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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2020 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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the. sender's rally this week on t w. this is the interview news live from berlin germany's plan for europe chancellor machall outline to the bundestag today her plans for the presidency of the european council her biggest aims are coronavirus recovery package and a bigger budget to secure the future of the blog also on the show. covered 19 outbreak at a massive german meat processing plant more than 600 workers are affected 7000 are
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in quarantine right now schools and daycare centers in the area all shut down. and a charge of murder against white police officers in atlanta who shot the black man in the back prosecutors say a key witness will be another officer a very rare breach of police over there. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us today on a macro will be outlining germany's goals for the presidency of the european council later this morning a pressing issue is how the blocks going to respond to the economic fallout of the pandemic together with france is pushing for a major edu coronavirus rescue package which calls for direct subsidies to countries in need rather than loans but there's been resistance from europe's
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wealthier countries austria sweden denmark and the netherlands instead they're proposing and eat package of loans only no subsidies. w.'s chief political editor michelle if they're standing by outside the german parliament for us this morning today if you michele a huge package being discussed here where does the german public stand on the chancellor's unprecedented plan for direct aid worth half a trillion euros not to be repaid for hard hit economies especially those like spain and italy well those hoffa chile and b. this would then be financed potentially out of loans taken out by brussels the german public was pretty much always behind this so who'd ruled this out we remember the whole euro bonds debate at the same time there is a recognition here in germany that germany will have to pay more to help those
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countries that have been badly hit by the crisis particularly its city from spain who also other countries that have been more liberal when it comes to debt ceilings so there is a recognition that corona simply reshuffles the political cause and the cause of responsibility in the e.u. now how crucial will these cash infusions be for spain and for italy we're getting reports from spain for example that welfare recipients there are not getting their cash payments they become dependent on charities for food. well fast assistance is absolutely crucial but although i'm going to mark or cross her own bread line allowing for debt to free up funds to flow into these countries that's exactly what she wants to rule out that this would simply go into national budgets and be spent on handouts what that debt finances since will eventually be
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about she insists but still debates are to be started even in brussels is into future investments to prevent the vulnerability of societies of economies for pandemics or any crises in the future and that's the starting point for what we expect to be months of wrangling over how to divide that big cake of the e.u. budget over the coming years michaud we're going to be some of the other challenges for the german presidency. well i'm going to pretty much mocked out what she wants to see that green deal working towards climate more climate friend the events the climate neutral europe but also close the ties with africa but speaking to leading members of her cabinet there's an awareness that those lofty aims on future she may well go out of the window as the e.u.
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is so struggling to keep this together to find some kind of common line in not just dealing with corona on the economic fallout but also how to position itself in what seems to be a heated up confrontation between the u.s. and china europe risks becoming simply grounds for an all out trade war and so be very busy getting everyone behind a common line because after all was still a far cry from seeing a common e.u. foreign policy so it's crisis management that's her reputation is is her forte we'll see how well she succeeds under these very unusual historic circumstances of corona and we'll see that coming up later this morning live here on d.w. michelle will be back talking to us about what the chancellor has in store for now michelle a thanks very much and staying in germany officials in the northwest of the country
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have ordered the closure of local schools and childcare centers after more than $600.00 workers at a meat processing plant tested positive for covert 19 it's the latest in a series of similar outbreaks that have been blamed on poor working conditions and crowded housing for the migrant labor force at that plant. this is germany's biggest meat processing business more than 650 new infections were registered here since the beginning of the week now 7000 people have to go into quarantine even though. all employees who work on the premises will be quarantined. and we will test them again. one consequence of the large number of new infections schools and nurseries in the area will close and remain shut until the summer holidays. are over that we took this decision because i have to try and do everything i can to contain the virus and make sure that we try and limit this
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outbreak to the local area. was open to good grounds. after corona cases and other meat processing plants the local government tested employees at all abbott was in may. back then there were very few cases at this particular site the company has apologised. and in i can show you personally that since february our whole team has been fighting like lions to keep the virus out of our business we are aware of our special responsibility and was. but the accommodation many of the mostly eastern european workers are provided with is often in poor condition unions have long called for new guidelines to be issued the already gave. employers have pushed back against this they're trying to court lobbyist and politicians to try and top paedo any new nose that could threaten their business it's parked just
