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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2020 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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that means armani and they both possess nuclear weapons when indian and chinese troops clash this week at a disputed border high in the himalayas the weapons they used were sticks in stones should the world worry about these 2 giants going to war are sides being taken in a 21st century cold war between beijing and washington as the saying goes sticks and stones can break bones but words in this conflict are they the weapons that really hurt i'm often berlin this is the day. the. indian troops seriously violated the file lateral consensus and crossed the border line twice but we have reached a situation good of you got a standing i would feel i have all. the time with you not to cross the border do not provoke troubled. me we have never provoked anyone.
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china has taken india's land why are you silent prime minister you refuse. to believe we will never compromise the integrity and sovereignty of our country. also coming up tonight germany's foreign minister who gives us his take on the india china conflict and germany's role in these shifting new world order. since. these are 2 launch countries and i don't want to begin to think about the conflict that could happen if this results in a real military escalation. is going to remove it. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with an old
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border clash between china and india that is now exacting fresh blood on both sides for most of the 20th century india and china refuse to recognize each other's claims on mountains and passes stretching 500 miles along the himalayas there have been battles in skirmishes numerous times but in the past 4 decades no lives were lost until earlier this week it happened on monday high in the lada region after a month long standoff along the disputed border marked here in yellow which is known as the line of actual control of this was a skirmish between 2 major regional powers 2 nuclear nations but the fighting wasn't with guns rockets or other modern weapons in fact no shots were reportedly fired instead the deadliest battle between the 2 sides in 45 years was with this sticks and rocks were no fists were seen today instead an indian army convoy it was
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spotted headed for the disputed region at the same time chinese and indian foreign ministers agreed to deescalate tensions both countries promising to disengage troops and to respond were call for despite intense diplomacy there were bellicose tolls from india's prime minister narendra modi he said the country would be proud to learn the soldiers had died fighting for india and he said if provoked india is capable of defending itself bad days go on want to assure the country that the sec refined of our soldiers will not be in vain at the met he died. heart of current about the unity and integrity of the country is of the utmost importance to us. and nobody can stop us from defending that he bought and no one should have any doubt oh misconception about that gen aviv but
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i'm on there and they are not i. across india in news of the clash and fatalities sent angry crowds into the streets protesters destroyed chinese appliances and called for the boycott of chinese goods others burned posters of chinese president xi jinping. well there is still no official word from china regarding fatalities among its forces today china insisted the situation on the border is stable and the lines of communication it said are still open with india still the foreign ministry made clear who beijing blames for this clash so this is the time to simply choose the rights and wrongs of the situation are extremely korea. the relevant incident happened on the chinese side of the line of actual control. the responsibility is not china's so there it was and them.
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are for more we want to bring in gardiner tonight he's a specialist in south asian affairs he spent a year in the himalayas in kashmir conducting research his upcoming book is called the frontier complex geopolitics in the making of the india china border joins me tonight from washington d.c. welcome to the day this the status quo along the border it has been tolerated by china and india for a long time you lived in the cashmere region how explosive is it there and what's changed. well thanks for having me. i i would have said a week ago that very little has changed this brings. well then it's had been i think on a scale which is larger than 10 previous summers but in many ways this is a sadly a typical pattern when the when the weather warms up it's
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a very cold region. the activities of the military on both sides whether it's repairing roads or building new ones tends to to take place over the short summer months however with the events on monday and as you noted earlier on the program the 1st loss of life in 45 years i think this has taken a very serious turn when these soldiers we understand used bare fists sticks and stones against each other that does not sound like either side has been seriously preparing for a confrontation how do you read. no and in fact there had been a number of bilateral agreements going back. particularly in the ninety's in $93.00 in $96.00 that specify that there would be no use of.
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of weapons and so when these sites do break out and they have with some regularity in recent summers they tend to be with rockets and fists and disturbingly we heard from reports on monday at the use of some some sort of studied weapons and things like. what do you think what could make a fist fly blow up into a full fledged war. well i i think both sides are very. very cautious because they know that the stakes are are high and i think that unfortunately we're dealing with a somewhat unusual situation this summer globally but. with the pandemic but also. dealing with 2 countries that are in the midst
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of different crises 2 leaders who i think are 2 taking advantage of of nationalists rhetoric and and want to stand firm in the eyes of their of their citizens and so i think the risk here is is certain to be higher than in years past this of this growing not wanting to stand down on either side appear weak there is a lot of talk about a new cold war now between the u.s. and china and that puts india in a position where it has to choose a course it would choose the united states if if this were to become a serious conflagration what is the risk of this becoming a proxy war between china and the u.s. do you see that risk being significant.
