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this is deja news live from the trunk supporters gear up for his 1st rally in more than 3 months many have been camping out to day ahead of the rally in tulsa oklahoma and thousands more are expected to arrive saturday stop there's concern the event could reignite racial tensions also on the program confronting belgium's colonial past away making art historian calling for the removal of monuments to king live cult and head of the country's brutal colonial right change the cold is
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now being echoed by thousands of protesters. and anger in india and china protests around across the country in the wake of a border clash in a disputed himalayan region prime minister and the renter nobody blames facing for the violence and also these militaries capabilities. some are better it's welcome to the program millions of people in the united states have commemorated june tate the day that marks the end of slavery and i take 65 there were mostly peaceful gatherings and rallies across the country fought in several cities demonstrate his toppled confederate monuments in public places including a statue of general andrew pike in washington d.c. in north carolina a confederate statue was hung on a traffic light before being removed by police president trump tweeted that he felt
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the police weren't doing their job. black lives matter protesters gathered across the united states on friday to commemorate the end of slavery. donald trump's original plan to hold a campaign rally on that date sparked a huge backlash so too did the location tulsa oklahoma is the site of the worst incident of racist violence in u.s. history in 1921 the city's greenwood district was a bustling hub of successful black owned businesses known as black wall street it was razed to the ground by white mobs some 300 black people were killed and while our black men fought courageously to defend their homes and businesses to defend their families they were eventually. so outnumbered and outgunned that white
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rioters broke through those barriers and invaded the greenwood district and the. massacre had begun 99 years later many told the residents are still affected by racism they say donald trump is not welcome. at the rally will now take place one day later on saturday but there is little hope here that it will contribute to unity and healing. not far from the greenwood district tom supporters have been camped out for days and thousands more are expected to arrive on saturday black lives matter protesters plan to hold a counter rally in tulsa fearing clashes and violence the city has imposed a curfew around the venue for trump's rally the president himself has tweeted a warning to protesters traveling to told you will not be treated like you have been a new york seattle or minneapolis it will be a much different scene it will be the 1st trump rally since the coronavirus
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lockdown began in march. and the movement for racial justice in the u.s. is spreading around the world prompting other countries to face up to racism in their own histories and next report is from belgium where a historian is hoping to capitalize on this moment to get her country to confront a past marked by brutal racism. finally i'm betsy feels a little less alone. for years the art historian has tried to challenge the way belgium deals with its colonial past now she's among thousands calling for the removal of all monuments of the country's longest serving monarch the man who headed up. the lone you'll regime in what is now the democratic republic of congo king leopold the 2nd. we all know that both teachers have
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a symbolic belward and i'm totally confused that for some people. there are they don't want us to demonstrate or they will don't want people to demonstrate and to see with these cheers not because they want to keep those theatres there they want to keep earth in earth to of inferior. hundreds he was born in belgium but had to fight racism all her life she struggled to forge a career in the arts facing many rejections now she has opened her own gallery that spotlights the work of black artists because the recession here is very soft. and this is what nice nice it's so dangerous and so home food too. there are so many examples like if you're looking for an apartment you have to stay under 4 yet you know don't waste my time on black. statues of
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leopold the 2nd like this one in the seaside resort of austin are everywhere but there's no mention that his lavish public spending was financed by congolese robber and no mention of the millions of congolese people killed in the process instead the official website directs tourists to a walking tour highlighting how the king's achievements bolstered the town's prestige. since the protests started a number of statues and busts have been taken down. but of origins are busy restoring others this history professor things that sends the wrong message. to main problem of the belgian and this is again a difference with other former colonial matter poles is that we do not have any monuments for victims of the colonization or heroes of anti communities.
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unvetted she is collecting her son she wants him to learn as much as possible about his family's history. her own mother still remembers the brutal reality of colonial rule and. if they've said they've been initially. they punish people who couldn't meet their rubber quota by cutting off their hands yes she's seen it myself here and sometimes when they were punishing african people have a force them to turn their backs and stare at the sun and then people go. yeah they say that this is a year 8 it is given you have a good. from betsy knows that many parents of congolese do send do not like to share on pleasant memories but for some of the generations to come she feels transparency is the best way forward. turning now to some other stories making news this hour a top u.s.