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a couple of the. production at the meat plant has been suspended for 2 weeks that could result in a 20 percent drop of meat products on the german market. get you up to date now on some of the other stories making news this hour the u.s. justice department has filed an emergency request to hold the release of a book by former national security adviser john bolton it's the 2nd time in 2 days that the trumpet ministration has tried to block the publication of what's being billed as a behind the scenes account of the trump white house. hours after the president of honduras announced his wife had contract at the crown of virus president orlando unarmed as has now been hospitalized for pneumonia latin american country has struggled under the pandemic strain as cases have risen sharply. india has cautioned china to stop making what it calls untenable claims over
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a disputed border region in the himalayas both sides are working to deescalate tensions after 20 indian troops were killed and hand to hand combat with chinese forces is not releasing any casualty reports for its soldiers there are unconfirmed media reports that senior army officers of the 2 sides met wednesday to defuse the situation i get over that. and indian protests to smash its chinese made finds angry and he china demonstrations broke out across india after the worst border clash in over 40 years resulting in a mutual blame game. india says 20 soldiers were killed in hand to hand combat high in the himalayan mountains they fought in the dock it says only with rocks some soldiers plunging to that deaths in subzero temperatures india plains beijing accusing chinese soldiers of intruding on its territory china says the opposite so
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timid nationwide rage india's nationalist prime minister was on the pressure to respond aggressively he vowed that the soldiers will not have died in vain. he shown heart out. india wants peace but john if i vote we are capable of giving an appropriate response. such. for its part to china blames india beijing says indian forces violated its territory the conflict arose in a region in the himalayas where an exact border has never been agreed infrastructure projects on both sides of the disputed line of control have increased tension in recent months. now india is sending more troops to join the hundreds already stationed in the dock region both sides well know the risks of a further escalation. after
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a phone conversation between the foreign minister is beijing emphasised attempts to defuse the situation daniel from china and india both expressed that they want to solve differences through dialogue to maintain the peace and stability of the border region. the standoff has dramatically raised the stakes between these nuclear superpower as making a deescalation in the region even more urgent. and as the verbal dispute continues over these territorial claims neither india nor china appear willing to back down so can other countries like germany play a role in easing these regional tensions the ws rozelle your money or put that question to germany's foreign minister. since. these are 2 launch countries and i don't want to begin to think about the conflict that could happen if this results in a real military escalation. so far that's why we are trying at all levels
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on both sides to bring about the escalation. of us is what is your message to both sides and how can germany mediate but. i don't think that germany needs to get involved everywhere as a mediator. but we are sitting on the un security council and we will take on the presidency in july. well i believe the expectation in the international community is that countries like india and china should not get him brought in a conflict linked that would not only affect those 2 nations but also the entire region. and that's why we have doing what we can to influence both sides with a clear message to deescalate this conflict and avoid a further escalation especially a military one replied in kind of materialism that was the german foreign minister . did of yours was all you. it's to the us now where prosecutors in the city of
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atlanta have filed murder charges against a white police officer who shot and killed a black man in a restaurant parking lot the decision to prosecute or lied in part on a rare occurrence among police officers a fellow officer agreeing to testify against the accused $50000.00 fulton county his district attorney read out the charges against the police officer who shot rashad brooks dead with 2 bullets to his back 'd. these are the 11 sure abuse against officer role of the 1st europeans felony murder and the possible sentence for killing really conviction would be life life without parole or the you know. the break in what's become known as the blue wall of silence the love prosecutors to level these charges after one of the officers present at the shooting said he would testify against his colleague. indicated that he would
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become one of the 1st police officers to actually indicate that he is willing to testify get someone in his own department. while the berks family and their lawyers have welcomed the charges they remain cautious for what this justice today not yet we still have a definition for. there's more heartache that families have to go through this and fight the public to try and get justice for a man that was shot in the back twice it's a heart ache that ryszard brooks widow that knows all too well. what helps their heart. being there. what a fan of what a scene if must have but after that everything in a film just back here. what he went through. in the heart. really that this hurt is being felt throughout the african-american community especially now during this national uproar over racism and police brutality this
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isn't like a celebration or a victory lap of watching these officers get charged. nobody's happy nobody's celebrating because this never should have happened we shouldn't have to celebrate with african-americans when we get a piece of justice. no celebrations in atlanta just protests and the hope that one day actual justice will be served by for now. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. hour carona update.
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