at heligoland quickly reveals that it's full of fascinating stories and worth the longest day or even a return visit. i want to do that to. get on the boat and go around the island it takes 45
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minutes. the excursion boats only put out if the waves are no higher than 2 metres. thank goodness. in the slipstream of the island it is still peaceful. but a soon as we clear the tip of the island the rocking starts almost 2 metre waves. all you need now is a strong stomach and occasionally something to hold on to. nobody gets seasick we all have our sea legs.
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watch or wind and waifs that's what our weekly v mail is about as well. our of your you 100 from singapore loves travelling just like me he's been to the other side of the world to australia and here's his harley may have been e.o. .
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almost 1500 people live on the legal land and the sea is part of almost everyone's lives most of them has ancestors who were sailors or fishermen maybe even pirates.
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sea shanties and sailors songs are part of the cultural heritage. i'm here for a rehearsal of the head with a cock scene in shanty choir. that's me for the song you just sank. is that a regular sailor's song or a shanty you know what i mean no that was actually our theme song it has nothing to do with either because if it was in the friesian dialect and it just means the canal great guy snow morgan who took our lives and we are going to get here i shanties and sailors songs what's the difference there's a month you know sailors songs are simply romantic songs they used to sing but the shanties were the work songs for the seamen of an earlier time it was hard work on the ship's doctor one of them would call the tune in the champs and the choir would answer and do the work the lead singer never had to work and it's just the same
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with us was going on with their money and often fall into mobile whose lead singer for going out today the lead singer as a whole if he sings the song of hope often we can i sing a shanty like that your question or we can do that like i said the lead singers or he'll sing the beginning when we jump in and swing and you can just sing along it was going that thing on my so i phone which like so i'm going with i. may not be you know i'm not often moving through my we're here or. there you know. to her own.
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way here on. the north side there. it was really good to. those who really want to join the cox you have to meet 3 conditions be a man live on heligoland and be able to see they have strict rules but if they are friendly guys.
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every scream because you have an important job they opened the punk festival. here and heligoland with their shanties 3 days in a row bands from all over europe gather here on the island. since the festival here on heligoland ladies and gentleman. comes out of sees shanties everyone's head amenities before and likes to sing them over a beer shanties and punk actually go together here. the storm battered seagulls face an invasion of. weekend guests who flock to dino island for the rock n roll which means something like booze cruise. to necessities of good weather
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and better beer 12 kegs have to be put away and nothing changes fast on hedegaard and the weather by the time the 1st rays of sun appear on the do you know restaurants terrace the 2nd grog has disappeared. ah. ha. no they don't have any guns just guitars beer more beer and apostleship all their own they had a good and is hosted their 1st punk festa. well in 2003 with mixed feelings as the former mayor recalls. yes at 1st it gave the decision makers here in the town hall a little shock when they heard the words punk festival they could to see it happening and doing it with a nature reserve nudists people over 70 years old and then here comes punk rock how could it work no matter how you do it it wouldn't work then
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a little administrative voice piped up and said well we could give it a try. the 150 fans at the 1st one quickly grew to over 1000 the bands even played for free just for the atmosphere the see the applause and what the fans would give. up now bands come from all over this end of europe for the rock n roll but how far they play and party till midnight then the fans will crawl into their tents unless the wind has swept them away in the mean time. by the harbor are a good place for a snack these used to be warehouses for the fishermen today restaurants have moved in. and they mainly offer seafood dishes for example. crept in serious. but the cutlery is strange. and i'd like to tell you. however with how much. though.
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you have to break it a little like this racket sound done here. i think my colleagues the finnish would love this all globetrotter always tries the local food on his travels all around the world and this time steve has been to cuba and here's his new video. shows the couple of largest city major ports and leading commercial center of cuba the city has a population of 2 point wooden 1000000 inhabitants and the trucks over a 1000000 tourists on usually. first. with the classic car so what you're. doing exactly that is 3 i was going around going
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around and seeing all the spots. old tunnel the how banoffee i was declared a unesco world heritage site in 1982. years i. have something very simple. just. leave it right. you. know visit to have fun is complete without experiencing life music actually it's
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hard not to as music is happening everywhere throughout the old. it is a game. on the other side. it's even ing on helical that i am on the cliff path again the best place to wait for
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the sunset you can only experience that when you stay here overnight. a day trip is nice but it's better to stay 2 or 3 days on the island that makes a real difference because then you can experience the perfect the celebration so just give it a try bye bye see you next time somewhere else in germany. a
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defector from eastern germany was caught and arrested. the garion border guard who did his duty. 30 years later the to meet again. a defector
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a local and the border guard arch 21. next on g.w. . mom might not know the sound gives carcases goosebumps. blood clot or your sister's electronic cars are way behind. we talked to some experts about how the cars of the future will sound to. read a little more. in 60 minutes long t.w. . beethoven is for me. beethoven is for you. beethoven is for help. beethoven is for her.
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beethoven it is for them. beethoven is for us. is for her. beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary here. claiming a lot. of tough tough times. chatham is in fact like she's got. that instructs me as yet bottoms financing and she. put a guy in the is aimed stevie. the
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