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federal prosecutor is disputing a claim by the trumpet ministration that he's stepping down jeffrey berman says he only learned of his resignation when he read a press release about it thurman is known for overseeing the prosecution of several allies of president donald trump. a year later as have failed to reach agreement on rescue packages to help the bloc through the worst economic crisis in its history a virtual summit to discuss a 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery fund ended with no consensus a new round of in person talks is planned for mid july. police in belarus arrested demonstrators and journalists on friday to break up new protests against president alexander lukashenko for the 2nd day in a row opposition supporters had gathered in the capital minsk to protest against the jailing of viktor babbar recoat the main rival in all this presidential election. indian prime minister narendra modi's says his country is
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hurt and angry following monday's order clash with chinese troops in which at least 20 indian soldiers were killed 8 side blames the other for the violence the deadliest clash in the disputed himalayan border region in 4 decades the prime minister has warned he's given the indian army free rein to respond to any new aggression from china. saying goodbye to a father family members and the community attend the funeral of seeing. the indian soldier was one of at least 20 who died in violent clashes with chinese soldiers in the disputed valley on monday indian prime minister narendra modi says no territory was lost in the incident and warned of his military capabilities. whether it be action or counter-action our armed forces are doing what is necessary
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for the security of the nation on land in air and on water. the country today has such capability that no one can even dare look towards an inch of our land. the fight erupted in a region of the himalayas where an exact border has never been defined both sides have accused each other of intruding into their territory provoking the incident. china has acknowledged that its forces suffered casualties but has not released any figures. of the 2 sides are currently engaged in dialogue to resolve the issues on the ground through diplomatic and military channels i have nothing to offer. bangor has now spread across india sparking protests calling for a boycott of chinese goods. we are
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calling for the chinese president to be hanged the chinese army brutally killed our troops our movement will continue to protest and demand that consumers shun all chinese products sold in our country. experts say while the 2 nuclear neighbors are unlikely to head toward easing tension in the region is essential. as cross over today to be correspondent in india and correspondent mathias building in beijing and nimish i'd like to start with you prime minister narendra modi is warning china and people in india seem really angry is that the overall feeling across the country right about there definitely is anger and resentment against the chinese which had been building over the last week given the tensions along this deep back to water that i know actually until our and deaths opinion soldiers is using thought matters but it is important to point out that the what exchange caught just as we have seen being held by french troops perhaps doing what it was
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sent away to sentiment in india especially china when it 1st loses and in terms of economic gains that she'd association points up and as forefront of bad on chinese list and perhaps more concerning that all of what sort of india's telecom industry average again kristie but perhaps rolling back one important treating us with china . we know that this might be kept in. india and china. dollars. and this is something which can harkin you know what that. material change year now and we heard that that modi has threatened to use whatever force necessary to sort of hit back to china what are the reactions there in china from that morning. yeah the chinese diplomats have as always been quite vocal in what they said they've mass to
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china india to discipline its military but here inside the country the children is quite low it's the conflict is almost absent from the news here in china and to me that looks like china is really trying not to fan those nationalist sentiment that is easy to stir up here in the country in order to have more options china's diplomats are also constantly. reiterating that they are in dialogue with india and they are trying to solve this diplomatically so at the moment they are definitely not playing the nationalist card as they have been in for other conflicts nation what does this mean for the future of this very long standing order to speed. but a part of the search whose lives have been meant that this lot it is down to the 2 sites going to top down south they have been on to this building measures because
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that was not be used i don't know what which is what made these did these deaths all of them more shocking now that there are reports coming out that perhaps he doesn't it she can perhaps reconsider these rules of engagement there's also a need from the indian side to quit is really strong stance against china what it seems the same as aggression last time that denies this incessant international judo chinese say but in years deny this well and to see that it didn't show that more lasting peace by china. maisha josh on in delhi and it is burning and beijing thank you very much. in football a roy son has indicated he wants to leave manchester city after rejecting a contract extension the german international looks set to return to germany with bind munich some of but a bad injury ended his transfer hopes the 24 year old has a year left on his current deal but city coach has confirmed that he can late is
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a buy and can be found. here watching data over the news will be back with more news headlines at the top of the alan until then you can step today on our website that's dot com i'm rebecca great his investment thanks very much for watching. my smile is my. right. to. paint me. i am the. only person a school of those who look at me. the secret is known only son starts to one 3rd d. w. .


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