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there is certainly a risk there and despite trade tensions between the u.s. and india i think it's absolutely fair to say that us in the early sions have have grown warmer and closer particularly in terms of defense that said also u.s. china relations are growing colder so i think there's no doubt that. this there's no doubt where the u.s. falls in this dispute and statements that have come out in recent weeks from various u.s. officials have supported the president from tweeted it up weeks ago that he would be willing to mediate which is something that neither neither side wants but i think there there there certainly is a risk of. of of this becoming
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a larger geo political issue you mentioned the coronavirus pandemic and what kind of what role does it play here there has been talk that for the past 2 months china had no new cases of infections and was not distracted by the virus and therefore became in bold and. along the border india of course has been dealing with ever increasing numbers of infections is the is the corona virus is it playing a big role here. that's a good question and i think one that you know at best we can maybe speculate that you know it is playing a role although i am not an exactly sure and i don't i think you you know to be unfair at this point to sort of speculate how exactly certainly though both countries' economies have have taken serious hits and
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while china is further along the road to recovery india as you rightly point out is seeing daily increases in spite so i think just in the past 24 hours they've hit a new record with something like 2000 reported deaths. and i think they're they're now 4th. behind the glass brazil and russia in total cases so i think it's certainly a factor in how exactly that is playing in to the calculus of these governments i don't know ok gardner specialise in south asian affairs and a visiting fellow at george washington university joining us from washington d.c. or not how we appreciate your insights thank you thank you for having me. and coming up on the day india's other battle against the corona virus new infections are soaring in the capital delhi tonight a special report on hospitals full of patients and album options but the past few
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days and michael incidents have come to light especially that public patients have been bundling from different hospitals citing sucked into beds some of these patients ended up losing their legs. while the world is watching nervously as india and china clashed over that disputed border but can germany play a role in easing tensions and mediating here earlier tonight resign your romany put that question to germany's foreign minister. since. these are 2 launch countries and i don't want to begin to think about the conflict that could happen if this results in a real military escalation. is going to move to the surface that's why we are trying at all levels on both sides to bring about the escalation. what is your message to both sides and how can germany mediate. i don't think that germany
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needs to get involved everywhere as a mediator. but we are sitting on the un security council and we will take on the presidency in july 9th ward. well i believe the expectation in the international community is that countries like india and china should not get him brought in a conflict that would not only affect us tonight but also the entire region. and that's why we have doing what we can to influence both sides with a clear message to deescalate this conflict and if only to fight the escalation especially a military one finding kind of material so. the united states remains committed to its nato allies and will notify nato of any troop drawdowns in the future now that is the message tonight from brussels where a video conference of native defense ministers is taking place nato secretary
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general hugh shelton bag says that the us stated its commitment to european security tonight at that meeting and he stated it very strongly he said the reassuring tone is coming from brussels only following surprise announcement just a few days ago that the u.s. intends to withdraw all thousands of its troops stationed here in germany although the u.s. has not given a date for when that withdrawal is supposed to happen. i had for more now i'm joined by heather conley director of the euro program at the center for strategic and international studies in washington d.c. heather it's good to have you on the program the u.s. we understand is trying is just heard trying to reassure allies of its commitment to nato do you think it's done once what it needs to do. well and fortunately this very important nato defense minister ariel meeting which was really going to dedicate itself to strengthening nato as
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a deterrence against russian development of new weapons systems has really been overtaken by the lack of consultation from the united states about the posed troop drawdown in germany this was a complete surprise to many in the pentagon to many in congress and quite frankly we still don't know the details what level of forces will come down and where those troops will go whether they come back to the united states it's increasingly being rumor that portion of those u.s. forces based in germany will be sent to poland we've just received news that polish president duda will be coming to washington in a meeting in the oval office on june the 24th 4 days before a polish presidential election evidently 2 and now it's perhaps resummon these forces will shift as you know and direct influence quite frankly in the polish
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presidential election so we have a lot of people can you confirm that and i could can you confirm that the u.s. troops are moving to poland we cannot confirm anything this isn't been briefed we don't know but we're just getting that initial sense from our quote from government sources that suggest that there will be a percentage of those forces that may shift to paul and i think in fact nato secretary general stoltenberg sort of alluded to that the secretary asked for may have discussed about these possible a possible shift to to paul and again u.s. 4th and are there is part of a nato deterrence posture so nato has to be involved in that conversation or whatever calmly whether we appreciate your insights in your time tonight stank you . shina and the corona virus but the 2 are together again the emergency warning has been raised to
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its highest 2nd highest level amid a new corona virus outbreak in the capital beijing it's a sharp turn around for a nation that spent the past 2 months with no new reported infections and it's a cautionary tale for the rest of the world about how tenacious this virus really is chinese officials are describing the situation as extremely grave around 2 thirds of commercial flights in an elder beijing were canceled on wednesday that's more than 1200 flights grounded at the city's 2 major airports. as containment measures intensified thousands have been lining up outside makeshift testing sites in parks sports centers and hospitals many in beijing now fear a move on style lockdown could be in the making kindergartens primary schools and high schools are closed across the city health officials say the outbreak can be traced back to a wholesale food market. so oil. everyone who has been in
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close contact with the market must be screened and be tested. omega venue's including all found produce markets will also undergo testing and all related communities will be under closed management yank off on the ship landing ride from china to india now where the coronavirus death toll is soaring the official number of dead is that about 12000 that's a jump of 2000 in just the past few days experts say the real number could be even higher and they are calling for widespread testing hospitals in many cities including the capital delhi are struggling to cope with the pandemic the w.'s nearer shoulder sit us this report. apart from pockets of containment centers the day to day lives of people in india seem to be returning to normal as
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logged on restrictions east but these sites hardly reflect the real situation india is fighting a tough battle with coronavirus and for the capital city delhi which has a big surge in the number of covered 1000 cases the fight just caught up. with the number of infections spiraling there's great concern about the health care systems capacity to cope in recent weeks numerous reports have surfaced about people with corona wireless symptoms struggling to get access to proper medical care many are having difficulties even to get tested for the waitress over the past few days multiple incidents have come to light especially in delhi where patients have begun to be from a different hospital fighting a shortage of beds some of these patients ended up losing their lives. family is one of many who lost a loved one in the pandemic. his father in law saying who was asked to magic tested
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positive for the virus after hours of waiting in line at the hospital where the test was done became unresponsive to their cause and the family struggled for days to get proper guidance. even took to twitter to share their ordeal. he tried on but it's numbers of private hospitals he didn't respond. produce who. do not come to the hospital because we're not having enough space some hospitals clearly said no we don't we don't have beds the hospital with a government hospital which was. the only option available to the plane on that day morning the doctor initially refused to take him in. this has been done in a different hospital. and as we were trying to. get inside the car by the time thing received medical attention his condition worsened
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and he. says like. government under scrutiny especially since its records indicate that there are enough hospital beds available to treat patients. some experts say the problem is not entirely due to the infrastructure. we have mike believe dainties we have the right we're going to do it in the bank to make this should be working in. human resources great scared of you know there's a lot of panic in the doctors they are not coming forward with access to government hospitals becoming increasingly difficult delis private hospitals are charging exorbitant amounts of money which makes the treatment and affordable. the government says it just compiling new strategies to deal with the rising number of cases but the steps taken seem to be falling short and for many it will be
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truly. a question for you can ward off disease or the president of the former soviet republic has encouraged people to drink to kill the us in russia. health authorities there are encouraging the opposite alcohol consumption in russia has gone up during the pandemic the campaign sober russia is taking aim at bootleg liquor amid the growing fear that addiction could be the next pandemic from checking the tax seal until he can see that this bottle contains bootleg vodka it could be dangerous for the activist from the patriotic sober russia movement it's reason enough to call the police. were there. anton regularly goes on the hunt for black market liquor and illegal sales filming
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what he calls his raids on a hidden camera as proof for law enforcement. in times of the corona crisis i'm tom thinks the author already should be particularly watchful when it comes to alcohol consumption but. alcohol sales have increased during the pandemic the statistics show that but i can also see it on the streets even on my way here i saw a lot of drunk people some of them couldn't even stand people are bored in lockdown and many people have lost their jobs. anton has stepped up his hunt for illegal liquor sales during lock down bootleg liquor is still common on the russian market despite a government crackdown in recent years during the economic turmoil after the collapse of the soviet union alcoholism was a huge problem in russia just but world health organization figures show alcohol consumption in russia has dropped by 40 percent since 2003 it's not clear whether
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the coronavirus will push russians back into their old habits officially the numbers have only risen by 2 to 3 percent but illegal sales can fly under the radar and some players in retail are reporting a much bigger rise in legal sales as well. during the lockdown our alcohol sales have increased several fold people stocked up on wine and hard liquor. and some russians also see vodka as a useful home remedy for illnesses. or you can add salt to a shot of vodka or you add pepper to make you sweat out of fever or. for. some people think that vodka helps with the coronavirus or when you're sick but that's not true you have to take medicine or go to the doctor the but if it's quite right but antoninus more concerned that people will turn to alcohol as an antidote
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to the current economic slump the tea totaller keeps a list of stores that illegally sell alcohol after hours. people's desperation and weakness drives them to buy alcohol as a way out to calm themselves down but when they sober up again after drinking their problem remains. those until it is always adding new liquor stores to his list and endless battle he says he may have to step up even more because of the pandemic . the fight against bootleg baka well the day is almost done the conversation continues online join us on twitter either at w news you can follow me a great t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day see you then everybody.
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enters the conflict zone with sarah kelly sweden's unique trust based approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic winchester the strict lockdowns imposed around the world but the policy has come under increasing criticism and pressure my guest this week is sweden's foreign minister and linda with a death toll much higher than its neighbors has sweden made it deadly our conflicts are. next to. break up over.
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a mug or just a moment. for the soul of the russian soul as deep as their country. so many different walks of life some choose the road less traveled by some in drug company ride but all of them come straight from the heart the russians and intimate turning from birth to death. in 45 minutes long t.w. . look closely. carefully. don't move to the news to be good.
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discover who. subscribe to a documentary on you tube. every death is very tragic with such a high death toll how can you say that your strategy is working well it sounds like you want to troll us out of e.u. sweden's unique trust based approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic project in the strict to lockdowns imposed around the world and instead encourage people to voluntarily social distance but the policy has come under increase.


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